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For the first time, we're presenting an artist couple, Australian & Japanese. They had a successful exhibition on HK Island ("Dialogue", 16 May - 15 June 2003, 5 o.p.t studio / gallery, Mid Levels). Both are working hard on new artworks, having another exhibition in 2004 in the same gallery.


All works below are for sale, please email Sandra or Yoshi, or check out their comprehensive website.


Sandra Tobias (Artist's Statement): Y. Machida (Artist's Statement):

Sandra Tobias is an Australian Artist living and working in Hong Kong with her husband and two small children.

She has held several solo and group exhibitions in Australia, Japan and the forthcoming Hong Kong.

She graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Melbourne in 1984 and since then has spent time travelling, teaching art and producing her own paintings, prints and sculptures.

She spent two years living in Tokyo where she was selected for the annual PARCO Urban Art exhibition (A travelling group exhibition), Absolut exhibition at Spiral Gallery and several others.

When she returned to Australia in 1995 she was selected to be Artist-In-Residence at Bundanon, the late Arthur Boyd's property “Shoalhaven”, a unique place where the works were inspired by the Australian Landscape. During this time she also held an exhibition at Perth Institute of Contemporary Art,

As a practising Artist of more than ten years she says that…. My work is definitely a reflection of my environment and present predicament of which I am in at the time of producing the work.

My work is like a diary of events and situations that effect society and me at the time. Births, Marriages, Deaths, Wars, etc., In Hong Kong I am constantly travelling, moving at a somewhat frenetic pace, riding buses, trams, ferries at these times I try to capture an essence of what I’m feeling. Being Artist, Art Teacher at Quarry Bay School and mother to Kai and Aki.

“…In my mind I try to reshape forms


Japanese and Western Contrasts…”


Yoshihito Machida was born in Koichi, Japan.

At an early age he decided to become a pop singer in Japan. By the late 60’s to 70’s he became a famous Pop Star with gold records for song titles and a hit theme song for a Japanese movie. 

He started sculpting in the late 80’s in Japan and moved to Australia in 1995.

Machida has held several solo and group exhibitions in Australia, Japan and Hong Kong.

He works in wood, stone, clay and bronze.


"This is the Life" Series, 2002 (postcard)

"This is the Life" Series, 2002 (postcard)

"This is the Life" Series, 2002 (postcard)

"This is the Life" Series, 2002 (postcard)

"This is the Life" Series, 2002

"This is the Life" Series, 2002

Mask: Gouache, 2003, 30cm*25cm

A Cup Of Tea: Oil on canvas, 2003, 90cm*110cm

Waiting: Oil on Canvas, 90cm*110cm, 2003

Tin Hau Temple, Yung Shue Wan: Oil on canvas, 2003-07-17, 60cm*40cm

Playtime: Gouache on Paper, 30cm*25cm, 2003

…So….: Bronze and clay, 30cm*30cm*30cm, 2003

Harmony: Clay and bronze

Harmony: Bronze, approx. 28cm*20cm*20cm, 2003

Goddess of Mercy: Clay and bronze, approx. 50cm*40cm*20cm, 2003

Goddess of Mercy: Bronze, 2003

Yong Buddha: Clay and bronze, 2003-07-04, 20cm*20cm

Buddha: Bronze, approx. 20cm*20cm*20cm, 2003

Untitled Clay

………….So: Approx. 30cm*30cm*30cm, 2003

Again: Bronze, approx. 20cm*20cm*20cm, 2003


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