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Oct 31:  Halloween Queen

American-style Halloween seems to become a bigger and more important festival every year on Lamma. To put you into the appropriately garish, gruesome and ghastly mood - well, some of us seem to be in this mood most of the year, not naming any names - here are a few garden decorations I photographed recently. If you're a Lammaite, you could know where they are all located?

Oct 30:  Cat Finlayson - Lamma Artist of the Month - Oct '06

Click below for her Lamma-zine art gallery:

Oct 29:  Halloween Haunted House Party

Another Lamma Life Force classic poster and party...

Don't get lost on the way to the party which is NOT at the beach this time! Decipher the info above yourself, prove yourself worthy! Today afternoon and tomorrow all day. Just follow your ears, the pounding subwoofers you can feel in your stomach will guide you...

Oct 28:  Lamma Fun, Food & Friends  (and Music, too)

The first sets of photos from the Lamma Fun Day last Sunday are available now, plus gig reviews by our new Official Court Reviewer of Lamma Bands!

We're still accepting Fun Day photos for the official photo gallery for the LammaFunDay website. Email your BEST photos (any size, even direct from the camera) to

Click below for photos by Andy Maluche (Official Court Artist of, formerly the Aggressively Shy Stick Insect Hunter. He wants to be known as the Blue-Haired Reincarnated Swan these days, showing off his blue-ish hair.):

Click below for photos by Bob Davis:

Photos by Cat the Face-Painter - Lamma-zine Artist of the Month - Oct 2006:

Photos by Simonltk:

Photos by Miu:

Photos by Jessica Mak:

Photos by Lamma-Gung:

Nick the Bookman - Official Court Reviewer of Lamma Bands

(newly appointed, rewarding his loyal, longtime service to the Lamma-zine)

Love Fest of Lamma Bands

I've arrived at Power Station Beach for Lamma Fun Day #7 at about 13:30 - just in time for opening act Transnoodle. They don't start quite as speedily as their recent Underground gig. Perhaps it's the sun, sea and space soothing and slowing them down. Or their biggest audience to date. The usual sextet is a septet today with Barnaby (on congas) joining brother Steve (trumpet) in the band. Adds to the Carnival atmosphere. If you've seen them before, you know how they sound. Bits of the (English) Beat, some Blockheads, possibly the punk-folk of The Pogues and some reggae/ska intervals. Songs include "Spicy Island", "Down in the Deli", "Let's live in Peace (and shut your mouth)" and "Po Wah Yuen". The Hong Kong Electric Band are waiting in the wings...

John, a visiting UK DJ, and Steve Bruce take turns providing a mellow sound-track while the bands warm up. The HK Electric Band open with "You Give Love A Bad Name" and Gavin the Engineer makes them do it again. The second sound check is a bit better. The octet play 2 Cantopop tunes, with slightly grungy guitar and an unexpected rendition of "Happy Together" by The Turtles. It's almost slightly camp in a Gene Pitney overblown orchestral-lite sort of way. Dick Jones (Mr DickStock) says his favourite "part of The Electric Band wuz the blue hollow-body Epiphane guitar" The HKEB are improving year by year, but the passion is still lacking...

Photo by Bob Davis

Transnoodle return for a short second set which the crowd appears to enjoy immensely. "Port Royal" is a growing favourite with its chorus of " and money" which leads nicely into the auction by Jim and Les. They're both hav-ing a laugh up on stage, but they do the biz. I'm reminded of the Shelley Duvall/Michael Palin characters in Time Bandits, constantly recurring through history. These guys seem like that. They managed to get Bobsy to buy the original of Harry's cartoon in the Young Post of the Lamma Fun Day movers and shakers for $1,400.

Garoupa, who have been busy of late with Rockit #4 and reaching the HK Finals of World Battle of the Bands #3, are on next and deliver a short, sharp, paced set. Songs include "What I Want". "Down in the Abyss" and (my favour-ite "Where's Daddy Gone" (probably not the title, tho'). They remind me in a way of vintage Doobie Brothers with an acoustic-cum-electric lead guitar and lots of rocking out behind the scenes. New bassist Koya seems happy to make his Fun Day debut. Alex thought the band was overrunning, so the set was shortened to 5 songs. Oh well...

The sun is setting fast as The Yung Shue Wankers take the stage. John is recovering from a legendary bender. Frasier (ex-Gaelic Gaul) has returned from Oz for this weekend. Davy is in imperious form on the fiddle. Part Dave Swar-brick, part Jerry Goodman and part Robby Lakatos while Harry adds the apoca-lyptic American influences. Songs include "Folsom Prison Blues", "Plastic Jesus", "I Saw the Light", interesting covers of "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" and "Runaway" (by Del Shannon). Jules joins them on stage for a finale of "These Boots Are Made For Walking" and thanks everyone for attend-ing. Davy finishes with a splendid fiddle set.

Bobsy says he's too busy building a fire on the beach for the community to help with dismantling the stage. Great fun again. Some people describe the ambience as more fun than Rockit with about 75% of the attendance.

Oh yeah, almost forgot: "THE SPICY BOYS ARE COMING SOON!"

Oct 27:  Garoupa's World Battle Finals & Wet T-Shirt Contest

Garoupa in HK Final of The World Battle Of The Bands: Fri Oct 27, The Edge, G/F, The Centrium, 60 Wyndham St, CENTRAL: "Four HK bands left - Garoupa, Spodac, GRIN, The Train. The winner takes on bands from all over the world. The judges are looking at crowd response. We need your helping hands!"

Click for Garoupa's website and the event poster.

Sometimes I miss my younger days motorbiking through Alpine valleys in Europe, up and over the Alpine passes, with a pretty girl clinging to me on the backseat. One of them became my wife. Now there's a chance for all BBBs (Baby Boomer Bikers) to relive our ancient salad days! But Gen X, Y and XYZ members are most welcome as well!

This year's regional party by the Mad Dogs Motorcycle Club will be held tomorrow Saturday in Sai Kung. Lamma Bands Garoupa and Red Star Rising are performing. There's even a Wet T-shirt Competition, most unusual for an event featuring Lamma Bands! I've asked Prof Red Star, lead singer of Red Star Rising for a comment on this:

"Wet T-shirt contest at a Red Star gig? Rock 'n' Roll! Bring it on! I might even enter!"

Did you know that the President of Mad Dogs MC's HK chapter lives on motor-cycle-free Lamma? Some people have wondered if he actually lives at The Island Bar? Take a bow, salt 'n' pepper-bearded Rob "Mad Dog" Carmichael! Can I get an interview, please?

A bus will leave Central's Lamma Ferry Pier at 2.15pm.

Cost is price of bus divided by number of people - about $20.
Free shuttle bus running back and forth every 1 and half hours from MTR Station Choi Hung to Biker Daze all day after 3pm. Last bus returning to Wan Chai at 11pm. The bus will be clearly marked "MAD DOG BIKER DAZE".

Mad Dog Doug Netzel is inviting any Lamma girls to enter the Wet T-Shirt Competition, even trying to entice them with $1,000 first place prize money! He's on dangerous grounds here. I can just see Lamma's mild-mannered but fierce lady ovo-lacto vegetarians, white magic witches, environmental campaigners, gentle tree huggers and spiritual mediums - many of them much appreciated and loyal readers of the Lamma-zine - tear the living flesh from Doug's quivering limbs (after ripping off his T-shirt first, of course) for daring to make an appeal like that!

See you on the bus from Central's Lamma Ferry pier at 2:15pm tomorrow?

Oct 26:  No Hillfire Campaign

The Conservancy Association - the people behind the Green Lamma Green campaign - are taking action about the twice-yearly scourge of Lamma: hillfires caused by careless grave-sweepers burning offerings at the graves of their ancestors at the Chung Yeung and Ching Ming festivals.

The Chung Yeung Festival is taking place on Monday, Oct 30 and the Conservancy Association will have volunteers coming to Yung Shue Wan to help in Hillfire Prevention. They're looking for local volunteers, so if you care about this issue, call Doris now at 2272 0344 for more info or meet them at the YSW ferry pier on 29 and/or 30 Oct at 9am! From their bilingual leaflet:

Oct 25:  Lamma Fun Day Videos

© 2006, Simonltk

Oct 24:  Official Court Glutton vs. Eggs Benedict

Remember the Official Court Glutton and his uniquely unusual food reviews?

We haven't heard from him in such a long time that many a loyal reader feared that he might have succumbed to some food-related illness or other exotic malady while eating his way through China and SE-Asia.

Banish the thought, we're happy to announce he's still around, occasionally stopping over on Lamma for "a little snack", as he seems to be hungrier than ever! On the left, he's ready to tuck in!

Official Court Glutton

After traveling hard for work, I have the pleasure of relaxing on Lamma for a few days before my next trip.
Thus, an opportunity advances itself to call up Lamma-Gung and meet for lunch, or in my case breakfast, at 2pm.
Since it was a Monday, choice of locales was restricted to places that were open.
After some discussion, the Waterfront Restaurant was selected, which suited me fine as I was in the mood for their Eggs Benedict.

Arriving first, I ordered my Eggs Benedict and one for L-G who was late due to some feeble excuse of being over-worked by Lamma Fun Day follow-up stuff.

L-G arrived, my pint of beer arrived and then the Eggs Benedict. (Breakfast of champions?)
The required pictures were taken with L-G's super-duper, new, fancy Nikon D80 (which I suspect he does not fully understand yet how to use). And then we could tuck in.

Initial impression was positive, except that I did not see any spinach, there was lettuce.
Not a happy start.
But being somewhat hungry, it was easy to flick all the lettuce out and start.
This is the first time I tried Eggs Benedict without spinach.
It turns out that spinach is there for a reason.
The spinach flavour adds some sharpness and texture that improves the overall taste.
Lettuce does not have the same effect.
Looking up, I see that L-G is eating his Eggs Benedict with lettuce and without complaint.

Although being annoyed about the lettuce issue, the rest of the components and overall effect was good.
Eggs were correct, cheese grated and quantity were correct, muffins were fine, Hollandaise sauce just right and the bacon was done perfectly.
Bacon was not overcooked/undercooked, good quality and quantity.
Spinach would have been a welcome addition.

Yes, I would order this dish again, except I would check on the spinach being available before ordering.
I think that the Waterfront Restaurant is the only place that offers this dish in Yung Shue Wan [Editor: Bookworm Café offers a very tasty version of Eggs Benedict, but on weekends only].
At $42, not the cheapest dish in the village, but very satisfying and certainly I was not looking for a snack a few hours later. Recommended!

And, of course, no charge for the excellent view of the bay, from the balcony!

P.S. The Waterfront is not a advertiser. This review was done in an anonymous and unannounced way; and we paid for our food and drinks in full, as always.

Oct 23:  HK Copy News #06

The full 4-minute version has tourists, time-traveling democrats and Steve Wynn's unusual stab at art criticism.

You can get it here:
Where you can leave comments and suggestions.

To get it straight in your iTunes:

Oct 22:  Living Lamma Legend Eaten by Dog!!!

The SCMP's Young Post has a cover story today about the Lamma Fun Day, interviewing 6 Lammaites and ex-Lammaites about it and their feelings about Lamma. Without our knowledge, Lamma's master cartoonist Harry Harrison drew the above illustration for the story, including myself (Lamma-Gung). The SCMP titled the story "Lamma legends", and the teasing and ridicule from our friends and acquaintances started right away and might go on for a long while!

According to the Lamma-zine' CCC (Celebrity Classification Code), there are "Lamma Celebs", "Court Officials" and "Laudable Lamma Luminaries". Now we've got one more top-most level of fame: "Living Lamma Legends", who are known outside Lamma as well.

But me personally jumping from the lowest rank of being a very minor, little-known, local "Lamma Celeb" to the new top level of LLL is undeserved, unbecoming and quite embarrassing. The other LLLs are so much more worthy and deserving, I can't really accept this honorary title {*Big BLUSH!*} But anyway, it's all in good fun only. So, what are the fringe benefits of being publicly declared a legend, dear SCMP? Just asking...

But who's that "Living Lamma Legend" above being eaten by a dog? Figure it out yourself by deduction! The 6 people featured in the illustration are - in no particular order - Alastair "Lights Out" Robins, Kumi the Drumming Geisha, Bobsy, SheiLAP, Fun Day Sonya and myself, Lamma-Gung.

So, who's being eaten by the dog?

For the full text of the email interviews with the 6 of us, click below.

P.S. When hearing about this illustration from Harry personally the day before, I asked him to auction it off for charity at the Lamma Fun Day. He agreed and we managed to raise $1,400 for the Children Welfare Scheme! See left, auctioneer Les with the beer-soaked SCMP page.

Guess, who could afford to buy it? Yes, the tree-hugging LLL in the picture! I've asked him to write a few lines about the picture and the Fun Day. He happily obliged:

Bobsy - Living Lamma Legend - Life Cafe - "Be the change you want to see in the world."

yes, lots of positive good feedback from the FUN DAY!!  the cartoons were also fun and timely... amazing how many people saw them...

i think the lamma fun day ROCKS!  it has become a lamma INSTITUTION and a day not to miss but rather to mark on the calendar and look forward to.

i say this to myself every year: "why on earth do i never seem to manage to arrive earlier?!" every year i say "bummer, i wish i'd come at 10am so as to have a longer day having fun in our great community..."

i want to thank zein and sonya and everyone else who gives so much of their time & energy to create this day for all of us to enjoy... i have organized one or two events before and i understand how much effort and how much energy and how much time is needed to pull such events off.... especially at the end of the day when the event is over and everyone goes home... THAT is when the biggest SACRIFICE is made because one is soooo exhausted and all one wants to do is go home... much respect to those who stay till the very end.

the cartoon i will add to my growing collection and see what is to made out of all of them over these last 14 years in hk... something cool no doubt, when the time is right.

P.S. Sheila emailed about being eaten by a dog:

"Heavens, dogs are our friends, they don't eat us!
You know how difficult it is to give a pill to some animals. I just like to make sure the pill is well and truly inserted."

Oct 21:  The Ocarina Tour

Walking through the underground connection from Central MTR to the Yung Shue Wan Shopping Mall (also called IFC mall) - a path taken by many Lammaites every day in either direction - I came across a live ocarina performance by HK musicians. In the middle of a turbulent sea of always rushing commuters flooding through this travelator tunnel, an oasis of culture and live acoustic music performance, a most refreshing and welcome sight.

Setting down my shopping I took a little musical break, listening to this magical wooden flute from the Andes and took a few pictures.

Well done, MTR, for organising these "Art in MTR - Living Art" events, giving your weary crowds of travelers a little respite from their efficient, clean, safe but sardine-can-like, standing-room-only daily transport.

Oct 20: 

Lamma Fun Day Update:

Bands Schedule, Busker's Corner & Photo Contest!

Are you getting ready for Lamma's largest community event of the fall season? Two days to go, another update on Lamma Fun Day activities on Sunday!

By the way, bring along enough cash as there'll be many opportunities to spend it all for charity: from Face-painting, Outrigging and Auction-bidding for charity to Busking, Bric-a-bracing, Beach-volleyballing and even Beer-drinking for charity! You can handle some of that, can't you?

Kevin - LFD music organiser - mobile 9309-0701:

It's an all-Lamma band love fest this year:

1:30 pm: Transnoodle -- a mix of ska, reggae and rock music with lyrical content drawing from Lamma Island itself.

3 pm: The Hong Kong Electric Band -- to see them is to love them.

4:30 pm: Garoupa --- Fresh from their Rock-It appearance last week and representatives of our fair island this year in the World Battle of the Bands Hong Kong finals  -- one of (if not THE) best original music bands in town.

5:30 pm: Yung Shue Wankers -- The Legends Live On.

Busker's Corner at LFD, located on the road, away from the main stage, towards the children's games:

Calling any and all musicians or performers -- take your talent to the street at Lamma Fun Day.

This year for the first time, we'll have a "Busker's Corner" on the beach road for any drummer, guitarist, clown or mime to show their stuff.

All acoustic guitarists, street musicians, rappers -- whatever -- are welcome to join. No performance order, no time schedule -- just when you want to perform.

One acoustic guitar will be available for use, but feel free to bring any and all unplugged instruments and drums. (No amplification will be provided.)
The "Busker's Corner" starts music at noon with some featured performers, so see you then.

A few words from the legendary founder of the Fun Day, the hallowed and venerate wise man Doggy. He's one of the few exalted Laudable Lamma Luminaries who contributed so much "good stuff" to the Lamma community!

Somebody located him in deep, self-imposed exile in the UK and got him to issue a statement all the way from the top of the foggy, rainy, holy mountain where he meditates on the deeper meanings of life and literature these days, sending his good blessings to everyone working for or attending the Fun Day:

Just been looking at the website, and just wanted to say, fantastic job again to you and the team - I know just how much work it all is.

Looks like it will be bigger and better than ever this year, so good luck for next weekend (is it getting earlier and earlier in the year?). Sunny weather and a big crowd - bound to be even more of a success than before.

Can't wait to hear the reports and see the photos.

Sweet, DoggyXOXO

Finally, an appeal to all amateur, semi-professional, wannabe-professional (like myself) and really professional photographers, anybody attending the Fun Day and bringing along a camera.

Shoot loads of good photos at the Fun Day, then select the very best ones and email them to me. The Fun Day committee will pick their favourites and they'll go into the official photo gallery! The more photographers, the merrier!

Everyone selected for the photo gallery will be credited and they might be used for future Fun Day promotions only. That's how several of my own photos got onto the cover of the Young Post of the SCM Post last year. YOU could be next! Think of all the fame and glory that'll be YOURS by having YOUR photos in the Lamma Fun Day photo gallery with YOUR name!

Oct 19: 

'The Fairy-Tale-Like Quality of the
Power Station Towers'

Which Lammaite could have written this most unusual title?

It must have been an artist, with an innate talent for seeing beauty in objects that many people try to ignore or even dislike. The statement originates from this month's Lamma-zine Artist of the Month, Sarah Wyatt, who opened her first paintings exhibition in BBC (Banyan Bay Café) tonight. A web art gallery of her paintings will follow later this month in our Galleries section. But I have take photos of her paintings first, as I've done for many other Lamma artists already.

I'm offering the same free service for other artists living on Lamma Island. Sponsoring and promoting the many talented but often quiet, little-known and under-appreciated Lamma artists is one of the happy goals of this website.

Back to the "Fairy-Tale-Like Quality of the Power Station Towers". I've received this anonymous SMS text message today at 4:37pm (Yes, we use texting on "Hippie Island", as an alternative to our customary smoke signals!):

"sorry for short notice c.a.l.i painting exhib 2nite @ banyan cafe 6.thirty- 8ish. paintings by sarah wyatt."

Two hours advance notice, plenty of time for me for a late lunch/early dinner (lunner), laundry shop, an interview with Yeliz and her Turkish interpreter, two extensive music chats with Nick the Reviewman, a quick stop-over at the Beer Garden for a catered birthday party and a good talk with another Fun Day organiser and her son who'll distribute " @ Fun Day" flyers on Sat.

"OK! OK! Enough with the trivia! Back to the 'Fairy-Tale-Like Quality of the Power Station Towers', you rambling, mumbling old fool!", I can almost hear you shouting very impatiently, dear reader. OK!

That's Sarah "Sleeping Beauty" Wyatt on the left - who created this poetic quote and BBC Cath who's a true Lamma Celebrity to her legions of friends, an experience "veteran" of the local bar/restaurant scene who's running artist-friendly, open-air BBC these days (Banyan Bay Cafe, former Corner Pin, Aroy Thai, Dan Kwai Fong and Sunset Bastard Boulevard, a true Lamma Landmark!).

Sarah's exhibition will run for several weeks. Have a look soon! Prices on request. Several paintings have been sold already, so hurry up!

Sarah Wyatt - Artist's Statement:

Sarah Wyatt studied art at Norwich School of Art, followed by a degree and postgraduate diploma in printmaking at Brighton Polytechnic. This classical training prepared her to work as a sandwich seller, data processor, prop maker, illustrator and other jobs too various to mention.

She lived briefly on Lamma in the early nineties, and has recently returned to the island after a 12 year absence.

"I have always loved Lamma, and it has so often been an inspiration in my work. This time I have been stuck by the fairy-tale like quality of the Power Station towers.

The view from my house conjures up the story of Sleeping Beauty, lying within the towers, surrounded by the dense forest of 100 years."

Oct 18:  Yeliz Interview: Is Lamma Different from Turkey?

in progress...

Oct 17:  Meet the People Behind

This is the title of posters that will go up later this week all over Yung Shue Wan. Click above to see the entire poster. We'd love to meet you, our readers, and learn how we can make this website better and more suitable to your needs and expectations. What's missing now and what should be improved? Any opinions from bad ("The site sucks totally!", "Worst Blog Ever!") to good ("It's OK, I think, but I never look at it.") will be most welcome and we'll consider all your feedbacks.

We'll be looking for writers, photographers, fans, people to interview, artists, muses, etc.

The red carpet will be rolled out for any potential sponsors and advertisers, so we can afford to improve this site and realise your best ideas!

Ah, yes, before I forget, we'll also be selling Anonymous_ Guy's brand-new "Lamma Wildlife" desktop calendar with his very best photos. All profits from each calendar will go directly to the Child Welfare Scheme charity, of course!

See you at the Lamma Fun Day? You can't miss our stall, as we'll be directly besides the bar! Stop by for a chat and maybe even buy us a drink if you really enjoy this website!

But if you're a past, current or future contributor or sponsor of this website, then we'll buy YOU a drink!

Oct 16:  HK Copy News - Rockit Special Edition

MomentEye writes: "No news is good news...?

Which is to say that HK Copy News is a little bit different this week?
Less news, more rock.

You can get it here:
Where you can leave comments and suggestions.

Or here:

To get it straight in your iTunes:

Or click below:

Oct 15:  Lamma's Golden Orbs

Can you guess what this photo shows? Easy, isn't it?

I liked this golden orb so much that, once again, I couldn't resist playing around with it in Photoshop. Hey, it's Sunday after all, Day of Play, and it's officially permitted to have fun today! Below are some of the results of my messing around, All have been generated directly from the photo above. Click to enlarge.

If you hate the graphics below, just skip to tomorrow's story. But send me an email if you like at least one of them, pleeeease!!! You'll be the ONLY person doing so and you'll be making my day! Isn't that worth taking a few of your life's many seconds to email me right now? But I don't want to sound too desperate...

P.S. I assume you've figured out by now what the original photo represents? No?

A Lamma street lamp, of course! My weird fascination with playing around with photos of Lamma Lamps seems to be all too well-known...

Oct 14:  Valiant Defenders of Lamma's Musical Honour

Rockit Festival today and tomorrow in Victoria Park!

In former years, we've always had several Lamma Bands going through the tough pre-selection process (1:10 chance of making it) and performing live at Rockit! This year only 1 established and 1 brand-new Lamma Band made it to Rockit!

Go, Garoupa, Go! Don't let Lamma down and sweep the audience off their feet (at least the ones who are not already sitting on the grass). Lamma's HUGE number of Garoupies (rumoured to far exceed Lamma's total population of 6,000) will be there to cheer you on, applaud wildly and do all the outrageous things that we Lammaites are reputed to do when we're happy!

Garoupa is the hardest working Lamma Band around at the moment, performing live every few days in a different location:

Today on the main stage at Rockit at 3:30pm, next Friday in the Fringe Club, next Sunday at the Lamma Fun Day, on Oct 28 at Biker Daze.

On Oct 27 they'll perform in the Centrium (Central, where else?) at the HK Finals of The World Battle of the Bands! See Events Calendar! Just four HK bands left in the Battle now! The winner will take on bands from all over the world. Judges are looking at crowd response, so they need your helping hands, clapping till they hurt!

Check out their new website on

A few more pictures submitted by band mascot, cheerleader and faecal, eh, facial contortionist extraordinaire (and lead singer) Alex. They show 2006 performances at Amnesia, Underground and the Battle of the Bands semi-finals. It looks like the Garoupians have discovered the Photoshop Filters. Goody-goody, so I won't be the only one anymore defacing and messing up their live photos! Click to enlarge:

Tomorrow at Rockit: Brand-new Lamma Band The Sinister Left, formed by one of the Garoupas: Nathaniel (Nel) Inciong. He's the only Lammaite in this band, but this still qualifies them officially as a "Lamma Band" and coverage in the Lamma-zine. I know nothing about this band yet and don't have any pictures (except of Nel performing with Garoupa below). Can anybody help me out?

P.S. I've found the MySpace website and an Underground photo gallery of The Sinister Left!

Oct 13:  An Honest Lamma Shopkeeper

Black Friday the 13th! But instead of a frightening tale of silly superstition and malevolent misfortune let me relate a little happy incident that happened to me the other day in Yung Shue Wan.

Walking along Main Street on the way to my usual late lunch, the guy above right rushed out of the Kai Mei Frozen Food shop and approached me with money in his outstretched hand. In very broken English he mentioned something about fish sticks and double pay. He was returning $18 to me because the shop had double-charged me for them by mistake the day before!

This amazing honesty made my day! It's so great to witness a really honest shopkeeper these days. They might have a bad reputation sometimes, often being suspected of cheating their customers (especially gwailos) a bit. But I've had almost exclusively positive experiences with Yung Shue Wan's shopkeepers in the almost five years I've lived and shopped here; their reputation seems totally undeserved. Property agents, on the other hand, well, that's another story...

I'll continue to be a frequent customer of Kai Mei Frozen Food Shop (opposite Deli Lamma) and I recommend this clean, bright and friendly place highly to everybody. It's featuring a fine selection of frozen and durable goods, ready-to-cook, marinated meats, wide choice of non-alcoholic drinks, very reasonable prices, friendly and helpful service, even an occasional smile. These are some of the many reasons we like and patronise these little shops daily. Most of us LIKE the total lack of supermarkets, brand-name and fast-food shops on Lamma!

No, no, they're NOT an advertiser on this website and are getting this fine home page publicity just for their refreshing honesty. Even better, it was unwarranted, pressure-free honesty, as I'd have never known that I was double-charged.

Maybe it's good karma finally bouncing back to me, for having in the past returned money to several cashiers in HK who gave me too much change...

P.S. Shopping in Lamma Gourmet on Main Street this evening, Geng insisted on also giving me back $18 (same amount!!!) for overcharging me a few days ago when buying her really delicious roasted chicken!

What's going on here? A conspiracy or a prank? Maybe I'm just an overly trustful stupidhead who gets overcharged all the time? My Chinese nickname amongst the local shopkeepers might mean something like "The stupid gwailo who can be easily overcharged".

Or is it just my stroke of luck on - of all days - Friday the 13th? Is 18 my lucky number, then?

So, who'll be next to return $18 to me?

Oct 12:  'We're F***ing Sick of Cat-Killing Dogs!'

Alexia - She sent me the email below, published here with her permission.

(Story edited by Lamma-Gung; photos supplied by Alexia.)

(See Alexia's personal blog story (in French): "Adieu Ma Zoe" and the Lamma forum topic that broke this story. You can also email her.)

Dear Lamma-Gung,

Today, I am devastated by the death of my beloved cat, Zoe, killed by dogs. But I am happy to see that some people - the dogs' owners - were still good and decent enough to send you a picture for the forum, trying to find the dead cat's owner (me). I saw the picture and called them. They explained what had happened and even apologized compassionately. Kudos to both of them. Also, you took the time to publish the picture in the Pets forum. Thanks for your message; your words really touched me. Thanks for taking it very seriously, I deeply appreciate it.

It's so important for a pet owner to know the truth about what happened. I am extremely devastated to learn that Zoe is gone and suffered because of those stupid dogs, but without I'd have never known what had happened to her; this would have been even more terrible.

The lady of the killer dogs went to see Hans the Vet to take care of Zoe, but Hans had to put her asleep forever as her back was broken. Last night, I went to see Zoe at his clinic and I kissed her good-bye. At least, there are some good people who really take animals seriously; for me this is very important.

For my lovely cat and for all the other cats on Lamma, yes, I want to publish on your blog that Lamma's cat owners are f***ing sick of the terrible attitude of the dog owners who let them run free everywhere, without leash. Those dogs on Lamma are not trained, they do what the hell they want, kill cats and shit and pee everywhere. The dogs fight in the village streets and the owners don't care. They could hurt a kid, but nobody says anything. They pee on the chairs in the bars, on people's bicycles, etc. etc...

Cats are being killed and tortured to death almost daily by dogs on Lamma. This is so bad and unacceptable. My neighbour's cat disappeared too. We're quite sure he got killed by a dog; and my other friend's cat as well.

Moving on, I have decided to take another kitty from the Lamma Animal Welfare Centre (that's where I got Zoe 1.5 years ago). I have another cat, Rita, who is now very depressed. I cannot leave her alone like this, it kills me.

Let's save the cats and educate the dogs and dog owners!

Oct 11:  Laudable Lamma Luminaries, Officials & Celebrities

The entertaining and creatively invented story (or was it all true?) by Tjungarayi below inspired me to describe the various types of celebrities on our little island of barely 6,000 permanent inhabitants. There are actually a lot of celebrities and this website might have contributed a little bit to create a few more 15-minute celebrities by highlighting their various positive achievements and successes in this Lamma-zine. Celebrities being famous for all the wrong and often dubious reasons, we've got them to. But this notoriously optimistic Lamma-zine usually keeps quiet about them, trying to focus mainly on positive news.

For the purpose of this website we have created 3 levels of celebrities:

Laudable Lamma Luminaries (LLL): The highest honour, reserved for well-known locals who have contributed in a positive, laudable way to the Lamma community as a whole.
Examples are the late Jonathan Gray, Chow Yun-Fat, Doggy, Mr DickStock, Dan the Bastard, Nick the Bookman, Bobsy, bbChris and a select few more. No need to agree with or like their achievements, simply that they have tried their well-meaning best to contribute to Lamma society in a way that they and their friends considered positive, making a significant impact on our community and its reputation.

Court Officials: These are forum moderators and frequent contributors to this website. They might be known only on this website and even remain anonymous or not even live here, but they're helping to maintain, grow and improve this website, so they're the most important celebrities for us. They're officially appointed (and refuted) by myself - sometimes by forum member poll - for a limited term only and then the title might move on to another qualified person.
Examples are the Official Court Tourism Ambassador, the Official Court Artist, the Official Court Translator, the Official Court Village Idiot, etc. More titles are available on request and will be awarded if you qualify as a frequent contributor of content (not cash) to this website.

Lamma Celebrities: Any Lammaite known beyond his circle of friends for at least 15 minutes. The fame can come from any number of reasons: personal achievement, winning something, notoriety, infamy, being newsworthy, a media appearance, good or bad publicity of any kind.
These are the type of people that often get their own Lamma-zine story. They might be unknown before, but become a little local celebrity through the story, at least for a few days.
If most of these stories about one particular Lamma Celebrity are positive, they might move up to LLL status some day. But this takes a few years and a sustained commitment and contribution to the community. Quite a few Lammaites are well on their way to achieve this exalted status someday soon...

Oct 10:  Ice Cream, Black Silk Knickers and the Hygiene Dept.

Rachel Yau from an anonymous "public sector organisation" is working on a tourism project and is looking for celebrities who live on the island for interviews. If you know any, you can suggest them in this forum.

Always eager Tjungarayi - a frequent Lamma-zine and forum contributor - jumped right in, nominating himself as a celebrity to be interviewed and telling "purely fantastical", fictitious (or not?) Lamma stories:

Me, me, me!

Oh - to be interviewed. Could I tell a tale or two!

For example, the sordid, black, satanic masses that are rumoured to occur several times a year after midnight on a secluded Lamma beach. Lewd and wildly joyous Bacchanalian feasts involving goats, vanilla-flavoured ice-cream, cat-o-nine tails and tan-coloured teddy bears.

It is hard to solicit any information about the goings-on at these festivities. People benignly accept this travesty of Christianity and go about their business and leave these nocturnal festivities to themselves, fearful of ungodly visitations and recriminations upon themselves. After relating these few facts to you, I will be festooning my apartment with crucifixes, my trusty copy of the Malleus Maleficarum will be on my bedside table and holy water sprinkled on window frames and my doorway.

Or the tale of unrequited love between one of the blue-uniformed Yung Shue Wan hygiene department ladies and her secret lover, a one-time CEO of a major insurance corporation. A passionate affair until they were discovered entwined in lascivious synergy by the woman's grandfather around 2pm in broad daylight on the basketball court. Caused quite an uproar in the community, I can tell you!

Lastly, the jock thief. Goodness knows what a bedeviled mess this man's mind must have been in. Three years ago, there were reports that men's underpants were disappearing from clothes lines throughout the island. Red, blue and black underpants. No other colours. Just these colours. The local police were amused rather than serious about the complaints until a committee was formed by the victims of this underhanded indignity.

Needless to say, the local constabulary hastened their enquiries and sought to entrap the jock thief with a cleverly baited pair of black silk underpants. They sewed a tiny homing device into the label (Gucci by the way - thinking the thief could not resist such a status-endowed pair of knickers). These underpants hung on the clothes line of a willing citizen for a week and a half until the thief struck. The next day, when the police discovered the missing black silk underpants, the forces of justice were mobilised and zeroed in on the miscreant. Police boats, helicopters and the Hong Kong SWAT team were called in.

However - big frustration, ever the companion of justice! - the homing device ceased emitting a signal suddenly. The police apparently were just a hundred metres away from the culprit at the ifc Mall (Yung Shue Wan Shopping Mall). The masses of people made it impossible to conduct an underpants search and the culprit escaped. The thefts stooped, however. The culprit knew he had had a close shave and ceased his unsavory brigandage.

But the men of this island are ever vigilant and wary of losing their underpants. It is a sure bet that if you took a stroll along the verdant pathways of the island and made a casual perusal of the knickers hanging on clothes lines around Lamma Island you will be sure to find that the majority of underpants will be yellow, green, orange or even pink, but not black, blue or red!

Oh, the uncensored life of Lammaites! It must be the little polluted sea air that turns our respectable citizens not infrequently to a life of unlicensed, reckless behaviour congruent with a sometimes voracious appetite for sordid gossip and unbound lasciviousness.

Oct 9:  Just 2 Weeks Left!

(Click on posters above to enlarge them)

Oct 8:  HK Copy News #4

Daniel -

A weekly animated round-up of Hong Kong's current affairs.

This week featuring anti-smoking, the Heung Yee Kuk, Mastermind, and the minimum wage.

It's just like the real news... but cheaper!

The full length 4-minute version is available now. You can get it here:

Where you can leave comments and suggestions.

Or here:

To get it straight in your iTunes:

Oct 7:  Mid-Autumn Festival on the Beach

Click above for the Mid-Autumn Festival photo gallery

Oct 6:  Kumi the Drumming Geisha

in progress...

Oct 5:  Ahmed & Yeliz - a Turkish Wedding

Do you recognise this lucky guy?

Yes, it's Ahmed, the cheerful, friendly but quiet Turkish chef in the Best Kebab restaurant. He recently got married back home, leaving his overwhelmed cousin Hayri to do the cooking. After his return with his beautiful bride, I've convinced them to let me publish some of the wedding photos, as I thought a Kurdish Muslim wedding would be so different from a typical HK wedding. Well, I was wrong once again.

It seems that both families are very modern Muslims, adopting many Western customs, including the multi-layered wedding cake. Even the studio photo shoot and heavy Photoshopping so popular in HK seems to have become common in Turkey (see above).

They had a really big Western-style wedding party for over 1,000 guests! Congratulate Ahmed & Yeliz when you see them in Best Kebab. Ahmed, the very lucky guy, is now smiling even more than before...

Oct 4:  Dress-up the Hachiko

Our Official Court Artist, Andy Maluche, wrote in his art blog on Sep 8:

"A lifelong ambition finally came true. I will be painting dogs in a mall for week."

In the meantime, he's completed this unique and well-paid assignment and here are some of the best doggie-style paintings he's created in about 2 hours each.

"Sometimes he finished a little early. That's when you get all those silly aliens/butterflies.

"Nobody actually ever told me what I should do. So just to be on the save side I painted over the existing dogs. Everybody seem to be fine with that. Here you can see all the other ones."

Oct 3:  Chinese Forum Summary - Sep 2006

Samson - Official Court Moderator of All Chinese Forums

(Photo credits: Lamma Fair and Pussy Paws photo by by bobby chiu. Tree photo by siuyu. All uncredited photos by Lamma-Gung, as usual.)

  1. Mid-Autumn Carnival
    Lammaites turned up in style to pre-celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival at the Yung Shue Wan Football Pitch. With a karaoke competition, kung-fu and dancing demonstration, the lucky draw and lantern quiz, everyone has again hailed it as another memorable event!  Read more...

  2. I Felt the Earth Move!
    The members shared their experiences of the earthquake on Thursday 14 September, which measured at 3.5 on the Richter Scale. STOP PRESS!! The Apple Daily quoted nicole_kam’s message in its report on the following day!

  3. Our Very Photogenic Island!
    The Chinese forum’s photographer-extraordinaire, bobby shared more of his great work, from flora and fauna to everyday Lamma life, on the forum.

    P.S. The Official Court Moderator of All Chinese Forum’s pick of the month: the cutesy pussy paws (see right): 

  4. More Pay-TV for Lamma
    While the Filipino Dream satellite TV has received much attention in the English forum, the Chinese forum discusses local service provider, TVB’s Pay-vision, which is now tapping the Lamma market. Its services were discussed and and new Pay-vision subscriber emuaisee revealed that she got a mooncake from TVB as an introductory gift!

  5. All-new Congee
    A new congee restaurant has opened (across from Bookworm) and our food critic Devilfung was quick off the blocks for a taste test. Meanwhile, ex-Lammaite bunnyrabbit reminisces about the old congee shop near the VV parking lot…

  6. Buy-cycle!
    Tai Peng newbie sai0517 started this interesting and informative discussion on buying a bicycle on our fair isle. One question remains unanswered in this topic – why do bikes rust so easily?

  7. New Banking Hours
    With the newly introduced 5-day check clearance system, the one and only HSBC adjusted the opening hours of its Yung Shue Wan branch. It now opens on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays!

  8. The 8am Sampans
    Regular commuters of the 8am weekday ferries should also notice the sampans leaving the Yung Shue Wan pier at the same time. The curious Varadise wonders where these sampans go. (Answer: the Power Station and its surrounding construction sites!)

  9. S.O.B. = Save our Banyan, Part 2
    An update on the frail-looking big banyan next to the police box at the Yung Shue Wan Main Street: The Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department said the banyan is a "roadside tree", which is a responsibility of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. The LCSD said the main trunk is healthy and they couldn't find parasites on the branches, then referred the case to the Lands Department, which is still working on it.

  10. Lamma Fair
    Another great community carnival was held at the Tai Wan tennis court during September, and the Chinese forum has a e-photo album to recap this fun-filled event.


Oct 2 Day following National Day:  Beer Garden Views

Some Lammaites are avid birdwatchers and -photographers. I'm more of a people-watcher. Today, a public holiday, I chose a vantage point inside the renovated, pinkified Beer Garden just opposite The Island Bar. The huge crowds of tourists and the occasional local passing through Main Street make for some fascinating pictures, as does the beach. I love my new 18-135mm zoom lens! I've selected these from about 100 shots, Click to enlarge photos, as usual.

Future Kung Fu warriors in training in front of the Green Cottage

Guess where the last photo was taken from? Sitting in Green Cottage, of course, staring at the tree trunk table tops. The photo is just "a little bit" oversaturated.

Oct 1 National Day:  HK Copy News Episode #3

Daniel -

A weekly animated round-up of Hong Kong's current affairs.

This week featuring Alan Leong, mosquito traps, EPD plans, Lantau Buffalo and a video pirate.

It's just like the real news... but cheaper!

The full 3-minute version is available now, including an Environment Report and an animated view off a roof in Tai Ping. Click below:

You can leave comments and suggestions in the HK Copy News Blog,
plus you can view Episode #1 and #2 again.

You can subscribe to HK Copy News as a video podcast: Copy/paste this address into your iTunes software (ADVANCED>Subscribe to Podcast)

Read more of last month's stories...


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