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July 2005

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July 31:  Application for Additional Night Sailings

This fax from the Islands District Office has been emailed to me by an Alert Reader today. He received it from the Yung Shue Wan Village Head, who printed & distributed it to some residents yesterday.

The bilingual fax above has also been sent to Rural Committee, District Council & Village Representatives to collect residents' pros & cons. Anybody seen it?

It says "Please consult the residents on this matter". Let's be consulted and reply directly by filling in this short questionnaire right now! Let the Islands District Office and the Transport Dept. know how eager almost all of us are for these late ferries in and out of YSW!

Click below to view and print the full pages. Then fill in the 2 questions and fax or snail-mail the signed questionnaire. Or drop into the Suggestion Box at #57 Main Street. No email. Fax or mail is best!  Deadline Wed, Aug 3!

English:  cover letter, questionnaire
Chinese: cover letter, questionnaire

July 30:  Moroccan Music & Dogmatic Dinner

How about something really different & unusual for your next dinner date?

An organic Moroccan dinner accompanied by live Moroccan music by up-and-coming Lamma band Over a Dogma, staged in that fancy "Son of Hookworm" venue in Soho, right at the Mid-levels escalator: Life Cafe? Sounds good?
Here are some more details of this event today, Sat night.

Over a Dogma play "original Moroccan music with a touch of reggae, funk and ethnic beat". A photo from Underground 7 below: Lammaite founder/guitarist/ vocalist Hamada in the center (of course!) & Steve Cray (middle right, white guitar), Jean/bass & Damien/drums. Their gigs are well-known for a great & fun time, North African-style!

After the concert, you could enjoy a "free dessert" of Bobsy the DJ's "on the decks spinning some happening North-African tunes", as part of his popular weekly Chill-out Lounge on Saturday evenings. Or you could move on to other Soho venues with your date...

Disclaimer: Life Cafe is an advertiser of the Lamma-zine Blog.

July 29:  'I swear those people got me to match the couch and wall'

Molokko - Colette's kitty & her "fearful leader": a few short excerpts from Molokko's new Lamma blog on Catster, "Where Every Cat Has A Webpage!"

July 24: How I came to live in Tai Peng:

I was living at the LAWC (Lamma Animal Welfare Control) - or CLAW as the hip dyslexic people call it - and this crazy woman with a fever came in.
She was excited that someone had called her about getting a kitty...

I started to yowl. I had to tell them I was being kidnapped and was being pulled slowly up the bumpy road to Tai Peng village. Through the bars of the cage I could see all the local cat population watching me, as they stood on the porches and landings of the shops and apartment buildings they belonged. They paused in middle of doing such activities as playing with bull frogs, and catching crickets, conversing in courtyards, hanging out in the rubbish tip...

July 25: I am an appointed leader much like another HK leader:

Today, was a normal day for me, wake up the people to feed me my wet food.
Then. when they try to go back to sleep after feeding me. try to get them up again for a chat about my aspirations for Lamma Island...

July 26: Staff Management:

My human assistants are perfect as additions to my staff...
I could not sleep with the HK shopping festival going on and the stores on Lamma not participating. My little ginger head swam with figures from the lost revenue. If it were not so late, I would have gone down to Main Street to talk to Top Cat at the BlueBird Sushi house. He works at the most popular place on Lamma and can tell me about what kind of tourist traffic we have seen since July first...

July 27: Changes in my staff:

The Lady has gone and gotten outside work!
How could she of all have the stinking nerve!
I am so mad that I could fire her if she had not kidnapped me and brought me to this Orange Julius of a flat...

I think my voice will be the best security alarm in all of Lamma. I am going to talk to the Lady about going to the Lamma Security Roadshow on Saturday to educate people on using the power of kitty voices in home security.
I think it will be a big hit.

Well, the lady promises that she won't neglect brushing me, clipping my claws, and loving me.
The Josh, being such a low level employee, does not get to move up in my ranks because of this staff change...

July 28:  'Stylish Lamma Island'

Searching through the 100+ Lamma-related photo galleries on - one of the most popular photo gallery websites - I found this really beautiful, professional photo shoot of our "Stylish Lamma Island" by Patrick Chan. He did not reply to my emails. Does somebody know him? He introduces his photo gallery:

"Lamma Island is the most special island in Hong Kong.

You can't imagine you can find various style buildings, cultures, scenes in such a small island. All photos were taken in the walk of just 3 hours, and luckiest, today is the dragon boat racing day, which is a traditional sport for the Dragon Boat Festival. I believe most people have taken lots of photo of this island. I decided trying to present it in different angles and colors. Hope you will enjoy these pics over here..."

Disclaimer: All photos are copyright Patrick Chan 2003. All rights reserved.

July 27:  Your House on Google!

New & free from the Googloplex empire:

Find your own house in this satellite map, Yung Shue Wan up-close!
Set your browser to View - Full Screen for best viewing:

Then zoom out and pan to see all of Lamma. Press Print Screen, pinpoint your house in an image program, email to your friends & family! For more instructions, click left!

July 26:  Nude Guitars & Panties!

Sam Bruce - Lead trumpeter of NUDE:


A big thank you to all those who came down to our last gig at the Edge.
We very nearly tore the roof of the sucka, and managed to make it through to the HK final of the World Battle of the Bands. Hooray!

For more high-voltage afrobeat and four-on-the-floor ass-shakers, catch NUDE this Thursday at Underground – a monthly celebration of live music at Venue, Luard Road, Wanchai.

We’ll be on at 8.30 sharp, and proudly presenting our brand new percussionist, live and direct from Cuba.

Stay NUDE.

Thu, July 28, 8:30pm, Venue, G/F, 15-19 Luard Rd, Wanchai:  email, web page, photo gallery, more info, Tel. 6187 2280 / 9309 0701

bbChris - Music organiser/promoter & marketing manager of lingerie exporter:

Hong Kong's live music fans will be packing out UNDERGROUND No. 11 at the Venue this Thu 28th July, with five diverse bands playing everything from pop/punk/heavy rock to dance to experimental music.

The Underground has set the live music scene alight this past year and burning down the house this month will be Nude (World Battle of the Bands HK finalists), Drum Music's Wu Fei Tzu, the wonderful Sea Monsters from Japan, the eclectic Mango352, and the debut of the most hyped band since Sigue Sigue Sputnik, namely Guitars and Panties.

Bring your underwear (preferably unsoiled) to the Venue, 15 Luard Road, Wanchai, first band 8.30 sharp. web page, email, more info.

Amazingly, free entry!

Guitars & Panties
Hong Kong has never seen anything like new band GUITARS AND PANTIES. Their name suggests naughtiness, and indeed the girls are up for it. Says band founder Chris B,
"Sometimes we wear panties, sometimes we don't."

Won't their image be a problem in staid Hong Kong. "We don't care", says bass player Shirley. "We are what we are. If you've got it, why not flaunt it?"

Hmmm, that lady with the deepest décolletage looks quite familiar. She's the lead vocalist and the only one from Lamma in this brand-new band. They want VICTORIA'S SECRETS to sponsor their band! More photos will be unveiled on their coming-soon website. They also hope to "flaunt it" on Lamma one day soon...

July 25:  Sunset Photo Contest: Open for Voting!

One month ago, on inspiration from our Alert Reader from Vancouver, chuckm, we started a Sunrise/Sunset Photo Contest in our Pictures & Movies forum. Forum moderator Guy Miller put up a first prize of one of his (in)famous toilet & bathroom sets! It was hardly surprising that no sunrise photos were entered. But we got a few great, mostly brand-new sunset photos. Right now is one of the best times of the year for Lamma Island's many devoted sunset watchers.

Here are all the entries of the contest, max. 3 photos/person. Vote till July 31 by clicking here. To vote, you'll have to login to the forums first as a registered member. Any problems, contact the forum administrator, myself.

(click to enlarge)




Ingmar: from sofa

Ingmar: Sunset over Lamma

Ingmar: through sunglasses

zep: 206

zep: 140

zep: 134

July 24:  National Lammagraphic:
Asian Killer Hornets Tamed by Technology

Guy Miller - Moderator of Pictures forum. (technical intro by Lamma-Gung):

Photo technology has reached Lamma.

One of our long-time residents has managed to get hold of the latest model of the Bontempi Gigapix Fandango i-Bamboozler®, the latest Mach-99Xtra model "S". He's tweaked the software to take the pain out of hornet photo-graphy. It's absolutely fully automatic. Left all-night on his rooftop, its on-board Artificial Intelligence Infrared-Sensor Movement-Detector® pattern-recognises anything interesting flying around, it zooms in, sets all the camera's picture-taking parameters fully automatically, takes multiple shots and then its BSS (Best Shot Selector, not BS Selector!) chooses the best & sharpest one and automatically uploads it via its Gigabit Wi-fi wireless network connection directly to his website.

He gets up very late in the morning, well-rested, and has a look at the latest photos uploaded, chooses his favourite pictures of the night and then hyperlinks them directly to our very own forums. That's the ONLY thing he has to do manually. But the next model of the i-Bamboozler® might choose for him and will likely add this hyperlinking feature as well...

You see, taking these shots of flying hornets is so much easier than most people think! Why should traditional, manual photographers get shutter envy? Admittedly, he need't have admitted owning the new i-Bamboozler® and could have claimed to have sat alone on his rooftop for endless hours, with only a rotting banana for company and his trusty Nikon D70 with 60mm macro lens, 4-8" away from a swirling swarm of rabid hornets tangling in his hair and landing on his face & arms. Knowing that to get these shots he'd either have to blow on these mankillers from about 4" away or knock them off their resting position with a 6" twig whenever they settled.

All of this without a remote control, coz the idiots at Nikon designed the D70 without one except some stupid thing that works by infrared from in front of the camera (if he had one). But no, he didn't, not even a Lamma resident would be so stupid as to sit in amongst 50 or so whirling and wheeling hornets and wasps, knowing that one sting from one of the Asian Killer Hornets, or several stings from any of the other hornets could end his life.

All of us can rest happily in our sleep, knowing technology is advancing at such a pace that pretty soon we'll all be able to buy the experimental i-Bamboozler®. We'll all be able to enjoy the exciting thrills and real dangers of wildlife on Lamma thanks to the efforts of pioneer adventurers like Guy Miller bringing technology to us, instead of needing to risk the back alleys of Sham Shui Po for the latest pirated goods.

For the bold of heart some of his latest hyperlinked images are linked through the images.

Here's Guy's photo gallery with his best wasp/hornet photos.

July 23:  jumpjumpjump Happy 3rd Anniversary,!

Today, July 23, 2005, marks the 3rd anniversary of this website.

Webdog started the forums on Tue, Jul 23, 2002, at 10:07am, as a little hobby. He loved living on Lamma (Tai Peng) and correctly assumed that our island could benefit from an online community forum where locals could discuss local matters and have fun. I joined in as member #13 on Aug 2, 2002, helping him out as a 2nd site administrator and moderator during his very frequent business trips.

As the only remaining site admin these days - after webdog emigrated to Europe - these forums & I get help from 10 volunteer forum moderators taking care of their personal areas of interest. More moderators would always be welcome...

In these 3 years, 1,020 registered members have started 2,234 topics, posting 20,930 messages, generating a 24.51MB database of messages.

There have been many discussions on a wide range of interesting topics of local interest and a lot of silly stuff made up, much of it great fun. Have a look!

Soon after the forums opened, webdog and I launched a weekly My Lamma e-zine. I took it over myself from the 3rd issue, transforming it into a 50+-page monthly issue (Lamma-zine, 33 issues so far), emailed to up to 2,300 active recipients, and then into this daily Lamma-zine Blog on Sep 1, 2004. I've also added a daily & weekly updated Events Calendar, Lamma Links and over 100 Lamma-related photo galleries to this website over time. More sections are in progress and will be announced in due time.

Congratulatory messages have just arrived today from Samson and chuckm in Vancouver, Canada. He writes:

bow From half a world away, I offer my congratulations to Webdog and Lamma-Gung for creating such an interesting place to learn more about Lamma! bow

From my IT perspective, I can appreciate how much work goes into keeping such a site on the air (some of it pretty intense when things go wrong), and for that the folks on Lamma should offer thanks to their webmaster. It isn't an easy job, but I know from experience it can be rewarding to rise to the challenge."

What's been the best and worst of these 3 years, in your own personal opinion? Click on TALKBACK! and let me know, please!

July 22: Hollywood Star Chow Yun-Fat's First HK Film in a Decade

Charlotte - Official Court Correspondent for Chow Yun-Fat:

United Press: "July 17 2005 HONG KONG - Hollywood star Chow Yun-Fat is making his first film in native Hong Kong in a decade, saying he would forgo a higher pay check in the U.S. because he liked the part and wanted to work with the director. The "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" star agreed to appear in Ann Hui's "The Aunt's Postmodern Life," playing a swindler who falls in love with a potential victim played by Siqin Gaowa.

"I agreed to this movie because I haven't worked with Ann in a long time. I admire her and Siqin Gaowa a lot. Plus the role I was offered in this movie is something new. I've never played a swindler before, so I want to try," Chow told the Apple Daily newspaper for Sunday's editions. The newspaper said Chow is also due to film a movie on an ancient Chinese war with fellow Hong Konger John Woo and another production on an ancient Chinese empress with famed Chinese art-house director Zhang Yimou."

Ann Hui is the director that CYF worked with in his award winning "The Story of Woo Viet" and the film all the ladies like, "Love in a Fallen City."

Great news about Lamma Island's most famous native son! After hearing this news from Charlotte in the US, I went back to Apple Daily's edition from last Sunday which I bought for Lamma-Por. There it was, a full-page Entertainment section cover story with loads of photos (right).

I scanned it for our Chinese readers and the ones who just like to see some brand-new CYF pictures: Apple Daily story.

July 21:  Wanted: Lamma Fun Day Volunteers!

Sonya Yeung - Lamma Fun Day organiser:

WANTED! Volunteers for Lamma Fun Day, Sunday,
20 Nov, 2005!

In order for Lamma Fun Day to happen this year, we need the following pre-event coordinators. The idea is that these people will manage their section up to the event and then manage the volunteers who will be working during 2-hour time slots the entire day. This way you will get to have a FUN day as well! We also need TONS OF VOLUNTEERS for 2-hour time slots! Thanks!

Bric-a-brac Coordinator (2 positions available) - FILLED
· To coordinate the collection of all donated goods before the event.
· To manage volunteers on the day.
Volunteers Coordinator (2 positions available)
- still looking for Assistant Volunteers Coordinator!
· To assist in the recruitment of volunteers before the event.
· To ensure all sections have volunteers on the day.
Bar Manager - FILLED
· To coordinate alcohol logistics before-event.
· To manage the bar on the day.
· To manage volunteers on the day.
Bands Organiser - FILLED
· To coordinate the entertainment for the day.
· To organise audio equipment and set-up.
· To manage volunteers on the day.

Children Games Coordinator (2 positions available) - FILLED
· To create children’s games for the day.
· To manage volunteers on the day.

Press officer - FILLED
· To write press releases about the event.
· To submit to relevant HK publications for exposure.
· To coordinate the poster blitz around Lamma and Central.

Overall Volunteers  (as many as possible!) - we still need more!
· To commit to 2-hour time slots on given day.
· To help to make the event a greater success.

J It’s for a great cause and it’s fun!!! J

Please contact: Zein Williams 2526 8810, 9231 3505;
or Sonya Yeung – 2982 0192;  or

I've volunteered already, doing Lamma-zine/Blog/email promotions, plus email marketing and the Fun Day website, including the photo gallery of the event. See last year's photos & event summary. Contact Zein or Sonya now, please!

July 20:  Looking for a Holiday Resort?

Quite a number of local and overseas tourists are contacting this website for info about where to rent a holiday resort or short-term flat on Lamma, for a weekend, a few days or even several weeks.

The building boom still hasn't come to an end yet on Lamma - left, one of 4 new Village Houses built in my close neighbourhood within the last few months. There are lots of places available & the prices are holding steady so far, except the usual summer season surcharges.

Below right, I've scanned the name cards of most of the major holiday resort agents in Yung Shue Wan. None of them has advertised in this blog or the Lamma-zine magazine so far, so they're all listed in the same impartial way.

Prices start at around HK$250 per night in a little guest house, up to well over HK$1,000 in the only local hotel w/services & facilities, Concerto Inn. All known active websites (2) & email addresses (2) are linked below.

Man Lai Wah Hotel: right at Yung Shue Wan ferry pier, low-cost guest house, no breakfast or facilities, Tel +852 2982 0220, email (Eric Wong), no website.

Concerto Inn: 25 minutes from Yung Shue Wan ferry pier. A "proper" hotel, w/restaurant & facilities, but most expensive. They'll pick up your luggage from the ferry, 20 Hung Shing Yeh Beach, rooms from HK$450, Tel +852 2982 1668, email, website.

Sunrise Holiday Resort (part of Jackson Property Agents): 15 Main St., Yung Shue Wan, Tel +852 2982 2626, apartments from HK$300, website.

Bali Holiday Resort: 8 Main St., Yung Shue Wan, Tel +852 2982 4580, rooms from HK$280.

Kathmandu Guest House: Tel/Fax: 2982 0028, Back Street, in the middle of the village, 10 minutes from Yung Shue Wan ferry pier. From HK$100/night - HK$4,000/month.

Printed rate cards or anything printed (flyers, brochures, etc.) are usually not available from any of these places. Finding somebody speaking any English in some places is a challenge as well. The best way seems to be to just show up with your suitcase and book a room on the spot. Most of them will have free rooms all week, except Saturday nights, when prices increase up to 50%.

There's also one guest house in Pak Kok and a handful more in Sok Kwu Wan and Lo So Shing in South Lamma.

Any place I've missed and that should be included in my Accommodations Directory in-progress? All part of our upcoming, bilingual Lamma Yellow Pages...

July 19:  'Usual Telephone Hotlines'

A new, handy, name card-sized reference has been printed (see below). You can pick one up from Lammadonna's office - just beside the Lamma Gourmet - together with a wide range of free bilingual leaflets, maps, tourist info and flyers about community and govt. matters. Another good spot for this free literature is the G/F of our City Hall ("North Lamma Rural Council Committee Hall") beside the Policebox ("Police Reporting Centre").

July 18:  Helipad vs. Sewage Treatment Works

An alert reader of this blog has just anonymously corrected some of my outdated info on this topic. Many thanks! This new source has supplied public info on the Sewage Treatment Works (for Yung Shue Wan only) to be built in a few years in the reclamation - by the Drainage Services Dept - in the very spot of the current temporary helipad. Here's the updated, corrected info.

July 17:  What's That Praying Mantis Doing Inside My New TV?

I'm always on the lookout for new, funny or interesting stuff on the walls around Yung Shue Wan for this blog (see pictures, each is an "illegal" poster theoretically worthy a $1,500 fine). "Wall classifieds" are a great and successful way of selling almost any kind of goods or services in Yung Shue Wan and people actually do read them.

I just spotted an ad selling a 29" TV for a very good price of $1,800. After 5 years of straining our aging eyes with a tiny 12" TV, it was time to upgrade. But our modest financial means made a brand-new TV an almost-impossible dream.

Checking out the advertised TV the very next day, I liked the size and especially the price! But even after 5 years on Lamma, I obviously don't look trustworthy enough to the local merchant selling the TV. He even wanted a deposit while I had to scramble to raise the cash on such short notice. Checking out the Internet about this model, it seemed that it has only ever been sold in Russia and China, so repairs might be a challenge...

With Nick the Bookman's help and a borrowed trolley we got it safely home. I connected it and we were in audiovisual heaven for a few hours. But the next morning I was woken up by Lamma-Por who complained excitedly about the new TV not working at all anymore!

To our big surprise, the merchant came right over within a few hours with his TV repair tools, obviously not just a fully bilingual, but also a multi-talented guy. He opened it up and what did he find inside the TV? A 2-inch-long dried praying mantis (right), too curious for its own good, probably causing a short-circuit in the electronics! Removing it solved the problem right away! The merchant didn't even ask for any additional payment for this quick fix!

The moral of this little true story? Caveat emptor! (Buyer beware!). You might get more (or less) than you've bargained for when you buy what's advertised on the walls. Sometimes it's just a Praying Mantis, sometimes much more...

There must be more and better stories like this out there!
Do you like me to publish YOUR STORY?

July 16:  Breakfast With Lammadonna

Just enjoying a nice congee working breakfast at Kiwi Cafe with Ms Yu Lai Fun (our District Councilor) and Lamma-Por (my wife &  interpreter). Here's the feedback to my three major questions for Fun Tse (Sister Fun, her Chinese nickname):

1. Late Ferries:

Let's start with the good news first! Lammadonna confirmed a recent, persistent rumour: 2-month trial run of new late ferries from mid-Aug!!!

Ferries every day of the week from Central to Yung Shue Wan at 2:30am and 2 more ferries from YSW to Central at 12:30am and 5am!

An official announcement is expected within the next several weeks and some of the above details might change, so don't hold me to them, please. The approval from the Transport Dept. is still pending, but is not expected to be a problem. A big advance Hurray! and Thank-you! for Lammadonna who was instrumental in making this happen! She's personally been negotiating with the ferry company for a long time on this and other issues. This always hot topic has been discussed for almost 3 years now in its own forum!

After the 2-month trial run, it'll be decided if and how to continue the new late ferries, depending on the number of passengers using them each day. Try to use these late ferries as much as possible!

2. Tree Felling at the Library:

I managed to piss off Ms Yu with my aggressive little story two days ago. I didn't mention her by name, but she was the one personally responsible for the tree felling I wrote about. As I suspected, it was done with the explicit approval of the local authorities. Here are Ms Yu's self-explanatory & attitude-revealing reasons for the tree fellings. I'll refrain from adding my own comments this time. I've also updated my little before/after animation.

  1. The trees were a hazard as the branches were hanging too low and hurt some people's heads when walking underneath.

  2. The trunk of the biggest tree was dry and rotten inside, full of worms and insects, as confirmed by a govt. expert who had a close look at the trees together with Ms. Yu.

  3. The trees were old & "dirty", attracting mosquitoes & bugs, even snakes.

  4. 3 burglaries have happened at the library. The trees might have given hiding opportunities to the burglars.

  5. A public notice is usually required before the authorities can chop down any tree on public land. There's a notice for planned tree fellings in Tai Peng on the notice boards right now. But this tree felling was "urgent", so no notice.

  6. New trees will be planted after it's been decided which type would be most suitable. We'll all be waiting with bated breath, maybe for a long time...
    Oops, I couldn't resist adding my own comment! Sorry...

3. "Premanent" Helicopter Site  (see spelling on poster below):

Some of you might have noticed this big banner (English and Chinese versions) at the fence of the VV Parking Lot, between the Chip Chop Shop and the former Lamma Bistro. These frequently changing banners put up by the local authorities are usually in Chinese only, sometimes partially bilingual, but an all-English banner is extremely rare! It might become a collector's item someday, especially with such a prominent "Premanent" typo...

The authorities are obviously looking for strong support for this hot death-or-life issue not just from the Chinese population, but also the large number of people of many nationalities who cannot read Chinese, including many Chinese who grew up overseas.

There's a temporary helipad now, inside the harbour reclamation, very close to the North Lamma Clinic. Everybody is universally happy about it. No more controversial deaths have occurred since this was made available. The best solution would be to keep it for as long as possible. But the temporary helipad area is just on loan from the Water & Sewage Dept. who might want to build (or not) a huge sewage treatment plant in that area some day and has had a fixed reservation for the area since the reclamation was finished many years ago.

A new alternative location for a permanent helipad was decided upon more than one year ago, on a round platform in the harbour, close to the temporary helipad, opposite the ferry pier (see Google Map, click to zoom out). Budgeted at HK$16 million, construction was supposed to start about now. But then the Environmental Protection Dept. stepped in, objecting that the future helicopter noise level would be above their standardised limits. So construction can't go ahead, as noise complaints can be all-powerful these days in HK politics, as strange that may sound. The relevant departments still remember the extremely face-losing case of the HK Stadium where noise-objections (after the opening!) killed off most of the intended uses of this wonderful venue which is now standing vacant almost all year long.

So the local authorities, the locally ruling DAB party and basically everybody else (see banner) is pushing for the go-ahead with this mandatory permanent helipad, even petitioning recently elected LegCo member Tam Yiu Chung, a friend and political ally of Lammadonna. Uncharacteristically, the local authorities are even mentioning unspecified "actions" if the govt. won't approve the permanent helipad soon. A most unusual tactic in the usually quiet & peaceful world of Lamma's village politics!

This will remain an interesting issue to watch as it potentially affects everybody's health & survival in any medical emergency. Most of us know people who had to use the helicopter to hospital at some point in their lives (including Lamma-Por). Almost everybody, Chinese or non-Chinese, local or expat, agrees that we need to have a permanent helipad close to the Lamma Clinic ASAP!

But it would be best & cheapest if we could just keep the current temporary helipad for as long as possible, even making it permanent, hopefully! There's no noise problem with the current helipad. They could try to convince the govt. to forget about the still hypothetical future sewage treatment plant. It would become hugely controversial with Lammaites anyway, as huge amounts of sewage would be shipped (and piped?) in from many parts of Hong Kong, for treatment in Yung Shue Wan!

3. Correction: The above info seems to be outdated, a reader of this blog has just anonymously updated me with the latest news:

The Sewage Treatment Works (STW) on North Lamma will be used to treat sewage from Yung Shue Wan (YSW) ONLY! We're creating that sewage locally, so we can't complain too much about treating it locally, I think.

It has been planned some 8 years ago and the process of inviting the detailed design assignment has started now for the YSW and Sok Ku Wan plants (Yes, a second one for South Lamma!). The plants will be commissioned in 2008 to 2009. The YSW site is small and was purposely built for the Lamma STW under the previous reclamation project.

So it looks like they're going ahead to build the STW in the YSW reclamation, on the very spot where the current temporary helipad is located, the most suitable spot, they claim. But if the govt. won't go ahead with building the permanent helipad before the STW construction starts in a few years, we won't have any helipad in YSW anymore and will have to revert using the one at the end of the HK Electric Powerstation. It'll take 1.5 years to build the permanent one on a platform in the harbour, so construction has to start pretty soon!

July 15:  'Thinking Out Loud' Won't Go Out Quietly!

Sad news from bbChris, lead singer and mascot of Lamma band Thinking Out Loud - "The POP band with ATTITUDE"

"Hello Everyone!

Thinking Out Loud are breaking up! Come to the last gig ever with Chris W and Mysterious Mr. B! We promise to kiss goodbye to the "Rock N Roll Machine"! We may burn some of Chris B's underwear! Show your support for our aberrant pop music one last time!

15 July 2005 - Friday, 10:30pm start

Fringe Club - 2 Lower Albert Rd. (Next to FCC), Central. HK$80 (includes one drink). Free entry for Fringe members.

PLUS a guest appearance from Luke Chow & Friends - a great upcoming indie pop band. Thanks for supporting live music in Hong Kong!

Chris W, Chris B, Egg, Matt & Mysterious Mr. B"

This breakup sounded like something worthy of this blog which is trying to keep track of all local bands with at least one member living on Lamma, dubbing them "Lamma bands". I enquired for more details, getting the PRESS RELEASE below.

The photos below come from my photo shoot of TOL's gig in a SHOPPING MALL.

bbChris - Thinking Out Loud - lead vocals, guitar:


THINKING OUT LOUD! After wrestling with the Fringe Club to get their band name right along with the constant struggle with getting their bass player's name right (they still call him B-ryan, despite the fact he left the band 2 years ago!), Chris W and Mysterious Mr. B decided they had had enough of this nonsense! Chris W is retiring from music and Mr. B wants to play more funkier stuff (a-la-NUDE).

Matt the drummer and Egg the bassist convinced Chris B that there's a future in female fronted bands in HK and with, well, 'her reputation' and the lack of female-fronted male-angst-ridden bands would do well in HK. Talks are underway as the suggestion of a 3 piece renamed as "THINKING" or even simply "LOUD"!

Meanwhile, can Chris B really juggle four bands?

She's also known for playing lead guitar for Flowers of Babylon (favourites at Rockit), as singer/guitarist for Guitars & Panties (an all girl band) and also the singer/ guitarist in Chris B & Graeme - a dynamic acoustic duo!

July 14:  Population Baffled by Felling of Trees

"Police baffled by felling of 188 trees": cover headline of the City section of the SCM Post today, about a mysterious act of eco-vandalism in Tai Tam country park. It also mentions a maximum jail term of one year and a $25,000 fine for the "offence of tree-cutting" (see poster on our Policebox).

We've had a similar, fortunately much smaller case on Lamma recently. The beautiful trees behind the library at the ferry pier were all radically cut off a few weeks ago, without a warning or even a public note on the noticeboards beforehand (as would usually be the govt.'s requirement). The legality of the case is unclear and it could have been a sneaky, but approved action. On an island with many tree huggers (including myself) some people worry about trees being felled for no apparent reason and tree plantings are big & most welcome news. There have even been several objections against announced tree fellings. This action came as a big surprise to almost everybody, as these were the very first blooming trees that visitors to Yung Shue Wan could enjoy close-up, coming straight off the YSW ferry pier.

I'll try to research more about the background with the local authorities. Some of them have been trying to shore up their own "tree-hugging" green credentials with public tree plantings recently ("Green Lamma Green" campaign). Let's hope they're serious about it and it wasn't just a nice PR opportunity. If they keep it up, it might replenish all the felled trees long-term. Yes, always trying to end on a positive, uplifting note is one of the aims of this usually relentlessly optimistic blog!

July 13:  Cultured Art @ Culture Club

Opening Reception of Lammaite Deirdre Butler's new paintings exhibition "Emerging from Shadows" at the Culture Club in Soho, Central. Almost ten members of Deirdre's Lamma fan club made the journey to Soho, including myself. I was invited as the official (remunerated) event photographer. Click above for a few of my snapshots of this fun but tasteful Opening Reception attended by artistic, deep-thinking, spiritual & fascinating people, so different from myself!

After the reception, a delicious dinner was served in the middle of the gallery, as the Culture Club is also a fine, up-market restaurant.  I've also met my next Lamma-zine Artist of the Month for the very first time at this event!

July 12:  Emerging from Shadows

Lamma-zine Artist of the Month - July 2005 - Deirdre Butler - is having an exhibition of her paintings - a series inspired by dance - from 12 July - 6 August 2005 at the Culture Club, Soho, Central, Hong Kong. Here's a map:

(the lower part of Elgin Street; close to the John Batten Gallery, just up from Hollywood Road)

Opening Hours: Mon- Thu 12.30 – 10.30pm, Fri 12.30 - midnight, Sat 2.30pm – midnight.

Exhibition website (by L-G):

Meet the artist at the Opening Reception on Wed 13 July 2005, 6 - 8pm. RSVP, please.

July 11:

The Official Court Artist of and frequent contributor to this blog has launched a new website recently. His 2-year-old art blog has become very quiet recently, very unfortunate as it's been providing lots of input for this blog. For some of the best (and worst) of his art blog, click on the BS warning on the right. This section of the old site has a great intro:

"If you are easily offended by vulgar speech, references to sexual exploits (especially those practiced in solitude), outright childish stupidity or if you are a potential client, partner, sponsor or investor please read no further."

Well, as long as he's taking his absolutely amazing photos, like the ones below, I'll prefer instead to follow his creative adventures on his new photo website:

Andy Maluche - Official Court Artist of

Let me know what you think about my new site :-)

In 2002 I decided to become an artist again. Since then I have been doing a thousand different things as you know from my website and my magazine.

I really enjoy creating my own concepts, producing paintings, drawings and sculptures. The sensation of freedom from other people's parameters is just simply exhilarating. But if you want to be successful as an artist you basically have be an actor and an astute businessman like in any other business as well. That's where the fun has a hole and the circle closes again. I was back from where I started, running a business, only with much less money :-(

The good thing is that in the last three years I realized what I really want to do. I discovered my real passion. Yes, I'll always be an artist but I also do enjoy cooperating with other people. I like to be creative, I like to design and most of all I love to take photographs. My dream in my life is to be able to travel around the world interacting with interesting people and document everything with my pictures.

Therefore I decided to fully concentrate on my photography and the digital image processing and design work that comes with it. I am not giving up on art. This year alone I'll have 4 more large exhibitions. I am just shifting priorities.

And here is the new chapter in my life:

I would love to hear your comments and suggestions and don't worry, my fun site, my art, my articles in magazines and newspapers will always be there to entertain you and myself.

Have fun!

Highly recommended sections: Documentary - Essays, Lifestyle - Portfolio, and especially Lifestyle - My Column.

July 10:  Young Green Crusaders

PowerSmart Kids throw their caps in the air in celebration.

One more "green" press release from HK Electric just arrived: a heart-warming tale of "23 primary school students being recognized for their potential and achievements as "young green crusaders" at a special graduation ceremony (see above)... The recipients of the honour of “PowerSmart Kids” have been urged to serve as role models for others in conserving energy and caring for the environment... At HEC, we adopt the 4R principle – reduce, reuse, recycle and recover..."  Read more here... but only if you really, really want to...

Green leaders merge tai chi with energy saving messages.

HK Electric has just launched a brand-new, beautifully designed, colourful, Flash-y, but also user-friendly, easy-to-navigate corporate website. In the center of the home page you can find the latest 6 press releases. 4 of the titles contain the words "green" or "ecological".

Is HK Electric turning into a greenie, or do they just have a very good and smart (PowerSmart?) PR Dept? Maybe both???

July 9:  New Lamma Shirts

According to the SCMP on July 7, a British couple and a HK women have been arrested for marijuana possession on Lamma Island.

Message from Duderino:

"Lamma Island takes care of its own!  Alan and Linda and a girl by the name of Suzie are in some bother with the cops and need good legal representation. To help them out of trouble, from Saturday evening you can buy one of these shirts - which come in M, L, XL and either green, orange or red. Priced at HK$75, these unique, one off Lamma centric shirts are funny and all profits go to helping fray A&L's legal costs. On the front is the message 'Free the Lamma 3', while on the back the shirt has 'Does anybody else smell bacon?'

The lawyer we have contacted is the man who managed to get a Sai Kung couple off 15 months ago who were also busted. Legal costs are likely to be at least HK$20,000. If you want a shirt, contact Nick the Bookman, Maria @ Diesel's or"

Some of our forum members jumped right in and suggested alternate designs!
Click to enlarge these designs from Granola Eater, myself & Beanburglar:

DISCLAIMER: This blog does NOT condone the possession or use of marijuana or any other drugs! This drug bust has been the first one on Lamma in a very long time. Lamma Island remains a very safe place, according to residents and the local police force.

July 7:  Going Over the Edge, Nude!

Click above for the story & photo gallery.

July 6:  A Brief History of Lamma

Yes, the Internet is the greatest source of time-wasting misinformation, obfuscation and distraction the world has ever known! Ain't it insanely great?

But it's also full of sheer nonsense, depraved hilarity & utter silliness. That's a major reason making it such a wonderful & indispensable research tool for blog writers like myself. We love to add daily to the flood of verbal & visual "garbage" out there on the Wild'n'Woolly Web, often by regurgitating or "commenting" on other people's web pages, sometimes even quoting them out of context. Let me demonstrate:

Googling sporadically what's new in Lamma-related web pages, I came across a really fascinating history page about Lamma on ("Welcome to Lamma"). Obviously a long-lost sister site of, till now even unknown to me!

Are you interested in our island's history? Their page about "A Brief History of Lamma" has clear headings like "The Early Years", "Consolidation" and "Growth".

There are fascinating historical tidbits from Lamma's world-famous heydays, new even to Lammaites living through those glory days! For example, did you ever hear about Lamma's "The Best Literature prize" and "The Introduction of the Lamma prize for the Best New Product for farmers"?

The history follows through the post-Handover days, when "All this was achieved in spite of the international hard times for both industry and farming." So true!

You're surely aware that "during the years the number of visitors steadily increased, Lamma becoming established, with the 1997 show the available space ... was fully occupied and yet the demand for space was still growing."

But did you know that "the management decided after the 1997 show that if Lamma was to continue to meet the demands and needs ... then a new site would have to be found, ... local facilities for light aircraft ... After much discussion and heart searching it was finally decided to make the move."

So our local politicians considered after the 1997 Handover to relocate Lamma's population to another island with light aircraft!?!  When and why was this plan abandoned? Or was it just postponed? Who knows more?

But to make up for "all these inconveniences to be caused", the "management" announced the "introduction of a Big Breakfast available all day, the caterers using British produce where ever possible." This is still being offered in most Western restaurants in Yung Shue Wan, obviously a tasty historical legacy!
Click here to read the full text on our sister website,

A Brief History of Lamma

P.S. Don't read this before you've clicked on the link above!
All the quotes above are correct and come directly from the linked web page!
By the way, Lamma stands for "Lincolnshire Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Association". Sorry, I forgot to mention this factoid earlier. Just a little, insignificant oversight...

July 5:  Going Nuts with Photoshop!

Spending so much time on my computer, putting together at least one blog article every single day, answering dozens of emails, preparing photos, formatting text & quotes, cut-and-pasting, researching, hyperlinking, trying (usually unsuccessfully) to come up with something clever to write, it can get a bit repetitive, even tedious at times, making it almost feel like another day in a corporate office!


That's when I need a desperate and urgent reminder that I'm NOT in a corporate office anymore! That I've ESCAPED! That I actually create this blog for fun, not as work. That no boss can tell me what to do in it! That's the time when this semi-retired, self-proclaimed Artsy Cybergeek is in dire need of a creative break! So that's what I did all day today, going spontaneously nuts with Photoshop (see above). I'm feeling MUCH BETTER now!

Yes, even my going nuts is done with a computer. No wild dancing on the rooftop or unseemly displays of mental instability from me! I'll leave those, especially the traditional running-naked-through-Main-Street to other Lammaites - as has happened quite a few times over the years, even recently...

Using Ingmar's recent photo of Gary Hill of Garoupa fame, I created the 7 graphics above (click to enlarge) - plus a few unworthy for publication. I've used Garoupa concert pictures for the same purpose before. For some mysterious reasons these guys seem to be inspiring my creative outbursts of folly...

Could it be their fine & cool music inspiring me? Nah! Maybe it's just the fishy odors of these "slightly odd-smelling lads" (as they call themselves on their poster below), probably all these heavy pheromones of musical fertility...

July 4:  Suen Huen & Kwok Jun-On Filming on High Street

There was some excitement on High Street on Monday, June 6. A new TVB soap opera was being filmed with two very popular local TV/movie stars: Roger Kwok Chun-On & Jessica Suen Huen.

They were even so nice to pose for pictures with Green Cottage Ron's son Yan in front of his rest. After a lot of prodding, he finally emailed me these great pictures the other day, see left & right.

A bit of online research revealed not just local but also overseas fan clubs and their own websites, of course: &

"TVB series SQUARE PEGS (NGONG FU SING LUNG)'s modern sequel AH WONG SUN JUEN (AH WONG NEW BIOGRAPHY) yesterday held its studio production start ceremony. Best Partner winners Roger Kwok Chun On and Jessica Hester Hsuan (Suen Huen) went crazy. Suen Huen even carried On Jai for pictures (see below).

(4/13/2005) Roger Kwok Chun On, Jessica Hester Hsuan (Suen Huen), and Leila Tong Ning yesterday worked on their TVB series AH WONG SUN JUEN (AH WONG NEW BIOGRAPHY). In the story On Jai dresses up as a globe to promote for a telecommunication company."

TVB Popularity Awards:

Favourite Male Artist Award: Roger Kwok Jun-On (SQUARE PEGS);
Favourite Team (Drama): Roger Kwok Jun-On & Jessica Suen Huen (SQUARE PEGS)

July 3:  Holy Crap! They Did It!

(Pictures above courtesy of Ingmar, from first WBOTB heat. Click to enlarge)

Alex from Garoupa wrote:

"Garoupa won their World Battle of the Bands semi-final last night (Fringe Club, July 2), cruising through into first place to go through to The Fringe final!

Unfortunately, due to commitments overseas, we won't be able to make the final, but we'd like to, again, thank all the 'Lamma lot' that came to see us!

You can also catch Garoupa practising and playing in the heat on RTHK TV (from about 4.19 mins in): The Works, June 7."

July 3:  Best of June - Honours List

Another great month with a number of great new contributors and many loyal, reliable long-time contributors sending in high-quality quotes, opinions, photos and suggestions! Keep'em coming, this is your blog, your soapbox to air your rants & raves, your showcase to display your photos, posters and artworks, your public platform to tell your stories and discuss ideas on how to make Lamma an even better community for everybody to live in! Anonymous and "nickname" submissions are most welcome from "shy" contributors. See some of the best contributions:

Honours List of Lamma-zine Blog - June 2005


Story title



What's Going on in the Chinese Forums?

June 1

Andy Maluche,
Dave Parker

A Brush With Dave Parker's Brush

June 2

Pooh, Roberta

'Dear Ah Gung,... we miss the place so much!'

June 5


'June 6th is Magic Monday of Love'

June 6


Lamma-zine Graffiti!

June 7

Mr DickStock,
Nick the Bookman

Nick's Big Night Out

June 10


More Graffiti from 'Media'

June 10

Lara Wozniak

Top 10 reasons to love dragonboat

June 11

Sandra Tobias

Sandra's Shadows after a Sunday Sunset

June 12

Gilman, Eloelo, Claudia

Lamma Dragonboaters Victorious Again!

June 13

e, Gisela

Trap, Neuter, Release!

June 14


Gisela and the 'O Tsai Gang'

June 14


The Pleasure of Decimating the Opposition!

June 15

Carey Vail

Bluelotus - New Online Art Gallery

June 15


Bontempi Gigapix Fandango i-Bamboozler

June 17

Ricky Choi

Happy 2nd Anniversary to New Holiday Mood!

June 18


Wow, Forum Message #20,000!

June 19


What's Up in the Chinese Forums, Part II?

June 20

Northern Lamma School

English Day at Northern Lamma School

June 21

Moley, Claudia, Katie

'In at the deep end'

June 22

Keith Pretty

Giving Birth on the Ferry (Almost)

June 23


Loverly Flat with Porn Star Bathroom

June 24


Sunset Watchers

June 27


Power Station Beach Clean-up

June 28


Garoupa Goes Underground!

June 30

July 2 Chinese Forums - Monthly Update

The Chinese Forum of this website are continuing to be very active and creative in the last few weeks, again far surpassing the number of posted messages in all English forums put together. On June 20, our Chinese forum moderator Samson did his last update of what people have been talking about in there. It's time for another monthly look as the topics are so different from the English-language forums:

Samson - Official Court Moderator of All Chinese Forums:

Happy Handover Day! I’m just chilling out at home on this sunny and muggy day and thought, well, it must be about time do a quick Chinese forum update! So let’s get into it!!

  1. Rain, rain and even more of it!  As the rain continued, so did our discussion on the weather conditions. Check out the photo of the flooded Herboland – or is it Herbolake?

  2. Local celebrities on Lamma! Suen Huen and Kwok Chun-on, 2 of the most famous TV-celebs in Hong Kong, have been filming on Lamma, and Lamma-Gung shot a few photos of the celebs!

  3. Thefts and pickpocket incidents on Lamma! The Chinese forum focused on some of these minor incidents, including lost bikes and even stolen plants!!

  4. From fab to crap – a fortnight ago, we praised HKKF’s efforts in stepping up the no smoking on board policy, but their reputation was tarnished this time. For the past couple of weeks, Sea Superior (one of the large fast ferries) has been assigned as a harbour cruise for the Mainland tourists. While this could well be an additional revenue stream for HKKF, us Lamma-ites had to put up with a small fast ferry, Sea Smart for the 7:30pm sailing from Central. We discussed how Sea Smart rocks us in rough seas, and our general discontentment of the arrangement! An update on the issue: HKKF began assigning Sea Supreme, another large fast ferry for 7:30 during the week.

  5. New Holiday Mood came under criticism... To put the main objection objectively, the food doesn’t really suit some of our Chinese forum members’ tastes. But then again, whether food from a restaurant tastes good or not is very personal! Anyway, some members think their 2nd anniversary buffet was quite a success!

  6. The typhoon season is approaching, so we discussed our preparations and favourite typhoon activities, like mahjong and wave watching, etc.

If you can read Chinese, check out the Chinese forums and ask Samson for some more insider tips & the latest news from our majority Chinese community!

July 2HK Electric Cleans up Power Station Beach

Following up on the blog story from June 28 - when Katherine was calling for volunteers for a beach clean-up today:

Today's Beach Clean-Up is off! Instead, we can go enjoy our Power Station beach again, thanks to a taskforce from the powerstation. They have been there two days ago and lugged away loads of rubbish! See pictures from Katherine!

Even though Tai Wan To beach is colloquially known as "Power Station Beach", it's public and not HK Electric's responsibility to keep clean. So it's specially nice of them to do this dirty job! Many thanks to HK Electric for this unexpected kindness! Let's also hope that they'll title-sponsor the Lamma Fun Day on the very same beach again this year!


Katherine writes: "It might be an understatement to say that Lamma would be somewhat different without the power station. But it is also good to know that beach users do in fact have a civic-minded neighbour in Hong Kong Electric that does what it can to support the community. Thanks to all those lads with the hats on who toiled for hours to clear so much rubbish (there was a huge number of bags filled) and to Esme for organising this."

July 1, HKSAR Establishment Day:  8 Years Since the Handover!

New Holiday Mood entrance, with traditional Chinese banners w/good wishes for July 1st:
"Eating means happiness", "Sunrise & sunset make one day", "Long or short, it's still a holiday"
The first character of each of the 2 vertical banners form the name "Holiday Mood".

Really hard to believe, already 8 years since the Handover of Hong Kong back to China! How will you be commemorating this important milestone? Going to the traditional yearly protest march starting in Victoria Park, or staying on the island and enjoying the long summer weekend with your friends and loved ones? Me too!

I remember, during the Historic Halcyon Handover days, I gave HK 2 years before it would likely start changing in a way I would personally find unacceptable, having grown up in a grassroots-democratic country. To my astonishment, most of these negative changes haven't happened. So I'm still living here pretty happily, still being cautiously optimistic about the short- and long-term future of this great place I love and call home. Amen.  {end of sermon}

Warning, advertorial!  If you're going out for Dim Sum this long weekend, there's now one more choice in Yung Shue Wan:
New Holiday Mood.

It's strange but true! They're already serving Indian dishes from Spicy Island and Chinese dishes from Lung Wah, in addition to their own Western cafe-style food. But now they've just added Lung Wah's popular Dim Sum to their choices, at the same price, of course. See their 3 menus on the right.

It's a happy co-operation between these 3 restaurants, a real win-win deal for all of them, as Ricky (New Holiday Mood), Amar (Spicy Island) and Ah-Hay (Lung Wah) confirmed to me. I wonder if any of the other local, sometimes fiercely competitive restaurants might follow this fine example? Nah, unlikely...

Lamma-zine Blog started on Sep 1, 2004, and will be updated frequently with anything related to Lamma Island or its residents, be it news, stories, events or photos.

Contact Lamma-Gung with anything relevant to Lamma that you'd like to see published on this home page!

Posts from all former months are stored in the Blog Archives, see below.

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