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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


Diane Huntoon - Art Gallery   (Mar 13, 2004)


The Lamma-zine Artist of this Month is a lady who's become well-known for her imaginative, colourful, semi-abstract paintings of cats in many poses. She used to live in the artist's loft high above Y2K (see left), but has opened a proper studio in Central now (see right). Still a full-time art teacher right now, she'll make the daring transition to full-time painter in summer.

All the best of luck, Diane!


Check out her new online gallery and you can notice that she has a much wider artistic range than most people ever suspected; an amazingly wide range of techniques and subject matters, from YSW harbour to pure abstracts. Most paintings are up for sale, email Diane directly. Her official website is in progress by yours truly, to be announced properly very soon.


Artist's Statement:

Painting is a very important part of my personal identity. I may move around, or my friends and family may circulate in and out of my life, but I have cultivated a relationship and dialogue with paint that I expect to continue for the rest of my life.

My focus is on the contemplative act of painting and how contemplation can bring us closer to a sense of truth in life and its creative mysteries. The act of painting definitely taps into some kind of energy and I believe it is akin to a spiritual endeavor. I am familiar with this now and that is what I love and am drawn to. I enjoy the sensuousness of paint and prefer non-referential painting more than pictures filled with a lot of content. However, I try not to limit myself. Painting kind of reorganizes my brain cells (back to normal) after daily exposure to the crazy world of consumerism and political folly.

My favorite artists are Franz Marc, Chardin, Picasso and especially the quiet work of Giorgio Morandi. I enjoy immersing myself in art history as it is enlightening to know what others have done. But, in essence, painting is in response to one's confrontation with existence. It is a great companion on the road of life.

About the paintings on this page:

All of the paintings here were done on Lamma in the past 2 and a half years. They are examples of the main images I usually focus on which include the stick figure icons, cats, and big abstracts.

The sizes range from 8" x12" to 4' x 6'. Prices start at $2000 and go to about $20,000. I am working on newer abstracts that I am very excited about and are not shown here but will be on the new website in April.

I am happy to show my work to anyone who may be interested. Please feel free to email me at  and to make arrangements to visit my studio in Central, Hong Kong.

(click to enlarge)


But there's no escape from the fact that Diane has been creating some really amazing cat paintings, especially her numerous serene "Blue Cats", plus an impressive collection of very colourful felines:

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