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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


Alain's Party @ Diesel's  (May 9, 2004)

(photo above by Milk Magazine)

There's a super-heavyweight Muay Thai world champion living on Lamma right now and his name is Alain N'Galani! A trainer in the local Island Gym as well as in Fightin' Fit in Central, he won his title a few months ago in Bangkok (watch video). Diesel's organised a Sunday afternoon party to meet him, see below.


To read more about Alain's fascinating life & history, read some of the many interesting articles about him and his trainer Pierre that have been published in the SCM Post in the last several years. And no, the Lamma-zine will NOT comment on the recent legal troubles of Alain's trainer. They have unfortunately overshadowed Alain's triumph and stoked the fiery, local rumour & gossip mill for months, dividing the local community. The Lamma-zine refuses to get involved and the case is closed now. Let's celebrate Alain's achievement & great personality instead with one more photo gallery (photos by Steve Cray, Lamma-Gung & Dish (see right middle):

(click to enlarge)

Muay Thai Super-Heavyweight World Title Fight in Bangkok:

Photos by Steve Cray, supplied by Island Gym: Group shot with the local officials

The two fighters before the match

One of the famous ladyboys of Bangkok

So eager to get into the ring!

One of the winning leg kicks

Another one



With Alex Tsui (ex-ICAC, Chairman of the HK Boxing Association)

SCMP story on the world title win in Bangkok

Still smiling after another gruelling workout (photo from SCMP)


Family snapshots during my Alain interview in the Island Gym (3 photos by Lamma-Gung)

Nathan "Carnage" Corbett, Pierre Ingrassia, Alain N'Galani

Pierre's wife & daughter, Angela & Montana

Party in Diesel's on Sun, May 9, 2004 - photos by Lamma-Gung:

Blackboard announcing the party

Party poster created by Dish, Moloy's son, a Photoshop whiz

Graffiti defacing some of the posters

Alain with some of his young fans

Signing autographs patiently

Dedicated to the Lamma-zine

Many of them are students of the Island Gyn

Local ice-hockey celebrity Andrew with his dad (middle, what's his name?)

2nd Dan karate world champion & Pierre's wife

Angela and Montana

Free buffet sponsored by the Island Gym

Temporary Lammaite Nathan Corbett and Pierre addressing his many detractors

Lucy showing off her biceps (working out herself in the Fitness Centre)

Quite a crowd

World Champion belt

The belt *almost* fits

Inside Diesel's, the dart junior championship is in full swing

Family snapshot w/dog (Moo, the "bear-faced dog")

Party in Diesel's - photos by Dish (Moloy's son):

Watching the world championship bout

Nathan Corbett, temporary Lammaite, training for First Strike 2004

Showing off

with Jack, Diesel's "star chef"

Fans of all ages

Lucy likes champions

Sunday as usual at the bar...

Line in front of the electronic dartboard

Another family snapshot, including Moo

Tough guys?

More tough guys

Alain, Dish & Nathan Corbett, surfer dude and champ from Sydney

Angela Manandhar - "Exotic Karate Fighter":

Angela, 2nd Degree Karate Black Belt, lawyer, trainer of Lamma's toddlers & the Dragonboat ladies...

...and member of RICE, HK's answer to the Spice Girls...

...performing at "Fun Dance Carnivals" and Muay Thai tournaments...

...and being featured in the Sunday Post!

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