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The Lamma-zine is an internet-based local magazine, founded 10 years ago as an offspring of, the online community & discussion forum for Lammaites and people everywhere interested in our fair isle.

33 issues have been published so far and sent out by email to over 4,500 (free) recipients monthly. Supported by local sponsors & advertisers, it's being edited & published by Lamma-Gung, with the help of many volunteer contributors, writers & photographers.

All Lamma-related contributions are most welcome, hopefully shaping the Lamma-zine into a community platform of diverse ideas, views and opinions, showcasing the amazing variety of great talents living on our beautiful & creative island!

The MONTHLY Lamma-zine magazine has been discontinued and
replaced with a DAILY Lamma-zine Blog on Sep 1, 2004, plus a biweekly reminder email to all subscribers.
Click here to check it out!





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2 Years of Lamma-zines: Victory or Lunacy?


Contents:  Editorial, Follow-up, Story Poll, Events Calendar, Best of the Month, Media Watch, Emails to the Editor, About Lamma-zine, Next Issue.

1. 2nd Anniversary of Lamma-zine 2. Best of Lamma-zine Blog 3. Signs You've Lived Off Lamma For Too Long! 4. Lammaites Launch Books 5. From Separation to Individuation... 6. DIXSTOCK '04 7. Funny Funday on Sunny Sunday 8. Festivals & Fundraisers! 9. Restaurants & Bars Update 10. The Lamma Diet - Eat Well on $20 a Day! 11. Hong Kong's Delightful Little Secret 12. Bugs Behaving Badly.







This Alternative Cabaret That Is Lamma


Contents:  Editorial, Follow-up, Story Poll, Events Calendar, Best of the Month, Media Watch, Emails to the Editor, About Lamma-zine, Next Issue.

1. Leaving Lamma - a Moving Experience 2. Bishop Zen Visiting Lamma Monastery 3. High Degree of Atrocity 4. Where on Lamma? - Guessing Game 5. What Kind of Shop You Like? 6. This "Alternative" Cabaret That Is Lamma 7. Tai Peng Castle For Rent 8. Restaurants & Bars - Aug 2004 9. Alastair - Sculptor Extraordinaire 10. Strictly Fashionable - Artsy-Fartsy Exhibition 11. Silly Spins on the Magical Spinney Thing 12. Do Pink Dragonflies Like Drainage Channels?



July 9


Interesting Community News & Silly Stuff


1. Meet Alain the World Champion 2. Official Gravity Pocket Researcher 3. Restaurants & Bars - June 2004 4. Oh, Mr Bobsy, You Are Naughty! 5. Tin Hau Festival, Dragonboats, Chinese Opera! 6. The First Strike 2004 7. Cronky, Wonky, Stonky & Honky Donkey 8. Maternal & Child Health Centre Closed! 9. Tapping Into Your Creative Pulse 10. Tell Me About Your Cultural Identity! 11. High Street Fashion For A Rainy Day 12. Lamma Flowers & Insects.






Do Sexy Biaatches Like Easter Eggheads?


1. The Loveliest Place on Lamma! 2. Restaurants & Bars - April 2004 3. Land of Herbs & Veggies at the Beach 4. Sexy Biaatch of Boracay 5. Sacred Drums on Kublai's Kahn 6. Nadia - Second-hand Artist? 7. Like an Indian Village? 8. First-ever Female Cricket Club Captain 9. We're Getting a Wind Turbine 10. Very Temporary Helipad 11. Inside & Beyond the Typhoon Shelter 12. Doggy Island



Mar 22


A Colourful Kaleidoscope of Island Life


1. Up Close and Personal with Lammadonna 2. Restaurant & Bar News ˇV March 2004 3. Tasting DeliˇVcious Wines 4. Dining Adventure in Sok Kwu Wan 5. Farewell to the Sweary, Shouty Quizmaster 6. Lamma Accident & Emergency Committee 7. More Than Just "The Cat Artist" ˇV Diane Huntoon 8. Pinkyism ˇV a New Evil Cult? 9. Who's "The Sweetest Motherfucker" on Lamma? 10. So You Think You Can Pull? ˇV Dragon Boating 11. Lamma Cricket Club Falls at Last Fence 12. From Hunter's Beach to Helipad ˇV Reclamation Photo History.






Sexy Molls, Forgotten Artists & Village Idiots


1. Chinese New Year Leftovers 2. Free Classifieds, Links & Web Pages! 3. Favourite Hangout of Gangsters & Molls? 4. Restaurant & Bar News - Jan 2004 5. Roz Keep, ex-Lammaite Painter 6. The Official Village Idiot Election 7. Transparency Through Participation in an Interactive Platform 8. Below the Ferry Pier... 9. Flourishing Flora, Faultless Fauna 10. Gravel Ship at Sunset 11. The Forgotten Artist 12. "We were awesome in the field!"







Christmas Shopping on Lamma


1. Christmas Shopping Photo Gallery 2. Lamma Fun Day - Best Snapshots 3. Follow-ups: Elections, Helipad, Loy Krathong 4. Restaurant & Bar News - December 5. LAP Opens Animal Welfare Center 6. Corner Bar Closing - 10th Anniversary 7. Squinty Backbone @ Bookworm 8. Lamma Cricket Clubbers' Emphatic Win! 9. Confluence King of China 10. Clamma for Glamma on Lamma (Groan!) 11. Reclamation Update 12. Seriously Silly Signs.






11/23 - Having Fun on Election Day!


1. Loads of Fun & Funds! 2. Lammadonna vs. Big Guy - Alex Chan Interview 3. Rock the Tipi, Rockit! 4. Restaurants & Bars - What's New? 5. R U Feeling Secure Domestically? 6. Completely Off-the-Wall Barminess 7. The Production of Locality in a Transnational Community 8. Local Photographers Showing off 9. Dr Yip Lai Lam - Artist of the Month 10. Terrifying but Cute on Halloween 11. Lamma Dumping Site Cleaned up 12. Thai Festival of Floating Lanterns.






Lamma - Live it, Love it, Laugh at it!


1. One Year, 25 Lamma-zines! 2. While the HARBOUR FESTers, Lamma Rocks! 3. Restaurants & Bars - What's New? 4. Nicknames for Local Places 5. Mid-Autumn Festival - Photo Gallery 6. More Burglaries in Pak Kok 7. Stop Pet Poisonings! 8. Diggers and Dreamers - Holistic Lamma 9. Sandra & Yoshi - Art Gallery 10. Wish I'd gone back to Lamma Island instead of California! 11. As a former resident of Lamma... 12. David Slough - In Memoriam.






Happy 1st Birthday to!


1. 1 Year of Fun, Laughter & Turmoil! 2. Harry Harrison's Poster Gallery 3. Lamma's Furry Poetess: Hello Haiku Kitty 4. Real Fight Club: Beast, Panther & Angela! 5. Struggle for Democracy 6. Hungry Ghosts at the Public Ferry Pier 7. Fire Dancers, Beach Parties, T8 & "da Bomb" 8. "I am forced to write this" 9. Catching a Garoupa with a Bookworm 10. Remembering "The Fisherman's Friend".






Exploring the Lost Valley of the Hippies

1. Signs you've lived on Lamma for too long 2. Deserted Village at Hunter's 3. Lamma Fun Day: Help & Ideas Wanted 4. Register to Vote for Change! 5. Full Monty at the Table for Two 6. 7. Lamma Bands at Wanchai Live VIII 8. Sha Po Village Nights.






Plant a Tree to Grow a Forest!

1. Lamma Dragons Win Ladies Cup! 2. Restaurant News & Updates 3. Tree Planting Day 4. Local Artist: Christine Dodd Myers 5. Join the New Fight Club! 6. Lamma Grand Prix Ring Road 7. New Contest & forum 8. LAPets Photo Gallery.






Bulletproof Monk: Laudable Lamma Luminary!

1. Record Easter Crowds on Sars-free Island! 2. Lamma Artists: Debra Morris 3. "Dan Kwai Fong - the Novel" 4. "I'm a rock star. Not a fucking camper!" 5. Do You Know the "Lamma Forest"? 6. A New Vision for Yung Shue Wan 7. Lamma Dragons Photo Gallery 8. Tin Hau Festivities!






Dragonboats, Sailboats, Sampans, & Helicopters!

1. Photo Contest Winners 2. Lamma Cricket Club Wins League! 3. Varuna Sailing Adventure 4. Go, Go, Go, Lamma Dragons! 5. A Flight in the Emergency Helicopter 6. Hang-ups & Hangovers 7. Who would want to live on Lamma? 8. Introducing Local Artists: Marilena!






Mr. Bastard or Tycoon?

1. Chinese New Year Photo Gallery 2. What's Happening to Local Restaurants? 3. Mr. Bastard or Tycoon? 4. Official Court Artist of My Lamma 5. Visiting a Salsa Congress? 6. Mass Wallpapering Operation 7. "Fa-a-ark, Fo-wock...Fa-a-ark, Fo-wockˇK" 8. "Apply to join the COSMIC COMMUNION".

Supplement 1:  My Lamma Photo Contest  (Photo Gallery)

Supplement 2:  Mr. Bastard or Tycoon?  (Dan interview)






3 Wishes for the Year 2003

1. 1/15/03: 3. Birthday of the New Millennium 2. Wanna Open a Bar/Restaurant? 3. The Big Rip-Off! 4. Step in Any Dog Poop Lately? 5. Save Lamma New Year Update 6. Looking for Chow Yun-fat's...Sister 7. Eat a Bean, Win a Bird! 8. DickStock's Lewd Parlor Thoughts.




Christmas Time on Lamma

Xmas Shopping in YSW; I Love Lamma! Xmas Cards & Messages; Wandering Kittens: Mini Photo Comix; Xmas Promotions; Photo Gallery: Green; Are You Brawny, But Not Brainy? Nights, Lights & Fire Dragons.



Crouching Tiger, Hidden... Ice-Cream?

Funday Debriefing; Lamma's Celebs; Restaurant Ratings Results; Stories of Wandering Kittens; Posturing, Simulations, Titillations; Somebody Said the "C" Word! Useless Sexual Fact for Today; Contests & Promotions.



Funny Funday on un-Sunny Sunday

Funday Sunday! My Lamma Christmas Party; Christmas Letters & Home Pages; More Internet Romance... Harbour Reclamation Update; Dishonest Property Agents; Lamma Invading Disco Bay! Members Get Members.

Supplement:  My Lamma Photo Contest  (Ad Flyer)



Real Romance in a Virtual World

How Lamma-Gung Met Lamma-Poh; Photo Contest: First Entries! WANTED! Outgoing Caucasian Females; Places to Meet People on Lamma; Restaurant Rating Results; Sand Castle Building & Parachute Games; Ground-breaking Break-through!

Supplement:  "Real Romance in a Virtual World"  (SCMP Story)



My Lamma Photo Contest

Photo Contest Launched! DickStock Photo Comix; Hell's Angels Bikers of Lamma! Fertility Island?
Anti-poison for Cats; Lamma Funday posters; "Are you all smoking crack?"; Local Laudable Luminaries.



Sex Poll of Lamma-ites

Pedestrians vs. (W)reckless Bikers; Sex Poll of Lamma-ites; LAP's Cover Story; "Psychedelic as Hell!"; Meeting Chow Yun Fat; Lamma Fun Day Stalls; CD/VCD/DVD Exchange; We know (almost) NOTHING about the Universe!



The Happiest Man on Lamma!

Ms. B Revealed & Exposed! Lamma Photo Contest; "The Happiest Man on Lamma!"; Nepali Night @ Deli Lamma; YOUR Home Pages & Blogs; DickStock Photo Comix; "Miserable Episcopalian Carcass!"; Looking for Work?



Peace + Love @ Lamma = DickStock 2002!

Smashing Success of DickStock! Lamma Police Reading This E-zine? "I'm considerably rebellious here.";
LAP Sale a Big Success! Encore!; "Can VV Drivers & Bikers Slow Down?"; The Dark Side of Halloween; "Husband Swapping Parties!"; "A Sterile Gigantic Slab of Concrete".



DICKSTOCK! Lamma Event of the Year!

DICKSTOCK 2002, Saturday, 26 Oct; Guitarist Wanted by Classy Rock Goddess! "Very Personal" CD by Ip Kee May; Orgasm Birds @ Birdos Anonymous; Nick the Bookman & DJ & Concert Critic; Lamma Fun Day, Dec 8; "Have you been living on Lamma long time?"; Dogs, Cats & Children in Danger!



WINNERS: Miss & Nick the Bookman!

Winners of our Coolest Online Identity competition! Best (and worst) Lamma restaurants: your reviews! Weblog: "Watching Lamma Passing By..."; Calvin & Hobbes & Hawking; LammaNetPolice and his police(web)dog; Heated debate on invading Iraq; Broadband - advice needed; Your cast-offs could save lives!



LammaNetPolice Fights Pirates, Perverts & Scofflaws!

Miss! Mister; LammaNetPolice Fights Pirates, Perverts & Scofflaws! Silicon Valley Lamma; e, Mr 3 & Tim-Tam the Hamster; SSSSNAKESSSS! MAX! 2002 Film Festival; Birthday Presents for all Members!



Hippies & Yuppies vs. Mosquitoes & Chinchillas

"Hippy Haven or Yuppie Ghetto?"; "Gweilo go home!"; Worried about Dengue fever? "Should the US disregard the UN and attack Iraq?"; "The Abandoned 5" are now "The Ulrik 4"; Coolest Online Identity poll going wild! "Two hot and horny chinchillas"; "Gravity Pockets, Hippie Film Buffs & Avatars".


Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll on Lamma Beach?

"Decadent party on deserted beach"; "Standoff on Lamma"; "A small island of non-engineered appearance"; "Wah! Hou lek! Sik gong gwongdung wah!"; "I could feel your energy, your love of life, the heat of your flame..."; "Dickstock 2002!!! 26th October!!! Live Music Event of the Year!"; National Day: what are you up to? Last chances to win!



Mid-Autumn Lanterns & Lantern Bugs

"I'm flashing in this photo!!!!!!"; Three new forum for life's essentials; What's a Lanternbug look like? "Cool Bonzai Trance slipmats"; "Broadband - advice needed"; Desperately seeking... a monitor!? "Two hot & horny Chinchillas..."; Attention, calling all ex-Lamma Oldsters!



Sea Shells, Sea Monsters and Seasoned Oldsters

Nick the Bookman's 15 Minutes of Fame! Meeting Chow Yun Fat's Mother! Lamma Oldster Causes Controversy! Silly Beards and Baldy Heads! Classy Rock Goddess Announces DickStock 2002! Sea Shells, Sea Monsters and Si-lly Masks! The Monkey King's Free Wine Set! Personals.



Can Dan's win by a landslide?

Poll for "Which is the best pub in Yung Shu Wan"; A Petition to have Late Ferries Back To Yung Shue Wan; Fancy I'm looking for .... a skull?! News & Gossip; Jobs Wanted.



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