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  1. The Loveliest Place on Lamma!


  2. Restaurants & Bars - April 2004

  3. Land of Herbs & Veggies at the Beach


  4. Sexy Biaatch of Boracay

  5. Sacred Drums on Kublai's Kahn

  6. Nadia - Second-hand Artist?

  7. Like an Indian Village?

  8. First-ever Female Cricket Club Captain

  9. We're Getting a Wind Turbine

  10. Very Temporary Helipad

  11. Inside & Beyond the Typhoon Shelter

  12. Doggy Island

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Business Ads:

Editorial:  Welcome to the Official Court Cartoonist!


Frankly, sometimes it can be very tiring & frustrating to find new contributors for the Lamma-zine! Many people love to read, but only a precious few are willing to contribute. Imagine my utter joy and sheer delight when I finally managed to convince Harry Harrison - of SCMP fame - to create an original, exclusive cartoon for the Lamma-zine!


After many months of smooth-talking ("...contribute one of your beautiful creations to grace the modest Internet pages of the Lamma-zine which is obviously not worthy of your artistic genius, but nevertheless would feel so greatly honoured and utterly delighted to include your illustration..."), plus a bit of arm-twisting, bribing, blackmailing, torturing, etc., I've finally succeeded in "motivating" and "inspiring" Harry for his first-ever cartoon exclusively created for the Lamma-zine (see above)! Taking full advantage of my full-creative-freedom-no-limitations editorial policy, he's come up with a smelly masterpiece that might not be acceptable to a family newspaper like the SCMP.


Harry commented that the "formal word 'faeces' in the cartoon juxtaposes the crude nature of the visual". I love it and I hope so do you! Click on it to get a wallpaper-sized version, perfect for an irreverent localised desktop. Stare at it long enough and its subliminal messages might make you want to adopt a cute puppy dog right away! Or it might make you run to the toilet!


Harry's been declared the Official Court Cartoonist of the Lamma-zine, promising more illustrations, "to call up some of the more annoying features of life on Lamma"! He's had a look at my editorial calendar for next month for inspiration, identifying some "big red shiny targets".


The illustration of Harry on the right was done by the Official Court Artist of the Lamma-zine, the Aggressively Shy Stick Insect Hunter (ASS-IH), a while back. What kind of official would YOU like to be? Official Village Idiot is already taken, but an official title would look really good on your name card!


In the meantime, have a look at Harry's former Lamma-related artworks in his Posters Gallery (see left) and on his own comprehensive, beautiful & professional website. Its "Bottom Drawer" is full of clever but repetitive text, like "Copy to be written to fill this section," and even a lot of Latin: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit"!


I've been looking for a 2nd-hand digital camera in the last issue, to replace my failing current one! A shiny hero has stepped forward to save me from a camera-less existence: Take a bow, David Kerr from the SCM Post, loyal Lamma-zine reader for over a year! He generously donated his fancy, but little-used Nikon Coolpix 3100 to the Lamma-zine. He didn't accept any cash, only barter for a redesign of his personal website honouring his late father. Such a truly noble soul is living amongst us mere mortals? We should be deeply honoured!

Thank you, David, I am not worthy!








Many of the photos in this issue have already been taken with the new camera: Helicopter, wind turbine, Nadia's art gallery, About the Lamma-zine, Easter Eggheads...


The digicam is so small, light & cute that it'll accompany me EVERYWHERE from now on! Beware when you see me approaching, always on duty and on the prowl for more photos to feed the voracious Lamma-zine which gobbles up 200-300 new photos in every issue, incl. photo galleries!


A new type of cover this time: if you haven't done so yet, move your mouse over the cover graphics illustration at the top of this issue, click on any picture that looks interesting! Try it! The cover computer graphics was created from one of the first "Multi-Shot" photos taken with my new digicam (see right), taking 16 continuous shots while waving the camera around wildly.


Two new permanent sections are starting in this issue: besides the now permanent online poll, started in the last issue, I've added Publicity and Follow-up sections for some of the news & stuff too small for an entire article. Also, the Editor is actually replying to some of the THOUSANDS OF EMAILS (almost all junk emails) he receives every month!


As promised in the last issue, the best two contributors in each issue will receive either a fine bottle of wine (first 2 bottles donated by Vinoasis! Thank you!), or a free meal in a local restaurant! Congratulations to our winners this time: Barry Swerdlow (Doggy Island photos) and our Lamma Cricket Club Correspondent (Cricket Club in Chiang Mai)! Email me with your tips, ideas, stories, photos, anything! YOU might win next time!


Friendly greetings from Lamma-Gung

(definitely not a Sexy Biaatch & not an Easter Egghead yet)

Managing Editor & Publisher of Lamma-zine,
Managing Consultant of,
Site Administrator & Artsy Cybergeek of


P.S. Most pictures & all ads are clickable links! ANY TEXT in this dark-blue or this purple colour is a clickable link to more content, for example photo galleries and additional pages, all called supplements.

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Ads for Restaurants, Bars, Food & Misc.:

Follow-up:  New section!


Quite often, I get interesting feedback on already published stories, or there's something new to report or additional materials submitted, but it's not enough for a new full story. This new section will follow up on formerly published stories. Let me know if you like the idea or not!


• Lammadonna interview:


Something quite surprising, even frightening just happened today on Main Street: Lammadonna stopped me, smiled broadly and said repeatedly that she liked my interview very much, even slapping my shoulder in a friendly & encouraging way. I've tried to be fair and impartial, but this enthusiastic reaction still amazed me. I thought it was a hard-hitting piece of intrepid investigative journalism, full of stinging irony & sarcasm, revealing the inner machinations of local politics, the secret personality of a local mover & shaker, maybe causing her never to speak to me again! But she actually LIKED it!


We've established an infrequent, but good rapport now, fortunately. I've already had another long interview with her, this time in her brand-new office's conference room with one of her volunteers interpreting. Topics ranged from the typhoon shelter extension to the Ring Road objections and the lifespan of our new but very temporary helipad. More about her detailed replies in this and the next issue.


• Dragonboating:


An "officially approved" quote from Karl Kinsman, Vice Captain of the male team:

"I must say I am very pleased with the team this year. We have a lot of strong new blood. As well as the pick of the litter from years past. Everyone is picking up the stroke quickly. If we continue to work as a team and keep up the training I can say with confidence that we will have a great season."

Otherwise, no news, photos or web pages yet from the dragon-boaters? Maybe next month, after their first race (Tin Hau) in YSW harbour on May 5?


• Frazer's Farewell Ho Down:


More pictures from Hamada, from Garoupa's performance in the Island Bar, just before the YSWankers:


• Ran's story about

Alain N'Galani:


Remember that great photo of Alain's fist sculpting Ran's face in training, from the 350 Rans series, auctioned off weekly on eBay for charity? I liked it so much that I bought it at US$20 (unique, signed, dated, and numbered), to support Ran's charity drive. It was printed on his brand-new archival-quality inkjet printer, supposedly guaranteed for 150 years. If the print fades after only 149 years, I plan to demand my money back!

In the meantime, the poster on the right is announcing Alain's World Title Fight in Bangkok this weekend (Apr 23-26). More about the outcome in the next issue. Good luck, Alain! If he triumphs, the resale value of my unique artwork might quickly soar, hehehe...


Breaking News: Alain won and is now a World Heavyweight Muay Thai Champion!

SCM Post cover story last Sunday, Apr 25. Pictures and interview in next month's issue!

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  1. The Loveliest Place on Lamma!



    There are so many lovely places on Lamma and everybody has their own favourite, often secret spot. Some are well-known to locals and tourists alike, some are beautiful, but very little known, like the place on the right. No, not the Hotel Intercontinental in Tsim Sha Tsui with a HK Island view. Guess!

    It's the Cococabana Restaurant in Mo Tat Wan, a 200-people village beyond Sok Kwu Wan, in a romantic little bay overlooking Aberdeen, with its own ferry pier. Owner/manager/chef Jean-Paul Gauci calls it "The Loveliest Place on Lamma!" But he would, having just settled there 9 months ago with wife Patsy and son Nino. He finds YSW too busy & too crowded, like HK Island!


    On a recent balmy afternoon, Lamma-Por and I sat down for an early dinner and a long, friendly, funny chat with perfect host Jean-Paul, who's cooked in many great restaurants worldwide. You can take the ferry via Sok Kwu Wan, alighting just outside Cococabana, or walk there from Sok Kwu Wan (at least 30 mins).


    I had walked there all the way from Yung Shue Wan via Lo Tik Wan (see story). Totally exhausted, enjoying a glass of their cool, refreshing house wine on their beach-front balcony (see left), the incredible food appearing course after course, it certainly looked like the loveliest place to me!


    A fantastic place for a group booking, junk trip or any party. We've sampled the Menu Surprise which is designed daily by Jean-Paul, taking into consideration Cococabana's most popular platters and what's fresh & best that day. It's $320 per person, everything included, even Kir Royale, coffee/tea, dessert & service charge. Not cheap, but definitely great value! To our surprise, generous Jean-Paul didn't let me pay for the Menu Surprise! See the special menu we enjoyed below right, click here for their detailed Q&A. For their website, click on any photo.

    Without exaggerating, this was by far the best non-Chinese meal we've EVER had anywhere on Lamma! This is 5-star-hotel-quality food, but in a quiet, peaceful al fresco setting above a clean, sandy beach, the best of town & island life combined! Highly recommended!


    Seafood & Eat it

    We are a Restaurant and Bar and have a great beach location, only 15 min from HK by ferry. We serve Provençale cooking, most recipes are authentically created as in the Provençe of Southern France. Our menu also includes some delicious Mediterranean seafood dishes, Moroccan Grill, Greek Houmas and lots more.

    There are two other aspects to our menu. First, the Surprise Menu where our Chef Jean Paul Gauci will create a tailored menu for your party from the best of that day. Of course, it starts with a welcome drink on the house, and lastly our very popular Children’s Menu consists of all the kids' favourites & our own comfort food.

    Although we are a laid-back Mediterranean beach restaurant, you can be sure to find the family feeling present throughout, fresh honest tastes, accurate and friendly service. We also have a  very modest wine list from Chateau Neuf du Pape to Australian Wolf Blass Shiraz, not to mention French Provençale and Italian  wines for as little as $160 per bottle.

    Special menu:

    Antipasti platter w/Italian & Provençale Hors d'oeuvres,

    Baked Saint Maure Goat's Cheese wrapped in Bacon with Walnuts & Balsamico dressing,

    Prawns Piri Piri sauteed in Chilli & Garlic w/fresh Herbs,

    Grilled Mediterranean Sardines with Rosemary Butter and Picard,

    Dutch Mussels steamed in white Wine, Herbs & Shallots,

    Oven-grilled African Chicken with Coconut, Peppers & Spice,

    Barbary Duck Confit with Rosemary, Honey and Lemon,

    Dessert sampler (French Apple Tart topped w/Ice-cream, Caramelized Egg Cream, Chocolate Mousse Cake),
    Tisane (French Herbal Tea).

    (all photos provided by Cococabana, click here for their Q&A)  

    Getting back home is easy, by frequent ferries from just outside the restaurant to Aberdeen, and from there a ferry back to YSW, if you live there. But way more fun is the speedboat that Jean-Paul can order for guests anytime. Up to ten people sharing for $600, it's 15 minutes of high-speed racing back to YSW. Jean-Paul came along for one of his rare journeys away from his little paradise. I invited him to the Island Bar which he didn't know by name. Lamma-Por and I will soon return for a special celebration, enjoying more of the amazing food and jovial, relaxed atmosphere in Cococabana. See you there?

  2. Restaurants & Bars - April 2004



    New restaurants rarely manage to open on time; especially when they're totally renovated from scratch like "Life" (Bookworm-offspring in Soho, Central), renovated on-and-off like "The Full Monty" and "The Waterfront", or renovated in-a-hurry like "Omi" (new dessert place on Back Street, where Thai Thai used to be). To be reviewed as soon as any of these "Opening soon!" restaurants actually officially opens.


    All the places above have unfortunately missed probably the best weekend of the year for the local food & beverage business: Easter. We might have gotten pretty close again this year to those all-time-high visitor arrival figures of last Easter. Glorious weather, many shops/restaurants full to capacity, but it was almost impossible to squeeze through the slowly moving herds on Main Street. We really love tourists (at least their cash) coming in and patronising our shops & restaurants, but do they all need to visit on the same weekend!?


    Recent news & developments:

    Is it a sign of still tough times that some restaurants are teaming up, selling each other's food on commission?

    Island Bar is selling the Bistro's food. New Holiday Mood has THREE menus these days, offering their own Western-style dishes, Chinese from Lung Wah Rest. (opposite Spicy Island) and Indian from Spicy Island. What next?

    Lamma Bistro is looking for full-time and part-time staff. Interested?

    A disclaimer from the Editor:

    Some of the restaurants mentioned in this regular monthly feature are Lamma-zine advertisers (Deli, Diesel's, Spicy Island, Island Bar,...). But that has not stopped me in the past to be honest and slam anybody for bad food or service, if encountered. I've gotten away with it so far, fortunately.

    Many places getting good comments below are not advertisers (Bookworm, Man Kee, Tropicana). This regular monthly feature is basically promotional in nature, trying to get you to go out more and patronise the wide variety of great restaurants on Lamma, helping to improve the local economy!

    I'll always try to be honest and fair in my own comments. But as many of my advertisers pay partially in food/drinks barter, I'll obviously tend to visit them more frequently, highlighting their promotions and special events more, also taking more pictures of their dishes. Additional food reviews from readers for publication are always highly encouraged, good or bad!!

    Click here for an extensive & comprehensive photo gallery of Restaurant & Bar News - April 2004.

  3. Land of Herbs & Veggies at the Beach










    A new, truly organic farm opened a few months ago just besides Hung Shing Yeh beach: vegetables, flowers and loads of herbs direct from the farm. I've had a good look at this very idyllic farm recently. Herboland has become very popular already, sometimes they have two press interviews per day! See the SCMP photographer on the left taking pictures of farmers Gavin & Gary for a recent big feature story in the SCM Post!


    Gavin has contributed to for quite some time now, as member the farmland. He's made good use of it for free promotion of their great venture. Trying some of their produce myself (left), it is most tasty and flavourful indeed! Check it out yourself, buy direct at the farm, order by email or phone (see below). Daily deliveries to Main Street!

    You're also most to check out their website!


    Click here for the Herboland photo gallery!

  5. Sexy Biaatch of Boracay



    Another one of the quite frequent public birthday parties in Diesel's. This time for Rose who doesn't mind being known as the Sexy Biaatch of Boracay, obviously having a great sense of humour.

    It was a really fun party - beachwear dress code, free buffet, sexy ladies & guys - lasting well through the night! Check out the following photos and cheeky captions.


    Want to see YOUR party in the Lamma-zine? Send me photos w/captions or, even better, invite me for a free photo shoot, like Diesel's did!  ;-)

    Click here for the "Sexy Biaatch of Boracay party @ Diesel's" photo gallery!

  6. Sacred Drums on Kublai's Kahn



    What are Lammaites getting up to on weekends? Well, some of us seem to go drumming & dancing on Chinese sailing junks, joining in with 8,000 sacred drums synchronised around the world. Don't believe it? Hear from some participants below, including Captain Marc who's recently left Lamma and lives now on one of his boats, the Enterprise catamaran...

    (Photos from Kinzie, Faris and Tim O'Rourke)

    Kumi - Drum Queen & Drum Jam organiser:

    The 8,000 sacred drums ceremony was held on 21st March (Spring Equinox), on Kublai's Kahn, a 100m, beautiful Chinese junk --- retracing the tracks of old Marco Polo voyage.

    We were blessed to have been invited to stage this event on board the Kublai's Kahn - the expedition ship of the Marco Polo voyage which was in Hong Kong.

    What to bring:
    Drums, rattles, percussion instruments/toys (or borrow ours), didgeridoos, flutes, drumming hands, dancing feet, singing voice, and open hearts.

    Details of the voyage at: 

    57 of us from different walks of life, drummed, danced, sang, toned, prayed and vibrated ourselves together for an hour without a break, for healing of the Mother Earth, life and peace.

    This event was held at more than 800 centres, sacred places and points on the planet.

    Our cyber man, Faris, has put some photos onto one of his websites for your viewing.

    The purpose of the ceremony was to join the Sound of the Sacred Drums for an hour (60 minutes) at 12 noon (local time at every location on the Planet) on March 21, 2004. We were joining in this ceremony in Hong Kong, "for the healing of Mother Earth and ensure peace and life".

    More info on the 8,000 sacred drums ceremony:

    Lastly, many thanks to Axel Brümmer and the crew of the Kublai's Kahn, Marc Cuthbert, Iain Donnachie, Kinzie, Diane Wilcoxon, Linda Fancy, Cherence Yung, Tim Orourke, Faris Hanes and all of you who were there that day for sharing their spirit.

    drum, peace, harmony.

    Kumi Masunaga - Rhythm of Life -

    Captain Marc:  From the Crow's Nest

    Thanks for your continued support and interest ...... I have passed this to Kinzie and she intends to follow up by supplying you with something juicy by the weekend. (Editor: see below!)

    Your assumption is inaccurate (Editor: I asked him if he lost interest in free PR in the Lamma-zine.) For this you shall be lashed to the foremast and severely flogged with ostrich feathers on candyfloss sticks by two large-breasted scantily clad Amazonian slave women!! - If you're lucky!! So take that!

    Of course, I must stress that you must NOT praise me to the heavens and splatter my good name with descriptions such as brave, dastardly, handsome, witty, charming, adventurous, generous, kindly, 'strapping', etc etc etc, anywhere in your periodical .... wouldn't want to risk understatement.

    You have not heard from me in a while for the simple face that I've been constantly and laboriously saving the baby from the jaws of the rabid crocodile. (Ed: Baby=Marc).

    ciao for now ..... i hear a scream .... must dash n' save ......

    Capt'n Marco!


    Kinzie - "the one and only", HK Heartbeat:

    Moved from Lamma and not gone ...

    On Monday 15 March, a magnificent sailing junk, the Kublai's Kahn II sailed into Victoria Harbour with Captain Marc Cuthbert aka Captain Yellowbeard aka Captain Custard at her helm. To say this was an emotional moment for Captain would be an understatement. The original Kublai's Kahn is resting quietly on the bottom of the Indian Ocean where she sank on May 21 last year after encountering rough weather. At the time, she was known as the Precious Dragon and she was the manifestation of Marc’s passion. Ownership was to be transferred to Axel Brümmer and Peter Glöckner upon delivery in Singapore.

    They had met Marc when looking for the perfect boat for their project and they found her in Goa, where Marc had been running charters. Her loss was devastating to everyone involved. She now holds the happy memories of many parties over her years in Hong Kong. She had sailed under London’s Tower Bridge to commemorate the handover to China. She lives on in Axel & Peter’s promotional materials and in the opening credits of Star TV’s Travel Asia series.

    Kublai's Kahn II was recently finished in Indonesia and sailed to The Philippines en route to Hong Kong where the crew would officially launch the return to Venice following Marco Polo’s voyage of discovery. Axel and Peter had started off on their spectacular journey to China on 28 January 2001 – a trip that would retrace the historical route of Marco Polo, the first European to travel to China. The intention of the two cyclists’ latest project was to build a bridge between cultures, just as Marco Polo had done in his time.

    Just as it is likely that Marco Polo encountered unexpected challenges along the way, Axel & Peter have had their share of tests of their commitment. On 6 March, Peter had to return suddenly from The Philippines to Germany and attend to urgent family matters. With no captain and a schedule to keep, they called Captain Marc to the rescue. Marc flew to Manila on the afternoon of 10 March and they set sail early the next morning, arriving in Hong Kong on March 15. Marc provided leadership and training for the crew to continue on their own to Singapore where they hope to be re-joined by Peter.


    During their stay in Hong Kong, the local community stepped up and provided their support for the project. Several fundraisers were held and Captain Marc took the helm for a Sunday afternoon of drumming in Repulse Bay followed by a Sunset Cruise through Victoria Harbour on March 21. He guided the crew through the maze of boat fitters in Ap Lei Chau where they were amazed by the variety and availability of every imaginable part. Simpson Marine offered their service and support to refit the engine with badly needed parts. The Aberdeen Boat Club provided a mooring and facilities for the crew who reveled in the availability of hot showers. 

    The Royal Geographic Society hosted a last-minute field trip on Friday the 27th and nearly 100 members showed up despite the promise of rain and the competing opening night of rugby. An opportunity like this does not appear often and Axel was at his entertaining best with his presentation. They have held events, presentations and carnivals in Germany to raise all of the funds for their trip. Axel & Peter draw crowds of up to 6,000 with talks and their amazing slide show in their home country. In all, Hong Kong raised more than HK$20,000 to support the project. She now has a beautiful new tender providing the crew with the freedom to be moored offshore and travel easily to port.

    On Sunday afternoon, 28 March, while most of Hong Kong was either watching or recovering from the 7’s, Kublai's Kahn II slipped quietly into the mist on route to Venice. On board were Captain Axel & his wife Biga, Axel’s cousin Henna, rescued Kublai's Kahn crew member Joerg, Indonesian Harris who joined from the port where Kublai's Kahn II was built, 3 Hong Kong recruits for the leg to Singapore (Ian, Suzanne & Ted) and their newly adopted cats Ying and Yang. It was a moment out of time and history. The adventure had truly begun.

    And Captain Marc returned to the business of his own boats, The Enterprise and Varuna, moored in the quiet surrounds of Tai Tam Bay. The Enterprise is home sweet home for Marc and Slinky and PC and the ferry commute has been replaced by a motorcycle ride.

    While his IT business still consumes the majority of his time and energy, he has lost none of his passion or vision for both of his favorite ladies. The Enterprise is to be made available for adventure sailing charters and Varuna is being fitted for sail training. She will also be the centerpiece for themed parties - anyone who was on hand for Marc’s 40th birthday party can attest to her magic. Stay tuned…

  7. Nadia - Second-hand Artist?



    You might have noticed the pointy-haired, rainbow-coloured painting below left hanging in Aroy Thai? That's just one of Nadia's many cheerful creations. You can find a lot more in the permanent exhibition in her private art gallery cum 2nd-hand shop (or is it the other way round?) a few doors down from Aroy Thai.


    Working in an amazingly wide variety of media (paper cutting, pen drawing, acrylic paint, etc) Nadia is a self-taught, self-made woman, not restricted by traditional artistic conventions. Painting & drawing "just for fun", as she likes to exclaim, she has sold quite a few artworks, offering them at low prices.


    When meeting her for the first time, she handed me her unconventional triangular name card with just a single job title on it: "Spiritual Advice". No mention of her other impressive jobs like shop-owner, painter, musician... Multi-talented AND modest, truly a pretty rare combination on Lamma and elsewhere!


    Also a well-known local fashion icon, you can often see Nadia modeling her latest fashion statements on our local catwalk, High Street. Never looking the same twice, well-accessorised, she combines & color-coordinates her stylish, low-cost clothes from her 2nd-hand shop (see right and above right) into always new, unique, often surprising looks. With her model looks and figure, she'll definitely be a major star in an upcoming "Fashion on Lamma" article/photo gallery...

    Click here for Nadia's Art Gallery!
    Who wants to be the next Lamma Artist of the Month? Contact me!

  8. Like an Indian Village?



    There are so many places to enjoy Indian food along Main Street and so many Indian families living here, sometimes you feel almost a bit like being in an Indian village. Our Indian contributor, Raman Athinathan, is comparing Yung Shue Wan to a typical Indian village in his interesting and thought-provoking essay.


    Personally, I think that there are definitely a lot of parallels, like our shared love of rumours & gossiping, the relaxed, but often very modest, low-key life style, the crowded conditions on weekends on Main Street (see above left), the culture of little shops and outdoor dining come to my mind. But let's hear from our expert.

    Click here for Raman's essay "Lamma as a village - some thoughts".

  9. First-ever Female Cricket Club Captain



    LCC win plate

    at Phuket International Sixes

    Tour side wins silverware
    under first female skipper

    By Peter Parker

    Plate winners LCC left to right:
    Ian Farrar (HKCC), Captain Kim Leung,
    Mark "Monty" Burns, Mark Smith, Raju
    (on loan from Phuket), Brad Tarr (kneeling).

    Lamma Cricket Club traveled to Thailand before Easter, bringing home the plate from the inaugural American Express Private Bank Phuket International Sixes 2004 under the able captaincy of Lamma's first-ever female Captain, Kim Leung. The tournament featured 12 sides from Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, England, Australia, and Thailand.

    Lamma's first match was against Green Man Sweepers, a local side of Pakistanis and Aussies, with Captain Kim losing the toss were put into bat. Lamma made 83 (Brad Tarr 31 retired; Mark "Monty" Burns 33 retired).

    Mark and Brad, who organized the tournament, celebrate success by having a three-legged race?

    Our opponents could only get 49 runs off some tight Lamma bowling from Raju (12 runs), Kim (14), Brad (20 for 1 wicket), Ian Farrar (on loan from HKCC, 2), and especially Monty (3 for 2) and good keeping from Smithy. Three points to Lamma for their first win.

    The next game was against tougher opposition in the form of eventual cup runners-up, Moonshine Warathais, captained by the infamous under-arm bowler Trevor Chappell. Captain Kim won the toss, decided to field first, and the Warathais smashed our bowlers all over the ground to score a formidable 121 for 1, Despite some spirited Lamma batting from Monty (34 retired) and Smithy (16 not out) we could only muster a 57-run total - a bad game all round for Lamma on the coconut matting.

    We faced stiff opposition in our first game of day 2 as well, this time from Callmate, an Indian side led by former Indian International Atul Wassan. Callmate made 100 for 1 and this time Brad and Ian opened the Lamma reply. Brad hit 28, Ian was run out on 2, Monty was bowled out on 19, and the rest could muster a total of 66, despite Captain Kim scoring her first run of the competition.

    Lamma were back in the field just after lunch, this time against the Perth Postels, losing the toss and being put into field. Unfortunately we lost Raju, a local lad drafted in to make up the Lamma numbers, for half of the innings as he had to go back to work in between games and was late. Our opposition kindly let us have a sub for the first half, who was another Perth boy, Doug Hedley. Perth Postels could only manage 64 off the Lamma bowlers, with notable overs from Doug (5) and Ian (6). Despite 33 from Brad, we could only manage 63. This game saw a nail-biting finish, though, with 5 runs needed off the final 2 balls and Kim facing. She made a lovely cover drive shot and cheered all the way to the other crease thinking the game was Lamma's. We needed 4 to win but Ian only managed to get the ball away for 1 run.


    Ian Farrar, Monty Burns, Captain Kim,
    Doug Hedley (Perth), Brad Tarr and Raju.

    Never mind, we were through to the Plate semi-final on the final day, which was almost abandoned when heavy rain left standing water and a wet coconut matting pitch. But there was a delayed start and everything was back on track. Lamma lost their keeper, Smithy, to a heavy night in Phuket and again had the help of Doug for the rest of the day. Green Man Sweepers beat the Perth Postels in the first plate semi while Lamma played Blythswood, who traveled all the way from Essex.

    Monty Burns relaxing with a Klosters beer at the "Lamai" Restaurant near the hotel and stadium.
    A great little place.

    Blythswood batted first and made 85. Monty and Brad opened the Lamma reply (Brad 34 retired), and Monty hitting the winning runs off a 4, finishing on 30. Lamma won, scoring 88 with one ball to spare.

    In the Plate Final, Lamma faced Green Man Sweepers, the team we'd beaten on the first day. Captain Kim was a nervous wreck, having bowled a shocker in the semi, giving 43 off her over, and went for a practice, seemingly doing OK, at least until she took the field? Lamma were put into bat and Monty batted very well, as he'd done all tournament. He opened with Brad but Brad was bowled on 12. Ian joined Mark at the crease and scored a handy 21 not out. Monty again retired, this time on 32, bringing Doug in with 12 off the final over. We ended with a defendable total of 89. Our bowling order changed, with Ian keeping wicket. Doug bowled the first over for 11.


    In comes nervous Captain Kim, who goes on to concede 37 runs, mostly to wides. But the crowd was behind her, shouting encouragement and telling the batsman to hit the bloody ball!!! Five wides later, the crowd were getting really pissed off with the batsman for not hitting the wides and scoring off them ... next ball, Kim manages to bowl straight, batsman missed his shot and was clean bowled, giving Kim her first wicket of the tournament, after the square leg umpire ordered him off. Raju took centre stage and bowled a tidy over for 8. Green Man were 52 for 1 needing 38 to win.

    Brad came on, took a wicket with a catch by Doug on the boundary, taking the score to 58 for 2. Next ball we thought was an excellent catch by Monty but he was outside the boundary and sportingly signaled a 6 when the umpire had given the wicket, but was followed by another wicket, this time LBW. Green Man were now on 63 for 4 and needing 27 off the last 8 balls. Brad finished his over on 22 for 2, leaving them on 74, needing 16 to win off the last over, brought courtesy of Monty, who'd been bowling well all tournament.

    Monty's first ball was a wide, then 2 dot balls, before clean bowling their batsman number 3 for 11! Their last man took the crease hoping to support his Captain to score the 14 runs to win off 3 balls. A beautifully delivered ball only went for 1, 13 runs off 2 to win, anything can still happen in 6's, the next ball went high and over Captain Kim's head but fell short of the boundary for a 4. A big grin starting to appear on Captain's face, as the final ball went for a single but it wasn't enough! Lamma CC are the Plate Champs in the inaugural American Express Private Bank Invitational Cricket Sixes 2004!

    Latest news

    LCC also did well in the Chiang Mai Sixes over Easter, just failing to make the semis of the cup tournament and finishing fifth overall out of a total of 30 teams.

  10. We're Getting a Wind Turbine


    View from the hill above Tai Ling, "Mt Panorama", the proposed location of the Lamma wind turbine. See map below.


    Putting together a 50+-page magazine just about Lamma every month, I rely very much on ideas, contributions, submissions and tips from readers & friends, some of whom want to remain anonymous. The surprising tip below arrived recently. With a bit of online & offline research, plus a photo shoot up in Tai Ling, it grew into a big local story that might be real news for most of you, like it was for me...

    Click on map to enlarge


    Just received Hongkong Electrics Co. Project Profile for "Renewable Energy by a wind turbine System on Lamma Island" (pdf file, 800+KB). Sending the link to the paper to you:

    It's a demonstration project - only one wind turbine will be installed, for demonstration and educational purposes. The selected site is Tai Ling, a spot 250m away from any residential housing.

    My opinion is that this is a potential interesting project - what is unknown is how much the communities has been and will be involved. I think people are now extra sensitive to changes to their environment without being notified or consulted, and the Hongkong Electric doesn't have good reputation on Lamma since that dumping incident.

    Alex Chan - Citizens Party:

    More info regarding wind power. I dug up some old SCMP. The July 19, 2003 SCMP reported that HK Electric planned to set up windmills on Po Toi Island (where the FoE had already done some trial mills). It also said that the HK Electric conducted a study in Nov 2002 on Lamma. Anyway, I am not aware that the HEC was going to set up windmills on Lamma.

    I wrote this short piece about wind energy:

    I think wind energy is the way to go (renewable energy); although some people may think wind turbines are an eyesore...

    HEC press statement -
    on request from the Lamma-zine:

    The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd. has agreed with Government to build a 600kW class wind turbine on Lamma Island, the first commercial scale wind turbine in Hong Kong. The project aims to explore the wider application of wind energy in Hong Kong.

    An application for an environmental impact assessment (EIA) study has been submitted to Environmental Protection Department in March, 2004 so that an EIA could be carried out before final design and construction begin.

    Being a power supply utility, Hongkong Electric endeavours to support the research and development of renewable energy in Hong Kong."

    For your information, over the years, our company has funded several pilot projects and feasibility studies on sustainable development.

    Some of these projects are:

    1. "Green with the wind" - Wind Turbine Irrigation Project jointly organized by the Conservancy Association and the Federation of Youth Groups,

    2. Wind Monitoring Stations on Po Toi and Lamma,

    3. The Integrated Photovoltaic Research Project by the University of Hong Kong, and

    4. Solar Thermal Water Heating at Lamma Power Station.


    Six possible locations were evaluated for the wind turbine, including Tai Peng and Yung Shue Long!

    We also found a press release from Friends of the Earth (HK), dated Dec 11, 2003, referring to a wind turbine study commissioned and paid for by HK Electric:


    FoE Calls for a Long-awaited Roadmap for Wide-scale Application of Renewable in HK

    Po Toi Island and Lamma Island possess rich wind resources that can develop commercial-scale wind projects, Friends of the Earth (HK) unveiled the findings of the group's year-long Wind Energy Study. The remaining hurdles for developing wind energy in Hong Kong, FoEHK argues, are the lack of renewable energy policy and target, as well as half-hearted commitment from the two power companies.

    According to the Study, average wind speed on Po Toi and Lamma Island is 7.1m/s (26km/h) and 6.1m/s (22km/h) respectively. Such wind speeds are good enough for most modern wind turbines, which require a start up wind speed of about 4m/s. The wind speeds are also comparable to major wind farms around the world.

    Wind resource maps showing wind power density were generated for Lamma, Po Toi and the Hong Kong Island. It is found that the highest wind power areas are determined by a combination of high topography and unobstructed northeast exposure.

    Wind data from April 2001 to April 2002 on Po Toi, and from Nov 2001 to Nov 2002 on Lamma Island were collected and analysed under this Study, commissioned by Hong Kong Electric.

    Wind energy can revive Po Toi Island by enhancing the reliability of its electricity supply, and adding an attraction to the burgeoning eco-tourism industry. With only several households, Po Toi has no electricity or water supply and its energy is generated from unreliable diesel engines. Many of the villagers even cannot use a rice-cooker, a common electrical appliance for a Chinese family.

    Installing a wind turbine of 100kW, combined with a 50kW diesel generator and a 150kWh battery, can satisfy the electricity demand of Po Toi with excess wind energy available for other uses such as water desalination...


    For a first-hand look, I did a little photo shoot up in Tai Ling, from the highest hill of North Lamma, I think. This photo was taken from the "pagoda", just above the end of the 2nd Cable Road, just above the covered water reservoir and Tai Ling Village. Wind turbine location in yellow, about 30 metres below the peak. The tower itself will be 45 metres high and the rotating propellers will be 52 metres in diameter, their tips just visible from much of North Lamma, just behind Mt Panorama.

    I've started a lively discussion forum about the wind turbine on You're most welcome to air your own views, positive or negative: Wind turbine to be built in Tai Ling.


    Another photo (courtesy of David Kerr) taken from the (very windy!!) peak above, looking towards Luk Chau and HK Island. Wind turbine location is in yellow, visible fully and frontally from HK Island and the East Lamma Channel. It'll become a future "landmark" of Lamma Island. It's scheduled for construction late next year, if the Environmental Impact Assessment study in progress goes well. One turbine for demo/study might be OK with most Lammaites, but if they're hoping to set up wind farms along the hill ridges, I'd expect some major opposition.


    On a more whimsical note, we're still looking for a good nickname for this future wind turbine. Mighty Samson the Tai-Penguin suggested Lamma-gizer, inspired by Ener-gizer batteries and the turbine's alleged ability to power the apparently windy island of Lamma. Everytimeagoodtime suggests The magical spinney thing. Any more ideas from the readers?

    Only finding out about such a major project on our island at such a late stage, it made me wonder what else is in progress that the powers-that-be are NOT telling us much about. A bit of research revealed several more interesting projects. Have YOU heard about the massive Lamma Channel dredging project just completed, the 22-hectare land reclamation for the $5-billion gas-fired power station extension in construction right now (with two more smokestacks, see and click below), and a 92-km submarine liquefied gas pipeline from Lamma to Shenzhen, scheduled to start construction at the end of this year? More about these "interesting" multi-billion-$ projects in future Lamma-zines..


  11. Very Temporary Helipad



    Being naturally nosey, I've recently been reading the pretty interesting & (unintentionally) amusing Final Project Report of our great new temporary helipad. There were quite a few interesting facts like 3 casevacs (casualty evacuations) per week on average in 2003 and an estimated cost of $0.8M to pour a 25-metre square area of concrete and paint a circle and a big letter "H" in the center.


    The report talks about the "Immediate Environs", (known as Hunter's to Lammaites, see photo gallery): "The proposed site is at the foot of a steep-sided vegetated valley... There are several derelict* residences on the slope, but no residents in the immediate vicinity. Ruins are also located south of the site.

    * Derelict status confirmed by DO memo ref. (45) in IS 80/8/02, dated 17th December, 1997."

    "Due to its naturalness and size, the wooded area also supports a range of butterflies and birds although no species of conservation note were recorded during survey work... It is anticipated that birds will temporarily avoid helicopter disturbance when the helipad is in use. Therefore, no significant environmental issues are anticipated...

    The previous Yung Shue Wan helipad - located on a soccer pitch outside the North Lamma Clinic - ceased operation May 1998 when the Government Flying Services classified the site to a Category 1 Landing Site" (Editor: basically meaning "too dangerous").

    But there was a truly surprising & shocking remark, only one little paragraph hidden deep in the document:
    "Helipad operation: Nov 2003 - Oct 2004:
    The temporary helipad would cease operation when construction works for the permanent helipad commence. Operation of the temporary helipad is not possible due to flight safety concerns posed by tall construction plant / equipment. The permanent helipad will be located approximately 50 metres north of the proposed temporary helipad site."

    Checking with several govt. sources, they knew it all along, but told as few people as possible. The District Office wrote that "Please note the temporary helipad is now in operation. The anticipated commencement date of the permanent one is December 2004 and it would take about 1.5 years to complete this project. During the course of construction, it is very likely that the HK Electric's helipad had to be used again."


    Also, the Sewage Treatment was originally scheduled to be built in that exact location, starting end of 2004. Even the Environmental Permit for the temp helipad has only been issued till end of Oct. The helipad was finished late, only after CNY, in Feb 2004, a few weeks ago, but it's only planned to be used for another half a year. Yes, a total insanity and a complete waste of money, resources and time of everybody involved. This is either gross stupidity or incredibly bad planning, or both!

    Even Lammadonna didn't know, being most surprised when I told her, expecting to keep the temp helipad till the permanent one will be completed. I started a discussion on (Temp helipad to be closed down end of Oct) and initiated further enquiries, getting feedback from LAEC and the Citizens Party:


    Lamma Accident & Emergency Committee:

    LAEC is frankly astonished that the authorities should prove so short-sighted that they need to shut down the Yung Shue Wan emergency helipad for an 18-month period little more than a year after opening this urgently needed structure.

    Having seen such notable progress in recent months, this botched process will not only cost millions of dollars, it will cost yet more lives. Yet again the welfare of the community is put at risk by an unresponsive planning process. We will all suffer.

    Alex Chan - Citizens Party:

    ...However, all these are based on the assumption that the sewage treatment plant will be built and therefore the site would not be available for use as a permanent helipad. Given the Govt. will consult and that the sewage treatment plant may be built elsewhere, I think the Govt. should at least WAIT before spending another HK$12 million to reclaim land for the new helipad.

    As the temp helipad is already available, no reason to rush any longer (other than the reason that if the amount is not spent now, it would be lost).

    A few days later, finally some good news from the District Office, Islands:

    "Civil Engineering Dept. is in charge of the permanent helipad construction project. I just received their call this morning and they have given me some updated information. Due to the environmental assessment matters, the commencement date of the construction of the permanent helipad would be delayed until mid 2005. Should there be available funding, Yung Shue Wan Sewage Treatment Plant Construction project will be commenced at the end of 2005. Therefore,... the temporary helipad...could be operated for a longer period."


    Well, that's definitely good news! We got a lucky break in that both projects competing with the temp helipad got delayed. And it still means that it'll be back to the power station helipad for the entire duration of the perm helipad construction, expected to last at least 1.5 years, 2005/06. If you're interested, have a look at the Permanent Helipad Project Profile.


    On a personal note, this topic is still very close to my heart. Literally, as Lamma-Por underwent a successful heart operation in Queen Mary Hospital recently. She was diagnosed after having been casevaced to QMH by helicopter last year.

  12. Lives could be saved by NOT using the far-away power station helipad ever again!


    The very best long-term solution would be to relocate or cancel the YSW sewage treatment plant and forget about the perm helipad, just make the temp helipad permanent!!!

    But this would be so sensible and save so much money, resources & efforts, it'll never happen, I'm afraid. But wouldn't it be something worth fighting for?

  13. Inside & Beyond the Typhoon Shelter



    Are you a nature-lover looking for an amazingly scenic walk, but are too lazy to follow the tourist trails? Here's a 20-minute highly scenic walk that includes: library, fishermen's village, typhoon shelter, dense forest, rocky beach, ruins, secluded sandy beach, tree-lined alleys and several hills with great views over the bay. And it's all within minutes from the YSW ferry pier!


    A photo gallery that's been two years in the making, I'm presenting the best photos from my repeated visits into one of my favourite areas on Lamma (see map). Enjoy! The local fishermen and Lammadonna have been lobbying the govt. (unsuccessfully so far) to "extend" & "clean up" the typhoon shelter, making room for a larger number of boats during a heavy typhoon. I hope this photo gallery doesn't turn into another "historic" one soon...


    Click to jump to the Typhoon Shelter photo gallery, or directly to one of the six subsections:

    Views from the ferry pier, plus Library The "Fishman Village"Inside the typhoon shelter,

    Beyond the typhoon shelterRuins & secluded beachO Tsai Village

  14. Doggy Island



    Our island is a great place to keep dogs. Most dog owners take great care of their pets, making them some of the best-behaved and well-adapted "companion animals" in Hong Kong. But some don't, so we've got a nickname of "Dog Shit Island" from some people. Click here for Harry's new great cartoon on this topic.


    Occasionally, owners are leaving Lamma or HK altogether and can't take their dogs along, or there's a litter of cute pups, too many for the owner to handle. In these and other cases, the Lamma Animal Welfare Centre (two blocks behind Spicy Island, see their door on the right, Tel.2982 0800, email is looking for temporary (foster) or, even better, permanent homes (adoption) for these abandoned animals. Sponsorships are also most welcome.

    Below are some photos of dogs looking for new homes. There are quite a few more up for fostering or adoption on their website.


    All the doggy photos below have been taken by animal lover Barry Swerdlow, freelance photographer/artist/ designer (Tel. 6406 4676, email: Thanks! Photos 1 - 4 below from Sheila. Only the snapshot on the left is by Lamma-Gung, of a rain-soaked cutey who got lost temporarily, looking for a dry refuge.


    Just a little warning not to get too complacent about dog poisonings, they're happening again! Darling, the "delightful fellow" on the right has just been poisoned to death over the Easter weekend. He's been added to the Poisoned Pets - In Memoriam page. Take care of your pets!


    Are you a true doggy person? How many of the Lamma dogs with homes in this Doggy Island photo gallery do you know by name? It includes lots of photos of dogs looking for a home. Check it out!

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Dragon Boat practice,

Sunday Roast @ Diesel's




Dragon Boat practice



Ferry monthly ticket renewal - May 2


Quiz Night @ Island Bar


Garoupa @ Champs Bar


May Pole celebration

Dragon Boat practice



Voter Registration Drive,

Dragon Boat practice,

Sunday Roast @ Diesel's




Dragon Boat practice







Dragon Boat practice



Dragon Boat practice,

Sunday Roast @ Diesel's




Tin Hau Festival - Dragon Boat races






The First strike


Garoupa @ The Wanch

Dragon Boat practice


Thu, Apr 29, 8:30pm, Island Bar: Quiz Night w/Lucky Draw (portable TV, CD player)


Thu, Apr 29 - May 2, YSW & Central ferry piers: Monthly ferry ticket renewal


Fri, Apr 30, 9:30pm 'til late, Champs Bar: Garoupa: click for poster


Sat, May 1, 4-7pm, Power Station Beach: Mayday May Pole celebration:

Kumi: "Calling all Drummers!!! Pls. join us in the Mayday celebration this Sat! Mayday, or Beltane as it is also known, is a pagan festival in celebration of the uniting of male and female energies in fertility and healing. It is celebrated with a Maypole dance of ribbons that are wrapped around the pole by children and adults in a dance. For that we need music and drumming.

Bring a family picnic or come earlier to make a garland and stay later to jump the Beltane fire."


Every Sat, May 1, 4.30pm: Dragon Boat practice - men's team: Meet in front of library. To join, call Oliver at 9139 7305, click for poster


Every Sun, May 2, 3pm: Dragon Boat practice - women's team: Meet in front of library (near ferry pier). To join and for more details, call Katie at 9051 2545, click for poster


Every Sun, May 2, 4.30pm: Dragon Boat practice - men's team: Meet in front of library (near ferry pier). To join and for more details, call Oliver at 9139 7305, click for poster


Sun, May 2, 10am-1pm, Main Street: Voter Registration Drive for LegCo elections: Website


Every Sun, May 2, from noon, Diesel's: Sunday Roast: click for poster


Every Tue, May 4, 7.30pm: Dragon Boat practice - women's team: Meet in front of library. To join and for more details, call Katie at 9051 2545, click for poster


Fri, May 7, Central ferry pier: SPCA Spaybus: If you need to spay/neuter your dog/cat, please call Lamma Animal Welfare Centre at 2982-0800 or email for bookings. Appointments essential.


Tue, May 11, public ferry pier: Tin Hau Festival - Dragon Boat races


Fri, May 14, 8pm, Queen Elizabeth Stadium, HK Island: The First Strike 2004: Martial arts tournament, Lammaite Alain (new Muay Thai heavyweight world champ!) in the headline fight.


Sat, May 15, 9.30pm-12.30am, The Wanch, Wanchai, HK Island: Garoupa


Sun, May 16, 8.30pm 'til late, Carnegie's: Garoupa


Fri, June 11, 8.30 'til late, The Fringe: Garoupa

Best of the Month


• Pictures:  Easter Eggheads 


FINALLY, you're discovering what the cover title of this Lamma-zine refers to! This is the ONLY Easter-related story in this issue, besides these two Easter posters, left & right (Get that Bunny!)


Have you noticed that more and more Lammaites go topless recently, meaning with a shaven head? Males only so far, though. Many of these bald'n'proud guys seem to be astonishingly popular with the ladies! A reader suggested that I should publish an "Easter Eggheads" photo gallery in the Easter Lamma-zine.


A baldy search on didn't turn up ANY volunteers! So I had to go out in the village, approaching bald strangers on the street and in bars, probably making my "eccentric" reputation even worse. But all approached baldies agreed to be portrayed, showing their pride and self-confidence about their clean-shaven appearance. The second row of photos below came from Mr DickStock who obviously had the same idea, even before I asked him! But no full-frontal shots from him, unfortunately. Ladies, this photo gallery is for you! Mouse over the first four pictures, but only AFTER trying to guess who these mugs belong to!


Music lovers in Lamma's bar & restaurants should know this guy, in charge of music in all jukeboxes (Gary Dyer)

An holistic businessman & expensive computer whiz, friend of a guy with too much ginger hair (Sleiman Matar)

Another computer whiz & nice guy who likes to hang out in... see background (Patrick the Finn)

This guy was recommended to me as a baldy, but when I met him he'd started to grow his hair back! (Wing Yee Loo)

Mr DickStock

Liam Ferguson


Rajan Gohel

• Rumour:  YSW ferry route to be run by First Ferry

Ferry pier as seen from Mt Panorama,
the future wind turbine location

This serious rumour has been making the rounds in YSW's bars recently and many people took it seriously and started worrying about it, Most Lammaites seem to be pretty happy with the current punctual, reliable, reasonably-priced service provided by HK Kowloon Ferry Co. Several people helped to check out the rumour. My own calls to HKKF's info and PR hotline resulted in no confirmation or denial, simply a "We don't know!" with a promise to return my call later. They never did, as I expected from past experiences. Click to see our online discussion.


Marilyn found and talked to a "Senior Transport Officer for Planning/Ferry in the Transport Dept.'s Management and Paratransit Branch of the Ferry and Paratransit Division". What a mouthful! They're handing out the ferry route licenses and according to them this rumour is just a rumour and absolutely not true!

The official even said on the phone that the current ferry company is operating well. Many thanks to "Marilyn" for her research! One more wrong Lamma rumour squashed. Who's making up the next one? We all know that this is a popular local hobby for some...


• Good News:  A sorry recovering!


While looking at the two photos taken from Tai Ling above, that hill (Mt Panorama) was also the location of a recent massive hillfire, devastating & charring the hillside and burning most vegetation & bushes up there, possibly originating from a grave site. A helicopter did waterbomb it back then, but with little success, as this photo from Zep on the left shows: A sorry sight.

Several weeks later, after some tropical showers which did wash away a lot of topsoil, nature is fighting back and the hillside is covered with green shoots. Slowly recovering, but it'll take years...






Check it out! Launched a few months ago, it looks pretty good w/great photos! It's also using the same forum software as and has a similar mission, building a local online community for Cheung Chau. But after a fine start, it has hit a speed bump and is now stagnating, not adding any new users and no new messages. Most small forums go through this phase and need an extra push to grow further. Jump in, post some friendly messages and help our friends in Cheung Chau to continue their growth! Outlying Islands, unite!

I've already registered and posted, planning to visit them for the Bun Festival on May 26. Check it out yourself by clicking on their logo above!

Publicity:  New section!


• Publicity #1:  "Sumo the Vegetarian Pig" on TVB Pearl


Did you watch the weekly Pearl Report on Sunday, March 28, 7pm, about recycling? They had a big Lamma segment, starring our one and only Sumo, devouring, sorry, "recycling" the veggie left-overs from the Bookworm Café! He's grown a lot since I saw him last at Nick's corner, 1 year ago (see right). I worry about his future, quite a few people might like some "vegetarian" ham!


Oh, by the way, the TV segment also featured shots of Green Cottage, Bookworm Café and even the future Life Restaurant in SOHO (more in the next issue), plus composting in the Gaia Valley community (see left). Our eco-businessman Bobsy's connections to get frequent, free media promotions are truly astounding... A free, 5-minute-long, very positive documentary "commercial" like this cannot be bought for any money.


Gargoyle was commenting in the forum Lamma Representative:

"The Green Cottage was featured as was our friend Bobsy, the self-proclaimed pioneer of recycling in HK, who showed the camera crew the Gaia Valley community’s compost heap as a shining, albeit smelly, example of eco-friendliness.

Washed up 2nd world war bombs, gold theft, eco-warriors – it’s all happening on Lamma."


• Publicity #2:  Andrew Peterson in the news, TWICE!


a) Youth teams do HK proud on Beijing ice, Young Post, Mar 24:

Andrew Peterson was voted top Bantam goalie of the tournament, where his team HK SUNDAY were crowned champion of the Beijing International Ice Hockey Tournament! There were four age groups - Mini Squirt (age 7-8); Squirt (9-10); Peewee (11-12); and Bantam (13-14).


b) And the Sevens Groupie Awards go to..., CitySeen column, SCM Post, Mar 30:

Runner-up in the Sevens Groupie Awards:

Dan Peterson, the proud dad, wrote to the SCMP when entering this photo into the competition:

"Here's a fun shot of our son Andrew, 14 yrs, taken with not just one Rugby 7s player but together as a team shot with the visiting Canadian team. The photo includes the entire starting lineup along with the Coach, GM and Trainer (that's Isabel, on the left), and was taken at the end of a harbour cruise with the team on Thu night, organised by the Canadian Club of HK."


• Publicity #3:

Cococabana in SCM Post Magazine


Jean-Paul is obviously not just a great cook and manager, but also a PR whiz. Getting this very complimentary little story into the Post Magazine is quite impressive, way more important than the little Lamma-zine interview in this issue!

This new Publicity section depends on YOUR input!

Whenever you see a Lammaite mentioned in any media (printed, online, TV, etc), any language, but preferably Chinese or English, please let me know!

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Emails to the Editor

The Divine Ms D -
Founder of Pinky Chan Cult:

Lamma-zine looks great. The Pinky Chan cult feature is hilarious. I hope you haven't created a monster!

Reply from Editor: Only time will tell...

Sheila - LAP:

Just looked at your wonderful e-zine, diverse and colourful! I'm afraid I haven't yet had time to do more than scan it.

Ran - Writer of Alain story in last issue:

Thanks, by the way, for your excellent inclusion of my bad writing on your site. I've already seen a rise in the daily numbers of hits on my site!

In any case, thanks for the excellent endorsement.

The more people know about it, the better for the charities and for my motivation to make more art.

Reply from Editor: See Follow-up section above for more support of your charitable art project...


Hats off to you for another interesting and informative Lamma-zine.

Doggy - "Laudable Lamma Luminary":

Thanks for another great e-zine, Gung.

I particularly thought the Lammadonna interview was excellent. It was particularly good that you could clarify the fact that she simply just operates in a different mindset - thinking that she is looking out for the best interests of Lamma residents by trying to get the most 'improvements' in the amenities that the government will give, and that she is not, or appears not to be, operating from a self-seeking greed or whatever.

It is bewildering that many local residents I'm sure share her view that the reclamation and the ring-road will all be in the best interests of the island. It is a great shame though that she doesn't seem to recognise that a very large percentage of the population she is supposed to represent (and that's not just the voting population) are made up of those 'temporary foreigners', now permanent residents who have Lamma as their only home and love it just as much as she. She inevitably seems to value the opinion of the local, life-term (voting) Chinese community above all other voices. Very hard to see that an opinion so confirmed would ever be persuaded otherwise.

But does she really believe that those big ugly concrete wave reflectors could be of benefit to Lamma???

As ever, the rest of the e-zine remains interactive, info-packed, colourful and true to Lamma life.

Reply from Editor: Lammadonna actually supports the most recent revision of the much-reduced reclamation plans: no wave reflectors, no additional houses, just a promenade and public areas, including a narrow EVA road along the natural beach.


Mighty Samson the Tai-Penguin:

Sorry about my delayed response... and oops! Busted for not reading the Lamma-zine hot off the press again!! (Shouldn't that be enough reason for me to get one vote at the village idiot election?)

Must once again thank you for another exquisite edition of the Lammadonna approved Lamma-Zine! Who needs ISO 9001 and all that jazz when the one and only Lammadonna gives you the thumbs up? Having said that, the interview with Lammadonna was of course one of my faves for the month. What a remarkable person!

Speaking of remarkable people, Pinky fully rocks too! Her royal pinkness certainly deserves some form of official recognition for her remarkable contribution to life on Lamma. I'd like to see a shrine to Pinkyism when the ferry pier renovation is completed! The zine should definitely aim at Pinky's acclaim next.

As for your "Eyes sharp like an eagle's, camera always at the ready, eager to spot any funny stuff anywhere & anytime, that's our mighty Samson the Tai-Penguin!", can I use that entire phrase on my CV?

Anyway Gung - have a good week and if I come across anything egg-citing for the Easter zine, I'll let yer know!

Reply from Editor: I'd be honoured if you'd use my phrase in your CV, but I wonder for what kind of jobs you're applying with a CV like that? Photographer? Lion tamer? Clown? Maybe I should do a Samson feature next?  ;-)

Richard McGeough:

On a more general theme, you're doing a GREAT job with the e-zine and I apologise for not having told you so sooner, having been reading it for well over a year now. I hope you're here to stay.

So what did YOU like most in the past issue?

Great to finally have that interview with Lammadonna. Well done for pursuing it and pulling it off. As you say yourself, she's virtually unknown outside the Chinese community and she is, after all, the most powerful woman on the island.

We - by which I mean most E-zine readers - may have our differences with her over the issues, but hey, that's life. She was elected fair and square, so we might as well get to know her and help her to maybe see things from the minority (?) point of view. I see it as a win-win situation, though I bloody well hope she doesn't go ahead and expand the typhoon shelter...

Also much liked your piece on Farmer Eo: just the right amount of friendly tongue in cheek-ness without shooting the poor guy down. Sure, he's a bit (a bit?) narcissistic, but I've always found him a nice enough chap. Fixed my sick computer up mighty well not so long ago - and gave me a FREE copy of his CD. Wah.

And what would you like to read about in future issues?

A bi-monthly update with Lammadonna for a start. Now that you've broken the ice, let's hope that your scoop wasn't a one-off. Can you fix it?

How about also - through a translator, presumably - some more thumbnail portraits of non-English speaking locals? How about that nice jolly chap who sells curried fishballs at the weekends? The waiters at the Lamcombe? Mr and Mrs "Granny Chan"? Granny herself? Or Sun, everyone's favourite hair stylist? (he could manage it in English, mo man tai). I think it would be great to know something more about some of these local characters we see week in week out and yet know almost nothing about. Whaddya say?

Reply from Editor: I say "Right on, man!". The follow-up Lammadonna interview has been done already and will be in the next issue, following an approximately bi-monthly schedule. Typhoon shelter: See photo gallery and comments in this issue.

I'm already working on getting photo shoots and small interviews with the local celebrities you mentioned (plus others) lined up. Watch the next issues... Any more great ideas from other readers?


Kumi - Drum Queen:

Yes, I had looked at the new Lamma-zine when it was out!

Thanks for writing about me and drum activities.

The last Sunday on Kublai's Kahn was beeeeaaautiful!

We have so many photos and are now gathering them all together. I will send some good ones for you and Lamma-zine.

By the way, I have read your article on "Lamma-donna" interview. I wonder how we can let her know that the community board (the wall) is very much needed....? Maybe she'd like to create a 'beautiful' new board somewhere on the main street?

Wow, but you interviewing her with (our Lamma Queen) Pinky Chan translating for you (!!!) must have been an unforgettable experience for our Lamma-donna!

Reply from Editor: Yes, it was definitely an unforgettable, but fortunately not unique experience. I already did a follow-up interview.

No community board forthcoming, sadly. Lammadonna applied for it, but it was turned down. Best option is to use more private houses or shops as community boards, with approval from the owner/tenant, of course. Like the former "Bubbles" board on Main Street.

Lily Li - Friends of the Earth:

I finally got to read your Lammadonna interview today. It's good to know her takes on certain touchy issues, and you framed it in a neutral ground.

Alex Chan - Citizens Party Chairman:

Enjoyed reading Yu Lai Fan's interview. I have heard many times that Yu is a fine person. The DC election was a fair and friendly contest; nothing personal. I even think it was non-adversarial. Of course, we are different in ideology and that is why we had the race.

Aaron - ex-Lammaite:

I'm excited about seeing Lamma again. I lived on Lamma for about eighteen months, and really miss the community. One of the things I love about your zine is the way that it helps me feel connected. I'd be glad to write a few paragraphs for the zine.

Reply from Editor: Aaron is returning for a visit very soon and will write about his impressions on how Lamma has changed (or not) during his "self-imposed exile".

Hamada - cover model of last issue:

Feedback, I got a lot of that! People asked me how much I got paid, some asked me if I had access to special intelligence information... Mmmm, all good!

About the Lamma-zine:  All the sacrifices I make!


Let me tell you a little story about a day in the life of your editor and all the sacrifices necessary to bring a new issue of the Lamma-zine to your desktop. It's a cautionary tale of foolish over-confidence and physical hardship endured:


One nice, but grey morning, after a slew of emails about the Helipad issue, at 11am I started walking from YSW. Climbing up to the top of the 2nd Cable Road, above Tai Ling, I wanted to check out the proposed location of HK Electric's wind turbine. Exploring this pretty area for the first time, I took lots of photos from neighbouring hills, especially the highest hill with spectacularly panoramic views over North Lamma, Luk Chau and HK Island.


I had planned to go down to Hung Shing Yeh beach for an interview with Herboland later, but I took too much time enjoying the great view. Skipping Hung Shing Yeh, I had to rush to my second scheduled interview of the day in Mo Tat Wan's Cococabana. Not being aware of the "hiking trail" from Tai Ling along the central ridge, I took the advice from a passing biker dude about a "shortcut", by walking down to Lo Tik Wan and then over the ridge towards Sok Kwu Wan.


I have to admit that, as a couch potato, I had never ever walked any further south than Hung Shing Yeh in my 2.5 years on Lamma. Of course, I didn't have a map beyond Tai Ling with me, being foolishly over-confident about finding my way from there. It was a pleasant enough descent towards Lo Tik Wan, with a great view towards Luk Chau island. After scrambling up the hill through the forest and bushes from Lo Tik Wan and following the nature trails around the various hills up there, I got pretty much lost in the wilderness. I didn't meet anybody during this entire slow crawl along the ridge. The story of the hiker's corpse found behind Mount Stenhouse some years ago crossed my mind. There are snakes on these nature trails, aren't there?


After over an hour I managed to get to the Youth Hostel (great spot for a future photo gallery! see right), starting the long and slow descent into Sok Kwu Wan. But who knew that there must be HUNDREDS of steps on the way down to Sok Kwu Wan! Passing Lo So Shing school (see below, to be closed down this fall, see next issue), the new camera's batteries gave out at the Kamikaze caves. No spares yet, these Lithium batteries are expensive...


Passing the totally burnt-out Tin Hau temple in Sok Kwu Wan, I limped to the ferry pier. I considered to take a ferry to Mo Tat Wan, but I'd have to wait more than half an hour. It's just 20 minutes, the travel guide leaflet said. After 5 hours on my feet already, I should be able to make it, I thought, my brain obviously as tired as my entire body. Almost one hour later, up and down the numerous hills on this path, I crawled into Mo Tat Wan. Pretty close to a physical break-down, my late-lunch interview in Cococabana had turned into an early-dinner interview. Lamma-Por had very wisely taken the ferry from YSW to Sok Kwu Wan, waiting for me on the sea view balcony with a cool drink. She's so much smarter and worldly-wise than me in these matters. From then on, everything turned out fine, the food delicious and the fun interview went great, well into the night.


It took less than 15 minutes to return to YSW by speedboat. No blisters or twisted ankles, thanks to my Rockports, but my knees took more than a week of limping to recover! My severely bruised ego will take much longer to heal. Next time, I'll stick to the easy, quick, all-paved tourist trail via Hung Shing Yeh to Sok Kwu Wan. I've reconstructed my path later into the map above. Lamma is so much larger than it looks on the map! This is definitely NOT a recommended hike for couch potatoes. You'd have to be a nutter like me to consider it! All the sacrifices I make to bring this magazine to your desktop...


Next Issue:  Mid-May 2004


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