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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


Amanda Levin Artist of the Month Jan 2007

Our Lamma Artist of the Month of January 2007 is Amanda Levin. With her great sense of humour she describes herself as a semi-shameless-self-promoting local photographer, eager for some publicity for her exhibition. Her photos are hanging on the walls of artist-friendly Banyan Bay Cafe right now and are for sale for the very modest cost of $500-700.

Amanda Levin - Photographer:

I am a photographer only in as much as anyone with a camera can call themselves a photographer I have a camera and I take pictures But I like it a lot if that counts for anything. I have a great appreciation for photography and I have always loved to experiment with photos and cameras and in the end that is just what it is: a constant experiment. Sometimes I get the composition just right, some-times it is the light or the subject, other times it is the color. Once in a while, it all comes together.

I am from Northern California I usually say San Francisco because it is easier, but in truth I come from a funky little place called Petaluma. I have been teaching predominantly reluctant teenagers the joys of the Social Sciences since 1994. I love my work and it has been the primary motivation behind my photos. For as long as I can remember I have shared the photos from my travels with my students. My appreciation of landscape photography greatly increased about five years ago while I was working on my graduate thesis with a renowned photographer, Peter Goin, who helped me truly understand the potential of this genre of his art.

In 2005 I ventured to Asia for the first time. I have been in Hong Kong for only about a year, and these photos have been taken over the past sixteen months between Hong Kong, Lamma, Thailand, Lao and the US. These days I am living in Pak Kok with two four-legged friends and another who is mostly on two feet. I have been having a great time here, working, gardening, playing, and occasionally taking some pictures.

Koh Phi Phi


Big Buddha

Chiang Mai Monk Line

Cheung Chau Harbour

Haad Yao Evening

Hong Kong at Night

IFC Sepia

Koh Samui Palms

Koh Tao Sunset

Koh Tao Water

Lao - Mong Noi


Macau at Night

Mekong Sunset

Mong Noi Rice

New Year's Parade



Aberdeen at Night

Yung Shue Wan


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