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This month, a very well-known Lamma artist, long-time resident, the ever-popular Roz Keep! She's recently emigrated with her family to Chiang Mai in Thailand, but she's still missing Lamma a lot, like most ex-Lammaites! Better late than never, we present some of her best Lamma paintings! On the right, the envelope, CD-R with her paintings and a traditional Thai elephant painting greeting card she sent me from Chiang Mai.


Artist Statement:

"Something which just seems so natural to me is walking on the hills of Lamma, finding yet another fabulous spot, say on a clump of rocks overlooking a bay, kites circling and mewing, a breeze, clear light and my paints in my bag.

I never liked to work for long on a painting, preferring to work quickly and in that moment, the painting becomes a response to the experience of just being there. Nothing needs to be added or changed later. These paintings are all done in that vein and I remember my feelings, where I was, what was happening more if I don't change them later.

They were made into prints much later by my husband and I am happy to share my personal views. There are not many people or village scenes. I like the solitude, the wisdom and the beauty of nature alone sometimes. The land fills me with inspiration and I feel her pulse when I go out alone. I was painting my feelings towards the land. It is she who supports us, and to her I turn when I need making whole.

Bless Lamma and her beauty. May it last for many years to come."


A commercial note:

Lamma Landscape Paintings - Reproduction Prints from Original Water Colours and Oils:

All double-mounted on board, ready for framing, 2 sizes (A4: $165, A3: $275). Makes a great gift or souvenir of Lamma! Selling Point (the glass-making shop next to Yan-Yan store) has some A4 sizes left. Contact for details and purchase.

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Tin Hau Temple

Ed's View

Junk and Stenhouse

Blue Boats

Temple Trees

Storm in a Garden 1

Yellow Stenhouse

Lamma Channel Again

Moon Flowers


More paintings by Roz Keep:

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