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(16 - 22 August 1997, Steve's Final Issue)

It was fate he arrived on that happy day,
since when he's entertained us in his unique kinda way,
with his jokes and his chickens and his tales of the TA
and his never ending stories - day after day!



He was witty, he was fun, he had a joke for each day
and P&M came to love him in his cute American way.
Relentlessly and brave, he worked day and night,
with an ongoing smile - but an underlying bite!








He challenged our leaders with his journalist's mind.
With questions - unanswered - and not always kind!
And he fought for democracy - for it all to be right.
Never before had we seen such a fax machine fight!








As the paperwork mounted, he fought more and more
‘till he remembered a better life at the other side of the door
so he made his decision - to be who he is
and leave us without him - a hole - an abyss!








But our loss is his gain as he steals back his life
from the clutches of the office & the struggle & the strife.
And as he walks out the door - with a smile as he leaves
We'll miss him a lot - our in-house clown Steve!





Plus, this week in Hong Kong ...

... territory-wide events and special offers taking place as part of Steve's celebrations:

100 Days of Steve's Wonders

... more information about Steve Knipp's reunification with his life, plus...

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*** one day offer only
*** 16 August 1997.



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