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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


Christie Flowers Ė Artist of the Month Ė March 2007

Our Lamma Artist of the Month of March 2007 is the youngest one I've ever featured in the Lamma-zine. Just 9 years old, but already such an impressive multi-media artist, talented in so many artistic endeavors, from drawings and sculptures to poems and photography. What an amazing artist he might become some day! (Click to read Christie's two photo poems below):

Christie is a prime example of Lamma being a great place for artists of all ages working in so many different media and topics. He has kind of a "home advantage", being the son of famous artist Katie Flowers, encouraging him to become creative at a very early age and setting a great example for Christie. Many artists of many types have been featured in the Lamma-zine over the years, but there are so many more out there!  Contact me!

There are no age limits to become a Lamma Artist of the Month. You can send me the best artworks of YOUR child... or your grand parent!

Christie Flowers - Artist  (Painter, Poet, Photographer, Sculptor,...)

(all photos submitted by Katie Flowers):

I am Christie Flowers, 9 yrs old. I like playing with my friends and my Game Boy stuff. I like listening to poems and music, especially Shel Silverstein, Mozart, Crazy Frog and The Beatles.

I like making models using just about every arty-farty thing in our house!!! My favourite model is the alien that I made for school. Itís made of boxes, tissue paper and wire.

Iíve taken a few photos here on Lamma and some in Mai Po and Sai Kung. My mumís teacher, John, gave me a camera. Thatís what got me started with photography.

My favourite artist is LeonardoÖ you know who!!! Because he was like me and did drawings, paintings, models and was a scientist, inventor, botanist and even an architect. I like doing experiments in my kitchen to try and create potions.

Currently, I am planning to make a Warhammer scene called Skulls Pass.

Oh yes, Iíve been famous already as a stand-up comedian in my school and for reading poems in a shopping centre and being on Karin Bergenís TV show!  [Editor: Karin Bergen hosted the TVB Pearl Report for many years, featuring Christie and his mum separately.]

Ok, gotta go and eat a flapjack.

Three of Christie's many artistic friends presenting their own artworks:  George, Alix and Kira,
part of the KKK: Krazy Kids Klub!

A small selection of the best of Christie's sculptures, mixed media/found items, paintings and sketches:

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