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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


Sexy Biaatch of Boracay Party @ Diesel's   (Mar 5, 2004)


Another one of the quite frequent public birthday parties in Diesel's. This time for Rose who doesn't mind being known as the Sexy Biaatch of Boracay, obviously having a great sense of humour.

It was a really fun party - beachwear dress code, free buffet, sexy ladies & guys - lasting well through the night! Check out the following photos and cheeky captions.


Want to see YOUR party in the Lamma-zine? Send me photos w/captions or, even better, invite me for a free photo shoot, like Diesel's did!  ;-)

Invitation poster

The party has officially opened!

Not much beachwear in sight

Star chef Jack presents his buffet

Free Filipino Food!

Never too young to be a photo model

Really huge turnout

Filipinas out for a good time


Romantic & balmy spring night

Yes, it's the Sexy Biaatch herself!

Hubby (too tall for the picture) presents the birthday cake

Blow out the candles!

The dirty dancing is starting

Wow! Dogging on Lamma?

Amazed & flabbergasted onlookers

Clever disguises

Rose's Punch packs a real punch!

"The Happiest Man Alive" & the reason for his happiness

Ivy & Lucy, cheerleaders of the party

Howdy, stranger!

Getting into the groove

What is he whispering into her ear?

Smooth moves, man! I salute you!

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