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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


Katie Flowers Artist of the Month Aug 2007

Our Lamma Artist of the Month of August 2007 is the mother of the youngest artist I've ever featured in the Lamma-zine, 9-year-old Christie Flowers. Katie Flowers' artwork spans an amazing range of media and styles, much of it just absolutely beautiful to look at, but full of layers of obvious and hidden meanings. The ecological message is very powerful in some, while others are just pure aesthetics. But let's hear her own words, as she's composed a few words below on the Lamma-zine's request. She's also submitted a CD-ROM filled to the brim with her artworks and she even stuck to the deadline! A really professional, marketing-savvy artist/teacher and a pleasure to meet and promote with her cheerful, helpful attitude.

Contact me if you are a Lamma-based artist (or know one) who hasn't been featured for free in the Lamma-zine yet. See our Galleries index for all the many former Lamma Artists of the Month.

Katie Flowers - Lamma-based artist  (Painter, Poet, Photographer, Sculptor,...)
(all text and photos submitted by Katie Flowers, CG-calligraphy by L-G):

My artwork is inspired by the rhythms of the wonderful natural environment around us and the sacred and secret forces at work in the universe! I don't always plan what will emerge; artworks tend to evolve out of experiments with materials and paint. Sometimes work sprouts forth whilst experimenting at school... I will use absolutely any materials that are handy, and probably over-decorate most of it! I am about to start working on artworks which focus on the wonders of the invisible life forms of the ocean...

Kids on Lamma know me from the Earthkeeper days, weekly journeys out into a little nature detection and wonder. This led me to take up studying an MA Ed in Arts and Ecology in the USA. Still doing it! I write Earth Poetry with Eric and Christie and fiddle with a camera from time to time. Luckily, Hong Kong International School appreciates this direction and I get to develop projects that use art to express natural science as well as ecological and social issues.

Homage to Women

Over the years in HK, I've ended up teaching local students, community and women's groups, refugees, artists and teachers on all sorts of visual arts and theatre projects. I've worked with many schools, orphanages and remand homes through the Youth Arts Festival, Kadoorie farm, RTHK, and the World Wildlife fund. My favorite location in which to teach art is outside!!!

Over the last few years I have managed to work on Earth Art projects with all these groups, getting people fired up about the lovely place that we live in, and a little bit closer to knowing the Earth here in Hong Kong! I get to make art as I teach as well sometimes.

If you would like to know more about my 'Wild at Art' educational projects, please email me on

See below for an art gallery of my artworks Lamma-Gung put together:

A Scream

Haunted by Dreams 1

Haunted by Dreams 4


Purple Turtle

The Goddess and the Greenman

The Goddess and the Greenman - zoom-in

Wisdom of the Crone

Wisdom of the Crone

A Moment in December

Circles of Life

Human Life Cycles

Lymphoma Meditation

The Carbon Cycle


Homage to Women

Banyan Roots

Eye of the Fire

Eye of the Storm


The Storyteller

Family Tree

Ayers Rock

My Bungle Bungles

Banyan Goddess

Altar to the Elementals

Altar Piece

Sacred Wishes


Solstice Madonna

Love Altar Piece

Love Altar Piece - zoom-in

My Sunny Sungod

Spiral of Life

Star Shower

Glass Beach


Wild Tiles

Wildlife at Hoi Ha

Yemaya and the Jellyfish

Yemaya and the Waves

Mississippi Moment


Eco-Footprint Examples 002

Eco-Footprint Examples 004

Eco-Footprint Examples 008

Sally's Goddess

Sally's Goddess

The Delphic Sybil

The Chakras

Water 1

Water 2

Water 5

Earth 2

Eric's Valentine 1

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