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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


A Drunken Lion in Police HQ Nov 17, 2006

All photos taken by Lamma-Gung during a visit to the regional police headquarters on Cheung Chau.
If you'd like print-quality files of any picture below, email me.  For non-commercial purposes, they're free!

I was invited to the yearly Public Relations Reception of the Islands District's police force on Fri, Nov 17. A police launch picked up the District Councillors, local dignitaries and community group heads - plus one "Managing Editor of Lamma-zine" - from the major Outlying Islands (Lantau, Peng Chau and Lamma), taking us to Police HQ in Cheung Chau and back.

The happy celebration consisted of the usual blessings, roast pigs, a drunken lion dance (see above), policemen presenting awards to each other, and, last but most importantly, a big buffet & bar! I even got a guided tour of the HQ building, including the tiny, harsh holding cells. Maybe, this served as a stern warning for me if I'd ever publish anything "naughty" about our valiant police force? Oops, too late! This might have been the last time they've invited me to their party...

Police launch Yung Shue Wan direct to Cheung Chau

Is this bird leading the way?

Leaving YSW harbour, "Lamma Winds" in the distance

A most unusual point of view of the 3 chimneys

Don't hurt hurt somebody on the top floor when you're firing a weapon by mistake!


Lower bridge room


On the main bridge

Precision instruments

Command console

Cheung Chau banyan tree

Tree altar

This way!

Well-polished door sign

The crowd has assembled

Suckling pig offferings

The awards are awaiting

Blessing ceremony to Tin Hau goddess

The lion wants to be fed as well

Yummy salad!

It takes two to cut each roast pig

The bottles are ready for the Drunken Lion Dance

The music's playing and makes the lion dance!

Cool beer! Even a lion can't resist!

Getting closer

Too much beer!

The lion's becoming tipsy, stumbling

Falling asleep

Revived, fitter than ever!

It's so hot in here!

After the dance...

Inspector Woooo-Woooo and Mr Chik accepting another award

w/Yung Shue Wan's 2nd District Councillor, Fong Kam Hung

The buffet is open now!

Group mug shot


Holiding cells inside Police HQ

Ready to arrest any bad guys

Huge antennaes on the rooftop

Leaving the police station... Lamma Police would like one of these mini-cars!

Radar map of Cheung Chau

Leaving the island

This beats the ferry by miles!

Returning home at high speed

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