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Halloween on Lamma 2003   (Main Street, YSW)



"Terrifying but Cute on Halloween" seems to have been this year's motto of Halloween on Lamma.

Positioning myself strategically outside Emily's - a must-stop for all trick-or-treaters - I managed to shoot swarms of children of many nationalities swarming up and down Main Street several times, stopping in most restaurants & shops along the way, repeatedly!

Later in the night, the bars were doing pretty good business to a different crowd. I've been out exploring and getting a few good but maybe embarrassing shots?

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Island Bar: Another Harry poster

Inside the Fountain Head...

Nick seems to have been trick-or-treating (no mask required!)

Diesel's: Masquerade party

Diesel's: face painting

Diesel's: Managing Director w/painted face

Main Street is swarming with witches!

Close-up (shot by Ronnie)

Spicy Island: Halloween version of ancient Indian dance perfomed by Amar

Spicy Island: Customers are joining in

Long-time friends...

Phot and girl after a hard night covering Harbour Fest and then an even harder night drinking Chivas in Spicy Island. (caption by Steve)

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