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Saturday, Nov 29, 8pm, Bookworm Café:

Squinty Backbone: Live Unplugged & Sober:


Announcement: "This classic Lamma band has briefly regrouped after many years... and will be playing their last gig in their original line up tonight. They are great fun and very talented musicians/entertainers."


According to Squinty John (on the left), they hope to have a reunion every year as it was 7 years since the last one. Listening to them live is a very rare pleasure and great fun, indeed!


Squinty John: "I can tell you that it was "Squinty Backbone and the Hemorrhoids" till the manager of the bar we had our first gig in made us change it.

The bass is called a Tea Chest Bass (see right) and was prolific in the 50s with cheap skate skiffle Lonnie Donegan wannabe boy bands. Pain in the ass to amplify, but great for busking and acoustic gigs such as the Bookworm."

"Souinty" Backbone - Unplugged & Sober

We're back!

Nightclub atmosphere

Daily Special tonight: Live music!

A really passionate bass line by "Squinty Mark"

Is "Squinty John" out of his head, again?

Warm & cozy lighting

John, unplugged, yes, but sober?

"Paul the Talking Horse" on fiddle

Hamada, Bobsy & a young fan

The dance floor is open now

The bass player is on break

We're back, again!

John's personal videographer

The gig's over, get outta here!

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