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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


Restaurant & Bar News   (July 2004)


No big changes in the local dining & drinking scene this month, besides some good times for the bars during the recent Euro 2004 football.


After the big success of the first wine tasting in the Deli Lamma, they've organised another one recently (Thu, June 17), together with their wine merchant Vinoasis (see above).


Two quick restaurant reviews by yours truly: Lambcombe and new Honey Bee:


Review - Lamcombe Restaurant:

I've been visiting the Lambcombe Restaurant with a group of American MBA students recently, playing one of the local hosts, showing them how to eat the more "exotic" dishes, like scallops or minced pork wrapped in lettuce leaves.

It was a grand feast of impressive size & variety, all the Lamcombe's signature seafood dishes were served, fully justifying their well-deserved reputation as the very best Chinese restaurant in Yung Shue Wan. Attentive service, seaview terrace, a cool night, fantastic food...

But what was most surprising was how few of our American guests actually appreciated the food, some not even trying most of the dishes because they looked unfamiliar. Not appreciating the feast laid out in front of them (see above), making disparaging remarks, not being adventurous in trying something new or "strange" to them, just a few daring to try new things, it was quite disheartening & disappointing.

Well, we put the copious leftovers into "doggy bags" for us hosts, as we definitely didn't want to let this kind of delicious, tasty, high-class food go to waste.

Review - Honey Bee:

The new dessert place opposite Thai Thai has been open for a few months now. "Open" is a relative term in their case, though, as I still couldn't figure out their infrequent & irregular opening hours:
occasionally on weekday evenings, most of weekend afternoons, but not late in the evenings. It's rare to see them open when walking past the nice-looking little shop with just four tables and still no name sign above the door or on the menus.

Strangely, the prices on the extensive Chinese menu and the blackboards all seem much lower than the few dishes described in English. Only the most expensive dishes seem to be listed in English...

Because the place is so tiny and decorated in glass/stone/chrome, it's very noisy and echoing if there are any other guests. But it's usually almost empty. One of the only 4 tables was totally blocked by a massive mountain bike belonging to one of the staff.

Lamma-Por disliked the ambience of the place so much that she refused to order anything. My chocolate pudding with banana and runny whipped cream (pictured below) was definitely not worth the ca. $25 they charged for it. It also took a very long time to arrive. Obviously made from cheapo pudding powder, it tasted more like artificially flavoured jello than real pudding.

This place is still running on the usual temporary half-year restaurant license. We'll see if they'll make the additional substantial  investment to upgrade their facilities to get a full license. This place is a missed opportunity. I was really looking forward for YSW finally getting a decent dessert place. The wait continues...


(click to enlarge)   

Lamma Bistro: Breakfast All Day

Island Bar: Lamma Dragons sale: Champagne & salmon/cream cheese bagels

Diesel's: Curries galore!

Deli Lamma: English Breakfast

Deli Lamma: Fish fillet

Deli Lamma: Tandoori chicken & garlic naan

Blue Bird Japanese: Best noodle soup in the village, $28

Blue Bird Japanese: Sashimi on vinegar rice

Blue Bird Japanese: Tempura

Emily's Ice-cream Parlour: Be Super Cool!

Emily's Ice-cream Parlour: Happy Hour 7-9pm, $12/scoop

Bookworm Café: Daily soup, salad & garlic bread, $50

Man Kee Rest.: Menus outside, weighed down with knives

Man Kee Rest.: Teatime snack: Chicken leg & Russian salad, $26

Man Kee Rest.: Great fish & chips, $35

Tropicana: Baguette, freshly baked while you wait, below $20.

HONEY BEE dessert place (opposite Thai Thai): Chocolate pudding, banana, whipped cream, ca. $25

New Holiday Mood: Largest choice of afternoon cheesecake sets, $32

New Holiday Mood: Moody lighting...

Aroy Thai: Shrinking by another third in floor space, electrical shop taking over.

Island Bar: Quiz Night Lucky Draw price (TV/CD/radio)

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