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Christmas Eve

December 24, 1999

Sir Dan

Santa taking a well earned break. And, no, he's not Dave Handley or Ted Farrow. He's the Real One. The guy underneath on the left is Gavin - promoting Operation Santa Claus, for which the Island Bar's customers raised HK$4,705. To the right is Sir Dan James who arrived later in the evening to conduct the Royal Lamma Choral Society singing carols.


November 28, 1999

On the Sunday following the Grand Opening, the new style of the Island Bar was demonstrated by a special performance from the Hong Kong Philamonic. Baroque music was played to the bar's more classical customers.

The Grand Reopening

November 27, 1999

Featuring Dan and The Bastards

The Final Product

November 25, 1999

The final product. Say farewell to the cobwebs and cockroaches. Inset is the guy who put it all together - Master Craftsman Chris Corke.

The Interregnum

November 21, 1999

In ruins? Yes, but fortunately a young Master Carpenter called Chris Corke was found to look after the place and bring it back to some sort of order. In the interim the regular clientele have been banished to dubious establishments elsewhere in the village.


October 30, 1999


Held a day early to ensure it was on a Saturday night.

Caviar Fest

October 27, 1999

To demonstrate the quality of life on Lamma, and a kilo of Beluga Caviar having been generously donated by Peter Berry, a free Caviar night was held with ice cold Stolichnaya and Champagne.

England Scrapes In

October 10, 1999

...16 hours after Sweden had beaten Poland these two were still standing up - and the 'red-eye' is not due to the to them is a victorious Swede, Jenny, introducing a new member to the Island Bar - one which she had found in a plastic bag in a rubbish bin 8 days before this.

Nicola's Departure

September 22, 1999

Nicola left on September 22, after many weeks of providing excellent service to Island Bar customers, to finish her degree in Marine Biology. We wish her all success and happiness, and hope to see her back again soon.

Typhoon York

September 16, 1999

Hong Kong received a direct hit from Typhoon York and Lamma was in its huge eye for 5 hours. In the course of this Cath opened the bar and a large crowd arrived before the eastern wall of the typhoon did.

Dave and Merlyn's farewell

September 4, 1999

Alice and Rae Fossard's farewell

August 22, 1999

A few shots from the farewell party at the time Typhoon Sam was only 40 kilometers east of Hong Kong. Rae and Alice being on the point of leaving for Australia.

Dr. Sved and friends on August 21

This event was video/sound recorded. To hear one track with slides of the band in action, click here. However you will need to have RealPlayer Plus installed for this to run properly.These photos were taken with a digital video camera and reflect the minimal lighting in the Island Bar! There were also contributions from Gaelic Gall and Dan of The Bastards.

Gaelic Gall on July 31

This event was video/sound recorded. To hear one track with slides of the band in action, click on their photo below. However you will need to have RealPlayer Plus installed for this to run properly. The event was used to launch two new draught beers at the Island bar - 'Beamish' and 'Old Speckled Hen'.

An impromptu gig from Gaelic Gall on July 15

St George's Night on April 23

Featuring (English) Dan and The Bastards with a jock (Frazer) as the compere. Sandwiches were freshly cut from a 'baron' of beef and served with fresh horseradish sauce. A raffle for the Lamma Happy Dragons raised HK$2,980.


Quiz Night on March 25

Frazer the Qizmaster The Winners in action The Runners Up Severe Concentration

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Gourmet Evening in February

Master Polish Chef Staniswav Dudziak demonstrating his skills at the Gourmet Evening in February 1999.

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