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Some of our readers have very fond memories of the Corner Bar, which was closed down ten years ago, Dec 11, 1993. It lost its license because of frequent fights and drug dealing in the premises. Nicknamed "The Dog and Hippy" and located where the Lamma Bistro is now, it had devoted and loyal customers. So loyal in fact, that they got together for TWO reunion parties, one in the Bistro, of course. But the other one was held in London's SOHO quarter by ex-Lammaites!


While doing my background research and collecting input for this story, these ex-Lammaites were the main contributors. Most of the local old-timers either claimed amnesia about those days, were "too busy" or just didn't care about the anniversary.

"Who can remember?", "If only I had memories of the Corner Bar - it is all a haze", "With regard to the Corner Bar, I think it is a little like the 60s. If you remember you weren't there!" were typical responses from local people who WERE there. One of the 88 Signs that you've lived on Lamma for too long is "When you still go on about the Corner Bar", according to MissB. Let's go on about it one last time!

(Photos by Jerry Sousa, click to enlarge)

Ad from Lamma Gazette, Dec 1989

Original membership card, going to the highest bidder!

Tipi Mark holding up the sky, eh, the egg cartons on the ceiling

Playing rock, scissors, paper?

Glow painted ghoul

Same guy with better lighting

Whose back is this?


Do you recognise Jackie?


Desmond Quilty's pics from the London CB reunion party

(Red Lion on Kingly Street, London, W1, Dec 11, 2003):

"Here's the six best photos, happy to say that the night went very well, loads of old Corner Bar residents turned up and I'd dare say that we might make it into an annual event!"

Johnny Eugster & Sam

Lindsey Sisters

Liz Moseley & Karen Jones

Mark Sharp

Steff's girls

Toby Hallwood & Steff

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