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Lamma-zine - The e-Magazine for our Island Community


Sok Kwu Wan Dinner   (Dec 5, 2003)

Unobstructed view of North Lamma, all the way to YSW and the Powerstation, seen from Ling Kok Shan behind Sok Kwu Wan (photo by Richard).  Click on the name cards below to enlarge them.


After living in Yung Shue Wan for over two years, I've finally made it over to Sok Kwu Wan. Following the tourist path through the "other" famous village on Lamma Island, Lamma-Por and I explored the well-known tourist spots and enjoyed a seafood dinner, of course. We took the Chuen Kee ferry from Aberdeen one sunny afternoon. Here's the photo story of our little SKW Dining Adventure, incl. many photos of the 150-year old Tin Hau Temple which burned out just weeks later.


According to the Lamma Island Visitor's Guide, Sok Kwu Wan is "a famous seafood paradise with lots of restaurants along the shore area, and a wide variety of seafood for your selection. Tourists also favour local specialty food such as baked egg rolls, local spices, shrimp cakes and salted fish. The sweet tofu custard and ginger-flavoured milk custard are some of the most beloved desserts."


Another quote from an old friend of mine, Knippy, who emigrated from HK to work for the Washington Post. Ex-HK Tourism Board, he knows all too well how to write for tourists:


"But one of my favorite places to dine is in the wee village of Sok Kwu Wan on Lamma Island, where a dozen small seafood restaurants sit along the waterfront. A number of large glass tanks line the street, each one alive with all manner of sea creatures - lobsters, crabs, prawns, clams, oysters, scallops and beasts that bear no English name.


With a waiter's advice, you simply create your own menu. It will then be steamed or stir-fried with a dash of ginger, garlic, sea salt, fresh pepper and soy - freshness being the key culinary secret of the Cantonese.


The opening round of icy San Miguel beer is served just as your first course arrives. Does life get any better?"


For an interview and restaurant review with Jean Paul, manager/chef of Cococabana (see right) in Mo Tat Wan (ferry ride or 20 minute walk from SKW), see the April issue of this magazine...


Ferry from Aberdeen through the Lamma Channel to Sok Kwu Wan

Approaching Sok Kwu Wan

Fish spawning grounds

Fish farmers on speedboats

On school excursion days the ferries fill up

Main beach of SKW

"Main Street"

Does the Welcome sign look familiar? Yes, exactly the same as at the YSW Library!


The "hip hangout" & the "elegance bar"

Fresh seafood in EVERY restaurant

Jungle of signs

"We hope you like green?"

Dominant restaurant with its own ferry to HK Island

No more Hilton on HK Island, only in SKW!

Too many dishes to choose from!

"Please sit down!"

Ferry pier

Tin Hau temple

SKW Tin Hau Temple, over 150 years old

So neat & inviting

Well guarded by stone lions

"Tin Hau Joss"

"Visitor welcome"

Very impressive!

Flying saucers?

Close-up in red


Dragon Boat race photos

Buy some offerings?

Exiting this world of red & gold

A few weeks later, the temple burned out!! (Photo by Richard, Feb 29, 2004)

Next door, a little garden...

...with a fountain pond...

...and lots of koi polloi

Lucky turtle

Racing kois

Village Vehicles, same as in North Lamma

Quite a few places have closed down

Absolutely fresh squids

This is really missing in YSW!

So many Western & Chinese desserts!

Local Holiday Inn

Spacious, but empty

Catering to tourists

Most visitors are locals

The ONLY Western bar I could find

Transportation for tourists?

Very nice & modern public restrooms, like the new ones in YSW

Sitting-out area

Turn left from the ferry pier

Vita Course 2000

Concourse for unfit anybodies

Awaiting the Dragon Boating season

"Lamma Dragon Boat"

Sun setting over the ferry pier

Soooo romantic...

The day's closing, the restaurant's opening

Restaurant's private ferry pier

Yes, they're recycling in SKW!

Framed sunset

Sunset colours fading into twilight

Another Hilton in SKW, the "Genuine" one this time

High-tech community policing

2nd Street, 3rd Street or 4th Street?

Spooky areas just behind the restaurants

Twilight view during a delicious & affordable seafood dinner in Tai Yuen Restaurant

Return to the ferry pier

"Main Street" at night

Back home on the Lamma ferry, via Central

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