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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


Lamma in the Handover Years   Apr 2, 2006)

 All photos submitted by Caroline Scott:

(click to enlarge)

Jules, Marie, Michelle, Caz, Jo, Clare, Jo & Waff - birthday junk for Charlie & Adrian May or April 1997 - obviusly quite early on in the day!!

Shaggy, Sean, Jeff, Si, Kym, Jo & Greg just another night drinking in Lan Kwai Fong. Apr 1997.

Sean, Phil, Si - getting them out for the girls - Apr 1997.

Jo, Jeff, Marie, Jules & Paul - I'm thinking this is the first hour of the junk for Charlie & Adrian!!

21st Birthday junk for Caz - Marie, Paul, Jo, Jules, Gary, Jon, Adrian, Zoe, Kym, Michelle, Si, Sean, Phil & Caz. Hold the pose, please.

Zoe on Caz's 21st birthday junk, oblivious to the fact she is about to go down the same hatch using nothing but her chin. July 1997!!

Handover night - curry & beer to celebrate Handover English style!! Si, Kym, Sean, Jeff, Zoe, Jules.

James - The Waterfront's best ever waiter!! Handover night, w/Kym.

Kym, Jeff, Si & Sean, ready to party at Unity, the Handover party night - how fashions have changed!!

Lamma's lovely ladies. All dressed up & ready for night of cutting a rug. Unity, Jun 1997.

Caz, Michelle & Jo - recovering from Unity (the Handover party a few nights before) in the 'tin Head.

21st birthday meal in the Deli. Jeff, Zoe, Shaggy & Trish with cutlery for eyes. 2nd Jul 1997.

Dragon boat racing in Stanley, which means copious amounts of alcohol for Sarah, Zoe, Kirsten & Kim.

Jeff, Tony, Shaggy & Barry.

Lamma's best chest competition - Jon, Shaggy & Greg.

Jules, Clare, Zoe, Wendy, Caroline - Power Station Beach party - let the drinking begin!

Brecky, Michael, Shaggy.

Jo, Michelle, Caroline.

Kirsten, Caroline, Louise.

Losing a bet - Greg shaving Jeff.

Si, Kym, Sean, Jeff, Zoe.


Good old Elvis was around back then!!

Friday night ferry home, drunk people & probably noodles. Tony, Liz, Paul, Gary & Jeff.

Jeff, Johnny & Charlie - GQ poses?! Power Station Beach party for Charlie & Wendy's leaving do. End of Nov 1997.

Jeff, Shaggy & Si having an early Christmas as the ladies went on holiday to Goa. Dec 14th-ish 1997.

Tai Peng 6am - Floss, Paul, Shaggy & Michael "soldiering on" after Zoe's leaving do, Jul 1998.


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