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Lobert The Master Ratter

Sunday December 30, 2001

Two guys were standing outside the bar with Lobert dozing at their feet. All of a sudden he leapt up and shot off towards the rubbish bins - at a speed no-one would have been possible for him. It was a large rat which he grabbed and killed instantly. Unfortunately the story didn't end there. To demonstrate his skill Lobert brought his rat back to the Man Fung restaurant, which happened to be full at the time, and proudly walked around with it!

The Treasure Hunt

Sunday December 16, 2001

Another excellent event thanks to Frazer and his team (top left). Sponsored by Foster's and raising over HK$4,500 in the Island Bar's first fund raising bash for Operation Santa Claus. The winners are shown bottom right.

The Duke Box Junkies

Saturday December 1, 2001

As you may have noticed from this gallery, live music has been considerably restricted since changes in the local police force were implemented a year ago.The Duke Box Junkies provided us with a welcome respite.

Halloween 2201

Perhaps not unfortunately my camera's battery ran out after taking this pic. However hopefully there will be other contributions coming. The event was held on Saturday, 27 October and divided into two separate bashes - one in the late afternoon for the anklebighters, and a later one for adult monsters.

Mystery Barman

Appeared without notice in October along with five wives and fourteen children.

An Ordinary Saturday Night

Saturday October 20, 2001

Restrictions on playing live music plus other factors have limited the number of suitable events for entering in this gallery in recent months. However all goes well and business is booming in the bar regardless of the recession.

The Bastards in Full

Friday 9 March, 2001

For the first time in ages the Island Bar had all 5 bastards for a really great evening's entertainment. The place was packed with an audience spilling out into the mainstreet and beyond.

Gujarat Fundraising

Wednesday February 7, 2001

A group lead by Rajen instigated a fund raising campaign for victims of the Gujarat Earthquake disaster. It was decided best to by-pass the 'charity business's' and the Indian Government, and provide direct support. The bar was packed (until 4 a.m.) for the main event on Friday 2nd and at a follow up on Wednesday 7, when prizes were offered for guessing the amount which had been collected. A total of HK$15,000 was raised.

Gavin's Departure

Friday January 26, 2001

Gavin Mitchell will be known to many past Lamma residents, and visitors, after his years as the principal barman for this establishment. As a stonemason he had been hankering after a job which would enable him to continue with his skill and, late last year, was offered a job by a leading company in this field based in Auckland, and who immediately secured him a visa and work permit. Although his many friends here were sorry to see him go, all were in agreement that, with two very young children, a solid career in New Zealand was the best choice he could make. We wish him all the best.

From the First Second of 2001

New Year's Eve 2000

For photos of this bash - up until midnight 2000 - click here for the year 2000 gallery.

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