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Lamma @ Rockit Festival   (photos by Lamma-Gung)



THREE Lamma bands playing at the recent Rockit festival in Victoria Park: Garoupa, Nude and Polyrhythm. And the famous native-Indian Tipi from Lamma made an appearance as a chill-out place for Lammaites and backdrop for another great Drumjam by Kumi & friends.


Garoupa made it into the SCM Post as the Pick of the Day, described as "Lamma-based band Garoupa open the Rockit Festival, with a mix of original acoustic-based blues/rock/ funk and Moroccan songs."

The SCMP even used this photo I shot of them during their gig in the Bookworm Café on July 15, but in B/W only.


Enjoy these pictures of a weekend full of sunshine, great music, international & local bands and many friends from Lamma Island.

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Saturday, Oct 25th, 1st Day:

The stage is ready for the first band

Spotlight tower

So many food choices

Security is at the ready!

The Tipi has arrived from Lamma

Drums for the jam

Everything ready to build the Tipi

Raising the first frame

Strong enough?

Tipi Mark inside his creation

Lamma Island Become Crezy (graffiti slogan from the Central ferry pier)

Waiting for Garoupa, the festival openers




The many faces of Alex...

End of show...

Sound men

This is a very safe festival!

First beer of the day

Tipi Mark sawing a bamboo pole with a pocket knife

The Tipi mascot, freshly imported from Lamma


Ready for occupancy

Natural air conditioning

Chill-out for Lammaites during the all-day festival

Sunday, Oct 26th, 2nd Day:

Polyrhythm, Kumi's new band


Cameo appearance of NZ's Feelers lead singer

Sammy Bruce

Main stage getting busy

Kumi's Drumjam @ the Tipi

Kumi in action

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