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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


Eco Hike GreenLammaGroup May 1, 2010   
South Lamma Island Photos by  Lamma-Gung

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Hiking YSW - Sok Kwu Wan - up the hill behind the Tin Hau temple...

...over the saddle in-between Ling Kok Shan and Mt Stenhouse, past the pavilion...

Balcony Rock

...down into Tung O Wan

Intrepid explorers

Ginger Flower

A secret cave even I didn't know about

One of many centipedes on the cave walls

Close-up of a non-aggressive cave dweller

Our fearless leader looking slightly concerned

Flash light is the only light in here

What's that, it's BIG!

Well-prepared co-leader with his flashlight

Through the banana plantation

On the path to Sham Wan (Turtle Beach)

Entry forbidden soon

Turtle Beach on Labour Day

Chartered junks anchoring for a swim

Guarding Turtle Beach

Nature Warden Post

Turtle Beach before the summer closure

Holiday resort for rent?


Who'd like a sip of vodka?

Too many cameras for the group shot!

On Shek Pai Wan beach

A really hot and sunny day

On the path to Yung Shue Ha village

Feeling really small

Private helicopter?

Rest stop with lectures and Q&A

Yung Shue Ha beach

On the way to the hard-to-access rocky outcrop behind Yung Shue Ha

Tunnel below the biggest boulders

Exploring boulder beach

Our fearless leader pointing the way

Rest stop atop the highest boulders

Distant view of the planned The Baroque Marina & Clubhouse

This picture will go on his Facebook Profile for sure!

Are we still in HK?

Wooden debris

Growing wild in Mo Tat Wan

Don't forget your sun umbrella!

Yung Shue Ha - Mo Tat Old Village


Farewell to Tung O Wan

Tung O Wan on Google Maps

South Lamma portion of the eco-hike, w/o our spontaneous Turtle Beach beach detour

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