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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


Steve & Jennifer's Wedding - July 15, 2006

Wedding Dress Photos on Lamma Island - July 12, 2006

Our Wang Long flat

Mt. Stenhouse from our roof

Stenhouse, again

Old jetty, high tide

How Steve should have proposed

A proper, pre-wedding breakfast

Weddings: a new niche for Lamma?

Some young well-wishers

Down by the sea

Lamma fields

Early morning, Main St.

Tin Hau Temple

Our favourite table

Wedding Ceremony & Dinner - July 15, 2006

Comments from Jennifer:

We are new to Hong Kong, and we were not really aware that so many couples have their weddings at a marriage registry. We made the decision to hire a civil celebrant because we prefer a more natural environment. We chose the weekend of July 15 because it was the five year anniversary of when we met in Washington, DC. We were very happy our civil celebrant, Vera Lam, was so willing to be flexible and take the ferry to Lamma for our wedding. It was a unique experience for us, and hopefully for our guests as well.

Comments from Steve:

It was a special day for us, and we were very happy to celebrate our new lives together with family and friends. Thanks to Tim and Jessica, Tiffany and Dave, and Normandy and Reuben. We tried to make it a Lamma-esque wedding. Thanks also to the Waterfront Restaurant and Hotel, and to our photographer, Lamma-Gung. We bought our decorations on Lamma, and decided to celebrate our wedding and being in Hong Kong by wearing the traditional Chinese clothes.

As for the other locals, you could also say that we all appreciated the heartfelt wedding advice from the gentleman named Dave, when he said don't fight over the little things that you're not going to remember what the fight was about anyway. And the younger English guy, whose name I can't recall, he got things started by buying me a tequila shot at 5 pm, an hour before the wedding! Much appreciated.

Vera starts the ceremony

Jennifer signs, as Tim and Jessica look on

Tim "witnesses"

Bracelets are exchanged

Steve, Jennifer and Vera

(l-r) Reuben, Normandy, Dave, Tiffany, Steve, Jennifer, Jessica, Tim, Vera and Sidney

Dave,Tiffany and Steve. A good turnout for Wisconsin

Reuben, Normandy and Jennifer

Jessica, Tim and Steve: "Cheers"

The hometown beer

Nice job, Waterfront!

A little crowd control

The trouble starts

A hearty congratulations

Dave offers some advice

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