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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


Mo Tat Wan Hike, South Lamma Island
Nov 29, 2011 Photos by  Lamma-Gung

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Arriving in Sok Kwu Wan by ferry: Cement Factory in Lamma Quarry

Egrets lining up on the outflow bridge of the sweet water lake in the Lamma Quarry

Sewage works Sok Kwu Wan to Mo Tat Wan

Sewage Pumping Station I, just beside the SKW Football Pitch

Pier close to Pumping Station 2

Construction materials barge

Massive landslip prevention works above future Sewage Treatment Plant

Building another seawall

Former natural shoreline, shotcreted

Much of the hillside above the Sewage Treatment Plant will look like this

Any future for the SKW fisheries?

Above Mo Tat Wan

Aberdeen - Mo Tat Wan - Sok Kwu Wan ferry (Chuen Kee)

Exploring beyond Mo Tat, into the wild hills of SE Lamma

South Lamma, overlooking the bay of the proposed marina

Seedy Hitchhikers Make L-G Lose his Shirt

Picking up hundreds of grass seeds with hooks, very hard to remove

The seedy hitchhikers. The hooked tips break off when pulled from your clothes.

Edible? Wanna try?

Ngai Tau, SE-most hill of Lamma. That's where I tried (and failed) to get to!

Smuggler's speedboat?

High above Mo Tat Wan

Mo Tat Wan beach, lunch awaits!

Loads of graves in these hills, graves with amazing views

Ling Kok Shan in the distance


Chuen Kee ferry @ Mo Tat Wan pier

Departing for Aberdeen Fish Market

Park your sailboat just outside The Bay Rest.

Beach promenade, with watersports facilities

Lunch in The Bay Rest., veggie pasta with a glass of white wine

iMapMyHike from the GPS in my 2nd-hand Samsung Ace phone.

Leaving The Bay on their sailboat

Typically Lamma?

Back home to the concrete jungle on the other side of the East Lamma Channel

Chuen Kee ferry arriving

2 ferry piers putside The Bay

Why not mount windturbines on top of the smokestacks?! (shot from ferry to Aberdeen)

Dinner in a place with way too much cutlery (Excelsior Hotel, Causeway Bay)

A quite different view from our dinner table: Tsim Sha Tsui

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