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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


Green Lamma Green - Tree Planting   (May 29, 2005)


Following up on a little notice on a public bulletin board, contacting the HK Conservancy Association and HK Electric, I learned about this very welcome event. The last public tree planting was organised by ABLE Charity two years ago:

Tree Planting Day - May 10, 2003.


Local schoolchildren from the Primary School were invited to join in with the tree planting this Sunday, plus six other off-Lamma schools and lots of 'HK Electric Volunteers', giving up their Sunday off. I've made up a little chart of the location (click to zoom out).

This was an extremely well-organised PR event, including media reception desk, caps, stickers, signs, tree name tags, photographers, videographers and celebrities from the local District Councillors up to the Permanent Secretary for the Environment officiating at the event.


The opening ceremony took place on Sunday morning in the Yung Shue Wan football pitch. According to sponsor HK Electric: "The ceremony will be officiated by the Permanent Secretary for the Environment, Mr. K.K. Kwok; Director and General Manager (Engineering) of Hongkong Electric, Mr Francis Lee; Ms Lister Cheung from HKCA as well as local dignitaries. Over one hundred students and volunteers from Hongkong Electric will be recruited to do the actual tree planting after the ceremony."

More background from the HK Conservancy Association.


After the opening ceremony in the Yung Shue Wan football pitch, we all hiked to Hung Shing Yeh beach, then on for another 20 minutes along the coastal path to Sok Kwu Wan - the most popular tourist trail on Lamma - to the pavilion overlooking Hung Shing Yeh bay and the Power Station.


Here's a nice, informative press release ('Lamma Gets Greener') with photos and an Artist's Impression from the sponsor, HK Electric. For a discussion and more info, click on TALKBACK! Finally, my own comprehensive photo gallery:


(click to enlarge)

Launch ceremony in the football pitch: line-up of celebrities

Showing off green 'icons' for the Lamma map behind them

Lister Cheung, CE of HK Conservancy Association

Mock tree planting

'HK Electric Volunteers' & 'Eco-leaders' heading the tree planting groups

Group photo opportunity

Local family joining in the fun

Getting ready for the long march to the tree planting site

Just follow the signs

200+ people marching to Hung Shing Yeh beach...

On the outcrop below the pavilion

Closing in on the crowds

Power Station backdrop


The Primary schoolchildren are getting to work...

...while the celebrities are posing for photos

Lammadonna is a tree hugger!

What a view!

The Power Station Extension is almost ready

200+ people, plus loads of media, crowding the hill

Name tags for the tree saplings, mostly local species!

One of the six participating schools, after a job well done

Children from another school relaxing

Heading home: ice-cream pancake in Lily Garden Cafe

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