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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


Ling Kok Shan Hike June 15, 2011
Photos by  Lamma-Gung

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Leaving Yung Shue Wan: Helipad & Sewage Treatment Plant

Lamma Winds, seen from Lamma East Channel

Lamma Winds and Cable Route #2

Mo Tat Wan

SKW's Sewage Treatment Plant & Ling Kok Shan

Lamma Quarry

Approaching Sok Kwu Wan

So Kwu Wan

Fish farms

Sok Kwu Wan ferry pier

Standard round trip, cutting over the top of Ling Kok Shan instead.

Tourist map

SKW Police Station

A Western bakery, only one on all of Lamma

Many formerly prospering seafood restaurants have closed.

Low tide in the SKW estuary

Speedboat back to Yung Shue Wan, only direct transport

Tin Hau Temple, SKW

Ascending besides the SKW Tin Hau Temple

Tiger Beetle

Stone lion protecting the many graves uphill


Overlooking Sok Kwu Wan and all of Lamma

At the saddle between SKW and Tung O Wan

Sitting-out area between Ling Kok Shan & Mt. Stenhouse

Pavilion between Ling Kok Shan and Mt. Stenhouse

Ling Kok Shan & South Lamma

South Lamma, seen from pavilion

Up to Shan Tei Tong (Mt. Stenhouse)?

No! Up to Ling Kok Shan

Shek Pai Wan

Shek Pai Wan

Sok Kwu Wan, Picnic Bay

Lamma Quarry

Former Cement Factory

Picnic Bay

Yung Shue Wan, North Lamma

Sitting-out Area close to Lo So Shing

Fisherfolks Village tourist trap

Sok Kwu Wan ferry pier


Sweet-water lake in now "private" Lamma Quarry

Trig Point atop Ling Kok Shan

Southernmost Lamma

Transmission Towers under renovation

Yung Shue Wan, at the other end of the island

Transmission Towers under renovation & expansion

Mosquito larvae paradise

Inside the Tower

A well-protected fortress?


Rarely used helicopter pad (rarely by quadrocopters)

Tung O Wan's rock peninsula

Yes, there's a Sitting-Out Area even up here,...

... but rarely ever any visitors

Black Kites in courtship

Tung O Wan

Mo Tat Wan piers

Yung Shue Ha

Tung O

Looking out...

Southeast Lamma

Mo Tat New Village

Mo Tat Wan

Tung O Wan's rock peninsula


Shek Pai Wan

"Stairway to Heaven" down to Mo Tat Old Village

Paul Y workers?

Lunch break?

South Lamma

Which way?

Eco-trail signage by HK Electric

"Cigarette Butt Container". Out here?

The Govt.'s love of concrete

To Mo Tat Old Village

Woodland Spider

To Mo Tat Old Village

Banana trees

Banana flower ...

... with a visitor

Mo Tat Old Village

Low rents!

Down to Mo Tat Wan

Round trip cut short, hike concluded!

Late seaside lunch in The Bay

Grilled scallop & parma ham salad! Yummy!


The Bay, from the ferry pier

Collecting mussels

Mo Tat Wan public ferry pier

In the shadow of Ling Kok Shan

Chuen Kee ferry to Aberdeen

Boat repair yard in Aberdeen

Back home in Yung Shue Wan!

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