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A few random, sometimes odd and unusual local tidbits surrounding this most important of Chinese festivals: a dog gone missing frightened by the nightly (and daily) fireworks, police warnings of triad extortion at CNY, designed-to-impress signboards, buying bargain flowers on a ship, etc.

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God of Fortune poster

Traditional CNY sweets carousel

Prosperous calendar

Lamma needs a new Superprison for so many fireworks offenders?

Dog gone missing after being frightened by fireworks!

"Report CNY Extortion!" police poster

Lamma ferry pier, seen from flyover to YSW Shopping Mall

Central Lamma ferry pier signboards

English version

Flowers & fireworks, directly from the Mainland

almost sold out...

Best prices for Kumquat trees

CNY goodies in Rattan shop

Going lion-dancing on Back Street?

Restaurant decoration on Main Street

Govt. notice for ferry pier blinking signboard, applied by Ms Yu Lai-fan

The colourful signboard at the ferry pier,...

...but the backside doesn't look nice at all

Shopping mall in town, shortly before CNY, LONG after Christmas

$1 million renovation of public toilet, almost completed at CNY

Sun setting on the old year. Good riddance!

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