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BOG is sleeping for now, but will meet occasionally as members are still ready to share interests and ideas.  If you'd like it to continue more regularly and even contribute a bit of your own time,
contact Carole Lewis (9649-5642,

Great Oaks From Tiny Acorns Grow

by Carole Lewis

The Lamma Business Owners Group had their First Meeting at 7:00am on Thursday, 29 May, 2008. They plan for this to be the first of regular monthly or biweekly meetings held in the Lamma Activities Centre on Main Street.

The idea for the group came out of discussions between small business owners Carole Lewis, Julian Harley and Denis Williamson, all self-employed people living on Lamma. They realized that there must be a lot of other self employed people living here who provide useful services, on- or off-Lamma, and yet most residents don't know about them.

The purpose of the group is to provide a supportive forum for self employed people to promote their business, get referral business and get general helpful tips and information about running a business.

Everyone who owns a business or who is self-employed is welcome to join. You don't have to do business on Lamma to be a member, you just need to have a business and live on Lamma. There will be a small fee for a 6-month membership to cover the costs of the room rental.

The group has a set agenda they follow at each meeting, including an opportunity for each person to speak for 1 minute about what they do, a 10-minute presentation from one member giving more detail about their own business and a 15-minute discussion and passing on of tips about a different business topic.

First Meeting (from left to right, top to bottom):
Dennis, Gary, Justin, Julian; Debi & Carole.
The Second Meeting already doubled the number of attendees.

They meet at 7:00am – yes that is 'am' not 'pm'. This is to catch all those business people who still need to get an early ferry or those who work on the island and might get distracted by other work or Lamma pastimes later in the day. Big Hong Kong networking groups have also found that 7:00am is the best time to get regular attendance. (No other networking events or pubs to distract us.)

The Second Meeting was held on Thursday, 19 June,
7-8 AM. Carole Lewis of Loving-your-work introduced her career coaching business.

The 15-minute discussion, led by Denis Williamson of Learning-On-Line covered how to compete with people in your industry who offer FREE products and services when you need to charge for them.

Lamma BOG had its Third Meeting on June 26th. Meetings to date have started at 7am, but because of several requests we will be running the meetings from
8-9am in the future.

As part of our regular agenda, we ask a member of the group to present an in-depth look at what they offer as services. At today's meeting, after our regular, individual 1-minute intros and business card exchanges for new attendees, Debi Yeung, an experienced graphic designer and art director presented her work.

She has had nearly 20 years experience in Hong Kong and runs her own graphic design and advertising business, Virgo68. Her presentation highlighted her work for a wide range of clients from Shanghai Tang to Oxfam, and she spoke about the particular aspects of doing graphic design work for the Hong Kong market. Please visit her web site at

After her presentation, we heard from Julian Harley who spoke about how search engines work (in particular Google) and how to get your site listed on their first page. Julian offers web site development services through his company

(Meeting notes by Cliff,

Fourth Meeting:  Thu, July 31, 8:30AM

10-minute presentation by Lamma-Gung about his favourite topic and labour of love,
Carole Lewis lead a discussion on "Networking for business - especially when you live on Lamma".

Fifth Meeting:  Thu, Aug 14, 8:30AM

10-minute presentation by John Cogan from Pangea - Kung Fu, Sports and Personal training.

Discussion on environmentally friendly ways of doing business led by Denis Williamson.

Sixth Meeting:  Thu, Aug 28, 2008, 8:30AM

The discussion topic has been lead by Carole Lewis:

Lamma Business Tips - How to make your life easier when you are a freelancer living on Lamma:

Do you ever need to:

 -  hire a VV
 -  leave things in a locker in Central
 -  find a good quiet place to work in Central
 -  book meeting rooms at a cheap rate
 -  use a quiet/reasonably priced coffee shop for meetings

...and all the many other issues we deal with when we live on Lamma.

We shared some tips AND will start to collect more from all of you on how to make life easier when you are a freelancer and live on Lamma, via the forum.

Seventh Meeting:  Thu, Sep 11, 2008, 8:30AM


Introduction: Introduce your self to the group, let us know what you kind of business you are in and how we can help you.

Exchange of Business Cards: Meet new people, make sure they have your card and you have theirs.

Presentation: 10-minute presentation by Lamma BOG member, Denis Williamson, on his multi-media pollution tracking program.

Discussion: Getting business help on Lamma. A continuation of last meeting’s topic. Find out how/where to:

• Arrange transport on Lamma or in Hong Kong
• Send faxes/print documents on Lamma or in Hong Kong
• Book meeting rooms in Hong Kong
• Get administration help for your business

And ask questions about other issues freelancers/business owners have to deal with daily. The 'How to Make Your Life Easier when you are a Freelancer living on Lamma' List is growing. Send your tips/suggestions and questions to Denis Williamson at We will soon be sending a list out to everyone.

Eighth Meeting:  Thu, Sep 25, 2008, 8:30AM

Julian Harley lead a discussion on Investing Money.

Ninth Meeting:  Thu, Oct 9, 2008, 8:30AM

Megan Tanner lead a discussion about "The Price Is Right - A discussion on how to help clients realize the value of your services..."

Click for Lamma-zine story, Oct 10, 2008.

Tenth Meeting:  Thu, Oct 23, 2008, 8:30AM

NEW VENUE!!  Call 9649-5642 for details.

Discussion about "Advertising & Marketing Your Services", introduced and lead by Lamma-Gung.

Come prepared to tell us what you do, what services you offer and what burning business questions you have (all in 60 seconds!)

We have still an opportunity available for the 10-minute presentation. The first person to contact me will have a full 10 minutes to present your own business to the group.

If you have a subject that you think will be of interest to the group, please let one of our moderators know.
Our group is growing but we need people to attend regularly so that we can build up business networks.
Remember to bring your business cards and invite anyone else who you think might be interested.

Start time will be 8:30am. Look for our posters around town, or check on this website.

Register for the next meeting with:

Carole Lewis


Julian Harley

9364 4390

Denis Williamson

2858 6910