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Strictly Fashionable - F-ART Exhibition  (Aug 3, 2004)

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First solo exhibition of our "Official Court Artist" in Hong Kong! He writes: "Everyone knows me as the eccentric humorous artist with a philosophy problem who has not the slightest commercial potential. Well, then let me introduce to you my photography. It is still wacky but at least I can make big bucks from it."

Strictly Fashionable - An art/photo exhibition by Andy Maluche August 3-7, 2004 at Art Statements located at 5 Mee Lun St., Central (along Hollywood Road). Directly vis-a-vis Malcolm Golding's new gallery & home, in fact.


My photo gallery of the opening party on Aug 3 is shown below, all other artwork was created by "The Artist" in person. Quite a few of the artworks in the exhibition are also shown on his website, sometimes even with explanations, which is most unusual for any famous artist! But he likes to appeal to the masses, hopefully finding more willing victims, eh, buyers to delight with his unique masterpieces!

In the meantime, Mr Andee (his nom de plume) is already preparing for his next artsy exhibition, called FART (see left), in Manila where he has exhibited to his admiring fans numerous times already and has become a beloved local celebrity in high art circles and much-featured in major local & national newspapers. (end of sycophantic remarks)


About The Artist - in his own words:

Andy Maluche, a German born artist and professional photographer recently made Hong Kong his base in Asia. He has been living in the region and at the same time travelling and working around the world for the last 18 years.

Known for his humorous approach to art, Andy Maluche turned his whole life into one "Gesamtkunstwerk", a synthesis of the arts.

"Everything I do shall be considered as art"

Based on that idea he started to document his life in form of an ever changing, constantly evolving artwork, his daily updated website: The Aggressively Shy Stick Insect Hunter

Not everybody can enjoy art on a computer and therefore Andy Maluche produced a printed version of his website as well: The Shy Stick Insect Hunter Magazine, the website you can bring to the bathroom and read it there.

About the show - in the words of The Artist:

Strictly Fashionable is Andy Maluche's 8th one-man show and will feature his artistic fashion and lifestyle photography within a framework of a creative presentation to highlight the conceptual discussion.

Live Art.

Since his whole life is art, Andy Maluche will live at the gallery during the exhibition period and create his art there for everyone to observe. All artworks produced this way will be exhibited in real time at the gallery as well as on Andy Maluche's website,

Printing statements on T-shirts is a fusion of conceptual art and fashion.

Haute Couture is invading art institutions like the New York City's Metropolitan Museum.

Yves Saint Laurent built his own museum to document his fashion statements.


When does fashion become art? Is art subjected to a collective movement of taste?

There is a fine, dynamic line between art and fashion.

As both, an artist and a lifestyle and fashion photographer, Andy Maluche is exploring with this, his latest exhibition, the similarities and conflicts of art and fashion.

Fashion is part of everything.

Everything incorporates some art.

Art includes everything.

Fashion includes art.

More info about Andy Maluche at:



Additional high resolution pictures are available at:

Famous Asia based artist lost his reputation:

Even after a prolonged yet unsuccessful search Andee M. is still hopeful to find his reputation again.

"It wasn't very big, just about like this (he is holding his hands about 10 inches apart) but it had these beautiful little protuberances and a killer paint job. It isn't your everyday kind of reputation. I worked hard for this one. It was a good reputation. I am afraid somebody might have destroyed it.

Now I am a little worried what people might say about me. "Hey look at him, he lost his reputation." or "This guy has no reputation at all." People don't realize how important a reputation is for an artist. I need to get it back. I don't mind if it isn't that good anymore or slightly tarnished, well, what the heck, I would even settle for a bad one. Without any reputation my art would be worthless.

It took many years to build the one I had, doing the same thing over and over again. Now, without it, people wouldn't know anymore what to expect from me.

For any information about the possible whereabouts of Andee M.'s reputation please contact the editor.

click to enlarge

The F-ART drinks buffet, always popular

State-of-the-artsy-fartsy slide show: Mac PowerBook & portable projector!

The Artist's nickname on his jacket, so the visitors can spot & identify the "Aggressively Shy..." Artist.

The Artist basking in the adulation of his adoring fans & the cheering crowds

"He's THE MAN!"... The Shy Artist blushes modestly...

These two have known each other for much too long!

Kinzie is wheeling & dealing in front of a T-shirt skinned from the wearer

"Hues of Summer 2005"

HK$12,000 for this "gross painting"?

Photo montage posters - my favourites!

Photo T-shirts. Hanger included?

"fat, free & fashionable". Really?

The Artist's mother gracing an "Old and Weathered Billboard"

Malcolm Golding is taking a closer look while Mr DickStock explains the deeper meanings


Rogues Gallery

Gallery openings are a great place to flirt

"WOW! You'd really like to buy ALL the artworks?"

Enjoying a post-coital cigar after a well-attended show opening

Guess where?

Yes, the gallery's loo!

Drinks buffet, post-show

Malcolm's contribution to the guest book, showing off his unique artistic skills...

The exhausted-but-happy Artist on the last ferry back to Lamma

One of his dreams? Or a future art photo?

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