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Seriously Silly Signs



Wandering around Lamma, it's always amazing what kind of signs and posters you can encounter. Serious ones, silly ones, and the ones trying to be serious, but ending up sounding silly, my favourites, the ones that cause a little smile, smirk or even a giggle.


Find below a little collection from the last 1.5 years, demonstrating that it really pays off to have your camera always with you wherever you go. Lamma is full of little surprises and unexpected & short-lived discoveries, often gone forever within a day.


This gallery is also kind of a memorial for the Democracy Wall at the ferry pier, before it was repainted white and all posters being ripped down now within a day. The former texture of the Wall will be preserved as the wallpaper of all Lamma-zines.

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At Central's Lamma ferry pier, inspired by the Nina Wang faked-will saga

Handmade signs are sooo artsy-craftsy

The offender caused prosecution? Besides the Island Gym on High Street

Brazilian bikinis in European sizes, modelled by ex-Lammaite & Brazilian Luciene

Sign on top of the hill between YSW and the power station. For bushwalkers only

Nothing is permitted here (Hung Shing Ye beach, I believe)

Religious fanaticism on Lamma?

Who the heck are Helen + Ben?

No-questions-asked return policy for thieves?

No paraphernalia of any kind allowed in the Beer Garden! This sign vanished within days.

On the hills behind Po Wah Yuen. Ever fallen into a grave hole and made it out alive?

Lamma Island Become Crezy. Graffiti from Central's Lamma ferry pier, put onto a T-shirt, modeled by Dan

Drill Amnesty for Tic Tac Toe players

Drill Amnesty

Awww, Netvigator has so many cute, little, colourful icons!

Pissa Bar (above Pizza Milano), taking the piss out of barflies?

Wild dogs, no entry for you!

Space House? Is the UFO included in the rent? Very handy to get to town!


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