Million Rich Industrial Limited

(Updated August 12, 2006)


(property agency license E-215033)

Currently available flats:

Tai Peng Village:
320 sqft, 1/F, 1 bedroom: $3,500

Sha Po New Village:
    700 sqft, 1/F, 3 bedrooms: $4,200

Tai Yuen Village:
700 sqft, 1/F, 3 bedrooms: $4,500

Ko Long Village:
700 sqft, 2/F w/rooftop, 2 bedrooms: $7,000

Po Wah Yun:
700 sqft, 2/F w/rooftop: $7,500

Alternatively, please let us know where on Lamma you'd like to live, how much you're willing to pay, when you're moving, flat size and what floor you prefer, then we'll try to find something suitable for you! Call Mr Chau at 9807 1223 or email