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Got any last-minute shopping left to do? Dreading to go to town and face the mad crowds of fellow last-minute shoppers? Don't! Stay on Lamma and check out the local shops along Main and Back Street. There are a lot of great products on sale, often for much better prices than you could find in town.


Patronise local businesses and help to revive the island's economy. Enjoy the friendly, personal service and make new local friends at the same time. Here's a little photo gallery to put you into the right shopping mood."


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Harbour as seen from public ferry pier

Wonderful World: Stone goblet

Tropicana: Candle for regular customers

White orange chocolate slices, from Lamma-Por to sustain me during the editing of this issue

Crafts-Inn: On sale now & closing soon...

"Wishing tree" on HKTB's "Jingle Bells Boulevard" in Central

Central Christmas tree

Where's your cap, snowman?

Home of Reindeers?

Banner advertising the souvenir shop above Y2K

Crafts-Inn: arts & crafts

Crafts-Inn: Balinese carved mask

A.E. Collection: new shop replacing Articles

A.E. Collection

A.E. Collection

Annie's: vis-a-vis Bookworm



Wonderful World

Wonderful World: Christmas ornament

Tinkerbelle, Sha Po Old Village

2nd-hand shop, Main Street

2nd-hand shop

2nd-hand shop

Pets Community, Sha Po Old Village

Pets Community: Christmas presents for pets!

Pets Community: More pet presents

Main Street: Christmas tree ornaments

Main Street: wreaths

Thai Thai 2, Sha Po Old Village

Thai Thai 2 (see cover of this issue)

Thai Thai 2, Sha Po Old Village

Thai Thai 2

View from Scorpio over to Brother's Store

Convenience store opposite Brother's laundry: Toys galore!

Lamma Weekend: Souvenir shop above Shelly's Cake Express in Wang Long

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