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We haven't seen any Lamma Birds, Bugs,  Flowers,... of the Month for a while. Catch up with some new photos from our most excellent expert moderator Zep, plus a few from the private collection of bug-hunter-on-the-prowl Lamma-Gung.


Learn about some of Lamma's fascinating and little-known wildlife:

Pandanus fruits, Mimosas, House Shrews, Giant Wood Spiders, etc.

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For even more pictures & info, check out Zep's highly informative & always helpful Flora & Fauna forum.


Unknown caterpillar on pipe, Hung Shing Yeh


Giant Wood Spider

Mimosa pudica: flowers

Mimosa pudica: undisturbed leaves

Mimosa pudica: leaves close after being touched

Black cat colony in Tai Peng


House shrew

Screw vine

Pandanus bush, South Lamma

Edible Pandanus fruit

Pigeons being fed in Tai Peng

Showing their backsides...

New book by Zep about Papua New Guinea's national language

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