Pinky Chan's Email to the Editor

Lamma-zine, Jan 2004


America & bin Laden 

They both love power and donít give in.  I heard somebody say bin Laden is that way because they see oranges in the background.  I donít agree, there must be better soil, better weather and have water.  At the very least, people can piss on the soil.  There's something called solar system.  If you ask me which of the two is the greater man (BUSH, I call him BRUSH), I would vote for bin Laden.  He is rich, but people all love him (at least his followers).

USA is Eagle.  Bin Laden can make a big air balloon, fly the biggest elephant to tear USA again.  When the Eagle is killed, USA has to surrender?  Bin Laden is someone who likes to play mastermind and GOD.  This war will last until the next USA president.  We all know that America likes to put her hands into every pot.  They asked for it.  At the same time, they would like to fight with China???

Chinaís population is 20% of the world.  If India, Thailand, Pakistan, Japan and China co-operated together, I think all Western citizen will rush into Ö  Why?  Because we all believe in GOD.  Yes!  USA have Jesus Christ and Catholics.  But India has so many religions, how can you fight back (Mr. Tooth Brush) big mouth BUSH!  Once his mouth is opened, Tooth Brush will lose his secret.  According to Buddhism, we donít speak one word!  Anyway, words are imperfect tools!  Words are not actions.  How many people are only saying it and not doing it.

According to Bible, GOD WILL ARRIVE around this time.  Right or wrong?  Once a book or newspaper has been published, it becomes history.  I think, if the USA will start one more war, USA will be ďgame overĒ.

I admire bin Laden, he is physically slim, so he doesnít have to eat a lot.  And, if bin Laden is dead, then all citizens will become bin Laden.

ďSky MotherĒ is very unhappy because Tooth Brush polluted the air. Bin Laden, too!  But he and his followers arenít afraid of death.

I was so lucky.  My e-mail address is  Such a lovely e-mail.  Why nobody has it?  All Lamma Karma journalists, wake up, time to do an urgent job, save the world.  How many of you die because of the war?  How much financial compensation?  Can you buy a life back?  How many people are losing families, possessions, arms and legs?  Who is responsible for it?

I would like to start up a KARMA PRESS and Buddha Stick Club.  There are Buddha sticks in Thailand, why not in Hong Kong?  After all, they come from nature.  Itís medicine.  In the USA, if old men and women get depressed, it can make them calm again.  When women have their monthly period, it stops the pain.  So long as people only drink holy spirit, but donít use Buddha sticks, itís fine.  Karma Island has no car, only VVs.  Itís alright!  Perfect environment, people can smoke Buddha stick and drink holy spirit.  When husband and wife argue, use Buddha stick and theyíll make love and compromise.

SARS!?!!  CHINA, sue USA and bin Laden because they cause it.  GOD will come down heavily this time.  Buddha stickís seed is Chinese medicine, right or wrong?

Thai Temple

Temples should be open around the clock!  Night time, car accident, whores get abused? Parents sick, no money to buy pen and pencil, I saw Thai templeís monk smoking, too? But not in China.

Deng Zhao Ping

Every time I think of you, I cry.  Why canít you live to 5,000 years of age?  The whole world would be peaceful and everyone would be happy and healthy.  I pray to GOD every day, and Iíve asked GOD where are you now?  But I am only a human being, how much time have I got in a day?  I am a woman, I like to dress well, eat well, fuck well, sleep well, etc.  Also, I would like to help the world, all non-profit organisations, including international schools.  I want to fly like bird, shit like bird, piss like dog.  DOG = GOD (the other side of the coin).

Mao Tse Tung

China is shaped like a chicken.  How many air balloons we need to tear down one eagle?  Guess?  I donít know.  Have you tried it?  This is what we call Wind and Water (Feng Shui).  Wind and Water, China has how many different tones?  Do you know?


Monks smoke, I saw it!  The Dali Lama is owning a Rolex and the most expensive cars, plus lots of Buddhas, big houses, gems.  Everyone kneels down when his car is passing by.  Why?  I donít understand.  Hong Kong Buddhism, monks and nuns donít get married and donít eat meat, especially beef.  Tibet? They make butter tea, eat beef. They hate Chinese!?  Of course, we killed them and made use of all kinds of weapons against them.  One time when I was in Tibet, nature was calling and I had to obey.  I kept asking Tibetan where is the toilet.  One said East, others said West!?!?  I canít even blame them.

Thatís it.