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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


Laurence James Lucas – Artist of the Month – Feb 2010

(photos by Lamma-Gung)     

Laurence James Lucas - Shamanic Art

When anyone paints or draws, writes or dances, they express an aspect of who they are. No one can get away from themselves; even actors draw upon elements within themselves.

The paintings I am happy with are those that emerge when I am completely consumed in the moment, not thinking about what I am painting. Afterwards, I recognize that the ideas and concepts I have been researching and am being inspired by at the time have emerged onto the canvas, when my mind was out of the way.

Laurence’s blog on the Mayan Sacred Calendar:
Laurence’s other blog:
Laurence’s websites:

Goddess - The holiest of holies. - SOLD

Acrylic on canvas; 46cm x 91cm

Living Forest - Spirits of the forest.

Acrylic on canvas; 60cm x 80cm

Shapeshifters - Archaic and futuristic transformers. - SOLD

Acrylic on canvas, 61cm x 76cm

Frogs in Space - The morphogenic fields of life extend out into infinity. - SOLD

Acrylic on canvas, 76cm x 61cm

Consciousness - Consciousness and the plasma brain. - NOT FOR SALE

Acrylic on canvas, 76cm x 61cm (not for sale)

Blade Runner - Inspired by cityscapes, including Hong Kong. I love cityscapes.

Acrylic on canvas, 80cm x 60cm

In the Land of the Crow - I have a strong shamanic connection to these tricky, humorous messengers. NOT FOR SALE

Acrylic on canvas board, 46cm x 36cm

Friends - Different species emerge from the same bedrock of life.

Acrylic on canvas board, 36cm x 46cm

Urban Angels - Adaptive intelligence; each environment has its own spirits shaped in its own image.

Acrylic on canvas, 61cm x 51cm

Tectonic Heights - The energy that sculpts landscapes.

Acrylic on canvas, 60cm x 30cm

Cave Wall - Cave art images are gleaned from psychotropic states on another frequency of reality. - SOLD

Acrylic & paper on canvas board, 60cm x 50cm

Ayahuasca Night - Inspired after seeing big fluffy stars in the Amazon after an ayahuasca ceremony.

Acrylic on canvas board, 46cm x 61cm

Behind the Scenes - The keeper of templates. - NOT FOR SALE

Acrylic on canvas, 38cm x 29cm

Joy - The vibrancy of sexual women. - NOT FOR SALE

Acrylic on paper, 30cm x 40cm (not for sale)

Glastonbury Sunrise - The English countryside festival scene... dancing the sun up. - NOT FOR SALE

Acrylic on canvas, 40cm x 30cm

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