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From Hunter's Beach to Helipad
Reclamation Photo History
   (Mar 14, 2004)



Something new in this issue: a photo history, putting photos from various sources about the same subject into a sequence, showing the development of a local landmark. The temporary helipad in the far end of the reclamation has been completed around Chinese New Year, so I thought it good timing to put the very best of hundreds of photos into a chronological order.


Rarely has a local area been more transformed than the former secluded, idyllic, sandy Hunter's Beach, location of many a wild party in Lamma's "good old days" (as the old-timers keep telling us), pre-Handover.

Having been reclaimed years ago, it's become the location of the new temporary helipad now, used to medevac emergencies from the nearby Lamma Clinic. Let's look at the changes it has gone through over the last 40 years, below.


To learn more about the many political & environmental controversies surrounding the harbour reclamation, check out the SaveLamma website, several past issues of Lamma-zines, plus the Environmental & Political forum of, of course.

Sep 11, 2007: Updates of this photo gallery. A "Crops Clearance" has just started and all vegetation is being cut down, in preparation for the permanent helipad (see left) and the STW (Sewage Treatment Works) in the location of the current temporary helipad.

(click to enlarge)

Historic photos:

Aerial, March 1963 (from Richard)

Aerial, Feb 1973 (from Richard)

Aerial, Jan 1993 (from Richard)

ca. 10 years ago: Hunter on Hunter's Beach (water source on right, photo from Bobsy)

ca. 10 years ago: YSW waterfront (photo from Bobsy)

ca. 10 years ago (photo from Bobsy)

ca. 10 years ago (photo from Bobsy)

ca. 10 years ago (photo from Bobsy)

ca. 10 years ago: Hunter's Beach, location of helipad nowadays

ca. 10 years ago, view from just above Hunter's Beach (photo from Kevin Bishop)

ca. 10 years ago, view from the far end of Hunter's Beach (photo from Kevin Bishop)

Google map, reclamation pre-Helipad (lower left)

Feb 15, 2003  (night shots):

All following photos shot from refuse collection plant in the reclamation


YSW shoreline

Ready for a romantic boat ride?

Ferry pier glowing

Oil rig?

April 17, 2003:

Lamma Antique Bikes Museum (bikes confiscated from ferry pier)

Refuse collection station

Dumping ground at end of reclamation

Unused for many years

Locals enjoying a day on the beach

A paradise for beach rock climbers

Powerstation in the distance

Families gathering mussels (or cockles?)

Bounty of one afternoon of collecting

Sun setting soon

A long way back home!

Jan 13, 2004:

No dumping in this area!

Construction of temporary helipad in progress

Inconvenience caused...

Construction site, after so many years of remaining unused

Pouring more concrete

Men at work

Happy times are here again (for the local construction industry)

Artificial shoreline

The very end of the reclamation, rock-climbing only from her onwards

Walking on the seawall back to YSW

So near, yet so far

View from helipad...

Feb 16, 2004:

Approaching the end of the reclamation

But why is the gate padlocked?

Access road to helipad

Helipad w/YSW and ferry pier in background


Helicopter landing on new helipad, shot from Sampan Rest., Feb 21, 2004

Sep 5, 2007:  Crops Clearance or Demise of a Biotope?

Apr 2, 2009:  I'll Make the Same Mistake...

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