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Restaurant & Bar News   (Nov 2003)



Lots of stuff happening again in the local dining & drinking scene in the last few weeks!

Two restaurants have unfortunately closed their doors (My Café on Back Street, and Table for Two, behind the public toilet).


Diesel's has started to offer Indian & Western food.

Fish Night & Tex-Mex Nights in Aroy Thai every week.

$16 Dim Sum set menu in New Holiday Mood.

Celtic Fest @ Island Bar Photo Gallery.

A great new Indonesian take-out place (West of Java) has opened behind Scorpio's biz centre (see right photo).

Thai Thai (most popular Satay place on Back Street) is moving to a newly-redecorated restaurant opposite.

Yes, and we're still waiting with bated breath for The Retired Beast's The Full Monty to open in January 2004!


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My Café: closed down

East of Java: Order/take-away menu (food: see above)

Diesel's: Halloween Masquerade party

Diesel's: new Pub Grub menu

Diesel's: new menu, outside

Diesel's: new menu, inside

Aroy Thai: Talks on the Plain of Jars in Laos and Down the Mekong river

New Holiday Mood: Dim Sum set menu

Pigeon Restaurant: Lamma-Gung's upcoming birthday dinner...

Emily's: new XTConICE flavours

Emily's: colourful Lamma T-shirts @ $88

Island Bar: ring the bell, buy a round, get a plaque

Shelly: signage above the road to HSY beach

Shelly's: daily changing blackboard menu, only Sat/Sun

Concerto Inn: brunch on the beach...

Bookworm Café: Vegi brunch

Bookworm Café: watercolour painting, background for future website

Thai Thai: new location across the street, opening soon

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