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New Year's Eve 2000

The theme was 'back to school' but Gavin decided to come as 'Clive', in identical clothes and grey hair, complete with pipe, Carlsberg and Times crossword. He won first prize for fancy dress!

Carol Singing

December 24, 2000

...and Bah! Humbug!

Treasure Hunt

December 17, 2000

This event was organised by Frazer, Danny and Paul in aid of Operation Santa Claus, and was sponsored by Carlton Cold. It combined a teasure hunt and scavenging hunt, covering a large part of Northern Lamma.

Paul, Frazer and Danny

There were 11 teams of four people plus children and dogs, each team contributing HK$200 to the charity. An additional team contributed but was unable to take part as all the ladies were suffering from some ailment which infected them during the early morning (around 4 a.m.) preceeding the event.

However, more stalwart participants tackled the course with toddlers in pushchairs. Quite a feat as this involved steep hills and patches of jungle!

There were a large number of prizes and overall winners were 'The Academics' lead by Pauline and Professor Corke, with Mel and Clive. After the hunt every participant had the same comment - it was a really excellent event and tremendous fun. Hopefully next year it will be repeated and it should attract a much larger number of competitors.


October 31, 2000

A highly successful evening despite being held mid-week and conveniently co-inciding with 'Standard and Chartered Night'.

Ella's Arrival

August 29, 2000

Donna and Stuart announce the commencement of their New Dynasty with the arrival of Ella Kira Ann Chandler at 6.42 am on 29 August.

The Teachers Depart

August 26, 2000

With the conclusion of Summer School, the army of English language teachers who had been supporting the Island Bar during an, otherwise, very quiet August, returned home. But only after an appropriate farewell bash.

Cath's Last Night

July 29, 2000

Cath's farewell to the world of vice and degredation prior to becoming a missionery in Sri Lanka - or we think that's what she's doing there. Paul may have other ideas. The party ended at 8 a.m. although none of the participants seem to be able to remember too clearly.

All Change at The Island Bar

The guy on the right is Keith, the new General Manager of the Island Bar. We don't know the name of the guy on the left yet. He just wandered in last week and started serving drinks. Seems very friendly though. Please note that there will be a macro binge in honour of Cath...

...the, sorry, she's a Lady now...who lead the Island Bar out of being a cockroach infested pit into its, now magnificent, surroundings and built up an elite clientele in the process. This party will be on Saturday 29th July and will be an all-night shindig with extended happy hour, punch, all sorts of goodies, wild dancing, and monstrous hangovers the following morning. Cath Fans from overseas will be pouring in but, if you are unable to jump on a plane in time, you may e-mail your accolades to (preferably accompanied by historic photos of the lady in question).

Lamma Happy Dragons

The Island Bar is the headquarters for the Lamma Happy Dragons highly successful ladies' and men's teams. For the photo gallery covering the events in which they participated during June, 2000 please click here.

Who will be next?

Following her return from her honeymoon, Cathy gave notice of her resignation as Manager of The Island Bar. As these pages will demonstrate, Cathy has been the driving force in raising the place from a scruffy little hole-in-the-wall to the highly popular establishment it has become. Three years ago one used to be able to go into the pub on a Sunday lunchtime, secure in the knowledge that you could settle down to do the crossword with whoever was running the bar - and without any risk of customers breaking your concentration until later in the afternoon. Now you'll be lucky to get a seat in the bar in the first place! Obviously the owners are anxious to find a suitable replacement as soon as possible. Please click here if you are interested.

Happy Dragons' Fund Raising Raffle

May 10, 2000

Cath and Paul's Wedding Gallery

April 8-9, 2000

Just another Saturday night...

March 4, 2000

Gael and Farewell

February 19, 2000

With two key players leaving Hong Kong imminently, Gaelic Gall is disbanding although the remaining members plan to reform a new group under a new name. Gaelic Gall had gave it's final performance on Saturday 19 February to a packed Island Bar. In attendance was a gaelic goat which appeared to think that food is the music of life.

Lamma Happy Dragons Fund Raising

In a packed Island Bar on February 12. What were you saying to her Peter?

From the First Second of January 1, 2000

Cath, Brenda and Kim The Grim Reaper

Tracy Paul & Val Cath

Bunker Patrol Bunker Patrol

Cath & Pals Group 1

Group 2 Group 4

Group 5 Group 6

Group 7 Group 8

Dan & Sharon Gavin & Richard

Grim Reaper Peter, Dan, Chris & Nikki

Survivors at dawn Brenda of The Bunker

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