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Issue #33, Jan 2006

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  1. 3rd Anniversary of Lamma-zine

  2. Best of Lamma-zine Blog

  3. Signs You've Lived Off Lamma For Too Long!

  4. Lammaites Launch Books

  5. From Separation to Individuation...

  6. DIXSTOCK '04

  7. Funny Funday on Sunny Sunday

  8. Festivals & Fundraisers!

  9. Restaurants & Bars Update

  10. The Lamma Diet - Eat Well on $20 a Day!

  11. Hong Kong's Delightful Little Secret

  12. Bugs Behaving Badly


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Editorial:  Happy But Exhausted!

Would you believe that the Lamma-zine is already three years young? What started out as my little "labour of love" - a monthly, small, text-only email newsletter - has developed into a serious (OK, not too serious!) publication for over 2,500 readers. It's even spun off 1.5 years ago into a daily "Lamma-zine Blog" (weB LOG).


The Lamma-zine Blog has become a kind of daily Lamma-zine with one, sometimes several new timely article almost every single day, 7 days/week!  Subtitled "News, photos & stories from the Lamma Island community and its fascinating inhabitants", it started officially on Sep 1st 2004 and has been doing extremely well, growing tremendously, far surpassing this Lamma-zine in number of readers already. While waiting for the monthly Lamma-zine, you can now get current news, tips, stories & photos every day of the year at!


Overall, I'm really happy with the progress the e-zine has made in these three years. Comparing the first issues with this one shows real progress in many areas, I hope, from design and layout to writing and marketing.  Check out the early issues!


But without all the many contributors who submitted comments, suggestions, ideas, photos, even entire stories, the Lamma-zine wouldn't be possible and my sincerest thanks go out to all of them.  Many thanks are in order as well for the good number of advertisers & sponsors who make this free magazine possible. There's a brand-new ad rate card online now - from private sponsorships at $115/month up to ads at the top of the home page for $1,200/month. Have a look at the ratecard!


Publishing 33 Lamma-zines so far... can this be considered a victory or total lunacy? YOU decide and let me know, please! Positive AND negative comments are always welcome!

Friendly greetings from Lamma-Gung

Managing Editor of Lamma-zine & Lamma-zine Blog
Site Administrator & Moderator of My Lamma Forums
Managing Consultant of Compunicate Web Publishing, e-Marketing & Photography

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Frequently, I get interesting feedback on already published stories, or there's something new to report, or additional materials submitted, but it's not enough for a new full feature story.  This section will follow up on formerly published stories with the latest updates & new developments.


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1.  3rd Anniversary of Lamma-zine



Best of the Blog 2005


Story title



Jan 9

'30% of Lammaites will do this on a Saturday night:'

I wish to complain in the strongest terms about your methodical deprecation of the residents of Lamma!



Jan 24

Shaving Beards, Heads & Chests

Last Saturday turned out to be a bit of a close shave for a few folk on Lamma Island...

Dan Peterson

Jan 22

'Life is for Living'

Yes, Bobsy leaving feels a bit like the end of an era in Lamma's history!  Restaurants

L-G, life cafe

Feb 1

The Lamma Diet!

Are you "Broke on Lamma?" Now you can "Eat Well For $20 a Day!!"

(Grandma) Hilda

Mar 22

'Western Food Corrodes My Innards'

As the constables departed, Woo's unsettled stomach rumbled. "Cursed gweilo food defies human consumption," he growled back.

Jay Scott Kanes


Jan 29

Dao Lang Spreading All Over Lamma!

...getting lost again in this hauntingly beautiful music with the eerily floating, mesmerising vocals by Dao Lang...



Feb 14

Passion Point or Lover's Leap?

Today, on "Sweets & Flowers Promotion Day", eh, Valentine's Day, let's avoid the usual soppy, syrupy, sentimental declarations of eternal love & devotion...


Apr 5

Long Live the Democracy Wall!

Some of the posters are intriguing, funny, creative or sometimes baffling, like the trio above.



Feb 24

Pinky's 2nd-Biggest Fan

I DO enjoy her uninhibited passion, vulgar honesty and sense of style.


Feb 27

Once upon a Time...

I think she has caught the 'Lamma Fever',...



Mar 10

Lamma Tourism Ambassador Appointed

the population size of Lamma island (95-04)?

124 people (including 74 Gweilo builders, 58 photographers and 28 drug dealers) 7,325 dogs, some snakes, and 1 ventriloquist.

Fortune Chan


Mar 27

Fit! HK Magazine Launch

Lamma resident launches fitness, health and beauty magazine in Hong Kong.

Katie Harling, Claudia

Mar 31

'Sneaky-O/Bunnyrabbit Conundrum' Solved!

Have you noticed that some people get irritable, irrational and moody at a certain time every month?


Apr 8

Paul the Butterfly Man

Paul Lau's 'butterfly farm' at Lo So Shing near Sok Kwu Wan has no fences or enclosures. His strategy to attract a variety of butterfly species is to plant the kind of plants that they like.


Apr 17

Lamma Property: a Good Investment?

Looking for a flat on Lamma is still a show-up-in-person affair, as none of the local property agents has a website listing properties and not even active email addresses.


Apr 19

'I'm a Total Life Addict & Dedicated Groupie'

From attending Life's first anniversary I can tell you that Life is joyful, playful and? sexy! Healthy food seems to be in fashion and to go hand in hand with gorgeousness.

Sleiman & co.

Apr 21

'Name the Bikini Shop' Contest

Guy Miller: Sun Sea Sand & Sex, Dare to Wear, Who Dares Swims, The Lamma Triangle, Bare Wear, Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny, The Bikini Line, Tease to Please, Flash n' Splash, Lamma Splashion Studio.


Apr 23

'Chinese Forum Moderator Spiel'

Hear ye, all Lammaites! Your favourite online community, ?My Lamma Forums? is to get another new moderator!


Apr 30

A Pair of Chinese Opera Birds

A field report from L-G, newly self-appointed Ornithological Correspondent for the Lamma Birdlovers Society (Lamma-BS):


May 1

Lamma May Day

May Day, Tin Hau festival, Dragon Boat/Sampan races, Chinese opera & May Pole dance are all taking place TODAY!


May 3

'Fairdinkum Fantastic'

I caught one of these "creative vandals" in the act, in flagranti! It was not a youngster, but the father of a Lammaite, visiting from Ecuador,...


May 9

We Have a Winner!

Two of our contests in our forums have concluded, the "Name the Bikini Shop" contest and the creative writing assignment about the Chinese opera in our Chinese forum:

Nicole Kam, mo

May 18

Happy 50. Birthday, Chow Yun-Fat!

Chow Yun-fat: "Lamma island has many scenic spots, such as the Cheung Po-tsai cave, the reopened Tin Hau temple, the seafood is delicious."


May 19

Mr DickStock & the Poly Creativist on Flickr

Mr DickStock has even founded a public group called "Lamma", describing it as: "About Lamma Lamma Island People, Pictures, Community, Fun, Music, Art...all that Good Stuff!"

Mr DickStock, Andy Maluche

May 29

'Lamma Gets Greener'

This was an extremely well-organised PR event, including media reception desk, caps, stickers, signs, tree name tags, photographers, videographers and celebrities...


Jun 6

'June 6th is Magic Monday of Love'

I've spent all Sunday separated from my lifeline, email, due to an incapacitating toothache and a desperately urgent search for a dentist's office open on a Sunday.

L-G, several others

Jun 9

Yoga Bunny Detox - Liquid Psychiatry - No Nasties!

But sometimes you come across something small, simple, looking so innocuous, revealing its surprising weirdness only after closer scrutiny:


Jun 14

Trap, Neuter, Release!

In the old days their numbers were controlled by starvation, disease, toxic chemicals, dogs, snakes and VVs.


Jun 16

What's Cooking in Yung Shue Wan?

But what else is new in Lamma's restaurants? Let's show you via pictures I shot recently, totally non-representative, of course:


Jun 17

Bontempi Gigapix Fandango i-Bamboozler

They all congregate in a single forum topic and join in a creative ritual called colloquially "making up loads of BS"!


Jun 22

'In at the deep end'

Happy about their performances, they were very unhappy about the lousy organisation of the races again this year.

Moley, Claudia, Katie

Jun 23

Giving Birth on the Ferry (Almost)

It's become almost common practice for mothers to be flown to hospital on HK Island when the baby's due to arrive very soon.

Mr Tough

Jul 6

A Brief History of Lamma

Yes, the Internet is the greatest source of time-wasting misinformation, obfuscation and distraction the world has ever known! Ain't it insanely great?


Jul 11

If you are easily offended by vulgar speech, references to sexual exploits (especially those practiced in solitude), outright childish stupidity or if you are a potential client, partner, sponsor or investor please read no further.

Andy Maluche

Jul 16

Breakfast With Lammadonna

Just enjoying a nice congee working breakfast at Kiwi Cafe with Ms Yu Lai Fun (our District Councilor) and Lamma-Por.


Jul 20

Looking for a Holiday Resort?

Quite a number of local and overseas tourists are contacting this website for info about where to rent a holiday resort or short-term flat on Lamma.


Jul 23

Happy 3rd Anniversary,!

In these 3 years, 1,020 registered members have started 2,234 topics, posting 20,930 messages, generating a 24.51MB database of messages.

L-G, chuckm

Jul 25

Sunset Photo Contest: Open for Voting!

Right now is one of the best times of the year for Lamma Island's many devoted sunset watchers.

Ingmar, Gisela, etc.

Jul 29

'I swear those people got me to match the couch and wall'

I started to yowl. I had to tell them I was being kidnapped and was being pulled slowly up the bumpy road to Tai Peng village.

Molokko, Colette's kitty

Aug 3

Chopping Down Incense Trees

A new crime trend emerged on Lamma in late May, in that there were a total of seven cases in a space of four weeks.

Charles Mitchell

Aug 10

Rachel Ip - Chinese Artist of the Month

Do you remember the joy of sketching with pencil and paper when you were a child?

Rachel Ip

Aug 11

Bishop Zen & the Poor Clare Nuns of Lamma

Lamma's Portiuncula Monastery, just above the Lady of Lourdes Kindergarten, home of Lamma's Poor Clares Sisters, was hosting Bishop Zen last Sunday.


Aug 12

The Cancer Diaries

It's fascinating but heart-rending to read his chronicles, so far removed from morbidity and depression, still full of self-deprecating, great humour.

Andy Maluche

Aug 16

Official Court Glutton: Best Wonton Noodles?

I've been looking for a resident food critic for this blog for a while now and I finally got lucky! Welcome to our new "Official Court Glutton".

Official Court Glutton

Aug 19

Lammaite Forever!

...for 6 months now I've enjoyed a real quality of life. Today, I wouldn't be able to live anywhere else anymore.

Mademoiselle Alexandra

Aug 29

'Ministers of Sausage/Ant Husbandry'

The sausage flew into the air and brought down a Government service helicopter that was collecting ants for Donald Tsang's goldfish.

Fortune Chan, Beanburglar, Chuckm

Aug 31

The Smoke-Free, Health-Conscious, Spooky, Romantic, Feline-Dominated, Ferry-Riding and Artistic Chinese Forum!

That's the latest from the Chinese Forum!


Sep 1

Katrina - Remembering New Orleans

Now that levee has broken in New Orleans we are very worried in H.K. It sucks that such an awesome place was destroyed.


Sep 2

Best Blogs in Asia and Hong Kong

...who's currently the top dog, eh, top blog, #1 in HK? This Lamma-zine Blog! Wow! Rated highest at 8.86 out of 10!.


Sep 6

La Femme Desperado

Going out on a normal Tuesday afternoon in Yung Shue Wan, it's really surprising what you can come across in just an hour or two in our active community life:


Sep 15

'Last Ferry to Lamma' Music Video!

Red Star Rising just had their debut gig in the Island Bar on Sep 3 and they've already got their first music video out. It takes other bands YEARS to get to that stage in their careers!

Steve Cray, John Palmer, Santi Sunarmah

Sep 28

'Benign Space Aliens, Murmuring in the Wind'

Lamma's wind turbine is currently THE hot topic popping up in so many local chats around the village. It has really touched a nerve with Lamma's tree-huggers, eco-warriors & holistic gurus, but also with our many world-weary cynics and Mochaccino-slurping, wannabe-sophisticates.

Oliver, Pit, Russell Johnson, Zep & others

Sep 30

'Our World Champion - Alain the Panther - Did It Again'

He won by KO in the first minute! It was a 3-fight elimination tournament and he won all 3 to qualify to represent Hong Kong next December in Bercy in France.

Impakt Gym

Oct  5

Police Maps for North Lamma

We are using a set of village pathway maps for our policing matters. This would be very useful when dealing with not Lamma-based persons who are less familiar with the island.

Joe Wu, Police Senior Inspector

Oct 8

Veggie Pizza, Anyone?

Pizza. One many memories and flavours. I do not think that it is possible to be a glutton and not be a pizza hound.

Official Court Glutton

Oct 10

Official UFO Landing Site?

Add your own suggestion and vote in our nickname poll.


Oct 12

Lamma Bands Update

Recently, I've been getting so many news, gig posters & photos from Lamma bands! The autumn musical season has truly begun, loads of gigs coming up in the next few days & weeks!

Katherine, Steve Cray, Nick Lovatt, Gary Hill, etc.

Oct 19

Xmas Panto 2005?

Our 5C forum member (Crazy, Creative, Carnivorous, Convoluted & Cuarrelsome), Fortune Chan, is trying hard to revive an old Lamma tradition, the Christmas pantomime, also called Xmas Panto. A most commendable community initiative!

Fortune Chan, Beanburglar, Soulkitchen, Roz Keep

Oct 26

High-Flying Heli-Hippies?

Scene: Inside a helicopter, flying high over Victoria Harbour en route to Lamma Island on a late Sunday afternoon, Oct 9:

Donna, Christopher, Lamma-Por

Oct 29

Eulogy for Kiwi Cafe

Lamma-Por's and my own favourite place for breakfast, Kiwi Cafe, has closed down permanently last week,...


Nov 3

Lammaites Anonymous, Mischievously Misbehaving Abroad

...several current & former Lammaites, all charter members of the infamous LAMMA club (Lammaites Anonymous, Mischievously Misbehaving Abroad)..

Andy Maluche

Nov 11

Just a Normal Friday Afternoon in YSW

The sheer diversity and small surprises of everyday village life never cease to amaze me!


Nov 13

Lamma's Good Old Times, 27 Years Ago?

Read Yves' honest, uncensored opinions about the ancient days when there were "less than 10 foreigners" on the island & why "Lamma is much better off now":


Nov 17

Loy Kra Tong - Thai Lantern Festival

Would you believe that most of these stunningly beautiful Thai ladies above, decked out in their traditional festival costumes & jewelry, are long-time Lammaites?


Nov 24

Cristobal de Lamma Gives Thanks...

At first, I tried to write the list myself, but it turned out too sentimental, quite blissful & new-agey, so I canned it as unworthy for publication.

Cristobal de Lamma

Nov 25

Lammarina - Development #1 of 7

It's a future luxury residential development - with swimming pool, clubhouse, gym and security - on the beach just below the "DickStock Residence".

CAPITAL magazine

Nov 29

'Happy, Relaxed and Laid Back About Everything'

We both found Lamma Island to be a quiet and relaxing place to be after the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and Kowloon.

Pete & Jen Neale

Dec 6

'Downtown Vancouver's Favourite Blood Sport'

TWO of our readers in Vancouver sent us weather updates from their hometown. Like Lammaites, Vancouverites aren't really used to "cold" weather and start behaving in strange & funny ways.

Chuckm, Tricia

Dec 10

Superb Promotional Tomfoolery

Another new Lamma band is making its debut tonite in the Island Bar, together with Lamma oldies but goodies Garoupa: Trans?noodle!

Garoupa, Gary Hill

Dec 17

'Lamma Xmas Kids 2005'

Many people still remember Louie the Violinist prodigy...

Rie Wada

Dec 19

Merry Christmas, You Tool Borrowers!

But here on Lamma, Christmas is so much more of a community event, full of fun & charitable events, family-oriented & children-focused, arts & crafts-inspired, retaining a cheerful & often irreverent Christmas spirit.

Alastair, L-G

Dec 21

Operation Santa Claus Quiz Night

This was the official kick-off activity for the pub's annual effort on behalf of Operation Santa Claus.

Streetman, Dan Peterson

Dec 28

The Self-Sufficient and Enterprising Village

...a little background is in order. We had of course seen photos and had paid several visits to the website prior to our actual trip.

Vyrn & Betty Peterson


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Emails to the Editor:  "Dream Island"?


Irene L:

I called Lamma "Dream Island" cos' it seems to be a place where most of my wishes quietly come true whenever I'm on the island... the troubles I've at work will become nothing and solved after a day relaxing in this "Dream Island"... it's got beaches, hills, views, bbq, seafood, handsome guys & gals... where else in HK can have so much in such little area! Most of all -- its relaxing atmosphere just give me the feelings of back to NZL.

I've quite a few photos of Lamma -- but hey, Lamma is too beautiful to be captured in photos, you have to be there to feel and see the true beauty of it... agree?

Dale Hard, Cairns, Australia:

...We only spent 1 day there but we knew immediately we liked it. Especially the fact that is has no roads and the lifestyle seems to be much more 'real' and relaxed than Hong Kong despite being so close (which we see as a great advantage).

We live in Cairns in the tropical region of North Queensland in Australia which is very similar to Lamma Island, so it felt like home.

I found your website on Google - then read a few of your articles and decided I'd like to know more - we intend to come back and stay for a little while. Once again, thank you for your response and I will look forward to the next edition of the Lamma-zine.

Andy Maluche - The Official Court Artist:

Things go crazy around here.

Just finished FART which was a great success.

Literally hundreds of people and one and a half pages in the biggest newspaper in the country.

I actually sold a few works.

Otherwise I feel I am getting waaaay too much of the work and not enough of the art in artwork.

Hey, your feature is great, extensive and funny.

I guess Dick and I do know each other a long time.

He was just here for a couple of weeks and we had more fun than would be legal in most places.

Gotta go back to that work.

Iain Shane, China: is fine, forums and such all link properly, just cannot resolve even using in a browser window.

Guess they reckon Lamma is full of subversive types i.e. hippies : )

Katherine & Roanne:

Could we get a subscription please.

We're new to Lamma, and are staying here for a number of years. We would like to get involved in the community. Hopefully, access to the e-zine will help us do that.



wow. thanks for including the news!

you are doing such a great work to keep our community close and warm! thank you!

Dennis Caeton:

you are so damn kind to respond so quickly.

Thank you. By the way that is some Zine you have there. I have never seen a zine so packed with information and pictures. How do you have any time.

I'm coming to HK in Oct this year for about a month. It would be an honor to buy you lunch or dinner. Again, thank you for your amazing kindness.

Trailer Trash:

I've been looking at the Lamma-zine and the forums for a few days - I must say that is the most interesting Hong Kong site I've seen for a long time, perhaps ever. It looks like a lot of stuff goes on inside fight club, so yes, access to that would be appreciated. What is the reason for fight club? It seems like there are fights a-plenty in the discussions forum as it is.

Keep up the good work!


Don't change anything, everything's just perfect, what I like the most is that how the Lamma e-zine is so colourful !  Well-done !!!

Bud from Hawaii:


Thank you for the subscription!

I have been several times on Lamma. Two weeks ago my friend and I stayed for three days. Had a wonderful time. We rented bikes but had a hard time staying on the narrow pads... indeed we laughed!

My friend is from Hong Kong, and we were even talking about moving to Lamma...

Forwarded Lamma-Zine to several friends. Most people outside Hong Kong have no idea that places like Lamma exist so close to Central Hong Kong.

Much Success!


Anyway, I did make it to Lamma the week after the seminar, but I’ll probably go back some time. We had a nice time walking across from Sok Kwu Wan to Yung Shue Wan via the “Lamma Island Family Walk” and finished off with a wonderful meal at The Bookworm Café. Finally, a really great (Western) vegetarian restaurant in HK!

So I browsed the forum on a bunch and it’s a great little community you have there. Like I said, I’m sure I’ll be back some time, probably to explore the island a bit more, and hang out in Yung Shue Wan a bit longer, probably. So maybe next time you could show me around a bit! Maybe I’ll take you up on that offer. ;)

Cheers, Wayne



Hi there... what a fantastic mag!?! I'm a true "Lammarian", made-up word apparently... I was born and raised there, but at the moment pursuing studies in Australia... JUST really MISS HOME SWEET HOME

Thanks for updates, really appreciate it !

Charlie - Village Bakery:

Thank you for your coverage of the soft opening. Your article and photos were, as always, very tastefully done. We shall have a ‘proper job’ some time in December, with drinks and finger food, to which you shall receive a timely invitation.


Thanks ! BTW, I *love* your Lamma site, brings back good memories !

John Cairns - Author:

For a certain kind of Blog, yours may be "one of the best ever".


In response to the "worst blog", I am personally extremely pleased that you create and maintain the website.

It is informative, enjoyable, and helps pull the island community together.

Keep up the good work.

Bobsy - Life Restaurant:

well done, that's a great article indeed! i like your style!

one small correction, we started the bookworm cafe in january 1998 making it seven years young and not six.

keep up the community spirit, lamma needs you.

Dofi - Graffiti Artist of the Month - April 2005:

Finally I had a bit of time the other day and took a good long look at the Lamma-Zine site, so I should tell you I Like it, Love it, and Laugh at it!

Very nice, much respect !



I've been enjoying the sometimes artistic and often hilarious (or v.v.) produce of the site and it was bout time I dusted off my trusty old Nikon and threw something back into the pot. You're the one doing all the stirring though.

PS. Have you considered asking the newly-renamed Pacific Internet (was Pacific Supernet) to sponsor the site (w/ storage, bandwidth, lavish gifts...?) in exchange for a promotional banner? What we lammaites lack in numbers we more than make up in the extent and reach of our influence and sheer creative madness. Far and wide and far out.

Would you rather be swamped by feedback? I'm sure you know that people only tend to provide "feedback" when they want to, pardon my french, "bitch" about something. AFAICT people are quite happy and even proud of the Lamma Chronicles you've created.

Maureen - Pinky's 2nd-Biggest Fan:

Please add me to your subscription list.

My friend, Pinky Chan, has introduced me to your magazine. I LOVE IT !!

Pinky is a gem, to say the least and I treasure her while she is here in Canada.

It will be sad when she returns to Lamma Island.

Thank you for making me feel so welcome. Lammazine is both outrageous and delectable !! Features, articles and interviews are captivating, informative and humorous. For those of us on the other side of this planet who may have never had the privilege of experiencing Lamma Island and it's people, your magazine is nothing less than alluring.

Mr Tough:

There is no place with more up to date and in depth Lamma news ;-)

Keith and the ladies

Bud Linschoten - Honolulu, Hawaii:


Thank you for keeping me informed, and sometimes entertained, about Lamma, through your website.

The "Save Lamma" organization (found on your website) made me realize, that there are some pretty good people out on Lamma.

End of this month I will be "flat hunting" on Lamma.

Thanks again! Your website is impressive!


Jay Scott Kanes:

Actually, among Lamma Islanders, you're as official and bona fide as any media in the world. You'd be surprised how many people looking at the book have asked me to "inform the local media", meaning the Lamma Web site.


Lamma.Blog daily update very slick and valuable.


Reluctant Writer:

Just before I go for my beauty sleep...I wanted to write a few words.

As the readership expands, your blog does become respectable, and thus there is greater pressure for you to be impartial and without bias in your reporting.

Very difficult to do, as we are human.

I guess that lots of people read and very few give feedback.

Guess that looking at the number of hits you can judge if you are going in the correct direction.

Time for beauty sleep.

About Lamma-zine & Blog:


(Difference between Lamma-zine and & Blog: 3-column table)

Santy! Computer worm!


New moderators: Granola Eater & Guy Miller & Samson

1 million hits! (Blog: Nov 2)  1.3 million


848,888 hits on Compunicate in May 2005


All-time record on Sep 19, 2004

Most users ever online was 15 on Fri, Oct 08, 04 13:09


Wanted: Ad Sales Manager:

Urgently looking for a freelance Ad Sales Manager to sell advertising and sponsorship for the Lamma-zine and the blog.  Very high commission and totally flexible working hours.  Basic Internet knowledge and some sales experience necessary, preferably a bilingual Lammaite.  Make a very nice extra income in just a few hours per week.  Have a look at the current rate card and email us for an informal interview.



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