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Lamma Fun Day 2003   (photos by Lamma-Gung)



Wasn't it a great day out last Sunday on Power Station Beach?  Beautiful weather, cool breeze, shady trees, lots of people determined to have fun and loads of money being donated for the Child Welfare  Scheme!  Here are a few shots I've selected from almost 200 taken during the day.


(This brings my digital Lamma photo collection to exactly 6,000 shots, all taken within the last year, most of it well-catalogued.

See shot #6,000 on the right, the last one taken while walking home from the Fun Day. If you need any Lamma photos, just let me know!)


Click here for a sound bite of the Fun Day  (56KB) and a

video clip: "I'm a bitch" by Odyssey  (5.4MB)

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Democracy Wall

This way to the Fun Day!

No, that way!

Nick the Bookman with a few of his canine companions

Sarah, live under the tent!

Next generation of drummers

Grommit found a loving home at the Fun Day...

...not with this guy, but with a pretty lady!

Down to the beach

Learning early how to apply make-up

Lamma Republic T-shirts, custom-made at Emily's

Aaaaaah, reflexology is so relaxing!

Master of Ceremonies taking a break

Stage tent, billowing in the stiff breeze


Odyssey's lead singer from Lamma. Anyone know her name?

Odyssey ladies

Have we seen her before? Make-up is complete now...

Master sound engineer Parksy


So many bands!

Peter Lloyd with his hand-signed Alex Chan poster

Fun Day bar w/Lamma-zine flyer

"Talking" frogs

A good day to go fly a kite

LAP is everywhere...

LAP's mousetrap: hit the target and win BIG!

Too much red?

A patchwork quilt of many colours & Lamma

Air-tight aluminium water bottles

Choose a design, hold still for a few minutes...

Doggies everywhere

School, on a Sunday??

Doggy patrolling the beach

Volleying the ball on the beach!

Relaxing after all the shopping and eating

Close to nature

Garage sales everywhere

e and her toys

The Retired Beast, Montana ("The Full Monty") and Angela (Beauty behind the Beast)

Beach idyll

Protest against ties? Dying ties?

Spiderman's toddler years

No injuries to report?

Safety is assured; or is he just protecting his own bike?

Synchronised yoga to strengthen the father-daughter bonding

Practicing for their own future performances

On the look-out, but in the wrong direction...

...the water skier is over there!

Buttons galore, all primary colours available

Heena tattoos...

...and a real "Henna" tattoo!

The organiser all exhausted after another successful Fun Day!

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