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  1. Up Close and Personal with Lammadonna


  2. Restaurant & Bar News - March 2004

  3. Tasting Deli-cious Wines

  4. Dining Adventure in Sok Kwu Wan

  5. Farewell to the Sweary, Shouty Quizmaster

  6. Lamma Accident & Emergency Committee

  7. More Than Just "The Cat Artist" - Diane Huntoon

  8. Pinkyism - a New "Evil Cult"?

  9. Who's "The Sweetest Motherfucker" on Lamma?

  10. So You Think You Can Pull? - Dragon Boating

  11. Lamma Cricket Club Falls at Last Fence

  12. From Hunter's Beach to Helipad - Reclamation Photo History

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Editorial:  Greetings from the Shire!


One of the true pleasures of a home office - besides not being "burdened" with a regular or substantial income - is being able to watch the Academy Awards ceremony all morning. Today, Mar 1, saw me cheering while Lord of the Rings: Return of the King cleaned up, winning ALL of the 11 Oscars it was nominated for.


It struck me how many parallels there are between Lamma Island and the mythical Shire, rural home of the Hobbits. (See photos from the Tai Peng Shire below.) Which local personalities could stand in for the roles of Frodo, Gollum, King Aragorn or even mighty Gandalf himself? I'll volunteer as Sam, Frodo's best friend, including my big feet! This Shire comparison certainly sounds like a possible topic for the Lamma-zine! Anybody want to write it up? Just one of the many fun local topics one could research, describe and illustrate... Suggestions are always welcome!

What would you like to read about?


There are many stories and photos in this issue, a local celebrity interview and many features on people, wining & dining, sports and the environment, with the main focus on PEOPLE. And not one word about PATRIOTISM! Oops, too late, sorry!


Hey, how many of the Lamma people on the cover above did you recognise? Mouse over these "faces from many races" to find out their names and occupations. Click on these faces from many countries to link to stories and photo galleries in this or former Lamma-zines where they were mentioned. Should I use YOUR face in the next issue?


As you and your friends know, dear readers, the Lamma-zine is always eager for story ideas, tip-offs and photos. They may come from anybody, even anonymous sources. For example, photos of Lammaites misbehaving at the Rugby 7s! Or did anybody get a new "Tattoo on Lamma" and would like to talk about the experience?


Worthy, substantial submissions will be offered the choice of a great bottle of wine (2 bottles donated by Vinoasia! Thank you!), or a free meal in a local restaurant! Smaller submissions will receive a sincere thank-you, a big smile & a friendly handshake! Submissions can be emailed to the Editor. I'll scan all non-digital materials. Chinese or bilingual material is most welcome as well!


New feature in this issue: an online Story Poll to let you vote for your favourite story! Have a look at the 12 feature stories, then vote in the Best of the Month section. See more of your favourite type of stories in future issues!


URGENT! I'm looking for a 2nd-hand digital camera! The one I've used to shoot most photos in all Lamma-zines is nearing the end of its useful lifespan due to almost daily rugged use for 4 years. Do you have one to sell (at least 3M pixels, 3x optical zoom, USB connection, Memory Stick or CompactFlash II, basic video/sound recording) at a really good price, or even on barter? You could see future Lamma-zines full of pictures taken with YOUR old camera!


Thanks to Kumi, our drum-jammer, for the cover title of this Lamma-zine, borrowed from her Email to the Editor below. She'll be drum-circling on a Chinese sailing junk this weekend, which is on route from China to Venice recreating Marco Polo's original return voyage. Everybody with "drumming hands, dancing feet, singing voice, and open hearts" is welcome. We hope she'll tell us all about it in the next Lamma-zine?


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  1. Up Close and Personal with Lammadonna



    After months of trying, I've finally managed to get an exclusive interview with the most powerful woman on Lamma, Ms Yu Lai Fan. One balmy Tuesday afternoon, Feb 24, we started our pleasant chat outside Spicy Island, ending 3.5 hours later with al fresco dinner at B&B.


    It took her friend Pinky Chan (many thanks!) to introduce us and to interpret between us, even though Ms Yu's English is OK for basic conversations. We exchanged name cards (a still rare happening on Lamma). Besides her heavily made-up district election campaign photo on the name card's front, it was most impressive to notice the list of 15 (!) official functions on the name card's backside, in addition to District Council Member (Elected). Most powerful woman on Lamma, indeed, at least in theory. But she's so low-key, almost unknown to non-Chinese till the recent DC Election saw the photo above on posters and flyers all over the island. I've had all her job titles translated (thanks to Samson and Lily Li) and they're certainly a mouthful:


    Resident Village Representative, Yung Shue Wan

    Executive Member, Rural Committee, North Lamma

    Director, Primary School, North Lamma


    Vice-Chair, Tourism, Fishery and Agriculture Industries Committee, Islands District Council

    Vice-Chair, Lamma Island Area Committee, Home Affairs Bureau

    Honorary President, Marine Police Youth Group

    Honorary President, Scouts, Outlying Islands

    Honorary Advisor, Youth Association, Outlying Islands

    Executive Member, Sports Commission, Outlying Islands

    Member, Environment, Food and Hygiene Committee

    Member, Community Affairs & Leisure and Cultural Services Committee

    Member, Fight Crime Committee, Islands District

    Member, Democratic Alliance for Betterment of HK


    Vice-Chair, Women’s Association, Outlying Islands

    Member, HK Women Alliance Group

    Member, HK Women Development Association

    After introductions in Spicy Island, the three of us retreated to the privacy of the harbourfront area of B&B Rest., where she later invited us for dinner, sharing all the food and even paid for everything!

    She likes me doing this magazine for Lamma (not sure if she's ever read it, though) and we connected on our shared love of Lamma. She laughed at being nicknamed Lammadonna, regarding it as kind of a compliment. I have to admit to have been a bit biased before meeting her. But after this interview I really like her as a person. We got on very well, sharing quite a few laughs. She comes across as a friendly, down-to-earth, honest, simple, unpretentious, rural woman. After having been quite camera-shy before, she even let me take these photos, without make-up, not even lipstick!


    Ms Yu Lai Fan was born in the Lamma Clinic and attended Northern Lamma Primary School of which she is now the Director. She's had a hard, poor upbringing, together with 11 brothers & sisters, their parents selling home-grown vegetables. Attending a Caritas middle school she went on to complete Form 4; quite an achievement in her days when only very few students attended university. But she stresses that she still loves to learn, to improve herself, to study new things.


    She's lived on Lamma all her life, loves the place and has friends & family here. She describes Lamma people generally as very nice, very sincere, very down-to-earth, the same way she sees herself. Still being single and not afraid of dating. She'd even consider going out with a Gwailo! But he has to own at least $6 million, she added with a hearty laugh!


    But, in general, she seems to have very little contact with non-Chinese Lammaites, unknown to almost all of them till the DC election, it seems. The only Gwailo she mentioned repeatedly as a "friend" was Dan Peterson. But he says that he knows her only vaguely from some govt. enquiries.


    Since 1975/76 she's been helping Lamma people constantly, especially with small stuff. She claims that people call her all the time for help & favours, almost like a one-woman band, a Ms Fix-it! Being an intermediary between the govt. and the local villagers, she applies for govt. funds and facilitates for many local projects, some big, but most really small. For example, she even collects pension money from town every week to distribute to local elderlies (who will probably mostly vote for her). In 1997 she went into politics full-time, as an appointed District Councillor. Let's list some of her more specific comments on local political issues:


    Typhoon shelter (behind library): Part of Ms Yu's election platform was to enlarge it. She thinks it's much too small now, needs more room for boats during typhoons and needs to be "cleaned up", looking like a slum now. She couldn't believe it and shook her head when I mentioned that I like it the way it looks now, the stilt houses, the colourful boats, the romantic bay. Actually, there'll be a photo gallery in the next Lamma-zine...


    Helipad & Clinic: She was eager to point out the new temporary helipad opening close to the clinic. She was also very excited and happy to mention a video link from the Clinic to Queen Mary Hospital that was just installed for emergencies. She didn't claim the credit for these improvements, but it showed her eagerness to improve local services and infrastructure for Lamma, working hard to make life better for its inhabitants. It's just the details of how to achieve these goals where opinions differ frequently.


    Local Middle School: She's applied for it, fighting for it, to be built near the police station in Hung Shing Yeh. It's in very early stages now, applying for the preliminary location now, many more permits needed.


    Public toilet renovation: She revealed that it cost $1.5 million of taxpayer money! She used it as a "good example" that the HK govt. is willing to invest money to improve the island's infrastructure. She'd like to see a lot more of these improvements and advises people not to resist them, not to refuse the govt's generosity. Turning the govt. down on new projects repeatedly will make them back off from sorely needed improvements, she claims.


    Democracy Wall: I was enquiring who painted it over and why it can't be used anymore for posters. She dismissed it by pointing out that the wall looked so dirty before, especially to arriving visitors! They "complained" about the ugly wall and the posters falling down, messing up the street! In her opinion, it needed to be cleaned up and "beautified", giving tourists a good impression of our island. She dismissed the need for a public message board.


    Harbour reclamation: Basically, Ms Yu sincerely doesn't accept the arguments against the reclamation, even refusing to meet Save Lamma so far. She still sees their successful stopping of the reclamation as a kind of bothersome meddling by foreigners who're only living here for a short time. Me living here for only 2+ years was laughed at (nicely) as "just a new arrival".


    There was a plan by Save Lamma till recently of a raised wooden road on stilts above the beach which she ridiculed as "chee seen" and impractical. It would never be able to resist a really strong typhoon which us temporary residents have never experienced yet. In the end, this is not a disagreement fought with arguments only, but with emotions & prejudices, on both sides, between modernisation and protecting the status quo...


    Ring Road: She's really pushing for the construction, declaring it as important for emergency vehicles. She's argued in the District Council monthly meeting that the ring road objections of a small vocal minority do not represent the local views which are mostly pro-ring road, she says...

    She cannot understand all the objections and why people want to turn down the govt.'s money to improve the local roads. She's truly bewildered about Westerners who keep complaining about everything. Why resist progress and development, especially when it's paid for by the govt.???


    We didn't get into details of the ring road as there were some translation problems and Ms Yu's basic English is OK for simple topics, but not for discussing technical details. But it seems that they're improving the ring road plans now, following the recent flood of objections. They're proposing to connect the planned emergency access road to the fire station, for example.


    Basically, we have a clash of cultures, world views and priorities here. She didn't strike me at all as a cynical, tricky politician, obsessed with self-interest and profit, but as a honest, open person. As a life-long Lammaite, she tries to help to "improve" Lamma's infrastructure, believing in development, modernisation, wider streets, more buildings, more tourism, better business, prosperity for everybody; like many rural communities around the world. I have to admit that she's representing a majority of the locals, who voted for her, after all. Democracy in action...


    Ms Yu opened a new office at Chinese New Year, in the former location of the "Lamma Gourmet", open during the usual office hours all week. She's working with one full-time secretary & several occasional volunteers. She's even got an English sign on her office door now and you can stop by for questions & comments. But it might be good advice to make an appointment by phone (not email!) and bring along somebody bilingual for easier communication.


    I took this great opportunity to present the questions from voters to her again, the SAME ones I asked both candidates before the DC election. She promised several times to answer them. Weeks later, despite several reminders, not a single question has been answered...

  2. Restaurant & Bar News ― March 2004



    One new restaurant is scheduled to open late in late March (or April?): "The Full Monty" fish & chips take-away on High Street. Review in next issue! The photo below shows just one of the many local places also offering "Fish & Chips".


    The delicious Indonesian take-away behind the Scorpio Business Centre has closed, unfortunately. The owner and his Indonesian wife have left Hong Kong, taking up a new job posting. Kumar has departed from Y2IKEA a few weeks ago. Mark has left Aroy Thai, again. Manager Keith will leave the Island Bar end of March to run the entire large operation of an Australian Bar & Restaurant north of Macau in Mainland China. Guess who'll replace him? Kumar, formerly of Spicy Island and Y2IKEA!


    Bobsy the Bookworm is working full-time on opening an up-market "health food" vegetarian restaurant in SOHO, Central, in early April, called LIFE. Catch a taste of it during the March weekends in the Bookworm, as the new Canadian chef is in HK already for an Organic Orgy (click for more info). The Deli Lamma put on the first wine tasting I've ever seen in Yung Shue Wan, including a free wine snacks buffet, on Feb 28. Have a look at the Deli Wine Tasting photo gallery. Above left, one of Lamma-Gung's Deli Lamma favourites, Chicken Supreme.


    Please, let me proudly present: Lamma Dining Tips for Parents, from the Funday organiser, my "Mr Language Person" and occasional Lamma-zine proofreader, Doggy.

    Plus a little food review from yours truly about a new option for High Street "street food" (see right):



    Unlike HK side restaurants, I can't really think of anywhere in Lamma where I would be reluctant to bring the kids - everywhere seems to be relatively child friendly, with high chairs and the like. The main thing you have got to watch out for is the VVs roaring past any of the roadside restaurants.

    I've found the Bistro is a good place for us to scoff and booze while Kaia dashes about and gets under people's feet - at least it keeps her occupied.

    The Bookworm is good because it has a selection of kiddies books for her to pick from and there are usually other kids in there.

    Of course, for kiddie diversions the best has got to be the Concerto (even if it is lacking in other ways), because you are right there at the beach, and as long as they are in sight, the kids will kick sand at each other for ages while you sup the sundowners. They've got a good little area of kiddies slides as well.

    Lamma-Gung - Amateur restaurant reviewer

    I was staggering by Spicy Island at 11:30am, after finally rolling out of bed after a very late night at the Sexy Biaatch party in Diesel's (photo gallery in the next issue). I tried Spicy's Masala Dosa and curry potato pancake (photo above) for a late breakfast.

    It was so tasty that I stayed on and had a proper Indian brunch, trying several dishes, fried street-side. Plus lots of coffee, of course. Many friends were passing by during my al fresco brunch, some of them stopping by for a quick chat and fresh input for the Lamma-zine.

    At $10-20 per item these freshly prepared dishes are great value. Well spiced, mouth-watering, succulent, but not too hot. One of the two full-time cooks of Spicy Island is preparing these original Indian delicacies on weekends and some week nights. Try them when you see them.

    Get quick, friendly, smiling service from proprietor Amar Singh; enjoy one of the best people-watching spots on High Street. A great but little-known brunch location, opening at 11am.

    I'm looking forward to Spicy's Naan bread making demos on Sunday afternoons, starting this month. Think flattened dough - similar to *real* pizza making - swirling above High Street!


    For more restaurant & bar news, presented as a photo gallery, including many recommended dishes I've enjoyed personally this month, click on Restaurant & Bar News - March 2004.

  3. Tasting Deli―cious Wines



    The Deli Lamma put on the first "Wine Tasting and Educational Seminar" I've ever experienced in Yung Shue Wan, even including a free wine snacks buffet, on Sat, Feb 28. A fun event with a crowd of "sophisticated, cultured, wine-loving gourmets", with just a few freeloaders sneaking in for free booze & buffet, like Lamma-Gung.


    Have a look at the classy Deli Wine Tasting photo gallery, full of Savoir Faire. More tastings are planned to follow on a monthly basis in the Deli! It's even rumoured that other restaurants might follow this successful example. Click on the poster on the right to find out if any of YOUR friends belong to the crowd of "sophisticated, cultured, wine-loving gourmets"!

  4. Dining Adventure in Sok  Kwu Wan


    Photo taken from Ling Kok Shan behind SKW, by Richard. Unobstructed view all the way to YSW and the power station!

    Click on the name cards below to enlarge them.


    After living in Yung Shue Wan for over two years, I've finally made it over to Sok Kwu Wan. Following the tourist path through the "other" famous village on Lamma Island, Lamma-Por and I explored the well-known tourist spots and enjoyed a seafood dinner, of course. Here's the photo story of our little SKW Dining Adventure, incl. many photos of the recently burnt-out, famous, 150-year old Tin Hau Temple.


    According to the Lamma Island Visitor's Guide, Sok Kwu Wan is "a famous seafood paradise with lots of restaurants along the shore area, and a wide variety of seafood for your selection. Tourists also favour local specialty food such as baked egg rolls, local spices, shrimp cakes and salted fish. The sweet tofu custard and ginger-flavoured milk custard are some of the most beloved desserts".

    Another quote from an old friend of mine, Knippy, who emigrated from HK to work for the Washington Post. As ex-HKTB, he knows all too well how to write for tourists:


    "But one of my favorite places to dine is in the wee village of Sok Kwu Wan on Lamma Island, where a dozen small seafood restaurants sit along the waterfront. A number of large glass tanks line the street, each one alive with all manner of sea creatures - lobsters, crabs, prawns, scallops and beasts that bear no English name.


    With a waiter's advice, you simply create your own menu. It will then be steamed or stir-fried with a dash of ginger, garlic, sea salt, fresh pepper and soy - freshness being the key culinary secret of the Cantonese. The opening round of icy San Miguel beer is served just as your first course arrives. Does life get any better?"


    Click here for the Sok Kwu Wan photo story.


    Interview with Jean Paul, manager/chef of Cococabana (see right) in Mo Tat Wan (ferry ride or 20 minute walk from SKW) in the next issue...

  5. Farewell to the Sweary, Shouty Quizmaster



    Some Laudable Lamma Luminaries are so famous & popular, it makes us mere mortal Lammaites green with envy!

    If I was leaving Lamma, would they put on a huge party in my honour with TWO bands, in "Lamma's leading hostelry, and also its oldest, liveliest and nearest to the ferry pier" (according to their own ad banner above)? No way, José!

    "Good riddance!" might be all the farewell I'd ever get!


    Plus, Frazer got TWO original posters by Harry, a 3-part photo gallery and this feature story in this Lamma-zine, all in his honour! He's so darned lucky! Why? Could it be that he's just such a sweet guy? Nah! Or could it be that so many people are happy to see him finally leave? We'll never know... In the meantime, have a look at photos of his Leaving Hoedown, called "Ho Down" (spelling was never one of Frazer's many talents). Plus a few historic photos of Frazer's many community activities on Lamma Island:


    Member of THREE Lamma bands (YSWankers, Gaelic Gall and Ex-Cons, see Harry's Poster Gallery), Quizmaster in the Island Bar for 5 years (see right poster), Treasure Hunt organiser, Women's Dragon Boat helm, Meatfest chef in Aroy Thai, very active member of under several pseudonyms, fishy Live Fish expert (Garoupa above left, beware!), Executive Director of the International Marinelife Alliance, a man of way too many talents & passions...


    He'll be sorely missed by his many friends; even his foes, as it won't be easy to find another formidable, sarcastic & quick-witted opponent like him. Well, he's just an email away: Email Frazer. Now that he's left for a new life in Sydney, you can tell him what you REALLY think of him, without fear of retributions, hehehehe!


    Here's Frazer's very own farewell message, written for the Lamma-zine. Short'n'sweet from a man of action, not of many words, a not-lonesome cowboy riding into the sunset; plus a friend's message.

    Afterwards, don't forget to click on any of the 3 posters above for the party photo gallery!



    Dear all,

    Many thanks to everyone for some great times in the last 9 years on Lamma. For those of you who turned out to make our leaving party one of the best seen on Lamma for a long time, you won’t be forgotten. I will miss Hong Kong terribly, it became my home very quickly, and was a real wrench to leave.

    Cheers, Frazer

    The Devil's Beard:

    It was indeed a sad day (for some) last Sunday when Frazer finally left the Island (Bar). When asked how he would be remembered, regulars were unanimous and said that he wouldn't be.

    Close friend and confidant, Clive B.F., a local joker, said he could now drink in peace as he would stop being mistaken for Frazer and being told it was his round.

    Frazer earned a unique reputation with the local fishermen as the helmsman for the dragon boat teams and was fondly known as "dong shut lo" or "get lost" because when he helmed, that's what they did.

    Local celebrity Mr. Frank Paul was quoted as saying "Wasn’t he French?"

  6. Lamma Accident & Emergency Committee



    On Feb 9, I posted the appeal below from the newly formed LAEC on, calling for info on David Slough's death for a pending coroner's enquiry. They managed to collect a lot of valuable info up to the deadline, but they are still interested to hear about any medical emergency you have experienced. It's all for the common good of improving the severely deficient local A&E services. Help to save lives!

    In the few months since David's unfortunate death, it seems that the govt. has been rushing ahead with some initiatives of their own, probably pushed by the public outcry of locals and the media alike about the inadequate services. The temporary helipad in the reclamation (see below) was built and opened in record time a few weeks ago. On the right, the (maybe first) MedEvac helicopter landing there, shot from Sampan Restaurant.


    There's also some great news from District Councilor Ms Yu Lai Fan, who revealed during my interview with her, that there's a video link from the Lamma Clinic's treatment room to Queen Mary hospital now. A medical member of LAEC spoke to the Clinic doctor on March 12, who confirmed that they've had it for the last month. But when the LAEC medical member asked to see it and how it worked, the doctor refused, saying "This is not an exhibition!". Let's hope the video link is still operational and the staff know how to use it in any emergencies!


    Lamma Accident & Emergency Committee:

    At approximately 6pm on Monday September 8th, 2003 long-time Lamma resident David Slough fell in a serious accident outside his apartment at Tai Wan Old Village, Yung Shue Wan. David subsequently died from his injuries.

    Reports at the time of the accident indicated that failures in the procedures of the Accident & Emergency (A&E) services for Yung Shue Wan - an issue that has long concerned residents of the Island - may have significantly contributed to David's death.

    In order to clarify the evidence and to ensure that the Coroner's Court has the fullest information and recommends any possible improvements to the A&E services for Lamma, witnesses to the accident and subsequent events are invited to make their information known on a confidential basis to the Lamma Accident & Emergency Services Committee (LAEC).

    The Committee, a group of concerned residents, has been created with the sole objective of ensuring that A&E services provided for Lamma are much improved and attain the highest standards possible.

    If you have any contribution to make to the evidence on this tragic accident please make it known by noon on Sun, Feb 29th, 2004 to or phone 6147-5140.

    To bolster the effectiveness of this campaign to ultimately upgrade Lamma's A&E services (Ambulance, Fire, Police), residents are also invited to provide clear and concise information regarding other medical emergencies in Yung Shue Wan and other villages which may reflect on deficiencies, including those of the Lamma Clinic.

    Your assistance will be greatly appreciated by LAEC, whose membership includes Mrs Mui Ying Slough, David's widow.

    LAEC Spokesman:

    A group of long-time Lamma residents last month formed a 'Concerned Citizens' group, the Lamma Accident & Emergency Committee, to look into how to ultimately to improve the level accident and emergency procedures for the island.

    LAEC continues to seek information on recent medical emergencies that could have received more prompt and concerted action on the part of the authorities so the situation can be improved.

    If you have any such information please send it to:

  7. More Than Just "The Cat Artist" ― Diane Huntoon



    The Lamma-zine Artist of this Month is a friendly lady who's become well-known for her imaginative, colourful, semi-abstract paintings of cats in many poses. She used to live in the artist's loft high above Y2K, but has opened a proper studio in Central now. Still a busy full-time art teacher right now, she'll make the daring transition to full-time painter this summer. All the best of luck, Diane!


    Check out her new online gallery where you can notice that she has a much wider artistic range than most people ever suspected, an amazingly wide variety of techniques and subject matters, from YSW harbour to pure abstracts. Click on any of the two paintings for her gallery. Her new official website is in progress by yours truly, to be announced very soon.

  8. Most paintings are up for sale, email Diane directly.


    Artist's Statement:

    Painting is a very important part of my personal identity. I may move around, or my friends and family may circulate in and out of my life, but I have cultivated a relationship and dialogue with paint that I expect to continue for the rest of my life.

    My focus is on the contemplative act of painting and how contemplation can bring us closer to a sense of truth in life and its creative mysteries. The act of painting definitely taps into some kind of energy and I believe it is akin to a spiritual endeavor. I am familiar with this now and that is what I love and am drawn to. I enjoy the sensuousness of paint and prefer non-referential painting more than pictures filled with a lot of content. However, I try not to limit myself. Painting kind of reorganizes my brain cells (back to normal) after daily exposure to the crazy world of consumerism and political folly.

    My favorite artists are Franz Marc, Chardin, Picasso and especially the quiet work of Giorgio Morandi. I enjoy immersing myself in art history as it is enlightening to know what others have done. But, in essence, painting is in response to one's confrontation with existence. It is a great companion on the road of life.

    About the paintings on this page:

    All of the paintings here were done on Lamma in the past 2 and a half years. They are examples of the main images I usually focus on, which include the stick figure icons, cats, and big abstracts.

    The sizes range from 8"x12" to 4'x6'. Prices start at $2,000 and go to about $20,000. I am working on newer abstracts that I am very excited about and are not shown here but will be on the new website in April.

    I am happy to show my work to anyone who may be interested. Please feel free to email me at  and to make arrangements to visit my studio in Central, Hong Kong.

  9. Pinkyism ― a New "Evil Cult"?



    It all started when local icon Pinky Chan submitted a long letter to the last Lamma-zine. The pinky-haired Divine Ms D was so impressed & smitten with the letter that she started a new discussion topic on, "Pinky Chan rules":


    "Just read the new Lamma-zine and I'm converting to Pinkyism. Anyone who can write this:
    'China is shaped like a chicken. How many air balloons we need to tear down one eagle? Guess? I don’t know. Have you tried it?' and admires Bin Laden because he's 'physically slim' has my undying love. You go Pinky!"


    In this issue, I'm happy and proud to present a true Laudable Lamma Luminary, our local 3G (Great Guru Goddess), the founder & mother of Pinkyism: The Venerable Ms Pinky Chan!


    I've had the pleasure of meeting Pinky myself only recently and we've shared a few meals, drinks & lots of laughs together. According to Toad in the Hole, Pinky opened Lamma's first hippy guest house, back in the days when she was a multi-dating "hot chick". This put Lamma on the backpacker trail and started the place we see today. All of us who love Lamma owe her a big debt of gratitude.


    In ancient, almost biblical times, before recorded history, she ran the (in)famous Banyan Café, a temple of wild hedonism and freely flowing intoxicating liquid sustenances. She grew wealthy as a landlord of ancient, often "illegal structures" which she's saved from demolition. A fun-loving, carefree lady-of-leisure these days, she's surrounded by many friends & admirers (see above).


    Devout, subservient disciples of Pinkyism listen fervently to her almost daily sermons in front of her local temple, Spicy Island, divulging pearls of wisdom to all voluntary & involuntary listeners. Even the occasional (OK, frequent) raunchy joke or colourful swear word escapes her blessed lips, cheering up her happily grinning followers, amazed about the sheer earthiness & worldliness of their admired idol.


    She's frequently traveling, at her own expense, to spread her gospel to new areas, offering her spiritual guidance to all heathens, steaming Bangkok last month, freezing Calgary right now.


    May she live long and prosper and entertain us for many more years, hopefully guiding many more of us lost souls on our way to the Nirvana of Pinkyism: a devil-may-care attitude to the trials & tribulations of life, a cheerful acceptance of the daily ups & downs, a Buddha-like serenity in the face of adversity, plus a heart-felt swear word or two when we need some urgent emotional release!

    The all-new photos of our guru in this story of praise to Pinkyism show her broad, serene, Buddha-like smile, her hip fashion sense and her clued-in, newly-found high-tech awareness (email her!) with mobile & digicam (& protective Thai dagger!) dangling on her neck (see right). Well, even Lammadonna was dressed up all in pink for her interview, with multi-lingual Pinky interpreting!

    I've asked The Divine Ms D to share how she found Pinkyism and the impact it has had on her life:


    As an object of desire and breathtaking beauty, fans often ask me what it’s like to have everything: high cheek bones, great hair and a body that makes men weep.

    But ladies and gentlemen, secretly I have been nursing a large hole at the centre of my being. A huge, echoing chasm that couldn’t be satiated, even by buying really great accessories. It was my soul. Yes, my soul.

    I had not always been so spiritually bereft. As a youth, I would frolic amongst the hassocks, carefree in my Sunday best. Then, one fateful evensong, I was discovered in the vestry, sewing communion wafers together to make a dissolvable bikini top. The ensuing palaver made me turn my back on religion forever.

    For many years disco, cosmetic enhancement and Thai kick-boxing provided me with all the moral strength I needed. But, as the world turned sour in the Bush years of the early 21st century, everything that I stood for began to seem frivolous and vapid.

    Who could I turn to? Who would guide me back to the path of righteousness?

    Then, in January, I read Pinky Chan’s email to the Lamma-zine editor. Like a pink glow from heaven, Pinky represents all that I admire in a woman: she’s barking and has unusual political views but what do we care? Only a woman of true moral fortitude would have the guts to smash up an ATM, piss in the street, throw bricks through the windows of her own business, smoke ‘Buddha Sticks’ in front of the police box and, in acts of extreme sacrifice, sleep with some of Lamma’s most famous ex-residents.

    As Pinky says, I am a woman, I like to dress well, eat well, fuck well, sleep well,..... I want to fly like bird, shit like bird, piss like dog.

    She does. And she gets away with it, too. What’s more she's got great bone structure.

    Pinky Chan, you are a guiding light to us all.


    Did you recognise the "church windows" besides The Divine Ms D's confession? Yes, I snapped them in a major local cathedral of HK's most powerful Evil Cult, its millions of worshippers all devoted to the all-powerful god Mammon, MONEY: Standard Chartered Bank headquarters in Central (click to enlarge).


    So we can safely and definitely conclude that Pinkyism is not an Evil Cult at all, but just a harmless, cheerful, fun activity. It fits in so well with Peace, Love, Lamma, it even pre-dates that slogan by years!


    On the left, a "Happy Pill" dispenser from the Japanese chapter of Pinkyism. Right, a devout disciple (with bodyguard) at a recent wild party in Pinky's honour. Pinky has gloriously blessed the Lamma-zine with a promise of becoming a regular contributor, in English & Chinese. Chinese calligraphy

  10. below by Pinky, translated as The Occasional Diary of Yung Shue Wan Girl. Click for the much raunchier Chinese version of her English text below: Stinky Tung, give us back Lamma Island!:



    Pinky Chan, starting a new topic on Become a shareholder of Lamma Island!

    Can all Lamma residents become shareholders of Lamma Island?

    How can we combine our financial resources, technological know-how, cultural background, and the experience that we all have to achieve this? Can we float Lamma Island on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong? Get rid of stupid Tung, become independent, so we all can run our Lamma Island ourselves!

    At the moment, there is no international school, hospital, dental service, pharmacy, theatre, public swimming pool,... Lamma has nothing!! But Lamma is so big with plenty of sun and sand – God-gifted people – artists and farties – all nationalities – all backgrounds.

    If we achieve good financial backing, we can put all our money in one pocket to invest and develop Lamma Island. If you don’t have money? Work some overtime for Lamma Island and exchange the pay for shares!

    Good or bad idea?

    Let Pinky know by clicking here!

    Alan - Moderator:

    We wouldn't need any financing. Just nationalise the power station and sell electricity to HK.

    We could also raise crops of marijuana, coca and opium poppies, exporting those we didn't consume to trade for beer.

    Norseman, confused member:

    What's a fartie, and am I one?

    Beware the fury of a patient man.

    The Rogue Sperm, new member:

    Of course Norsey and a wet one at that.

  11. Who's "The Sweetest Motherfucker" on Lamma?



    The following story has been submitted by Lamma newbie Ran (left), from his personal Blog (featured before as Website of the Month): a few unique impressions about his new life on Lamma:

    (Text & pictures by Ran, shot of Alain supplied by Island Gym)

    "La'mah doh mat'aau!

    There is always the sudden steam off pigs' stomach as I walk past the dumpling shop. On this small island where I live, Lamma, I have to walk every morning to catch a ferry to Central Hong Kong. The walk takes me by a store called "Brothers," where the gruffly tender man is gently sitting with an encouraging word, be it for cider or beer. He has 7 different kinds of kitty litter, but not the kind that my cats crave.


    "Crystals? Do you have crystals from California? The Japanese ones smell too much like apples... Simian doesn't like apples."


    Keep walking, and you find other shops and 2 storey blocks. There's Diesel's bar, the Thai place that sells skewers of squid or chicken and spicy sauce, the shop where I buy water or natural gas for the stove-top, a candy store. Various seafood restaurants; one serves Japanese food, one sells Chinese. One makes Indian food that ranges from the eye-wincingly bad to the lick your fingers clean good. There are more, more shops, more junk. A couple of Laundromats. There's also the place I go to twice a week, now that I've started martial arts again.


    At the Island Gym, I get to be whipped into shape by the sweetest motherfucker you've ever met. He's a muay thai champion of some international order, has won body-building championships, and he's an imposingly-fit looking fella; marry that to a friendly smile, and you've found the guy who got me so sore that it hurt to hold up my arms, even after a week. We train to Eminem.


    Ahh... Our little corner of industrial paradise. The pier is where the nipple would be, the gym is where the hand is, and those three smoke stacks are where the power plant is at.


    This is me, and this is where I live...

  12. "



    This is Ran's face after Alain found out what his student called him! Just kidding, The Panther wouldn't hurt a fly OUTSIDE the Island Gym. This great photo (taken INSIDE the gym, I believe) is No 4. (Mar 11, 2004) in Ran's new, inventive & imaginative self-photography series of 350 Rans - everybody's connected. It's titled "Alain N'Galani: fist; Ran: face; any questions?" No questions, Ran, none at all!


    This great photo - and future ones - available on eBay, but only till Mar 18, in the following category: "Home > All Categories > Everything Else > Weird Stuff > Totally Bizarre". Appropriate category?

  13. So You Think You Can Pull? ― Dragon Boating





    Join the Lamma Dragon Boat Team for this and so much more....


    Yes, the Dragon Boating Season 2004 has started up and training is now in full swing! Check out the schedule of the training sessions in the Lamma Events Calendar. They're still looking for paddlers, I believe!


    Their brand-new website should be ready any day now, but in the meantime, check out their former website on, with loads of photos of the last four seasons, their many triumphs & famously wild parties!


    You can discuss their progress and cheer them on in the dedicated Lamma Dragons forum on

  14. Lamma Cricket Club Falls at Last Fence



    I have a confession to make. I know NOTHING about cricket, growing up in a place that is sadly deprived of this most mysterious (to me) sport. Even watching the entire great, 4-hour, all-cricket Bollywood flick Lagaan - nominated for Best Foreign Language movie Oscar in 2001 - didn't do much to kill my total ignorance. Cricket's a lot like baseball, isn't it? But the bats are funny-shaped, they have their own language (Cricketish?) and it can take DAYS to complete a single game!


    Oops, sorry, I hope I haven't upset any LCC players with this introduction. I wouldn't want them to chase me down Main Street with their "funny-shaped bats." Anyway, I'm very happy that our expert intrepid LCC Correspondent has submitted another update on the progress & conclusion of the 2003-04 season, not having to write it myself! All you many Lamma cricket fans out there, enjoy! (All photos & captions by LCCC)

    Chilly cricketers during the interval

    Our intrepid scorer, Kim Leung, feeling a bit under the weather

    Last man out: Brad leaves the field with Al

    Cunning stunts: When he’s not opening the Lamma bowling, Alec Price moonlights as a crash-test dummy


    LCCC - Lamma Cricket Club Correspondent:

    Lamma Cricket Club’s title aspirations fell at the last fence to a six-wicket defeat by a strong LSW Warriors squad at Po Kong Village Road in the islanders’ last fixture of the 2003-04 season. The loss came just a week after LCC had narrowly beaten last season’s rivals, St George’s, by 11 runs at the same venue.

    On what proved to be the coldest day of the winter, Lamma were put in to bat and got off to a promising start with a 39-run partnership between Butt Hussein (14) and Derek ‘Dexter’ Wintle (25). Big Terry Pontikos chipped in with a handy 20 before a classic Lamma middle-order collapse after Terry was caught behind.

    Despite a spirited last wicket stand by Brad Tarr (24) and Al MacMillan (14 n/o) Lamma could only come up with a total of 144 runs, which is never going to be easy to defend against a strong squad such as Warriors.

    And it wasn’t easy either – despite Terry taking early wickets from catches off the bowling of Ian Beck and Hussain and Ian off that of Sher Lama, Warriors proved impossible to shift, taking the points with a six-wicket victory.

    The result left Lamma out of sight of the championship in a still respectable fourth place, regretting missed opportunities from earlier in the season, and looking forward to the HKCA Perrier Saturday League Cup/Plate competition, which begins on March 6. Watch this space.

  15. From Hunter's Beach to Helipad ― Reclamation Photo History



    For the first time in the Lamma-zine: a photo history, putting photos from various sources about the same subject into a sequence, showing the development of a local landmark. The temporary helipad in the far end of the reclamation was completed around Chinese New Year, so I thought it good timing to put the very best of hundreds of photos into a chronological order.


    Rarely has a local area been more transformed than the former secluded, idyllic, sandy Hunter's Beach, location of many a wild party or concert in Lamma's "good old days" (as the old-timers keep on telling us), pre-Handover. Having been reclaimed a few years ago, it has now become the location of the new temporary helipad, used to MedEvac emergency cases from the nearby Lamma Clinic. Let's look at the changes it has gone through over the last 40 years: Click here for the Reclamation Photo History.


    To learn more about the many political & environmental controversies surrounding the harbour reclamation, check out the SaveLamma website, several past issues of Lamma-zines, plus the Environmental & Political forum of, of course.


Lamma Events Calendar  (Updated Mar 18, 2004)


Submit all Lamma-related events for listing to Lamma-Gung.

For past events, check out the Events Calendar Archives: 2003, 2004.












Organic Orgy,

Dragon Boat practice,

Sunday Roast @ Diesel's


Fish Night @ Aroy Thai


Dragon Boat practice






Basketball Club practice


Football Club practice,

Dragon Boat practice,

Organic Orgy



Dragon Boat practice,

Organic Orgy,

Sunday Roast @ Diesel's


Fish Night @ Aroy Thai


Dragon Boat practice




Acoustic Night w/eo @ CHUHK


Basketball Club practice


Dragon Boat practice,

Organic Orgy



Dragon Boat practice,

Organic Orgy,

Sunday Roast @ Diesel's


Fish Night @ Aroy Thai


Dragon Boat practice






Basketball Club practice


Football Club practice,

Dragon Boat practice


Every Tue, from Mar 16, 7.30pm: Dragon Boat practice - women's team: Meet in front of library. To join and for more details, call Katie at 9051 2545, click for poster


Every Fri, Mar 19/26, April 2, 4-6pm: Lamma Basketball Club: Lamma basketball court. For more details, call Zin at 9488 4317, click for poster


Sat/Sun, Mar 20/21, 27/28, from noon: Organic Orgy: click for poster


Every Sat, Mar 20, 4.30pm: Dragon Boat practice - men's team: Meet in front of library. To join, call Oliver at 9139 7305, click for poster


Sat, Mar 20, 8am-1:30pm, Lamma Football Pitch: Lamma Football Club: call Greg at 6417 3303, click for poster


Every Sun, Mar 21, 3pm: Dragon Boat practice - women's team: Meet in front of library (near ferry pier). For more details, call Katie at 9051 2545, click for poster


Every Sun, March 21, 4.30pm: Dragon Boat practice - men's team: Meet in front of library (near ferry pier). To join and for more details, call Oliver at 9139 7305, click for poster


Every Sun, Mar 21, from noon, Diesel's: Sunday Roast: click for poster


Every Mon, Mar 21, from 6pm, Aroy Thai: Fish Night


Thu, Mar 25, 7:30-10pm, Chinese University of HK: Acoustic Night w/eo Tang: click for poster


Sat, April 3, 8am-1:30pm, Lamma Football Pitch: Lamma Football Club: call Greg at 6417 3303, click for poster


Best of the Month


• Story Poll:  Which Lamma-zine feature story above did you like best?


After having had a look at the 12 feature stories & photo galleries above, could you please vote on which one you liked best? I'd really appreciate your feedback, as I'm trying to find out what type of stories are most popular. Then I can try to generate more of those in future issues, hopefully making this into a better magazine tailored to YOUR TASTES!


Simply click here and select your favourite story in the online poll. You need to be a registered member first, but only username and valid email address is needed to register. It would be great if you could add a few comments about which stories you liked or not and why, by posting a message. Thank you so much for helping to improve the Lamma-zine!


• Picture:  Underlying Island


Eyes sharp like an eagle's, camera always at the ready, eager to spot any funny stuff anywhere & anytime, that's our mighty Samson the Tai-Penguin! He spotted this sign (right), took a photo, uploaded it to and wrote: "This sign was proudly displayed near the General Post Office in Central, urging people to follow the arrow & sign to the "Underlying Island ferry piers"... thought it may be worth a little giggle."


Ex-Lammaite Toad in the Hole chimed in straight away and wrote, referring to my popular photo gallery in the last Lamma-zine, Below the Ferry Pier...:

"Underlying islands, could be related to lying under piers. Is that not what the eccentric Lamma-Gung does when he takes those interesting photos from all kind of weird angles. Although, I am surprised the ferry employees or local cops don't arrest him for strange behaviour."


• Topic:  Official Village Idiot Election results


No more new votes for about one month now, so it was high time to close this poll on 50 votes, 12 for Insomniac, 24% of votes, the clear winner!

The honourable and very close runner-up is k@ with 11 votes.
All the many multiple personalities couldn't get Alan elected by casting multiple votes, it seems. He's in a tie for a distant 3rd place with BBChris at 8 votes.
The anonymous winner, known only to very few people, is most reluctant to accept this great honour. But get the sash and "Village Idiot" head stamp ready for the day he's finally revealed (not by me! Aliases will remain anonymous & protected on


• Contributor:  Richard


One of the very first members registering on, Richard has only posted a few messages, but has been frequently submitting a few good photos shot in places I haven't yet visited myself. All the historic aerial views of our island (Picture of the Month) have been submitted by him.


He might leave HK for work reasons soon, so he decided to donate his Lamma photo collection to the Lamma-zine for publication! What a great gesture! I've got a CD-R full of digital photos from him now, material to be used wherever appropriate in future issues. Many public thanks to Richard for this wealth of photos! Good photos are always in short supply at Lamma-zine Worldwide HQ, that's why you have to put up with all these mediocre photos by yours truly!


Anybody else out there who'd like to donate a photo collection to the Lamma-zine photo library? Show your photos to the world!


• Message:  Sneaky-O and Bunnyrabbit go out to celebrate  (a cute fairy tale for ferry customers)



What about the late night 12.30 ferry from Central on the last day of the month - technically after midnight - is that Feb or March? I can see great ferry rage potential there!

So, Sneaky-O and Bunnyrabbit go out to celebrate Leap Year in Wanchai on Sunday evening, 29th Feb. They turn up at the Central pier at 12.20 in time for the last ferry back to Yung Shue Wan.

Sneaky-O has a ticket valid until the end of Feb, but, as usual, has forgotten to renew it for March. The office for renewal is now closed.

Bunnyrabbit has a brand new ticket valid from the first of March.

It is now 12.20 a.m. 1st March and the ferry will be leaving in a few minutes.

Who is allowed on the ferry?

(Outline legal issues and quote relevant cases and precendents in your answer)

Lamma-Gung (email to HK & Kowloon Ferry Co.):

Here's an urgent question from many of your customers on the Lamma ferry:

The monthly ferry ticket is valid from midnight (12:00am) of the first of the month till midnight (12:00am) of the last day of the month, correct?

Somebody is catching the very last ferry from Central to Lamma on Feb 29 at 12:30am. It's after midnight, so it's technically already March 1st. Which monthly ticket would be valid and accepted, Feb or March, or both?

Please advise urgently, as many of your customers seem very confused about this. Thank you!

No reply from the ferry co. despite reminders, as usual. They never seem to answer to email customer enquiries of any kind, even enquiries from people who want to pay them for advertising inside the ferry pier. Call HKKF direct at 2521 6063.


• Birds:  Koels

Our resident wildlife expert, Zep, is telling us today about the birds & bees...


"This is resurrecting an old thread, because it has become topical again. The koels are starting to realise that spring is in the air. That means time to get horny again, but first, you've got locate a suitable mate. And that means going "koo-ee" ad nauseam to advertise your availability. Welcome to the Koel Season."


Actually, this all sounds like a Saturday night in one of Lamma's trendier bars (if there'd be any). For more about all types of Lamma birds (EXCEPT the ones in bars), check out the flood of new photos from Zep in the Flora & Fauna forum Koels, Thrushes, Shrikes, Chinese Francolins, Kingfishers and Yellow-bellied Prinias.


Mystery 1 "Sorry A Lot!  Vincci"

This mysterious, intriguing notice appeared on Feb 20, taped to the outside of the govt. noticeboard close to the Policebox. What could it refer to? What has Vincci done and why is he so sorry? I posted the note on right away, but so far not a soul has come forward who knows anything more about it. Do you? Email me!


Mystery 2 Lamma Ferry Pier Repairs

The ferry pier has been covered all round by bamboo scaffolding and green construction netting for several weeks now. Still nobody seems to know why, as no work seems to have started yet, no repairs, no painting, nothing. No comment from the ferry co., HKKF, as usual. Naturally, speculation is rife & in overdrive. Here are some of the better, more creative & fun guesses:


Everytimeagoodtime: "Second storey added to house a Park’N Shop"

A Cunning Linguist: "Market where people can set up a stall and sell trinkets, sarongs, and curried fish balls.

Ronald McBobsy: "Legless on Lamma is opening up a fortune telling stall there"

"'General Lamma Complaints' drop in centre. Manned possibly by Alan?"


Norseman: "VD clinic to go with the knocking shop that's opening up in the old Waterfront."

The Duckin' Diver: "'Second hand shop' where you can go and buy back all your stolen property. Apparently they'll deliver."


Lamma-Gung: "'Lamma Antique Bikes Museum' where the bikes confiscated from the ferry pier will go."

The Divine Ms D: "It's going to be the location of The First Church of Pinkyism. Love-in's and Buddha Sticks all the way, baby! Grooooo-vy"




A little Lamma Drama seems to have occurred in LAP recently. Have a look at the official announcements below, Mar 11, by LAP and the new Lamma Animal Welfare Centre. It's not the Lamma-zine's policy to gossip and spread rumours, but both sides mention "irreconcilable differences", like in a divorce. LAWC will continue all the great work and services started up by LAP's volunteers, most of whom moved over to LAWC. Some of their new internal policies might be different, but there'll be very little change for Lamma's pet lovers. Extend all the help, support and trust to LAWC that you've given to LAP before, please. Many thanks to LAP for all their great work they've done over the years! And now, check out the LAWC's great new website!


e - Chair of Lamma Animal Welfare Centre:

Because of irreconcilable differences with Sheila McClelland, a new organisation called Lamma Animal Welfare Centre (LAWC) has been formed by the core group of volunteers originally working for Lamma Animal Protection (LAP).

LAWC will operate entirely separate from Lamma Animal Protection. The change was necessary in order to maintain the momentum of our work for Lamma's animals. Please note our new website address and telephone number.

You are welcome to drop in and visit us and our animals at the Lamma Animal Welfare Centre in the Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, behind Spicy Island.

Tel: 2982 0800


LAP Directors:

Lamma Animal Protection, Registered Society and Charity, wish it to be known that it has no connection with the Lamma Animal Welfare Centre, nor with Elizabeth Huang, John Wedderburn, Jennie Fung, Cecelia Choi and anyone else involved in the activities of Lamma Animal Welfare Centre and accepts no responsibility or accountability for their actions.

Dr. John - Director of LAWC:

Dear Animal Lovers,

We are happy to announce the establishment of Lamma Animal Welfare Centre (LAWC), an all-volunteer society that dedicates itself to the welfare of the animals on Lamma Island.

As you may be aware, we the founding members of LAWC have originally been active volunteers for Lamma Animal Protection (LAP). We have left LAP because of irreconcilable differences with the chairperson.

As we do not want to give up our work for the animals, we have established a new society, independent of LAP, to maintain the momentum of our work for Lamma's animals. At LAWC, we shall continue all facets of our work that we have done for LAP including rescue and rehoming, feral cat trap-n-neuter and colony care and the promotion of spay-n-neuter and responsible pet ownership.

Should you have any queries regarding our work, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

Elizabeth Huang (chair)
Kate Allert (secretary)
Jennie Fung (treasurer)
Cecilia Choi (director)
John Wedderburn (director)


• Publicity #1:  "24 Hours with Sally Andersen"

(SCM Post Magazine, Feb 22, 2004)


Check out this interesting full-page interview about the dog lady of Luk Chau (click for a big, 275KB, screen-size scan). Have a look at her cute Hong Kong Dog Rescue website and then join into the discussion about the story in the forum.


• Publicity #2:  MUSIC  (My Universe Starts In Creation)

Just the other day I received a mass mailing containing just one word ( and one huge close-up picture of our local boy, aspiring Cantopop idol eo (see left).


Clicking on it brings you to his brand-new, bilingual, self-made, personal fan website. You can admire hundreds of pictures, drawings & paintings of himself and marvel at his amazingly long list of talents (16 to be exact - one more title than even Lammadonna's 15 - including Lover, Dreamer, Brainchild and Farmer!). You're also permitted to download a fan newsletter, posters, postcards and wallpapers FOR FREE, all featuring the star in person. You can also worship him by leaving a guestbook (in progress) fan message, or even listen to an interview!

I shot photos of a nice multi-culti concert eo organised with Garoupa and George a few months ago in his Tillandsia plants shop opposite the Bookworm (see left & right). Join eo's adoring fan by visiting the Acoustic Night at CUHK on Mar 25, featuring him amongst other performers.


To prepare you for this experience, listen to some songs from his new self-published music CD, "MUSIC", buy it online and read some of his own lyrics online:


A few lyrics written by eo (out of context):

"Be my girl! Let lips do what hands do.

Open golden window and fly you to the rainbow. Take you out of hollow and kiss away the sorrow.

A man is wailing with a damsel's dry and pale body under a moonlit sky.

As the moon gets to circularity, his desire of hunger expands.

Kiss me babe, Sting like a bee, Move your hips, Let's smooth together."


Complete the enjoyable & fun tour of this home-made, artistic fan website - so serious, but often unintentionally funny - by reading the disclaimer: "All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication / linking are violation of Applicable Laws." Did I just violate this by linking to his site so many times? Oh my, I'm in BIG trouble now! But I should take eo as my artistic & self-promotional inspiration. Watch out, might be coming soon! NOT!


• Publicity #3:  Community Participation and Outlying Island Development - workshop results


Alex Chan: "Dear Lamma residents, I'm pleased to forward to you a report, which documented a workshop that the Citizens Party hosted on September 20, 2003, "Community Participation and Outlying Islands Development", to deliberate possible improvements on participatory governance and political reforms with regard to the Islands District. The report can also be downloaded from the Citizens Party's website:

I hope that you'll enjoy reading it and appreciate any feedback from you."


• Publicity #4:  nude in HK Magazine:


"Baring It All

For dance of another kind, head to Amnesia (3/F Al Aqmar House, 30 Hollywood Rd., Central, 2526-8544), where local band Nude will be playing on Friday from 9:30pm till late.

Nude - which incidentally isn't the dress code - offers a more unique sound of conga-driven Afro-beat, funk and ska, and there'll be deck support from DJ Simon Pang. Entry is $100 and includes one drink."


Emails to the Editor

Kumi - Drum Queen:

Your site has become a colourful kaleidoscope of Lamma Island! Wonderful!

Thanks for your beautiful work and keep going!!

breadcoholic - Apple Daily reporter:

this is ahfan. I am the food page reporter of Apple Daily (Chinese newspaper). My job duty is strolling around Hongkong searching for new restaurants, so would u do me a favour? If there are any new restaurants "pop" up in Lamma Island. pls tell me asap. So that I can spread these news to the readers. Here is our website, u can take a look at it. thx in advance.

Doggy - Funday organiser:

I've had a quick flip through the zine and it looks hunky-dory - getting slicker all the time, but I won't have time to give it a detailed proof.

The Aggressively Shy Stick Insect Hunter - the "Forgotten Artist" formerly known as "Stick Insect Hunter", but his name is getting longer and longer...:

I loved the cover and you have totally redeemed yourself. I'll write something good in a couple of days. Just came back from the mountains and the internet is down.

First of all I love the new look and structure of the website.

Then I think it is a really good idea to turn the website into a weblog. You hauled the website into a very professional league. Congratulations.

I did notice though that there are gaping holes of information in the Favoured Link department.

The zine, of course, is your best ever and I am not saying this because I was appropriately featured.

Very informative and entertaining. God, I looove reading about myself.


Stephen Farmer:

I am a British citizen and a permanent resident of Hong Kong having resided and worked in the territory for twelve years. Last Christmas I visited Lamma with my Filipino wife and fell in love with the place. I then did a search of the internet and stumbled upon your on-line magazine.

I would like to express my gratitude to you for such an interesting, humorous and informative magazine.

I currently live in Aberdeen in a high-rise but am seriously considering a move to Lamma in the not too distant future as the environment and quality of life on the island, as well as the community life are very attractive to me.

Once again my congratulations for a splendid magazine!


Better late than never!

CNY edition spot on target except for one oversight: you missed the Chinese dog-handler who takes his black Rottweiler down to the YSW Ferry Pier steps facing Po Wah Yuen and lets it swim to the rocks leading to the walkway!

Meanwhile, how about a campaign to generate some action on creating a proper bicycle parking lot on the slip road off the walkway. It could earn some revenue and spare us the unsightly spectacle of up-ended wheels on the handrails that clutter up both sides of the crowded walkway whenever an incoming ferry berths, particularly on Sundays and public holidays?


Marcus Oleniuk - photographer:

In fact, many people have commented on my mention in the Lamma-zine--- thanks for your interest.

There is a documentary film crew from RTHK following me around at the moment, and they were the first to alert me to the fact.

Their comments included surprise that there was such a high level of community involvement on the island, and the observation that many strange people live on the island.

Jim - Diesel's customer:

The magazine is more interesting than annoying.

Diane Huntoon - Artist of the Month in this issue:

I finally looked at the Lamma-zine. As usual, I have been overwhelmed.

You mean, I will be in the March edition? Are the paintings good enough?

Roz Keep - ex-Lammaite artist:

Sorry it took so long but was very chuffed with seeing my paintings there. I loved the piece very much. Some people have seen it and said some nice things. Let me know if you get any feedback too. I have been painting here and will happily send pics later. Till now, enjoy the spring weather and of course laugh at and love Lamma.

About the Lamma-zine:  Search engines


For a change, let's talk search engines this time. Boring subject, I know, but it can be pretty interesting using them to search for your own name or somebody else's (Googling them)!

Getting to the top of the search engines for important & popular search terms is the dream of every website. Being easy to find brings more visitors to your site. More traffic means more readers, more "fame", and potentially more sales and ad revenue for professional sites.

I've tried to improve the rankings of and the Lamma-zine website (part of for over a year now. It's finally showing some good results!


Search for "Lamma-zine" on Google or Yahoo: We're #1, the very first search result to pop up. Quite a number of Internet users find us this way. Searching for "Lamma Island" and various combinations with "Lamma" as one of the keywords, even "Sex on Lamma", they'll all bring up & the Lamma-zine close to at the top of the results. Let your friends know how to find us!


Next Issue:  April 2004


Photo Galleries: Typhoon shelter, Easter eggheads

*  Herboland - new organic farm at Hung Shing Yeh beach

*  Artist of the Month - Nadia

*  Hole in the Wall - plus other strange happenings

*  Interview with Cococabana's manager & chef

*  "Sexy Biaatch of Boracay" party

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