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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


Helicopter Flight Over Lamma  (Oct 9, 2005)

Scene: Inside a helicopter, flying high over Victoria Harbour en route to Lamma Island on a late Sunday afternoon, Oct 9:

The pilot is asking his passengers the routine tourist question:

Pilot: "So, where are you all from?"

Gavin: "We're all from Hong Kong; in fact, we're all from Lamma!"

Pilot: "So you're all hippies?"

All of us: "Yeeeeaaah!"

Our all-Lammaite party of 5 set off from atop the Peninsula Hotel's helipad on the flight path I made up myself (see map on right).

First, we're flying over Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior in Victoria harbour! They're on an Asia tour, promoting wind energy in HK - while we're en route to Lamma's very own windmill, our own horizontal windmill just above our heads!

See the photo galleries of our flight below, with my own and Gavin's photos:

(click to enlarge)

Lamma-Gung's photos:

View from The China CLipper atop the Peninsula Hotel

Historic plane engine

Mandatory safety briefing - not for jittery nerves

Getting ready on the rooftop - no way back now!

Helipad, with safety fences lowered

Our ride is arriving


Instrument panel: any red, blinking warning lights?

Taking off, facing TST and Kowloon

Yippee, we're airborne!

Losing my sense of direction already. Where's this?

South Lamma, Sham Wan turtle beach?

South Lamma, planned luxury housing development in the flat area

Approaching Sok Kwu Wan

Old cement quarry opposite Sok Kwu Wan

Pak Kok Shan: entry & exit of 3rd Cable Tunnel, almost completed

Flying over The Peak

ifc Tower

Same photo, zooming in on the Lamma ferry pier (top right)

Circling ifc Tower

Returning to home base

Safe landing accomplished

We landed up there?

Celebrating our HeliAdventure!

Gavin's photos:

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