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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


Stumbling Randomly Through the Lamma Forest
Jan 9, 2011   (photos by Lamma-Gung)

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1. "Lamma Garden" (formerly Lammarina), Nga Kau Wan

2. "Canaan Garden" (formerly Old Sanatorium), Shek Li

3. Shek Li Pier & unnamed bay beyond it

Climbing atop the tall beach rocks

Continuing along the rocks-only beach beyond

Rare Pandanus tree w/ripe, football-size fruits

Ancient, totally overgrown ruins

Climbing up the forested, pathless hillside.

4. Views from "Picnic Rock"

Onwards through and up into Bobsy's "Lamma Forest"

5. Pak Kok Sitting Out Area

6. "Lamma Forest": Top of the Forest


Views of Pak Kok, windturbine, Po Wah Yuen, North Lamma, YSW Harbour

Through the GRASS SEA...

...into THE TUNNEL

7. Lamma Forest trail exit/entrance,

emerging just vis-a-vis the Pavilion above Heart Attack Hill

On the way to Tai Peng Village

Felled banana trees growing back inside the felled trunk

8. Pak Kok Community Garden: Jenks Memorial Lily Pond

After lunch in Thai Thai's temp location in Wang Long Village, back to YSW:

Mountain bikers lunching in Best Kebab

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