Oct 2003

Issue #25


The e-Magazine For Our Island Community

Lamma Live it, Love it, Laugh at it!


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Writing, editing, photos (except where credited otherwise),

design, publishing, distribution: Lamma-Gung@Compunicate.com





Gary the Sitar @ Bookworm Café Omelette-&-sausage smiley, cooked by Lamma-Gung New no-dogs poster in Aroy Thai New Holiday Mood set lunch Citizens Party button: HKU Workshop Fire dancer on Hung Shing Yeh beach during Mid-Autumn Festival, plus Full Moon Jam Night @ Aroy Thai Free Taster Buffet @ Lamma Bistro Baby back ribs, MeatFest, Aroy Thai Jam Night Filipina singer in Diesel's Dan the Bastard @ Island Bar David Slough & ferret Willow & Hunter in California Double-egg-yolk moon cake Street lamp at ferry pier






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  1. One Year, 25 Lamma-zines!

  2. While the HARBOUR FESTers, Lamma Rocks!

  3. Restaurants & Bars - What's New?

  4. Nicknames for Local Places

  5. Mid-Autumn Festival - Photo Gallery

  6. More Burglaries in Pak Kok

  7. Stop Pet Poisonings!

  8. Diggers and Dreamers - Holistic Lamma

  9. Sandra & Yoshi - Art Gallery

  10. Wish I'd gone back to Lamma Island instead of California!

  11. As a former resident of Lamma...

  12. David Slough - In Memoriam

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Birthplace of 25 Lamma-zines

Editorial:  First Anniversary!


The Lamma-zine is one year old! 25 issues - initially published weekly, now monthly - it's growing up quickly. It's starting to walk like a baby at one year old, still insecure walking upright, but starting to explore new areas, trying to climb stairs, bouncing into things occasionally, even eager to leave home and explore the outside world...


Anybody watching TV these last few weeks knows what inspired the title of this issue (see left). I hope the Lamma-zine's slogan rings true for Lammaites. It's a nice alliterating slogan with 4 Ls:

Lamma - Live it, Love it, Laugh at it!


We live here, live it up occasionally, but try to live it down if possible. We love it here, love to live and live to love, we love the island, the nature, the quirky people... But we have enough of a sense of humour (well, most of us) to laugh at the local follies & foibles, even able to laugh at ourselves, hopefully!


Click to zoom out

For several issues now, the Lamma-zine has been using less and less material from the message boards of Lamma.com.hk, as there's not enough new material of general interest to Lammaites to fill the growing size and scope of the Lamma-zine. It has become more ambitious in its scope and content, trying to reach a wider audience of people interested in Lamma - locally, HK-wide and overseas (mostly ex-Lammaites). More and more of the content is written and created for the Lamma-zine, not appearing on the message boards at all, MOST of the content in this issue, in fact. It has been created by occasional and frequent contributors and each issue introduces new contributors, who are always most welcome!


Blinking neon sign at ferry pier for celebrating National Day

I'll still be using and highlighting the best of Lamma.com.hk of the previous month, but you can expect more magazine-like features coming up: Interview of the Month, researched in-depth features, photojournalism, critical opinion pieces, columns. But please be patient, it'll all take time, step-by-step, month-by-month, as I'm still basically a one-man-band right now, performing most of the core functions myself (writing, editing, photography, design, publishing, distribution). Still a hobby, still a lot of fun, still learning and improving, into the second year of the Lamma-zine's life, onward and upward!


Ferry pier lighting effects

A bit about advertising in this magazine:

Most advertisers have extended their banner ads, often for several more months (at big discounts!). Quite a few pay in barter, mostly food and drinks. They've seen good results and feedback from their ads last month, even customers from town coming in, saying that they saw their ad in the Lamma-zine!


Fire dancing on Hung Shing Yeh beach

You might have noticed a lot more non-restaurant ads and private classifieds this issue (see above). It has become more and more difficult to get good results from putting up posters on the walls of Lamma, usually they get ripped down within hours by the cleaners! The Lamma-zine could become an additional, effective form of Classifieds, advertising your private garage/moving sales, language teaching, dog walking, holiday bungalows, piano lessons, massage therapies, Kamasutra classes, spiritual counselling, art workshops and even pet telepathy (no kidding! see Holistic Lamma feature!).


The wallpaper of the Lamma-zine has been derived from the former look of the Democracy Wall at the ferry pier, hopefully becoming a "virtual Democracy Wall" for our readers in the future. By the way, all the ads will also be distributed on printed flyers all over Yung Shue Wan.


Many thanks to our three official sponsors for this issue: Dan Kwai Fong, TheTough and Shell GAS! Learn more about these outstandingly great and wonderful businesses via their ads and advertorials in this issue. If you or your company are interested in sponsorships, click here.


My best (hand-held) photo of Mars approaching Earth the closest in millennia.

Marilyn, my former enthusiastic and experienced ad sales rep has found two part-time jobs in town, becoming too busy & successful to continue selling Lamma-zine ads! Doing most of the ad sales myself these last two months has severely increased my workload, delayed the publication date and could even interfere with the editorial integrity of this publication someday, but not yet.

I'm urgently looking for a new Advertising Sales Representative. If you're fluent in English (Cantonese a strong advantage), live on Lamma, are Internet-savvy, have some sales experience and would like to sell Lamma-zine banner ads, ad pages, advertorials & sponsorships on big commission, contact me!


Easy to guess, isn't it?

To get an email reminding you when a new issue is published, please Subscribe or Register on Lamma.com.hk to get a subscription! If you're registered, but did NOT get an email about this issue, you'll have to let me know.

Cute encounter on Main Street


3 bottles of fine Australian wine were put up as prizes for the best contributions (of any kind) to this issue. And the winner are: Peter Lloyd, Hunter Wallof and Raman Athinathan! Congratulations to the winners for their great articles in this issue! Will YOU be a winner next time?


Last but not least, but most important, my usual plea for more contributions of any kind. Please send me your feedback, opinions, suggestions, photos, stories, ideas,...


Cheers from Lamma-Gung

Editor-in-Chief of Lamma-zine,

Site Admin & Artsy Cybergeek, Lamma.com.hk,

Managing Consultant, www.Compunicate.com


P.S. ANY TEXT in this this dark-blue or this purple colour in the Lamma-zine is a clickable link to more stuff, like photo galleries and additional pages;

most pictures are clickable as well!




Emails to the Editor

Dave Parker  (ex-Lammaite, "A Brush with Hong Kong"):

YO GEEZERS !..whoever is sending me this -it must be meaningfull...mmm,wait a minute,this must beClivus,Nickus or Dickus related...sorry Dick(as in Dickstock) I'm a slack bastard & havn't E'd you,THX 4 d'cool tshirt dood it's caus'n a stir...OK,whoever this is,stay cool,informed & funky...anyone need an illustrater?...LOTS OF LOVE & LIGHT 2 1 & all in Lammasville- BLucky always...

PS...www.abrushwith.com is on the way, check it oot, late October.

webdog  (site admin & founder):

The e-zine is a great piece of work, thick like a book though rather than a magazine.

Marilyn Hood  (former Lamma-zine ad sales manager):

All in all it's a great issue.


Thanks buddy.

I find this issue is a lot more interesting compare to the previous 2 issues sent so far. Very good!

In this issue there are more local news and activities. Especially the Yu Lan Festival at Lamma. Others like what the HK electric done in there, bomb news. I think these kind of local news are something we won't have in the city.

I don't know much if some issues in the past introduced restaurant or specific local made food on the island. I find it is very interesting if there is a session introduce some restaurant in there. E.g. Pigeon restaurant, Pizza house, Book worm vegetarian, local made Soya bean drink, etc.

In fact, I diverted the link to my colleagues and they also asked if there are something introducing the local restaurant or interesting spots for leisure .....but one thing for sure is they ask me to send them the link next time if anything new.

Thank you for all the information and I can tell there are LOTS of effort put in there.

Mr Tough
(www.TheTough.com & Lamma-zine sponsor!):

You have done an excellent job on the anniversary edition of the Lamma E-zine.
Your time and effort to keep us all informed is appreciated and enjoyed - keep it up. Thanks!

Samson Kwok  (new & very active member!):

Would love to subscribe to Lamma-zine, please Lamma-Gung! Keep up the great work. Cheers & best, Sam :)

Correctamando! Did browse through the zine (Pete and Steve on Radio 3 have you guys a plug yesterday morning) Big congratulations on the 1st anniversary!!

Was involved in community radio when I was studying in Oz and still have this great interest in community media. Keep up the C-spirit, I say!!!

Alex  (Garoupa lead singer):

Thanks for an informative but friendly and funky website.

The music section is great. A big thanks for making Garoupa look truly weird with your photos!
Keep up the good work

The Retired Beast  (Island Gym owner & trainer):

Thanks for all your work and a great article about our Island Gym.
Like everyone we love Lamma and think your e-zine is doing a world of good for our little community.
We're sure a lot will follow from you and us, until the opening of 'The Full Monty', thanks again to you and thanks to everyone, who's helped the Island Gym and to our new members and friends: you know who you are!

The by the way retired 'Beast' Pierre, Angela & Montana!

Frazer  (Mr MEATFEST & Quiz Master):

My apologies, I was in a real rush and hadn't got time to give the e-zine a good read yet! I have now, and will have to say that it is probably your best ever, well laid out and FULL of info. I don't know where you get it all!

The Shy Stick Insect Hunter:
(over-represented court artist in the last Lamma-zine):

Happy biiiiirthdaaaaayyyy happeyyyyyyy biiiirthdaaaaayyyy,
Congratulations, you pulled it of.
I am in a little rush and will tell you more later but the ezine is great and thanks for the over representation.
Gotta go to an art camp

Dear keeper of the sweetest tongue,
Thank you for your kind comments which never fail to fuel the kiln of creativity that rages within my slightly disturbed brain.
First a little criticism. The page becomes waaaay too big.
You should change the format a little. Not everybody has broadband and I don't even want to think about loading the page on a dial up.

Also some layouts got screwed in my browser. There were several articles I couldn't read because they were all over the place and about two thirds through the e-zine the beige back ground disappeared leaving the text almost unreadable.
But once I worked my way through that I was rewarded with plenty of well written articles and great photos.

Steve Cray  (SCMP photojournalist):

I thought the last issue of the zine was by far the best so far and definitely benefited from the ads – they made it look much more like a community project and less like a personal one.
Personally, I would love to see it develop into a mainstream project (although I think it would lose a bit of its “underground” feel if it did), but I think you have to be realistic about the business potential here. There is such a small pond of advertising revenue to be fished that I think you would find yourself working ever harder for a very small return.

My advice, therefore, would be to keep it at the level of the last zine and use such advertising revenue as you can get to at least put a few beers in the fridge!

Jo Hicks (Researcher, 'GROWN UP GAPPERS', BBC Documentaries)

Thank you again...well I had read a great deal about Lamma, and so tried to find websites which related directly to the Island, and yours was by far the most interesting, which is why I contacted you...!

Harry Harrison  (SCMP cartoonist & illustrator):


Best of the Month


• Pictures:


Submitted by our new and very active member Samson from Tai Peng (home of the Tai Peng-uin, see below):

Aftermath of the recent #9 typhoon Dujuan, taken with his mobile phone camera. These are the very first pictures published in the Lamma-zine ever taken with this new, increasingly popular gadget!


While we're taking about Dujuan, here are a few more pictures from Lamma-Gung, but not the "Best of the Month"...


• Messages:

Toad in the Hole (ex-Lammaite):

Is 'The Bookworm' the zenith of a harmful industrial process?:

Lord Christopher Knox

(using another email address):

Another aspect of the Bookworm Cafe which revealed itself to me in Bobsy's recent exciting photo shoot pictured in the excellent 'Lamma-Zine' was the sheer scale of books adorning the walls of this delightful eatery in YSW Main Street.


Quite rightly Bobsy no doubt sees himself as an environmentalist and the living embodiment of political correctness. However, has he ever considered how the thousands of books in his delightful Cafe came to be there. Book publishing is a highly mechanised industrial process which starts with the felling of thousands of trees and de-forestation of large areas of the countryside. Paper pulp is derived from the crushing of the trees and the rest is a sophisticated industrial and commercial process.


I would urge a tree-hugger such as Bobsy to 'live more simply so that others might simply live'. The others being the trees of course. Otherwise he might be open to the charge of hypocrisy and have to change the name of his cafe from 'The Bookworm' to 'The Jolly Woodcutter' or something similar.

Just a thought.

Hi Webdog,

you and Lamma-Gung are doing a great job. I wonder if you could do me, 'Toad in the Hole', a favour and erase my last ten posts as they are rather tedious.


I have posted quite a lot to enliven some sections of Lamma.Com.HK, but I find some of them rather boring on my part so do me a favour mate and get rid of them.

Thanks Toad.



This guy was trying to impersonate Toad in the Hole on the left, trying to get webdog to delete Toad's messages.

I figured it out quickly and confronted him about it. No reply...


• Topic:  What a rifle will fix

This online discussion (needs Fight Club access) started out rather badly with somebody advocating to shoot stray pets. But soon it improved dramatically, partially due to e's calming and reasoning influence, evolving into a serious moral philosophy discussion about humanity's relationship to animals - some of the best messages posted in quite some time!


• Bird:  Green and yellow Birds


Recently I notices some bright yellow birds flying around in a fig tree in Tai Ping. They were about the size of a starling and some were very bright yellow and some were greenish colour.

They looked like they were eating the little round fruits on the fig tree. Do you know what these are?


Yes, these are orioles - there are a few passing through Lamma at this time of year. Orioles are famous in America for the Baltimore Orioles, also adopted as the name of a sports team (baseball? football? basketball?)

In Europe there is the Golden Oriole, and these are rather similar to the one now passing through Hong Kong, but it is different species called the black-necked oriole. The male is bright yellow and the female and immature are greenish yellow.


• Bug: Centipede? Cockcroach? Freak Of Nature??

We almost discovered a new & so far unrecorded scientific species of "Big Ugly Bug" this month, but due to somebody's "gut reaction" we missed out on the worldwide fame this could have brought to Lamma!


I saw this bizarre looking bug on the balcony last night and would love it if any one can tell me what it is.

It's sorta like a centipede in a sense that it has a lot of legs (sorry I didn't count them one by one) but its body and legs are shaped more like that if a cockroach. It's about the size of a normal cigarette lighter.

Sorry I can't provide you with a photo of the beast since my gut reaction was to stomp on it and then erase all evidence of the malicious murder....

I did think to take a pic, but the thought only occured as I was flushing the remains down the loo.

Meanwhile, I'm beginning to think I might have killed the last of the species - no further sightings yet!

Oh no! It could've been the scientific find of a lifetime... the bug could've been named after me...

now that's a great story to tell the grandkids (if the seeds between my groin should be so fruitful).


Publicity #1:  Lamma-zine on "Pete & Steve"

On Aug 27, on RTHK Radio 3 the ever-popular moderator duo "Pete & Steve" made several references to the last Lamma-zine and Lamma.com.hk, quoting headlines and the web address several times. It really paid off that I emailed them the last issue...


Publicity #2:  http://dont-touch-my.com/found.html

Click and find one of the increasing number of links to the Lamma-zine all over the Net.


Publicity #3:  Community Participation in Outlying Islands Development:

This workshop was held at HK University on Sat afternoon, Sep 20.

It was organised by Christine Loh's Civic Exchange (as part of their "Enhancing Democratic Participation 2003" project).

Alex Chan, Chair of the Citizens Party (see right) presented the Save Lamma campaign as a case study of successful & productive island activism. The Living Islands Movement showed "Recent Experience in Community Campaigning". Amy Yung (Islands District Council Member for Disco Bay) talked about "Public Administration of the Outlying Islands - Current Practice".


They invited people closely involved in and/or deeply concerned about islands development - plus "media" like myself - for a pleasant Saturday afternoon of presentations and discussions about active community involvement in the Outlying Islands. A large amount of original and inspiring suggestions were generated by focusing on sharing real experiences and coming up with concrete suggestions for better community participation, to be collated and widely distributed to government and interested parties.


Along with a handful of Lamma people, I met the leaders of the campaign against the Lantau Superprison and Andrew Brown. Andrew has recently been elected the first gwailo village representative for non-indigenous residents. He was featured on TV a few weeks ago in his tough struggle with the entrenched & cantankerous indigenous village rep. Lamma needs somebody like Andrew!


More about the Districts Council elections mid-Nov in the next issue, including an interview with Alex Chan, who's running for the Lamma constituency. In the meantime, you can have a look at his new website:



Website www.pornetry.com:

"One stop and shop for sex and noodles"


This is the only active blog (web log, diary) I've come across so far on Lamma. Ran and Delian just moved to Lamma a few weeks ago. Ran writes about his daily experiences with the wide-eyed astonishment and amazement of a new arrival to HK's shores. Do YOU remember those days, decades ago for some our readers?


Don't get discouraged by the Adult Content Disclaimer on his home page, it's actually a pretty hilarious parody, with a comprehensive collection of naughty words...if you're into this kind of thing...


 Ran  (new arrival on Lamma), from his blog:

Aug 15: After being in the INSANE crush of people and mass of HK, Lamma is a real paradise. Birds calling, butterflies to make those in the insectarium seem banal and shy, dogs and cats everywhere, people smiling, no cars, the ocean, and houses. Not skyscraper apartment buildings, but duplexes.

Nice. Noice. Niiiiiiiiiiiice.


We checked out a couple of places, fell in love with a large abode that had rooftop access, a gecko running from our eyes, and orchids growing like weeds. Mmmmmm....

We celebrated this by eating some local Indian food, then taking the 30 minute ferry ride back to the mania of Central HK."

Sep 27: Another site worth your attention:


Lamma Island developments, the baby from a web-creating force, Lamma-Gung of Lamma.com.hk. This is a thorough and enlightening site with news events, photographs, local local, and local local.


This beauty can be enjoyed by pointing your mouse over the following link, saying there's no place like home! there's no place like home! and clicking away....


Sponsor Advertorial #1:  TheTough.com



Lamma's Personal Web Services Provider

For over 8 years we have had our business office based on Lamma Island and we are pleased to sponsor Lamma-Gung's excellent work on keeping us all informed for very little in return - well done Lamma-Gung.

Now the quick plugs for our increasing range of Web services, enjoyed by many Lamma residents for their personal and business Web needs. Hong Kong's number one choice - review our testimonials!

If you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact Grace, Alan or Keith on 2982-1868 [English] or 2982-2652 [Cantonese/Mandarin], or via sales@thetough.com

Fed up with your Hotmail, AOL or Netvigator account?

Try our new email only plans at ToughEmail.com. Why not have email at your own personal domain name

Search Now to see whether your name is available and get personal today. Ideal for personal or business users who do not need a website.

Create - Build - Host - Promote - Tough Business Solutions

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Email us now for no obligation Web business advice - sales@thetough.com

English Teachers - Give yourself an edge in the Job market!

Our EnglishWebkits.com services offer English language teachers the best deal in Asia to get their own website, packed with English learning resources and fully editable - for as little as HK$80/mth - no website design fees - everyone gets their own personal domain name FREE!

English Language Centres - Offer something more and bring in new business!

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Sponsor Advertorial #2:  Shell Gas/Yee Wo Ho Ltd.


There are just two choices for your LPG gas in North Lamma. Why choose Shell GAS on Main Street?

Central location, adjacent to Dan Kwai Fong. Personal & friendly service by May. Delivery to all of North Lamma, even Pak Kok. Widest range of gas appliances. Short-term credit line. Enough good reasons? Have a closer look, click the photos below. Then call May at 2982 0236.


Events Calendar


Check out the frequently updated Lamma Events Calendar.

For all past events, check out the new Events Calendar Archive.

Submit all Lamma-related events for listing to Lamma-Gung@Compunicate.com












Celtic Fest @ Island Bar

Drum Party @ PSB


Fish and Chips Night







Jam Night @ Aroy Thai







DC Election street campaign


Fish and Chips Night






Bob Davis@Fringe








Lamma 6-a-side Football Knock-out Competition


Fish and Chips Night






Quiz Night


Halloween Party @ Island Bar





Oct 11, 4pm 'til it ends, Cable Cove (right at first power station road, click on poster for details): Lamma Dragons Big Cookout


Oct 11, Fringe Club Bar, Central, 9:30pm: Thinking Out Loud @ Amnesty Int'l HK Concert (World Anti-Death Penalty Day)


Oct 11, 9pm-4am, The Music Room, LKF:  FUNKRAISER: "Live band NUDE DJs Daddy Vegas, Steve Bruce, Simon Pang and Doggy; funk jazz soul reggae ska afro-beat; $100. All tickets proceeds go to the Child Welfare Scheme in Nepal. Dress Funky!" Contact: Doggy

Click for more details.


Oct 12, 5:30pm-?, Island Bar: Celtic Fest (3 Yung Shue Wankers, 3 Gaelic Gall, 1 Bahouki, 1 Bastard)


Oct 12, 4pm-9:30pm, Powerstation Beach: Charity Drum Party (by HK Rehabilitation Power)


Oct 13, every Mon, from 6pm, Aroy Thai: Fish and Chips Night


Oct 14, Central ferry pier: Spaybus: Please call Lamma Animal Protection at 2982-4018 or email elizabeth@lap.org.hk for bookings, if you want to spay/neuter your cats and dogs. Appointments essential.

Click for more details.


Oct 17, every Fri, 8pm, Aroy Thai: MeatFest


Oct 19, YSW, 10am-6pm:

Citizens Party street campaign for District Council election: www.citizensparty.org/Election/AlexChan-DCCampaign.html


Oct 23, The Fringe Club, Central: Bob Davis exhibition - 30 Years of Photography in HK (see right, click for details)


Oct 30, Island Bar: Quiz Night


Oct 31, Island Bar: Halloween Party!



Nov 23, Tai Wan To (Powerstation Beach):  Lamma Fun Day

(click on above poster for stallholder details)

"The usual blend of booze, market, games, live bands and general silliness - fun for all the family. And again all the proceeds are going to the Child Welfare Scheme in Nepal (www.childwelfarescheme.org).

Funkraiser and Lamma Fun Day 2003 are aimed at raising the funds to sponsor a group of students through their third and final year at the JYOTI Vocational Training Centre. This group of ex-traffic girls and street children have been successfully sponsored through their first two years by our past events.



One important question:

Would you like to receive the Lamma Events Calendar weekly?


I'm constantly updating this calendar, whenever I hear about a new event, get email or see it on the walls of Lamma. But most events are announced just a few days in advance, much too late for the monthly Lamma-zine.

The Events Calendar is always online on Lamma.com.hk, but not too many people are checking it out regularly. To make the considerable on-going effort of keeping it up-to-date worthwhile, I'd love more people to see it. A weekly email to all of you would help to promote these local events and get more people to enjoy them!

Let me know by clicking on "Email Editor" (middle of the gray navigation bar below this line).


About Lamma.com.hk


Member #400 is calypso!

Her Avatar (picture) is on the left and her Underblurb (nickname) is wicked witch. Click for her very first message


TOPIC #1,000 !!!

Lamma-Gung: "This is the the 1,000th Topic posted on Lamma.com.hk! It took us just a bit over 1 year to reach this big number and I'm sure the next 1,000 will come well before our 2nd birthday.

What were YOUR favourite Topics in the first 1,000?

What new Topics and Forums would you like to see in the next 1,000?"


Oscar Meyer Weiner: The best topic was the one about the bag getting nicked from the beach, and all that followed. Ah, the good old days.


Definitely the one about cyclists and VV's slowing down.


My fave topics are the Haikus and the Centipedes (and subsequently Centipede Reloaded!) P.S. I like the now revived "signs you've lived on Lamma too long" topic too!


Outstanding topics seem to have been anything that Fortune Chan got involved in. I loved the thread that included the wonderful line of the girls in the Island bar doing the "big shakey bottom dance".

Dr Freud:

The threads involving The Brown Mist were most interesting. I wonder where he is now.

The Divine Ms D:

I used to like the discussions with LammaNetPolice. Maybe it was just the leather holster and large helmet that did it for me.

Snake Path:

I like most of Dr. Freud's and Ms. D's posts.
Oh, and any of the threads where someone slags off Bobsy or Insomniac.


Definitely the 'Signs you have lived on Lamma too long'.


Dr. Fraud is good for a laugh.


Next Issue


Next Lamma-zine (November 2003):


* Lamma activities for "Grown-up Gappers"

* Captain Marc of the Enterprise

* Interview with Alex Chan, District Council candidate

* A Brush with Dave Parker (see right)

* Lammaricks

* Photo Galleries: O Tsai, Silly Signs, Reclamation

* Lamma Cat Island book

* YOUR story and/or pictures?


For any ideas, news, hot issues, stories, photos:

email Editor.  Deadline: Oct 31.



  1. One Year, 25 Lamma-zines!



    Isn't it hard to believe that the Lamma-zine is already one full year old? It had humble beginnings as a little text-only newsletter to promote the new and fledgling Lamma.com.hk website, sent only to the few dozens of registered members. It's grown into a magazine with over 30 pages and 100 photos per issue, sent to almost 900 members & subscribers, even attracting a few advertisers & sponsors.


    Check out the searchable Table of Contents of all back issues, including the titles of all 200+ features so far. All the back issues are accessible from the top of every page of Lamma.com.hk, and from here:



    Celebrating the one year anniversary and the "Silver Anniversary" (25 issues) of the Lamma-zine, I've put together a little photo gallery of my own favourite Lamma photos of 2002, selected from over 4,000 mostly digital photos, all published in the magazine before. Click on the left.


    It has been a great year creating & publishing this magazine, since starting it from scratch on Sep 4, 2002 (titled "Thanks for joining lamma.com.hk"), with help from webdog and the forum moderators. It's been building up from a pure, idealistic, zero-income hobby into what it is today, growing up quickly, still full of potential, but still a long way to go to become an adult, if ever. I've asked a few people to write a few lines about the first year, highlights & lowlights, most memorable topics and favourite stories, etc. Here they are:


    Norseman (long-time active member):

    I remember when I first came to Lamma and lamma.com.hk was just beginning to blossom. I used it quite a lot to get info, but also participated in some of the discussions, particularly the bike one.

    Soon after came the e-zine which has taken the site to the next logical level. A lot of people seem to be registered with the website, but few take part in the discussions, so the e-zine is a great way for them to find out what's going on around the island without having to wade through the monotonous diatribe of many of the forums.

    There seems to have been a lot of bad news on Lamma recently with the passing of some local 'celebrities' such as Jonathan, David and even Sky, so the e-zine has been invaluable to the community in spreading good news and keeping people up to date with what is really going on.

    With the cooler months coming up there should be lots more going on to keep the e-zine informative and colourful. Thanks and good luck.

    The (Shy) Stick Insect Hunter:

    Dear former, current and future Lamma-zine editor,

    Unfortunately I am rotating around my own ass because I am getting ready to print my magazine. But I might have the time on Saturday or Sunday, when I 'll be on Lamma anyway. See you then.

    Dr Freud:

    Re: happy birthday lamma-zine

    Congratulations on 1 year of the Lamma-zine. I have greatly enjoyed viewing your ever-growing organ during the last 12 months. Let us hope that you can keep it up for many more years.

    (long-time restless member):

    I've found the Lamma e-zine's over its 1st year required reading for living on this Island. Excellent quotes, good features with some new ideas. The 'wallpaper' background is superb. Keep it up!

    Lamma e-zine 1st anniversary:

    The Lamma E-zine is an excellent monthly (ish) read, jam-packed with news and amusing quotes. A valuable digest of life on the island that should almost be required reading for all Lammaites.

    Perhaps you could have the poll results compiled (Best Bar / Restaurant, Fattest Arse etc..) as a sort of year in review piece. Also, how about one interview per month as a Q&A with an islander (local, gwailo, visitor) or selected at random from the Lamma.com member list?
    Just some thoughts anyway.

    Emily of the Ice-Cream Parlor did what she had threatened to do to me and Lamma-Por since last year: drawing us!


    The Divine Ms D:
    message for 1 year of lamma-zine

    Happy Birthday!
    I just can't tell you how many times I've wet my pink satin pants laughing at the messages on the site. Thank you, thank you.

    May was a glorious month, when the poo-poo boys took over. Those cheeky tykes opened the door for all of us infantile Lammarites to spout our nonsense with pride.

    Three cheers to The Brown Mist and his smelly chums. This was my favourite conversation and I think it should be recorded in the anniversary lamma-zine for posterity:

    Dorango d’Scernement:

    ...apparently, Tai Peng is Cantonese for "large penguin". According to local lore, there was a colony of giant penguins living up there but they've all been eaten because "large penguin" sounds very similar to "large penis". Oh well, they were a long way from any source of fish.

    Fortune Chan:

    … I will vouch for the big nosed Orange on this one. It does mean penguin. No doubt about. It's all because, many years ago, one of the villagers was blind.

    He left Lamma to seek his fortune, came back rich and fat but, alas, he had married a penguin.

    Over the years the place became filled with a breed of tall, half Chinese penguins and thus the name "Large penguin" stuck. I am indeed 20% penguin and still find the summer heat dreadful. It's why I wear a very small T shirt and roll it up from the bottom and show my large gut to the world.

    Chocolate Starfish:

    I have never seen a Tai Peng-uin before. But once, while walking up snake path to Tai Peng, I saw a large crab. It scuttled across the path into the bushes.

    I'm not sure how it got there - I suppose it could have fallen out of the beak of a passing Tai Peng-uin as it flew back up to its nest with food for its baby Tai Peng-uins.

    I've also seen lots and lots of big smell poos on this path. They could be Tai Peng-uin droppings. This would mean that these animals are rather large and could possibly be very dangerous.

    Looking forward to another year of gobbledygook.
    Big fat kisses X X X from
    The Divine Ms D


    Zep  (moderator of Fauna & Flora forum):

    Life is short and sometimes stressful. A chance to laugh a remedy for some of that. One of two real pearls of wit have appeared on My Lamma during the first year which certainly had me laughing out loud and chuckling all day.

    The first is "His Holiness" - what more impressive title could one hope for than "the one and only walking talking Living God!"

    As one who is constantly losing bags, glasses etc, I likewise sympathise with others in the same plight. The distinguished Dr Freud set the tone:

    "Has anyone seen my bag? It is green tooled leather with brass accents. I may have left it outside the Y2K bar late last night. It contains a plethysmograph and a Village People CD. Thank you."

    The Divine Ms D also seems to have this trouble:

    "Has anyone seen my bag? It's a gorgeous little lilac faux croc skin clutch bag with a darling diamante clasp.
    I think I left it at the beach after a wild night in the bushes, it contained a month's supply of estrogen boosters and several botox syringes, although they may have fallen out."

    I'm also a big fan of Ms D's haikus. She may not have the technical expertise of Haiku Kitty, but she certainly wins on her wide-ranging distillation of the broad themes of essential universal experience:

    "A hot date tonight.
    Oh - which wig? Cher boho chic?
    Or Grace Kelly cool?"


    Thanks to Lamma-gung's sterling efforts the Lamma e-zine and it's snarling partner the My Lamma website have created a whole new way for us Lammarites to communicate and get useful information.

    We still use the poster wall, and the swift traveling word of mouth, but to get ideas across and info on events or causes out on lamma there is now no better way than to check out or contribute to the e-zine and My Lamma.

    We have discovered that there are lots of sun-deprived geeks and shiftless work-avoiding saps out there, myself included, prepared to give up precious hours to sharing opinions and egos all in the name of Lamma, and from them the word will spread out and about, even as far as Pak Kok where I believe you have to strap a floppy disc to a donkey and hope that it drops off near LG in order to get a contribution in.

    All topics get a lot of attention - sometimes for good - family members reunited, differences cast aside, the people joining together to unite against all that is unjust in the world - sometimes for bad - rose-tinted glasses having had poo smeared on them by characters of dubious identity on many occasion.

    Thankfully, the e-zine provides a clear way through the mire as LG waves his editorial wand to pick out and hold up the best and most interesting of food for thought and mirth.

    I will certainly continue to recommend the e-zine to anyone of lamma interest, and hopefully the e-zine will continue to promote all that is good and pure and righteous about Lamma (the bible classes, yogic flying, sheep-herding and lentil donation scheme). On-word and up-word.

    P.S. I hope that's not too facetious.

  2. While the HARBOUR FESTers, Lamma Rocks!



    What's been possessing Yung Shue Wan these last few weeks? So many good, sometimes even great concerts all within one month, sometimes even two the same evening in different venues. Venues rarely (Diesel's) or never before (Farmer Eo's Cybercafé) used for Live music are starting to stage performances with music & musicians from around the world: UK, US, Australia, Sweden, Morocco, India, Zimbabwe, even native Hong Kongers.


    Lamma-Gung's digicam has been running hot, recording hundreds of photos, and even sound and video as well.

    Click on the poster on the left to enlarge. Isn't this just a great portrait of Dan the Bastard? It's just uncanny, it looks so much like him! Great job, Harry Harrison!

    They were selling the great first Bastards CDs at their gig. Just a few days ago, a second CD was recorded secretly in Dan Kwai Fong! But keep it quiet and DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT bug Dan about the publication date of their new CD...


    Click the photos below for comprehensive photo galleries of these recent performances! Spot your friends and yourself out having fun!



    Alex (lead singer/guitarist of Garoupa):

    Here are the results in the attachment. Unfortunately we didn't get into the top three as a band, but then only of the bands that we thought were good got a placing (Ultrastatic).

    Anyway, I won an individual award and, more importantly, we got a big cheer, had fun and represented Lamma with pride!

    A special thanks to Frazer for standing in.

    This flood of gigs is set to continue well into October and November, with drum parties and more jam nights in Aroy Thai and Diesel's...


    Another Lamma band even made it into the finals of the SoundBase Acoustic Music contest organised by Sony: Garoupa! Lead singer Alex won the first prize for "Individual Best Male Performance", whatever that might insinuate...

  3. Restaurants & Bars - What's New?



    This smiley omelet, prepared by Lamma-Gung, represents the upper limit of my culinary talents. Which means that I eat out a lot, mostly around Yung Shue Wan, always on the look-out for what's new & hot & interesting. The local dining & drinking scene is ever-changing, new places opening, new dishes, special promotions, even concerts to attract the crowds, locals & tourists alike.


    Let's look at what's new in the form of reviews and a photo gallery with captions. Click to see the very first of the brand-new Restaurants & Bars - What's New? supplements, updated monthly. This month it has news, photos, posters & promos from ten local restaurants & bars!


    best_bow.gif = Excellent! icon_biggrin.gif = Gooood best_yawn1.gif = OK laaa imdb_upset.jpg = Sucks!


    The latest result of the member polls on Lamma.com.hk, rating all restaurants & bars: The Japanese Blue Bird restaurant is still leading by a record 8 "Excellent!" votes and not a single "Sucks!" vote. Check it out at the just updated Index of Lamma Restaurants & Bars - Reviews & Ratings.


    The highlight this month, from our sponsor Dan Kwai Fong:

    The famous, tasty, delicious MeatFest @ Aroy Thai, every Friday: click on the photo on the right for an extensive, subtitled photo gallery.


    They've also started a new Fish & Chips Night every Monday which is also getting rave reviews already.


    (BBQ Chef, MeatFest, Aroy Thai):

    Yes, I am the 'meatmeister' on a Friday night! It was SO busy last week, at one point there were 33 people in Dan's and others waiting for a table, so it is really picking up!

    I could write a review etc, but it may be better coming from someone who isn't involved directly? I can arrange for that. Hang on, this just in!

    Stephen Li (Central):

    "Myself and nine friends went to the Aroy Thai for last week's Meatfest BBQ. The chicken was tremendous, the steaks tender and perfectly cooked, and the ribs were quite simply the best that any of us had tasted in HK.

    A fabulous feed for a price that had us feeling like we'd pulled one over on the management...can't say fairer than that! Will definitely be back for more. Oh...and the Texan-style beans were more than worth the nocturnal activities they inspired!"


    Dan (of Dan Kwai Fong & the newly name-painted Sunset Bastards Boulevard, justifying a newly introduced dog ban, together with several other restaurants):

    The dog ban is not total - dogs and their owners are perfectly at liberty to use the Seaview Terrace, which, as it happens, is one of the nicest places on the Yung Shue Wan waterfront, if not the absolute nicest, to sit and relax with a drink and watch the world go by. Everybody, so far, has been very understanding. In fact, the owners of another couple of bars/restaurants have since said that they are going to try to do the same.

    The thing is that a lot of people simply do not like the presence of dogs when they are eating and drinking, and that includes dog lovers and owners - dog fights, dogs pissing against chairs and plants, dogs stretched out across the floor so that people have to step over them, dog hairs, dog smells - do you start to get the picture? I count myself among the dog lovers - I have two dogs, now in Thailand, who were formerly long-term Lamma residents, and much loved. When the dogs were here, many people were not even aware of their existence, because I tried never to have them in the shop, restaurant or bar. Dogs and bars/restaurants simply do not go together, as far as I'm concerned.


    Plus another two new photo galleries:

    click to view them.

    Plus specials & a recent review.


  4. Nicknames for Local Places



    I started a new topic a few weeks ago on Lamma.com.hk:  Fun nicknames for local places:

    "There are so  many colourful nicknames we use for people, but also for local places. Most of them are unknown to recent arrivals, but should really be publicised more and become semi-official names, much more fun & meaningful than the official & boring names! I'd like to collect them and publish the list in the Lamma-zine."



    Granny Chan's, Seats of Shame, Under the Trees: Man Loon

    Democracy Wall: ferry poster wall

    Hunter's Beach: (destroyed by the far end of the first phase reclamation)

    Hunter's: Kam Lo Hom

    Millionaires' Hill: Po Wah Yuen

    Beer Garden: sitting-out area opposite the Island Bar

    Hookworm: Bookworm Café

    Lamma Forest: above Pak Kok, planted by ABLE

    Power Station Beach: Tai Wan To

    DickStock beach: Nga Kau Wan

    Nick's corner: square outside Y2K, opposite Dan's

    Dan's, Dan Kwai Fong: Aroy Thai

    Sunset Bastards Boulevard: road from Nick's corner to the Hookworm.

    Snake Path:

    Snake Path: trail leading from the top of the second cableway to the Youth Hostel and all the trails leading off it down to the Sok Kwu Wan footpath.


    Heart Attack Hill: Hill on the steep path from Pak Kok up to Tai Peng.

    Yung Shue Wan: Banyan Tree Bay (literally translated from Cantonese. We should use this more as property prices and general interest would increase).

    The Garage: second shop in Pak Kok that makes the VVs and sells potatoes. Also a good range of tins for humans, dogs and cats.

    Fertility Island: Lamma.

    'New' Seats of Shame: 6:40pm ferry from Central (outside)

    Manuel of Fawlty Towers (UK TV series w/John Cleese): Amar Singh of Spicy Island

    Mr President:

    Suicide Hill: Heart Attack Hill

    No 2's: first house you come to at the bottom of Suicide Hill in Pak Kok

    Golf Club (full of oldies!!!): Island Bar

    Ah Hay's: restaurant next to the bank, opposite Spicy Island.

    Oscar Meyer Weiner:

    Fountainhead: Mexican Jail

    Snake Path: the path that runs from Granny Chan's to Tai Peng, past the Fire Station (sorry Snakey, think you're a bit off with your definition)

    Ivy's, The 3 Pigs: Vegi shop next to Spicy Island

    Mr Hing's: hardware shop next to supermarket

    Y2KEA: Y2K Bar

    Dog Shit Island: Lamma


    Fighting Head / Tin Head: Fountain Head

    Coast Road: Path from Po Wah Yuen to Pak Kok

    Yung Shue Wan Shopping Centre:
    IFC II Mall, close to YSW ferry pier, Central

    (adding a few creative, funny, new nicknames of his own to the commonly used ones above):

    Scrap Merchant's Alley: ferry pier

    Lamma Yuppies: cyclists

    Lamma celebrities: V.V. drivers

    Nappy changing facility: police Box

    Record contender for how many people you can fit into a shoe-box sized shop before attempting door control:
    HSBC (Lamma branch)

    Record contenders in slowness and annoying habit of withdrawing only $10 from their passbook each day:
    HSBC customers

    Jolly Blue Midgets: ferry men

    Hangover Test: wet market stall

    Breath Endurance Test: fish ball stand

    Dog Shit Alley: Back Street

    Cat Shit Lane: Main Street

    Spring Cleaning: moving sales

    and the last and newest one I've heard:

    Beast Row for the Lamma Bistro ("beast" refers to 'ugly woman' in the English vernacular and a "row" is a line-up)


    I still wonder, what are the nicknames for the three power station chimneys, the big boulder (in the harbour outside Man Fung Rest.), the ferry pier and the two other public piers, Hung Shing Ye beach, the electronic display at the ferry pier, the public toilet building, Tai Peng, etc.


    Oscar Meyer Weiner
    (giving the best example of how to apply these nicknames in a practical way):

    You mean there isn't a serious point to all of this? It won't be used by ambulance drivers to find houses in a reasonable time? Good God, what is the point?! Who is funding this research?! Oh yeah, and the shop next to Pizza Milano used to be known as 'the 2 dog shop' but that was a long time ago, when they had 2 dogs. I think they are both dead now.

    So, next time you call an ambulance, it's "right on to snake path, through the crossroads to the junction. Don't go towards Granny Chan's but go right towards the village, past the old 2 dog shop, left at Pykies / Y2KEA onto Bastard Boulevard, and it's the second on the left after the Hookworm" should do it easily enough...........

  5. Mid-Autumn Festival - Photo Gallery



    For lots of pics on Lamma's "Moon Festival", click here F

       r lots of pics on Lamma's "Moon Festival":  or here     H

    e ("cat slave", don't her cat's eyes look like moons?):

    one full moon

    prettier than previous's

    shall be here tonite.

    moon cakes n yams,

    fruits n incence.

    we offer to her tonite

    lanterns i have not

    candles nor do i

    but i shall still enjoy the nite.

    One of my pictures in the photo gallery was a close-up, long-exposure shot of the full Mid-Autumn moon (see above). Our frequently sleep-deprived member Insomniac liked it and asked to use it as his Avatar for his formerly Avatar-less messages...

  6. More Burglaries in Pak Kok



    A really hot topic this month: More burglaries in Pak Kok happening in the last few weeks.

    Police notices are starting to show up in our mailboxes, on walls and in the post office. Click on the pictures to read the full notices.


    Several homes have been burgled very recently in Pak Kok, including at least one of an active member of Lamma.com.hk. The active online discussion ranged from details of the break-ins, to prevention measures. But, as usual, it moved off-topic to more "creative" ways of dealing with the problem:


    Pakcockien: "Pak Kok has already decided on a super hero. I refer of course to Pacman! Behold the yellow wonder as he gobbles down a few power pills, increases speed and devours criminals."


    Haiku Kitty (long poem in the style of T.S. Elliot):

    "The I.I.s are never there!"


    A Rich Hard Cook: "I don't see why we should all have to pay for police to go tromping around in the rain to police those crime ridden Pak Kokians. I say we put a bloody big fence across the island and be damned."


    Pakcockien: "Boys in green were on the scene last night at 3:00 a.m. walking about Pak Kok. Perhaps a bit shocked by naked guy looking out window. Last night they camped out on a neighbors rooftop with gadgets and what-not doing surveillance."


    But then e notified us that the burglars seem to have moved to Tai Wan. Pak Kokians breathed a deep sigh of relief! But now the rest of us have good reason to be worried about where they'll strike next...

  7. Stop Pet Poisonings!



    Sheila, Lamma Animal Protection Deadly Poison is all over Lamma


    "No area is safe. Who is next? You? Your child? Your dog? Your cat? Protect our community and report all poisonings to the police.


    Lamma Animal Protection has set up an "In Memoriam" page (click on photo) and is building a database of details of all victims of this terrible crime. ALL information you have on poisonings you can give us would really help (when, where, who, fatal, nonfatal, names, photographs)! Please call 2982 4018 or email Sheila. Be very careful and please pass this information on."  More info


    P.S. The pledged reward is up to $35,000 already!

  8. More details


    Amelia Roberts:

    RE: Lamma dog poisonings:

    Dear Ag and fish,

    There has been a recent spate of poisoned dogs on Lamma Island (Yung Shue Wan). 10 dogs died last week, including my own.

    It is possible that someone is deliberately poisoning these animals - this has happened before. But I am also concerned about the heavy use of herbicides, pesticides and bleach on the Island.

    We see constant spraying of our verges, with huge quantities of chemicals pouring into ponds, streams and the sea. Often, plants are sprayed right beside little ponds (eg Yung Shue Long valley,) affecting fish and pond plants, such as lotus and lilies.

    I am also concerned that dangerous toxins such as paraquat and DDT are still in use. These poisons kill domestic and wild animals and have a disasterous environmental impact.

    I would like to know what substances are used on the island, how often and for what purpose. What measures could you introduce for safer, less toxic and less intrusive spraying?

    I would like a comprehensive answer to help us address a very tragic and serious situation.

    Jimmy L K Wong (Senior Field Officer / Registration & Advisory, AFCD, HKSARG):

    Dear Ms Roberts,

    I am so sorry to hear about the recent spate of poisoned dogs incidents on Lamma Island from your 29/9 e-mail. If you suspect that these were deliberate poisoning cases, I suggest you to report to the police so that they can investigate on them.

    In your e-mail, you wish to find out what pesticides are being used on the Island. I have subsequently forwarded your mail to other possible pesticide user departments that may use pesticides in their pest control operations on the Island. Once we have collected all information, we will revert to you in a collated reply. Please rest assured that Government departments will only use registered pesticides and that they will use the chemicals properly will all necessary precautionary measures taken.

    You also mentioned in your e-mail that there are constant spraying activities causing adverse effects on the environment. If there is any misuse or possession of unregistered pesticides such as DDT as mentioned in your email, it is necessary for us to have more information on the concerned applicators and the exact location of application. If you have any additional information, please provide it to us for our follow-up action.

    We appreciate and share your concerns over the safe and proper use of pesticides. In order to strengthen the control of pesticides, you may wish to know that we are currently conducting a major review of the Pesticides Ordinance to bring upon the necessary legislative amendments.

    Our main proposals include the registration of pesticides on a product approach, restricting the use of the more hazardous registered pesticides only to trained personnel and the licensing of pest control service providers. Under the new proposals, anyone who applies pesticides in public areas are required to hold a licence and they have to carry out all the necessary precautionary measures.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at 2150 7021.

    Attachment:  Consultation doc: revision of the pesticide ordinance (PDF format, 30KB)

  9. Diggers and Dreamers - Holistic Lamma



    In recent months more and more "holistic" services seem to have sprung up all over Lamma. You know, massages, yoga, tai chi, reiki, etc. I've asked an expert and veteran of this scene, Peter Lloyd of HolisticHongKong.com, to write a few paragraphs about the past and present of "Holistic Lamma". He got a bit carried away by this fascinating topic and wrote a great full article with photos, titled "Diggers and Dreamers"!


    By Peter Lloyd


    Over the years Lamma has attracted many alternative types. Mostly this has been their home and they have gone about their business in the city. But sometimes a centre or a group would manifest itself.


    This piece is an attempt at drawing together a holistic history of the recent Lamma Island past. I have leaned on a few sources, David Sheil, Robin Tassie, Bobsy, Cath Macer and Roz Keep (thank you all) for help. It is not the finished article, but feel free to send contributions in and we’ll get a more thorough history and in true Lamma organic fashion it can create itself anew.


    I came to live on Lamma in 1997 and found a thriving Wisdom Heart Buddhist centre, Green Cottage Health Food shop and a Yoga Room. To my surprise I discovered that most of these were fairly recent additions, mostly from 1996. So let's backtrack and go to the 1980s.


    In 1987 the Lamma Conservation Society (LCS) was set up with Chris Lonsdale and others, specifically to oppose the power station’s attempt to expand all along what we know still, thankfully, as Power Station beach. LCS also opposed the YSW harbour expansion and conducted a survey on Lamma and on the Lamma ferry, in 1990. It surveyed 700 residents, of which 70% were Chinese and 30% non-Chinese. 96% were against the reclamation. There were beach clean-ups and were clearly predecessors to today’s ABLE Charity. They tried to stop hill fires and succeeded in getting the fire beating sticks placed around and about by showing the government lots of photos of hill fire devastation.


    By 1989 Permaculture Asia was set up and used to provide environmental consultancy and ecological design. By 1991 Queenie So and David Sheil set up Green Cottage Farm in Tai Ping which was the first Community Supported Agriculture (also know as organic box) scheme in Hong Kong. The farm ran for 3 years or so whereupon David and Queenie moved onto running the Green Cottage Health Food Shop and David Saunders and Bing Law (who had joined them by that time) ran their own farm in Pak Kok. I remember buying organic vegetables in Pak Kok in 1997 from Dave and Bing Law and their home baked bread. After a few years they moved onto running the Kadoorie Farm organic farming section.


    Meanwhile the LCS had made an attempt at a school garden. David Sheil remembers ordering 100s of bags of soil and loading them into VVs and then helping to  heave them up the hill. “After that I was so tired I never returned to see what happened to the garden!”

    Roz Keep recalls.


    "Years ago in the very early 90's the Lamma Conservation Society was active on the Island. They used to organise tree plantings and lobby the govt about the reclamation project even in those days. It all came to a climax with the first ever Lamma Festival which we held up at the primary school. It was a great success. We invited NGOs like FOE, Amnesty, the Raja Yoga Centre to have stalls, people giving massages etc. We had a stage with local bands, lots of things for kids to do and raised quite a bit of money. Lamma had fun and the locals didn't know what had hit them."


    David also remembers another LCS festival in the square on the left in-between Deli Lamma and Toochka's/Lamma Bistro. “It descended into half-naked can-can dancers and the LCS were never been allowed back there again!”

    In those days there were weekly Buddhist meetings together with Jyette and Rick in Pak Kok. Saskia was a driving force behind many projects and her home became a sort of a centre. Hunter’s Beach became a centre for people to hang out and he tried to encourage a culture of recycling by salvaging scrap from the tips.

    At some point LCS faded and by 1993 ABLE charity began to take over its role. They organised an Earth Power Festival in December 1996 on Power Station Beach.


    This was attended by 5000 people and featured 13 live bands, stall market area, teepees, drummers and fire jugglers. This followed on from beach and village clean ups and setting up HK’s first recycling bins and then they moved into the still ongoing Lamma Forest project and annual fire watch.





    The Lamma Yoga Room was set up by Roberta Raine and Robin Tassie in 1997. Earlier, Wendy Teasdill, who became renowned for her walk to Mt. Kailas in Tibet, had been teaching yoga. She passed on her classes to Roberta who ran classes on the beach before the advent of The Lamma Yoga Room, situated near Toochka's. After a year Roberta and Robin moved to Ko Long village where they set up the Lamma Island Yoga & Health Centre which they ran for another year before Roberta moved to California and Robin to setting up Yoga Central, the first HK Island yoga studio, 4 years ago. In addition to yoga, The Yoga and Health Centre offered other health treatments: aromatherapy, acupuncture and therapy. In 1995 Sugar Das arrived as a travelling yogi and conducted daily yoga classes at 6am for one full year. One of his students, Katherine Jureidini, later went on to India for a year to study and then came back to start The Lamma Yoga Room in 2000, a Satyananda yoga centre, on the Backstreet behind the Bookworm. This ran for 2 years and closed down last year as Katherine moved into teaching classes on HK Island.


    Cath Macer remembers that “Sundays were always the best day on Lamma back in 94 when I arrived - usually a talk and nice veggie lunch at the old wisdom heart followed by a yoga class with Roberta or Wendy on the beach.”


    To cater to the spiritual needs of Lammaites, the Wisdom Heart Centre in Po Wah Yuen was set up by Ani Zamba (with others) or Susanne as she was more commonly known in 1996. Before this (around 1994 –1996), the Buddhists on Lamma had met in a friend's spare flat near Wang Long village and offered retreats and talks. Although Ani used the centre for her Buddhist teachings she strongly encouraged other groups to use it. Native American courses were conducted there by Daniel Darby as well as a weekly free drop-in healing group. Some very high Tibetan Lamas visited the island and gave teachings including Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche. This group still continues though it has let go off its physical centre and now meets in practitioners' homes every Sunday.


    For the Handover Karen Sylvester and Neil Gordon, may he rest in peace, organised a ‘Clarion call’ meditation for peace and goodwill at the Stone Circle (on left just before Pak Kok).


    In 1998 and 1999, ‘smelly’ Peter ran his aroma and Bali clothes shops where Bubbles is now. His shop was called Smelly Things. The Green Cottage has been in Dan and Ron’s hands for years now and is offering good veggie and organic fare. For a while in 2001 – 2002 there was a Sahaja Yoga centre on the island.



    Queenie So and David Sheil signed the lease for the Bookworm Café on July 1 1997. By January 1998, a co-operative of friends, including Rhodri, Liz, Eric, Bobsy, Katherine and others took it over from David and Queenie.

    Eventually, as time went on, Bobsy became the only one left standing! The Café offers regular spiritual and healing talks as well as music and is a community centre. Not to mention being HK’s only community notice board for holistic events and practitioners. It is also the only Western vegetarian café in Hong Kong.


    Today: There is a newly started organic farm behind the Hung Shing Yeh beach. They want to offer organic herbs and teas, watch this space to see how it goes.



    Articles, the shop next to Bookworm Café offers massage and healing. Cath Macer is offering yoga classes in her home and in the newly opened Island Gym. This November, Doggie will be continuing his Lamma Fundays for the third year running for the Nepal Child Welfare scheme.


    Peter Lloyd wrote Spiritual and Alternative Hong Kong, Spiritual Britain, and Kora, a pilgrimage anthology to India and Tibet. (all available to Lamma.com.hk readers for $30 each):


    Email: pilgrim@iohk.com or tel: 2982 2807.

    He currently edits the www.HolisticHongKong.com web-magazine.


    Directory of Holistic Services on Lamma


    I've been contacting local holistic practitioners for a short description of their services, as a free promotion for them in this directory. Not everybody contracted responded with details, but we hope to add a few more practitioners to the directory in the future.

    Other local services & shops will follow soon.

    To add, delete, change or update entries, contact Lamma-Gung@Compunicate.com.


    Michelle Harris, Intuitive Guide and Energy Healing, Articles:

    Tel. 9180 0763 / 2982 1655, email:

    "Now at Articles in Lamma, providing private healing sessions that assist you in creating more peace, balance and well being in your life. Using crystals and energy healing methods for general relaxation & re-balancing or specific issues, conditions & diseases.

    Michelle will be offering meditation on Monday nights at Articles, and other workshops in the near future, also facilitating Wellness Circles and Healing workshops (details tbc).

    And fun Relaxation & Self-expression Classes for children & teenagers."


    Fitness Centre: Tel 2982 1262, email:

    (no written info provided)


    Catherine Macer, Yoga, Island Gym:

    Tel. 9835 3552 / 2982 1787, email:

    "I currently teach three regular classes on Lamma:

    Tuesdays 1100: orientated more towards complete beginners,

    Thursdays 1100: orientated more towards those with some previous experience,

    Saturdays 1145: General class. I also take private students.

    Each class lasts for an hour and a half and incorporates Pranayama (breath work), Asana practise (postural work) and deep relaxation. The classes are designed to move the body through a series of stretches that awaken and utilise all the main muscle groups in mindful synchronisation with the breath.

    The focus, breath and movement all serve to enhance the vital energies within the body, slowly realigning the body and promoting a state of healthful calm and balance."


    Les McClure, Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Shiatsu: Tel. 2982 4775, email:

    (no written info provided)


    Deirdre, Healing Art: Tel. 2982 6936, email:

    click for details & photos

    "HEALING ART SUNDAY WORKSHOPS with Deirdre at a magical retreat on Lamma. Use healing art to get in touch with your creative self. The simple act of creating, by itself, helps bring balance to our psyche. No particular art experience is required for these workshops, just a willingness to play‚ and see what might happen.

    Venue: The Green House, Luk Chau, Lamma Island.

    Time: 10am - 6pm, every Sunday: HK$550 for the day, includes art materials, vegetarian lunch, with maximum 8 people. Discounts available for groups, worthy causes and repeat bookings."


    Su Burnett, Psychic Consultant, Pet Telepathy, Psychic Readings, Reiki Master:

    Tel. 6185 0578, email: (no written info provided.)


    Jerry Boyle, Chinese Healing Arts, Lamma Cha Cha: (Tel. disconnected & email unknown.)


    Clare Harvey, Massage Therapist, Articles:

    Tel. 9265 1598, email, see poster above right:

    "Clare trained in Western Australia and recently returned to Hong Kong, place of birth and home.


    Clare specialises in sports, deep tissue pregnancy massage and reflexology. She has also studied Huna massage and philosophy and Ancient Hawaiian bodywork. A beautifully rhythmic and flowing massage. A new experience not to miss."


    Breaking News (Oct 14): Articles is closing down this weekend and Clare is returning to Australia!

  10. Sandra & Yoshi - Art Gallery



    For the first time, we're presenting an artist couple, Australian & Japanese. They had a successful exhibition on HK Island ("Dialogue", 16 May - 15 June 2003, 5 o.p.t studio / gallery, Mid Levels) a few months ago and are working hard on new artworks.


    To see their virtual art gallery, click on the gallery invitation on the right or simply click here.

  11. Wish I'd gone back to Lamma Island instead of California!



    Remember Hunter, from the cover story of Lamma-zine #23 (Exploring the Lost Valley of the Hippies)? He formerly lived on a Chinese junk in YSW harbour and had a large workshop / storage area / party venue up at "Hunter's", in the forested hills above the harbour reclamation.


    He has become a "virtual friend", sending in updates of his life and even photos! Recently, he moved from the Philippines back home to California with his daughter Willow. I've asked him to compare living in California with his former life on Lamma. This is what I got, straight from the heart:


    Hunter Edward Wallof:

    Hi; Happy Birthday [for the Lamma-zine];

    This is Hunter just wanting to say I haven't forgotten you and I'm still planning to e-mail you some good photos of my old house, but due to the high cost of scanning and the fact that Willow and I are having a difficult time adjusting to life in this crazy country (wish I'd gone back to Lamma Island instead of California), I haven't gotten it together yet.
    Good luck to you and all my good friends on Lamma.

    Love Hunter&Willow


    Hoping soon to accommodate your request for photos of Willow and I here in the belly of the beast and scan & send photos of Kam Lo Hom as I knew it, but, as we are still basically living out of a suitcase, on the road much of the time, and I'm overwhelmed with the responsibilities of looking after Willow;

    dealing with the welfare system to see that Willow and I have some kind of medical insurance and food stamps;

    searching for a home in the San Francisco Bay Area with no credit rating;

    hoping to stay afloat in an incredibly expensive economic system;

    fending off cynical negative attitudes of family and friends toward my approach to the situation of getting a foothold on the slippery slope of survival in this strange new land;

    being overwhelmed by the decadence and sheer numbers of mobile inhabitants of such an arrogant, self-centered society who think of themselves as the ultimate culture and rightful rulers of this planet, closing their eyes and hearts to the pain, destruction and eminent doom of Mother Earth's environment and creatures, including themselves;

    I'm not sure when I'll get around to it.

    As for our future here, I hope to get through the shock of stepping out of the fire (the paradise of the land of ignorance and corruption) [The Philippines - the editor] and into the fire (a different paradise of guarded & concessioned nature being preserved amongst the sprawling masses attempting to control their pollution with ever-advancing technology in the name of a steadily failing capitalist system) and secure what shelter I can for Willow and I on the Island of Alameda, where I hope to rent a small apartment and storage & work space thus to go about the task of making enough money to stay afloat and eventually to find a saner community out of the city with people more down-to-earth and working toward halting and healing the damage and insanity that will be all our doom if not checked soon.

    I can only hope that such a gentler community exists amongst the elite of the so-called "developed world" and that a more humane attitude can somehow be made super-contagious and spread round the globe to the struggling hopeful and hopeless mass of the world's population that are only too willing and eager to follow in the footsteps of folly.

    Perhaps this system of electronic communication we are experiencing and dealing with here and now has the potential to facilitate such a transformation, but that remains to be seen. Good luck to you all and I hope we can all work together for the dawning of a new age of enlightenment.

    With much Love;


    P.S. This doesn't really fulfill your request for a comparison between life here in California and the life I had on Lamma Island, but I will leave that comparison to those who knew me (or think they did) before; it's a different situation and I'm a different man with different responsibilities.

    Hi, I'm Hunter's sister, Marta.

    I'm glad you could lighten the photo; it was from a family reunion in August. I won't be able to take a picture of Hunter because I live in Nevada and he and Willow, just yesterday, moved to Point Reyes Station, CA, near Tomales Bay. This is an area about one hour north of San Francisco. They are renting a very rustic place with a creek that runs along side. He's a little wary of the fog that comes with near coastal living but I think the warm afternoons will compensate for that.

    Personally, I'm very delighted that he ended up in a rural area rather than an urban one. When you're young and single, all the rat race isn't as noticeable as when you have a child.

    Now Hunter needs to find a storage/work space for all his treasures from the Philippines and figure out how to make a living and take care of Willow. Not a small feat.

    Our parents are sad to have Hunter and Willow about 3 hours away, but know that they need their own space. They will especially miss having Willow around, as we all do.

    Good luck on your zine and I will forward it on to Hunter... if he has access to a computer and a phone line.



    I'm still wondering, if Hunter wasn't really talking about Hong Kong instead of California in his very insightful, observant and passionate comments above. What do YOU think?

  12. As a former resident of Lamma...



    Many of Lamma's longtime residents know Raman Athinathan, an Indian Brahmin whose cheerful, well-spoken and exceedingly friendly manner is sorely missed by his many friends since he moved to Macau three years ago. He sent me this extensive contribution, full of (mostly) sweet memories of his happy days living here. If you're a long-time resident, you might want to read on & recognise many of the names:


    As a former resident of Lamma, I am very pleased to write a few lines in the Lamma magazine. I very much appreciate the kindness of the editor and I am grateful to him for asking me to write a feature for it.


    I went to live on Lamma at the end of 1993. I have said to myself often that I missed out on a lot in Hong Kong, because I went there quite late. I did not have any opportunity to see the growth of Hong Kong or the growth of Lamma, unlike some of my good friends who have lived there as early as 1975.


    I remember very well the “meeting point”, if I could call it so, in front of Ah-Hay’s restaurant (opposite the police outpost and adjacent to the HSBC). Many expatriates and a few Chinese would meet to talk about their day or to talk about various issues and current matters, between half past three and half past eight or so in the evenings.


    There I met Mr Jonathan Gray for the first time and we became good friends afterwards. One need not be told about his concern for the fishermen, who, he was convinced, had been downtrodden. He established the Lamma fishermen’s association in the seventies. He was probably more Chinese than European. I always admired his courage in tackling the tumor in his brain which eventually killed him. He never showed any sign of disease or ill health.


    I also used to meet my good friends Mr Ian Watson and Mr Frank Murdoch at the “meeting point”. I know that there was another meeting point close to the tennis courts, opposite of Granny Chan's shop. I thought that we could have some discussions on current affairs and I sometimes arranged a small discussion on current topics. I must accept that the meetings did not have more than four or five persons.

    I remember here the presence of Mr Michael Asher, Mr Donald Bray, Mr Anthony Miles and Mr Bruno. None of them, I think, now lives on Lamma. I remember the hospitality of Mr Timothy Dobson and Mrs Liz Dobson, who used to invite their friends for a sumptuous Christmas lunch and drinks, which we all enjoyed.


    The hospitality of Mr Andrew Windebank and Mrs Tracy Windebank who have entertained us with a sumptuous meal during Christmas should also be mentioned here. We also had the hospitality of my good friend Miss Diana Cox too on Christmas Day.


    Shortly after I came to live on Lamma, the journalist Mr Ram and Mrs Ram arranged for a nice meal one evening for a few of his friends and myself. I enjoyed very much their hospitality. In fact, when we first talked a few weeks earlier, I told Mr Ram that I had thought I was the only Brahmin on Lamma. The Brahmins are the priestly class of Hindus, very well-versed in the Vedas and in Sanskrit, although with all apologies I should say that I do not qualify for this description.


    We talked afterwards about Kumbakonam, a town in Madras state where we both lived, though at different times (Kumbakonam was considered a great centre for intellectuals.) I remember talking to him about me being close to the Honourable T.T. Krishnamachari, at the end of the mid-sixties. He was one of the important and powerful finance ministers of India and a close associate of Pandit Jawaharalal Nehru. Mr Ram knew him, too.


    I have always been happy at the good care taken of dogs by the residents of Lamma. I know that many enjoy keeping their pets and taking them for a walk. This has very much impressed me, as a great lover of animals, especially dogs.


    I have always been impressed with the good work done for the welfare of dogs there. The problem of abandoned dogs was not that much when I lived on Lamma. Now I know that it is a great problem. My good friend Sheila (of LAP) has done so much for them. She has always been very busy looking for the abandoned dogs and trying to find good homes for them. I also know the very good work done by my very good friend Dr John Wedderburn.


    My other good friends Alan and Linda have also been very kind and helpful to the dogs all the years I have known them. I used to know of Mrs Sally Anderson and her good work for dogs when I came to live on Lamma. Mention should be made also of the enthusiasm in this regard of Liz Gower. Two former residents of Po Wah Yuen, Mark and his wife Christine are also great dog lovers and they have moved to Sai Kung. Stephanie’s name also comes to mind.


    I am sure that Lamma has been very fortunate in having a very good enthusiastic and helpful veterinary consultant Dr Hans de Vries, whose friendship many residents and I have always enjoyed.


    The need for food without modern-day chemical additives was recognized on Lamma even a decade ago. We have had the green vegetarian restaurant and the Green Cottage started as a result of the work and enthusiasm of Mr David Shields. I know that the Green Cottage is now in the very good hands of the two Chinese brothers and their wives who are running it so well. The green vegetarian restaurant is in the good hands of Mr Bobsy.


    In a narrative like this it might not be out of place, I think, to mention one or two negative aspects. Sometimes we used to hear of a few expatriates disappearing from the island after owing large sums of money. This is most unfortunate. At a smaller scale they are said to have left after leaving small debts including the non-payment of rent for months.


    However, one of the very unfortunate things that has happened on the island concerns a landlord, who probably should have been much more discreet and honest.

    He used to let his flats on rent, taking deposits, would try to harass his tenants and when they leave would refuse to repay the amounts. This being a civil matter the remedies for this evil are somewhat limited. Therefore, this man probably has the last laugh at the predicament of his poor tenants who have unfortunately been cheated. It would be most surprising and, of course, unfortunate if there has been any occasion of late for this person to practise his game. I do hope and trust though that those looking for a place to live would not give the man an opportunity to stage his unusual drama.


    The Sunday Church services on Lamma see a good number of people, the first English service, having Europeans and Filipinos in the congregation, and the second Chinese service with so many local people. Father Frank, the Head of the Church, is a well-known figure on the island.


    The residents of Lamma have benefited from the kindness, courtesy and efficiency of the Lamma post office. Mr Lau, who retired in 1995, and Mr Cheung, the present postmaster, who succeeded him in 1995, and the postmen have done very good work all these years.


    The police on Lamma have also been very good to the residents. Mr Richard Bone, Sergeant Choi, Inspector Yao, Sergeant Garry, Sergeant Hui and their colleagues have taken care of the people and their properties, and ensured law and order.


    I know Lamma has changed a lot since my days. It has also changed since I left Lamma more than three years ago. I am glad to see however some veterans of those days still living on Lamma. I always remember the famous words of Alfred Tennyson:


    The old order changeth, yielding place to new;

    And God fulfils himself in many ways,

    Lest one good custom should corrupt the world.


    I have no doubt that life and activity will always be there on the island.


    Raman Athinathan


    On a closely related matter, ex-Lammaites often use Lamma.com.hk to get in touch with their old friends still living here. Lamma.com.hk has become a pretty popular site in little over one year. We've made quite a few successful connections and it makes me really happy each time we succeed.


    Case in point: Looking for Lammarite: Diane, "(back in the old UK)", sent me an email looking for Moray & his mum, getting a reply within a single day after I posted her message!


    Moray Wedderburn:

    Thanks - I saw the message and posted a reply - lots of people came up to me to tell me about the post - so very popular site - I had a read of the site - very interesting - especially if you live here.

    Dianne Duggan:

    Thank you very much for finding Moray Wedderburn for me. You might be interested to know that when I first met him in 1973 - yes, that long ago! - at Castle Peak in the New Territories, he was still sucking his thumb! We all lived in a compound in the middle of a Chinese village, just outside the Castle Peak Mental Hospital, although many thought we should have been inside. Hong Kong was SO different in those days. Many, many thanks

  13. David Slough - In Memoriam



    Lamma expat killed in fall on to fence

    Peter Michael

    © SCM Post, Wed, 10 Sep, 2003

    A man who was impaled on a bamboo fence after falling from the roof of his three-storey home on Lamma has died, police said yesterday.

    David Slough, a journalist with the Hong Kong police newspaper Offbeat, was admitted to hospital suffering from serious injuries to his left shoulder and right leg after the accident on Monday night, but was later certified dead.

    "So far we have not released any official statement about his loss," said a police spokeswoman. "But we all feel very sad privately."

    Rescue crews were called to Slough's home in Tai Wan Kau Tsuen early on Monday night, a fire service spokesman said yesterday. He was taken to North Lamma Clinic and later transferred by helicopter to Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital.

    A police spokeswoman said Slough had been found lying on the ground impaled on the fence. It is not known why he had been on the roof of the apartment block. A post-mortem examination is expected to be carried out in the next two days.

    Mr DickStock:

    David is one of those guys who gives Lamma its special colo{u}r.

    I'll pass the sad word on to all the ex-Lamma-ites that I meet up with here in the USA.

    A strange and terrible twist....


    Dan Peterson (Island Bar):

    Not sure if you're planning to run any kind of memorial piece for David Slough, longtime resident and well-known raconteur on Lamma, but here are a couple of submissions (below) if so. Any queries, please feel free to call.

    Cheers, Dan, 9030 2888

    This is being written at 10:10am on Friday 19th September, during the time of David Slough's memorial service. Unable to attend in person, we are observing our own moment of silence for him. David has been a part of Lamma for many years and now we are saddened by the passing of yet another icon of this special island. Rest in peace, old friend.

    Dan, Sharon, Andrew, Sascha

    On the passing of David Slough, condolences from The Island Bar.

    Dan, Sharon, Peter, Keith


    I was sitting in the Deli Lamma's garden, having dinner with Lamma-Por. Always having my digicam with me, I took pictures of the gorgeous sunset.

    Shortly afterwards, we saw a helicopter coming in and landing on the Power Station helipad. Just a few minutes later the helicopter took off and I shot several pictures, just for future reference...

    About half an hour later, Nick the Bookman called my mobile, telling me about David's fall. Shocked, we realised who was on that helicopter...


    P.S. We learned only much later from another SCMP story (below) that this helicopter left WITHOUT David! The Clinic sent it away, not being ready yet with "examining" David. Another helicopter finally picked him up more than one full hour later, maybe too late...



    I've just heard that a number of David's friends are having a wake for David Under the Trees, a.k.a. Man Loon or Granny Chan's (his local), starting at 3 to 4-ish on Saturday Sep 13. All welcome.

    I got a phone call from Mui Ying this morning. I didn't know her, but she got my phone number from a common friend. Mui Ying heard about this online discussion here and wants to let people know a few things:

    She's sending thanks to all of you for your concern & condolences, they're greatly appreciated.

    She said not to worry about her too much, as she's being taken care of very well by the welfare of the police PR where David was working. They've been helping her greatly in every respect, including arranging & organising everything.

    Mui Ying asked me to post this announcement which will go into the Post tomorrow:

    In Memoriam

    David Samuel John Lee Slough

    1940 – 2003

    David Slough passed away on September 9th at Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital in Hong Kong, as the result of a tragic accident at his home on Lamma Island. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. He leaves behind his wife Mui Ying, former spouse Jenny, children Denis and Amanda, brothers Robert and Christopher and sister Sally.

    David’s funeral will be held at St John’s Cathedral, Hong Kong, on Friday September 19th at 10:00 am.

    Mui Ying offers her heartfelt thanks to all of David’s colleagues at the Hong Kong Police, as well as his many friends, for their compassion and kind assistance at this difficult time. In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent to the Police Welfare Fund or St John’s Cathedral.

    After the service, the actual cremation will take place at 12:45 at Cape Collinson.

    Haiku Kitty:

    Wow. I would be deeply honoured for the poem to be read at the funeral. Please pass on my deepest sympathies to Mui Ying.

    I'm really moved. Do you know who will be reading it?


    Ted Devereux: Eulogy

    (spoken at the funeral in St. John's Cathedral)

    I’m here to pay tribute to David, but how do you pay tribute to a man in just a few minutes, especially a man who touched the lives of so many people and who lived an interesting and varied life and who made an impact and contribution to the community within which he lived. Such a man is David.

    After schooling in England, David joined the British Army and served 19 years in the Intelligence Corp attaining the rank of Warrant Officer. He was first posted to Hong Kong in early 1960 and the love affair with Hong Kong began. During a later posting, he qualified as a MOD Interpreter in Cantonese. All in all, David spent half his army career in Hong Kong.

    On leaving the army in 1978, he remained in Hong Kong initially working as a Trade Mark Violation investigator followed by a spell as an investigative journalist with Target Publications and for a period in an operational role with Guardforce which is when I first met him.

    Around this time, David met and married Mui Ying the love of his life and to quote him “his rock”.

    David and Mui Ying took over Security and Fire News Asia, David as the Editor and Mui Ying running the office and driving the advertising sales. They made a great team. This is when David knew how much he relied on his rock. Apart from Security and Fire News Asia, they produced a number of other publications up until the late 1990’s.

    Not many of you who knew David will know that when he was with the Army, he ran with the Kowloon Hash House Harriers as a way to keep fit. However, David used his army training well, often found shortcuts to avoid the more strenuous parts of the run and to ensure he was back in time for the drinks and nosh afterwards! This part he took no shortcuts and his parade ground voice could be heard by all belting out the rugby songs that rounded out the evening.

    David was known to his fellow Hash House Harriers as and I quote “A genuine character, no airs and graces, his integrity beyond reproach; a singularly honest and decent man”.

    In June 2001, David joined the Hong Kong Police as an English Specialist Writer for the Forces’ monthly newspaper known as “Offbeat”. During his time with the Police apart from his work for “Offbeat”, he produced a magazine about the 50 year history of the Dowman Road Race. The longest held road race in Hong Kong and Asia. The magazine won the acclaim of the Commissioner, downward for its professional presentation and editing marking the 50th anniversary of the event.

    David was very passionate about the environment, Lamma Island and what he saw as bungling bureaucracy. He could often be heard on RTHK Radio 3’s “open line” giving forth on the latest official snafu that had caught his attention. Or he could be found in print in the South China Morning Post on issues ranging from road traffic, formal schooling and hawker patrols. Or at Granny Chan’s talking to all or anyone about the history of Lamma, plants and trees or any subject or issue that had caught his attention. He was well read and knowledgeable on many subjects.

    Through Security and Fire News Asia, David had a close association with the Security Industry and reported on many of the issues facing the industry. I remember many animated debates about matters dear to our respective hearts. But David always managed to remain focussed and in his writing projected a balance view.

    Life was not always kind to David but he always looked forward and remained passionate about those issues close to his heart. He was also a most honourable man ensuring that he settled his commitments when others many have just walked away.

    The David I know was a kind, caring and honourable man who gave of himself to others and the community he lived in. He dearly loved his wife Mui Ying and knew how lucky he was to have her love and support.

    We have been the better for his presence.

    I would like to read a short poem which appeared on Lamma.com.hk and was written by Haiku Kitty:

    We thought that even when we left
    He would still remain;
    Colonial Polonius
    Of the Seats of Shame

    We thought we’d always hear his voice
    Sergeant Major clear
    Holding forth on world events
    Over discount beer

    We thought maybe another day
    We would listen more
    And take the time to ask about
    Hong Kong life before

    That’s why it’s so unthinkable
    The loss so hard to bear
    That when we pass by Granny Chan’s
    He’s no longer there


    Vince Loden:

    Very nice poem indeed and a fitting epitaph.

    Yes, very sad indeed.

    I too knowing David quite well think it extremely unlikely that he might have been trying to climb up to his flat. Also he always went onto his roof immediately he got home to see his dogs and plants. However I have heard that it took the ambulance 20 mins to reach his house (because they couldn't find it - as usual) and they needed to borrow a mobile phone from a neighbour. It would also have been easy for a helicopter to land on the cable road above his house.

    One must question why the ambulance service have this extraordinary problem of locating victims of accidents - don't they have proper maps? The postmen and Shell Gas seem to know where everybody lives and there is the excellent Centaline on-line map of HK which enables you to pinpoint every house on Lamma. After all he only lived 5 mins from the Fire/Ambulance depot.

    Also why is every emergency case taken first to the Clinic - it's pointless because the doctor at that time would have left for the day and they presumably they don't carry emergency blood supplies there. (Why not?).

    The other point is that patients who need airlifting must then go back in the ambulance to a helipad up on the cable road. Up until a couple of years ago they used to land on the playing field in front of the clinic. Why have they stopped doing this? (Rumour has it the local headman Fung Loi objected to the noise because he lives directly behind the Clinic).

    Our thoughts go out to Mui Ying, his wife.

    Tim & Ann Madsen, San Mateo, California, USA:

    Through and old friend I learned about David's tragic accident and subsequent passing away. The first reaction is obviously disbelief and second anger why a person who in many ways was bigger than life should pass away in such a way.

    Nevertheless we always have to remember the positive things.

    I met David the first time in early 1980 at The Old China Hand in Lockhart Road. After the shortest of introductions he proceeded to blow my ears full on the subject of the day (as far as I recall it was some government decision that didn't please him at the time). It would not be the first animated discussion we had over the years. Animated yes, but good natured too and if we didn't agree there would be no hard feelings either.

    Only years later when my wife and I decided to become Lamma-ites would I again run into David on a regular basis. Having a beer at Granny Chan's - maybe in The Main Street (after he got caught smoking on the ferry).

    We would meet regularly exercising our respective loved canines either on the beach or on the hillsides of Lamma and David would always engage in a conversation and be genuinely interested in how you were doing (and more importantly how our dogs were doing).

    David will always be remembered by me as one of those larger than life and colourful persons without whom Hongkong - and Lamma would not be what it is.

    May his soul rest in peace.

    Our heartfelt thoughts and sympathies go out to David's wife Mui Ying and his family.


    Nick (the Bookman):

    I first met David in the early 80's at the H.K. Press Club. (Keith Hassett was there also - he was ghosting a darts column in the SC(I)MP(Y) about that time. And darts was why we were at the Press Club. Barry Tolow, a former News of the Screw darts champion was in HK to thrash the locals and drink all our beer as part of promoting the noble sport of "arrers" globally.

    Anyway, David was in the P.C. with all his traits present and correct, but in enjoyable proportions. He was well-chuffed, having been the only person to take a log off Barry in their meeting. (He lost 2-1. All others were 2-0 losses.) I thought he was Keith's mate. He thought he was mine. We both listened to David giving it loads.

    Late 80's we were all living on Lamma. Keith worked with/for David, so did I for a while. Didn't pan out overall, but we could dine out on on David stories for what appeared to be time unending. We had our differences (usually dogs and control thereof). But the flare-ups faded out fairly fast. Overall he (and Mui Ying) were good neighbours.

    His death (what the hell happened?) seems senseless and stupid, but bizarrely apt for an old soldier... Like being shot full of arrows at Agincourt, speared while jousting or defending at Rorke's Drift or on the North West frontier in Afghanistan. Or it could be a bad gardening accident (I'm stretching - trying to make sense out of this, put it in its place, make a sane reason for why this should be. But then, simply put - "Shit happens" - and that's all that's needed to know.)

    David leaves a Chinese wife (Mui Ying), Eurasian daughter (Mandy) and at one point, Nigerian son-in-law (Willis) and a grandchild of all the above,

    Anyway, time to end.

    Cheers, David. May the beers always be icy and flow freely wherever you are.


    Nurses ‘delayed giving emergency treatment’

    By Anna Healy Fenton

    © SCM Post, 18 Sep 2003

    Two Lamma residents have accused the island’s medical staff of delaying giving basic emergency treatment in the two hours it took to move a fatally injured man to hospital on Hong Kong island.

    Uncertainty over the man’s condition also meant that a rescue helicopter sent to Lamma to pick up the injured man left without the patient - only for another helicopter to be sent back for him more than an hour later.

    David Slough, 58, was impaled on a spiked bamboo fence at 6.15pm on September 8 after he fell while trying to climb to the second floor balcony of his flat.

    Jonathan Hyman, an intensive care trauma nurse and friend of Slough, rushed to help.

    The spike had not apparently penetrated his heart or lungs. “I thought he had had a lucky escape but needed help with breathing urgently,” Mr Hyman said.

    Paramedics arrived 30 minutes after being called, said Mr Hyman, and brought Slough to the North Lamma Clinic at 7.15pm, where the doctor works until 5pm.

    Mt Hyman said he told the five or six nurses at the clinic that he was a nurse, had assessed Slough and that he needed fluids and shock treatment fast, but they took time to repeat the basic checks.

    “They ignored me and asked me to leave.” It was an hour and a half after the accident before these basic steps were considered, Mr Hyman said.

    The Government Flying Service said it received a call from the clinic at 6:45pm and the first helicopter arrived at 6.57pm. But German Tsoi Tak-man, acting deputy manager of operations, said he was unable to speak by phone to the senior nurse at the clinic - who was too busy treating Slough - and therefore unable to assess the urgency of the case.

    “The nurse needed to do onsite treatment before they could send the man to hospital,” Mr Tsoi said, who spoke instead to a worker at the clinic and then made the decision to send the helicopter away “until the patient would be ready”.

    He called for a second helicopter at 7.42pm, which took off for Pamela Youde Hospital, Chai Wan, at 8.09pm. Slough died the next morning.

    “We have a clinic with a doctor that is open for limited daytime hours and closed Sundays,” wrote Mr Hyman and another Lamma resident, Susanne Wycisk, in a letter to the Post.

    “There were very basic emergency procedures that should have been followed, and were not.”

    A statement from the clinic last night said: “Immediate treatment and assessment was given,” including pulse checks and electrocardiogram and breathing monitoring.


    Vince Loden:

    I personally find the whole subject very painful. I knew David for 20 years - yes he could be a grouch at times but underneath he was a kind and decent guy. He helped myself and my wife bury Zorro our dog on the Power Station beach a coupla years ago, he worked tirelessly on environmental issues and nurtured young banyan trees to give to people. He was devoted to his wife and dogs.

    He had diabetes but still loved his food, drink and cigarettes. He foolishly thought he could save a few bucks by climbing up to his roof to let himself in and paid the ultimate price. He leaves a grieving widow, Mui Ying who is a lovely lady.

    Let's do what David would have done had it been anyone else - fight like hell to find out why it took them so long to get him to the furthest hospital from Lamma and why in heck don't the Clinic keep blood plasma on the Island - that's what I want to know.

    Fate has an unfortunate hand in all our lives - yes, David could have lived a longer life and then maybe died in a few years time in pain in a public hospital hooked up to tubes going in and out everywhere, possibly dying a slow and painful death from diabetes or cancer - who knows?

    We cannot choose our way of passing.

    Let's just contemplate our own mortality and celebrate life and try to be ready at all times - even if it means generally trying to be nice to those around us (even if we don't like them much) - heck it could be me or you - any of us next time.

    But please don't make judgments on people - life is too short.

    (David's niece):


    I am looking to find out about my uncle - David Slough, who I believe took an active part in this website. I was so shocked to hear of his death and would like to know more of his life over the past few years. I last saw him about 10 years ago when he and his wife Mui Ying visited England, but he stopped replying to my e-mails and I lost touch.

    I am Nicky, his sister's daughter, and would love to receive pictures, newspaper clippings or anything about David.

    Thank you

    Lamma-Gung: I connected her with some of David's friends by email...

    (Photos above by Keith Hassett, Lamma-Gung, Mui Ying, Ronnie Norton and LAP)

    More details in the online discussion on Lamma.com.hk

    Ending this sad feature on a positive note, this month the govt. is finally starting to build a temporary helipad, very close to the Lamma Clinic, inside the reclamation.

    For more info: New helipad

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