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Poisoned Pets - In Memoriam   (Photos by LAP, Sep 30, 2003)



Sheila, Lamma Animal Protection:

"Deadly Poison is all over Lamma.


No area is safe. Who is next?

You? Your child? Your dog? Your cat?

Protect our community and report all poisonings to the police.


Lamma Animal Protection has set up this "in memoriam" page and is building a database of details of all victims of this terrible crime.


ALL information you have on poisonings you can give us would really help (when, where, who, fatal, nonfatal, names, photographs)! Please call 2982 4018 or email


Be very careful and please pass this information on."

This gallery only shows pets who didn't survive their poisoning. The number of animals maliciously poisoned is huge, but most survive, fortunately...


Odin, poisoned and died at 8 months old


Poisoned cat

left pup poisoned, right one survived

Mocha (from a litter of 4 neonates), poisoned in Sep 2003

Mummy of these pups was poisoned

Mother poisoned, white one died


Jamie with 4 pups

Jamie closeup


Shar-pei, poisoned in Sep 2003

Sheila's own Boodhai

Wong Wong

Boo, Ted Farrow's companion

Ko, poisoned end of Sep, had to be euthanised...

Hans the vet trying to save William

William, died of Paraquat poisoning

Darling, poisoned to death over Easter 2004


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