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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


Tung O Village Head Tour Jan 9, 2012
Tung O Wan, South Lamma Photos by  Lamma-Gung

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Shek Pai Wan beach, Mon, Jan 9, 2012, 10am

Tung O Village head Mr. Chan (in red) invited some of Lamma's "green people" for a meeting.

Large piles of construction materials, sand & gravel, have appeared along the path on Shek Pai Wan Beach, alarming many visitors.

1 month ago, Lands Dept. put up "Get off Govt. Land!" signs (photo by Living Lamma)

Construction work in progress (photo by Living Lamma)

River outflow below the path to the temple (photo by Living Lamma)

River restoration works started by Mr Chan on his own land, paid by himself ($1 million so far). He's a retired Rainbow Rest. co-founder.

The stagnating river cut off from flowing into the sea, slowly silting up and growing over

Location of several beach cleanings in recent months, where the river is still blocked from entering the sea.

Living Lamma's Jo Wilson on the left, Damon Wong on the right, plus Mo Tat Village residents

Mr. Chan showing us along the flow of the natural stream, blocked off now by Govt. path works, causing flooding in Tung O Village

Mr. Chan is asking for support for his plans from local "green people", conducting a private tour.

Mikania, the Mile-a-Minute weed overgrowing much of the flat valley between Shek Pai Wan and Turtle Beach

Oil slick remains from an alleged recent minor tanker spillage

Shek Pai Wan beach today

Mr. Chan's construction works, renovating some old houses

Foundations for renovation/rebuilding of old houses owned by Mr. Chan

Construction material was stored on public land. Following some complaints Lands Dept. put up several of these signs. No enforcement yet.

The bridge Mr. Chan built, trying to restore the natural river


Besides the river in one of Mr. Chan's old houses

Banks for the river restoration, centre of the river would remain concrete-free

River restoration work stopped by Lands Dept. as it would traverse Govt. Land

Humble abode for the outdoor meeting

Hillside view over the construction works between Shek Pai Wan beach and Tung O Village

7 renovated houses & 3 new Village Houses are planned (holiday flats, camping site, visitor facilities)

The plans and money are Mr. Chan's, not King Wong's or Baroque on Lamma's

Still beautiful....

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