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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


Roz Keep - Lamma-zine Artist of the Month - July 2006


Roz Keep - Watercolours:

Roz studied art at home, at school and at Brighton Polytechnic in the UK. She was born in HK and has made Lamma home for many years.

Recently all work has been in watercolours.

Roz is inspired by walking in the hills of Lamma and while traveling.

She has exhibited in HK in 2002, 1999 and 1995 and on Lamma in the past few years. Roz has also been teaching painting for several years.

All paintings in the exhibition and the additional ones below are unframed and are original copies. No prints here.

Roz also teaches outdoor sketching classes on Lamma and will be promoting a Thai painting holiday in the Autumn.

Roz also paints commissioned views for souvenirs for Lamma folk who are leaving. The cost of these ranges from $1,200 up. Please feel free to contact me for anything at:

9275 1550 or 2982 6965 or

Click here for photo gallery of launch party with many local artists & celebrities!

Visit the Banyan Bay Cafe (formerly Aroy Thai, The Corner Pin)
to see the exhibition of old Lamma watercolours till Aug 7.

New Lamma Watercolours

Summer Morning - 30x42 cm, $300

Seed Star (Scarlet Sterculia) - 29x38 cm, $300

Kite Circle - 38x56 cm, $800

Summer Solstice 1 - 32x41 cm, $600

Summer Solstice 2 - 32x41 cm, $600

Solstice Storm - 25x50 cm, $600

Becoming Centred - 38x55 cm, $800

Full Moon Egret Circle - SOLD

Dragon Energy - 38x55 cm, $800

Amarilis Welcomes Us Home - 38x55 cm, $600

Returning with the Catch - 32x41 cm, $500

Our Island Life - 38x55 cm, $700

Non-Lamma Watercolours

Garden in Chiang Mai 1 - 38x55 cm, $1,200

Garden in Chiang Mai 2 - 38x55 cm, $1,200

Calm Before the Storm - Pastel, 38x56 cm, $800

Brahmin Cow - 23x30 cm, $400

Beach at Koh Phi Phi - 18x26 cm, $500

Wanchai Past - Watercolour and pen and ink, 26x36 cm, $600

Sheung Wan Past - 26x36 cm, $600

Mexican Corn Goddess Shrine - 26x36 cm, $700

Estuary Traffic - 26x36 cm, $600

Landscape - 27x38 cm, $700

Tree Spirit Blooms - 30x37 cm, $500

In a Blue Moon - 55x76 cm, NOT FOR SALE

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