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Apr 2024

The Bohemians Loved Lamma

Apr 30 - "We definitely feel at home in Lamma, we really appreciate your amazing vibe.


When Retirees Wish Upon a Star

Apr 29 - The U3A Dream+ scheme by HK Electric provides funding to retirees....

Mister Snotballs

Apr 28 - Mister Snotballs is a street/shop cat with many years of experience.


The Bohemians Live in YSW

Apr 25 - "We are travelers musicians, we have been on the road for over 12 years!!"

Upcycling Out-of-Fashion Into Green Fashion

Apr 24 - HK Electric is launching a green fashion design competition.


Preview of LAMMA DAY

Apr 23 - Tin Hau Festival Day plus Dragon Boat Race and Cantonese opera.

HK Electric Volunteers Team

Apr 22 - Many thanks to the HK Electric volunteers from our community!

Sharing a Beard

Apr 17 - Proud moustache and big beard wearers are multiplying on Lamma!

Best of  Lamma-zine 2023

Apr 16 - Feeling lucky? Just pick a random story by its icon.

New Gas-Fired Power Generation Unit

Apr 9 - "...commercial operation in end March 2024."

HK Electric's New "Smart Housekeeper"

Apr 8 - The new robot inspector patrolling inside the Cable Tunnel from Lamma to Cyberport.


Apr 6 - "Lamma has diverse wildlife. Here are a few of them from our Lamma Collection."

85 Risky Threats

Apr 5 - 85 safety/security threats last month, but 16 just in a single day yesterday!

Lamma Coral Survey

Apr 2 - Did you know that there are corals under the Power Station?

April's Fool Stories

Apr 1 - No April's Fool story this year!?

Mar 2024

Happy Easter!

Mar 31- Happy Easter 2024 from the Lamma-zine

HK Electric Online

Mar 15 - "HK Electric 'whales' drive fish away from Lamma power station."

A Creative & Open Space

Mar 11- "What do you find special about Lamma?"

Why Did I Stop Living Here?

Mar 10 - "I don't think there's anywhere quite like it on Earth."

Freebies from HK Electric

Mar 8 - Lunar New Year's freebies for 65+ Lammaites.

New Month, New Calendar Pages

Mar 1 - Time to change all my mostly Lamma-related calendars.

Feb 2024

Lamma Sunday Morning

Feb 18 - "Sunday morning of boats, bees, butterflies, bicycles, birds,..."

Dragon in Love

Feb 14 - Discovery in Lamma's hills at sunset today?

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Feb 10 - 1st Day of Lunar New Year of the Wood Dragon

Abandoned Visions Calendar - Feb 2024

Feb 1 - 'Abandoned Visions' Calendar - Feb 2024

Jan 2024

Lamma Python!

Jan 31 - Closeup photo by Karim Babakishi

Lookout Pavilion

Jan 30 - Pavilion overlooking YSW Harbour, Lantau Island, Kowloon, etc.

A Food Paradise!

Jan 21 - South China Morning Post today

Lamma Community Open Cinema
Jan 20 - Face Paint Pop-up by YEN and 'Alice in Wonderland'.

2 Tons of Free Rice!

Jan 18 - 400+ vouchers for 5kg of free 'Fortune Rice'

'Drone & Phone' Over Lamma

Jan 11 - "Lamma was shining yesterday in the clear winter air."

Calendars, 1980-2024

Jan 3 - 45 years of creating yearly calendars.

Wand Cleaning?

Jan 2 - "Improper use of heated toilet seat can result in a low-grade burn"

Happy New Year!

Jan 1 - Time to change all the calendars in our flat!

Dec 2023

Fireworks Ferry Schedule

Dec 31 - "Special Ferry Services Arrangement On 31 December 2023."

Nick the Bookman: 21 Years on

Dec 30 - Nick has been the most frequently featured personality.

LAMMA 2024: Unleash the Thrill!

Dec 29 - "LAMMA is gearing up to its most extraordinary..."

Xmas Song of Lamma Island

Dec 25 - "...enjoy Lamma Island, share joy and gather..."

Very Happy Holidays

Dec 24 - ...from

Where to Shop & Eat Until NY

Dec 23 - Opening hours of some YSW restaurants & shops.

Xmas by 生活。南丫 Together Lamma

Dec 20 - Christmas Picnic with Piacere Winds & Xmas Lamma Pop-up.

Shot 6 Times!

Dec 19 - My 6th free Covid-19 shot yesterday. But I didn't even get a free coffee for my 6 stamps!

Wall Calendar 2024

Dec 13 - AI-assisted images created for a group popup exhibition in an abandoned house.

YSW Xmas Photos & Videos

Dec 10 - "The most glorious day on Lamma Island this Saturday!"

Folk Festival & Christmas Market

Dec 6 - Market Stalls, Charity Giving & a visit from Santa.

Nick's Uncensored Funday '23 Review

Dec 1 - The uncensored, unedited comments from Nick's notebook.

Nov 2023

Lamma Fun Day Tomorrow!

Nov 17 - Poster for more info, 22 bands, Lamma8 races, plus donated charity aution prizes.

AI Writing My Bio

Nov 16 - Merlin AI (powered by GPT 4) seems to know me well, maybe too well?

Photogenic Nick

Nov 6 - Nick the Bookman seems pretty comfortable in his newish spot.


Nov 1 - Just a few weeks ago, Internet fibre finally arrived on Lamma.

Oct 2023

3-Camera Sunset

Oct 26 - Tonight's stunning sunset, shot for the very first time with 3 cameras.

Ex-Lamma Quarry Plans Revived

Oct 25 - "Development planning for Ex-Lamma Quarry Area"

"HK Electric Enhances Power System Resilience"

Oct 16 - "The AI-based Cable Health Condition..."

Low-Cost Tours for Lammaites

Oct 9 - "...sponsored by Govt. and organised by the YSW Rural Committee."

Sep 2023

Snake Warning!

Sep 30 - Alarm!! Big Danger!! Beware!!!! Put up a warning sign!

Lamma's Spine

Sep 29 - "...various landscapes and coastlines, historical Japanese war tunnels, and hidden beaches."

Open Space Events

Sep 28 - "Looking for a unique venue for your next event?"


Sep 27 - " welcome day to celebrate the opening of Terracotta Lamma."

Zero Bills for 17% of HK Electric Residential Customers

Sep 26 - "...the outlook for further reduction..."

Quirky Characters Galore

Sep 25 - ...the guy living in the "worst" Lamma village!

Reconstruction of YSW Pier Gangway

Sep 17 - Targeted for completion in 2026, cost $157.4 millions!

Free Mooncakes!

Sep 16 - Thank you to the sponsor, HK and China Gas co.!

Aug 2023

Catching Flying Fish

Aug 25 - "A frenzy of flying fish is not uncommon at these piers."

Close Encounter

Aug 1 - Close encounters of our island ferry with container ships.

Jul 2023

T3 Sunrise

Jul 16 - "Tropical Cyclone Talim will intensify gradually today and tomorrow,"

Daily Sky Shows

Jul 14 - Tonight's sky show, well worth setting up my tripod on the rooftop.

Jun 2023

No Water!

Jun 30 - Domestic disaster struck all of North Lamma today.

Welcome to Lamma Island

Jun 29 - Sampan Rest. seawall painting has just been completed.

Spot the Sunrise Contrail

Jun 28 - Pak Kok Shan often looks a bit like a volcano about to erupt at sunrise.


Jun 19 - Fiber-to-the-home has arrived on Lamma!


Jun 12 - Dusting off my tripod tonight, setting it up on the rooftop...

Happy Buggy Sunday

Jun 11 - Photos by Peter Kline, master wildlife (especially birds) photographer.

Sok Kwu Wan Tin Hau Festival

Jun 4 - My photo album of visiting Sok Kwu Wan today.

Getting CABLE, Finally!

Jun 3 - The brand-new landing point of the undersea fiberoptic Internet cable.

Abandoned Visions in an Abandoned House

Jun 2 - "We held an art show in an abandoned house..."

Lightning Storm

Jun 1 - "Number of lightning strokes detected between 05:30 and 06:29"

May 2023

Fisherman Walking on Water?

May 30 - But at least one of them prefers to fish OFF the pier.

Forest School Open Day

May 29 - "Sessions for all ages, including Therapeutic Wellness sessions."

Bike Park Overload?

May 19 - Pak Kok ferry pier bike park is getting so busy!

Inspired by The Guardian

May 2 - My little Creative Experiments have even been shared on Newsworthy HK.

Lamma 500!

May 1 - "Gold medals went to Lamma Dragons..."

Apr 2023

Bauhinia Spirit Arrives

Apr 15 - "HK's First FSRU (Floating Storage & Regasification Unit) Vessel Arrives."

"Why did I stop living here?"

Apr 14 - "I remember begrudging the feeling that I was on some sort of permanent vacation."

ChatGPT, Tell Me About Lamma-Gung

Apr 13 - "Lamma-Gung was a well-known and beloved figure on Lamma Island."

Doubling Ferry Fares?

Apr 12 - "HKKFerry, namely Central to YSW and Sok Kwu Wan, applied for a 100% price increase."

Pak Kok vs. YSW

Apr 11 - How's our little village Pak Kok different from Yung Shue Wan?

Flower Show @ Tai Peng Community Garden

Apr 10 - Plus the more modest flower show in my balcony garden.

Happy Easter!

Apr 9 - Happy Easter 2023 from the Lamma-zine!

AI-Monitored Power Cables

Apr 3 - HK Electric is using AI to find problems in their underground electricity cables.

Celebrating the Start of Spring

Apr 2 - (Adobe Firefly Beta: AI text effects)

Lamma VV Show

Apr 1 - "Special prizes for Loudest VV, Oldest VV & the special VV Mods category."

Mar 2023

Like Some Food Porn?

Mar 27 - It's been way too long since I've published a food-related picture!

Playing With Selfies of Friends

Mar 26 - Friends submitted some of their favourite photos...

Bridge to Lamma?

Mar 24 - See what I found in my 20-year Lamma archives.

New Wing For Our School

Mar 23 - Opening ceremony to launch the new wing of the NLS in YSW.

Power Station Renewable Energies

Mar 10 - The long-planned HK Electric windfarm, 6km off-shore...

Take Off Your Mask!

Mar 1 - First day of the final ending of the mask mandate almost everywhere!

Feb 2023

15. Surgiversary!

Feb 25 - It's been already 15 years since my life-changing weight loss surgery.

Partly Cloudy. Crisp. Clear Skies.

Feb 20 - Remember when there were many blogs about any topic imaginable?

HK Electric App & News

Feb 17 - Some very interesting news and facts about our neighbourhood electricity supplier.

A Friendly Neighbourhood

Feb 14 - I'm encountering some friendly neighbours on my sunny way home.

Studio 102

Feb 9 - "...workshop for restoring and upcycling furniture, especially made of wood..."

New YSW Ferry Pier Shop

Feb 8 - But it looks like just a few cold drinks and snacks are available.

Micro Bike Park

Feb 7 - ...has just been installed in the former ferry pier area, renovation-in-progress.

Public Events Are Restarting

Feb 6 - Lamma's pre-pandemic busy and vibrant nightlife is slowly resuming.

Jan 2023


Jan 31 - Only the most dedicated and bravest Lammaites dare to get a Lamma tattoo.

Ex-Lamma Quarry Plans Abandoned?

Jan 30 - Detailed Govt. feedback to ex-Lamma Quarry plans.

Nothing But Armani & Poodles

Jan 25 - "Those few Bohemian holdouts are being pushed out"

So Typically Lamma!

Jan 24 - Discarding refuse at the side of the litter container.

Playing With My Selfie

Jan 18 - AI-assisted images evolving into artsy and outlandish creations.

Stingray Wins 1st Place!

Jan 17 - "1st place over 50km across HK Island yesterday in 90-100% Humidity."

20-Years Archive Updated

Jan 16 - ...Lamma-Gung's Rooftop Jungle and Art Gallery...

Try the Wild Boar Ragu!

Jan 15 - Not from our local wild boars, obviously!

Are We Still in HK?

Jan 14 - I shot this from the Aberdeen-Lamma ferry this morning.

Painting the Fisherman's Village

Jan 12 - Sunday outdoor painting group was at Lamma Fisherman's Village.

Damian's Spiderwebs

Jan 11 - An entire Facebook album devoted to spiderwebs around Lamma! Love it!

Football Season Starting

Jan 10 - January - March 2023 schedule out now.

Congrats to Living Lamma & Lamma's GOAT!

Jan 9 - Lamma Cricket Club member to reach 4,000 Sat League runs.

Synthographs 2023

Jan 8 - Wall Calendar - AI-Assisted Generative Images by Lamma-Gung

Wolf Moon @ PK Ferry Pier

Jan 7 - "Moon out on my way to work this morning."

5G Happiness

Jan 6 - Lamma Island is finally getting an optic fiber connection to HK Island.

Happy New Year!

Jan 1 - Happy New Year from Lamma Island, Hong Kong, China.

Dec 2022

Bivalent and Self-Ambulatory

Dec 31 - What did I learn about my health this year?

Advent Calendar Completed

Dec 30 - ...filled with little chocolates. Lots of astronomical fun facts.

Empowering Young Inventors

Dec 29 - "HK Electric's 'Green Energy Dreams Come True' competition"

What's Open During the Holidays?

Dec 25 - "We got you! Check out the opening hours below:"

Happy Holidays!

Dec 24 - (Recycling & updating my Christmas/NY e-card from 9 years ago)

'Negligence May Lead to Losses'

Dec 23 - Marine Police visiting YSW to teach us about burglary prevention at home.

Shutting Off in High Winds

Dec 20 - "The wind turbine is equipped with an auto-activation function."

High-Speed Escape from YSW @ Sunset

Dec 12 - Escaping from what? Whereto? Who? Why? So many questions!

Maximum Hi/Lo Tides @ Ferry Pier

Dec 8 - Min. tide for this entire autumn @ new Pak Kok ferry pier

'Repainting' an Ugly Wall

Dec 7 - Recognise this ugly, but very interesting wall just off YSW Main Street?

Download HK Electric App

Dec 6 - Upgraded functions of the HK Electric App

Squinty John & Friends

Dec 5 - "He is a consummate performer, always a pleasure to watch live."

Christmas Market

Dec 4 - Christmas Market today, all along YSW Main Street.


Dec 3 - From the other direction, looking out from HK Island to Lamma.

A Car-Free Island?

Dec 2 - Christmassy decorations are popping up all over Lamma, ...

Tours & Festivals Reborn

Dec 1 - Christmas/NY season on Lamma: public concerts and events are finally back.

Nov 2022

Electricity Tariff Increase

Nov 28 - 2023 Tariff Adjustments of 5.5%, due to massive fuel price increases.

Live Music Amidst the Veggies

Nov 27 - This is Piacere Winds' first performance here on Lamma.

Moths & Insects of Lamma

Nov 26 - You can buy the books from the shop Lamma Corner.

Snowy YSW Village

Nov 25 - This nice poster is using my "Snowy Christmas @ YSW Main Street" image.

Minami Island?

Nov 19 - Google translation needs a lot more work to ...

Pier Opening Day!

Nov 14 - In case you're wondering how much the new pier cost.

Where On Lamma?

Nov 13 - An AI artist who engages in an utterly bollocks waste of time.

Afternoon Stroll Discoveries

Nov 11 - Discovering some brand-new, fascinating sights.

First Trial of New Pier

Nov 4 - First-ever ferry trial-berthing on the inside and outside of the new Pak Kok pier.

Typhoon Nalgae: T8 Raised

Nov 2 - The new Pak Kok ferry pier under a T3 signal.

Oct 2022

Filming @ New Pak Kok Pier

Oct 31 - Soft opening (no event) mid-Nov, date tbc. Interviewing a CEDD Asst. Engineer:

Nick & Naomi @ Halloween

Oct 30 - My Halloweenified transformations of Lamma visitor Naomi's photo.

Best Lamma-zine Photos?

Oct 14 - So little has changed on Lamma in my photos from 9 years ago.

10 Years Since Lamma Ferry Disaster

Oct 1 - 10 years today since the deadly crash, killing 39 passengers.

Sep 2022

'Survived in a Tight Corner'

Sep 16 - Our current physical joint exhibition in the LAMMA ART COLLECTIVE till Sep 25.

Pak Kok Ferry Pier @ Sunset

Sep 12 - New, safer pier to be completed by end of this year.

Mid-Autumn Night on PS Beach

Sep 11 - AI-created impressions of the festival last night.

Aug 2022

More Restaurants Closing

Aug 29 - "It's a real saddening news that yesterday was Green Cottage's last day."

L-G's Next Group Exhibition

Aug 28 - ... showcase the works created by the participants during the pandemic.

Closest Typhoon This Year!

Aug 24 - Last ferry from Central - YSW and YSW - Central both at 8:30pm.

A Pet-Loving Community!

Aug 18 - Colourful exotic birds are very popular on Lamma and much beloved by their owners.

YSW Ferry Pier Sunset

Aug 17 - Busy Yung Shue Wan ferry pier the other night with crepuscular rays.

Jul 2022


Jul 24 - Surprise discovery while watering my Balcony Jungle:
an empty nest!

20th Anniversary of My Labour of Love!

Jul 23 - July 23, 2002-'22
Lamma-zine, News, Events, Pictures, Videos, ...

Ferry Pier Progress

Jul 20 - The glass roof and steps of the new Pak Kok ferry pier have just been installed.


Jul 19 - "HK Electric has been organising numerous activities and competitions under its Happy Green Campaign."

Supermoon Over Yung Shue Wan

Jul 14 - "Tonight 8pm: Full moon night singing bowl group class ($180) with full moon bowl."


Jul 13 - Our 20th anniversary on July 23.
How to celebrate?

Weekly Recycling

Jul 12 - Visiting Aberdeen Bus Terminus for our weekly recycling.

Typically Lamma!

Jul 11 - "Let's find out about your imbalances and use yoga movements to pacify them."


Jul 8 - To encourage recycling, EPD Dept. is offering rewards.

Quiet Before the Storm

Jul 4 - "A short film capturing that typhoon-spirit in our village"

Ferry Pier Updates

Jul 3 - Pak Kok ferry pier construction in typhoon-safe mode, no ships, no cranes.

Jun 2022

Rural Idyll?

Jun 30 - Trying to create an impression of these 2 contrasting islands: HK vs. Lamma.


Jun 28 - Early riser Lamma-Por woke me up excitedly at 5:30am today.

Most Charming Island

Jun 22 - "We went to Lamma Island to sketch and paint with our two-year-old daughter."

Powerstation Beach Today

Jun 21 - Many beaches have been swamped by debris washed ashore.

YSW Bar Scene

Jun 20 - 2 more iconic Lamma bars in YSW are changing owners these days.

Nick's SCMPost Magazine Profile

Jun 19 - "Meeting Muhammad Ali, living easy on Lamma."

Pak Kok Ferry Pier News

Jun 7 - " be completed and in service in 2022".

May Sunsets

Jun 1 - Celebrating the end of another May full of amazing sunsets!

May 2022

Leaving Lamma & HK

May 31 - The huge, record-breaking emigrations from HK are in full swing.

'Cease Unlawful Occupation of Unleased Land'

May 30 - Bike and trolley clearance on June 1.

Tao Painting

May 29 - "Here we meet Mr. Chou, a Tao-painter living on Lamma."


May 28 - A frequent subject for photographers and inspiration for artists,

YSW Harbour @ Full Moon

May 27 - Almost nothing major has changed since then overall.

Renovated Lamma Pier in Aberdeen

May 26 - reopening today!



Having Fun in YSW

May 23 - Outdoor climbing gym in YSW Harbour.

Bars Reopening!

May 19 - Celebrations all over Lamma, bars reopening today!

Aberdeen Ferry Pier Moves

May 12 - "Due to pontoon maintenance and repair needs, from 16 to 25 May..."

We're Getting a Windfarm

May 11 - The long-delayed windfarm project by HK Electric has finally been approved.

Apr 2022

'Moral Condition of the Womenfolk...'

Apr 22 - " said to be very good. The men, however,..."

Happy Easter!

Apr 17 - As usual, I couldn't resist playing with this old poster above.

Seawall & Flood Barriers in YSW?

Apr 8 - YSW is among the 26 high-risk locations in this Feasibility Study.

Royal Spottings on Lamma ~ Lamma-zine Exclusive by Bike Mike

Apr 1 - "...Prince Harry and Meghan have been spotted."

Mar 2022

Red Tide!

Mar 21 - "A red tide on March 13, 2022 on the southern side of Lamma Island."

'6,000 Horny Drunks...'

Mar 20 - "It's hard to find the right color palette for debauchery."

Lamma Mia's Last Weekend!

Mar 12 - Last chance to explore the public art installations around Sok Kwu Wan bay.

Foggy Peaks

Mar 10 - Telecom Tower atop Ling Kok Shan, just behind Sok Kwu Wan. S. Lamma.

Decarbonised Pillar Boxes

Mar 7 - "9 HK Electric pillar boxes have recently been dressed up."

Flashback: Logotypes

Mar 1 - These are lecture/discussion titles in my notebook, hand-drawn with felt-tip markers.

Feb 2022

Lucky Lamma?

Feb 20 - How much longer will be continue living on a Covid-free island?

Flashback to 1986: LOVE Series

Feb 19 - These computer graphics series of 9 pictures has been created using SAS/GRAPH.

Brian Tilbrook's Full Circle

Feb 15 - "I am currently looking forward to a ten week exhibition, February to April 2022."

Playful Water Tiger 2022

Feb 1 - See more of my Generative Art images: NightCafeStudio.

Jan 2022

Creative Exchanges Exhibition

Jan 25 - "Write or Die and Lamma Art Collective invite you to participate in..."

(Un)popular Ideas?

Jan 24 - "What are your unpopular opinions/ideas about Lamma?"

Drone-o-grapher Extraordinaire

Jan 8 - "A planetary view of Hong Kong's Lamma Island"

Vegetable Tea Banquet

Jan 7 - More pictures of this promotional event for Shanwei Hailufeng Vegetable Tea.

Happy & Healthy 2022!

Jan 1 - May your 2022 Be Fabulous Like a Lamma Beach Party!

Dec 2021

Best of Lamma-zine 2021

Dec 31 - Time for another year's end review, focused on a full year of Lamma-related stories?

Christmas Tree Art

Dec 27 - So what I'm getting up to over the Christmas holidays,...

Happy Holidays!

Dec 25 - Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to all from the Lamma-zine!

Solar Panels @ Sunset

Dec 24 - While admiring the sunset, Lamma-Por pointed out a new solar cell installation...

Home Sweet Xmas Home

Dec 17 - My path home "blocked" by another Typically Lamma! obstacle.

Enjoy the Beach!

Dec 16 - A Typically Lamma! sign, hand-painted and unique. ex-Tannery Beach.

Tai Peng Social Sunday ~ Christmas

Dec 8 - "Thank you to everyone who supported the Tai Peng Social Sunday..."

Compunicate PC @ Night

Dec 7 - The jungle home office PC that's bringing you the Lamma-zine.

8 Bands @ Folk Festival

Dec 6 - Yung Shue Wan Folk Festival. Saturday 18th Dec 2021


Dec 5 - One of most amazing drone sunset photos of our home island.

Birthday Wishes

Dec 4 - Lots of good wishes flooding in today for my birthday, mostly in messages...

Lamma NFT Collection

Dec 3 - The hype around NFT has finally arrived on Lamma.

Nov 2021

Nick the Promoter

Nov 28 - Nick the Bookman is doing his very best to promote my Lamma calendar.

Calendar on Sale

Nov 27 - "This is an amazing calendar, excellent quality and stunning photographic art!"

Antique Aquabike?

Nov 20 - I've been suggesting to use it as perfect statue for the Bike Park, raised on a pedestal.

Triple Jabbed

Nov 19 - [COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment Reminder] Vaccine: BioNTech (COMIRNATY).

HK Impressions 2022 Calendar

Nov 16 - A4 size wall calendar available for $200, customised & printed individually.

Flora & Fauna Database

Nov 15 - 1,000+ flora & fauna species have been recorded, photographed and confirmed.

Typically Lamma!

Nov 12 - Send me your photos for addition to this long-running photo gallery.

Ballychunder, The Mongcocks & MeatgasM

Nov 11 - "3 bands making the trek over the vast ocean to rock..."

7% Electricity Tariff Increase

Nov 10 - "...upsurge in global fuel prices and a worldwide supply shortage..."

Hong Kong Impressions

Nov 7 - My 2nd NFT Collection has just gone online for sale at only 0.05 ETH each.

Wow! Fucking Awesome!

Nov 3 - "Make at least one person happy per day!"

Oct 2021

Happy Hallowe'en!

Oct 31 - Lamma Hallowe'en, by Mark Malby of Mute Planet.

Hong Kong Halloweenies

Oct 28 - Check out my new, first-ever NFT CryptoArt Collection.

Another 'In Love With Lamma' Exhibition?

Oct 23 - Click above to view my left-overs...

Artists Painting Our VIP

Oct 22 - Ex-Lamma veteran artist Colin Golding with his painting...

Marine Debris Warriors

Oct 20 - Fourth video of the great beach cleaning efforts in South Lamma.

Return From Hospital

Oct 17 - One entire week without new Lamma-zine stories!

Stay Home or Enjoy Typhoon Parties!

Oct 9 - T8 typhoon Signal just went up at 6:40am this morning.

Harry Book Interview

Oct 7 - Summary of this interview with Lamma's most famous artist and a real Living Lamma Legend.

Tai Peng Social Sunday

Oct 2 - "Thanks to everyone who joined the Tai Peng Social Sunday last week."

Recycling Rewards

Oct 1 - For recycling 8 types of your waste you'll get free rewards from the Recycling Spots.

Sep 2021

Worldwide #1!

Sep 29 - My "Stairway..." image has just become #1 in worldwide liked images on NightCafe.

Wild Boars vs. Covid-19!

Sep 28 - "The Fun'd Raiser is for a member of the Lamma family ... huge hospital bill for her sister."


Sep 24 - "A juggalo is a fan of the group Insane Clown Posse."

Master Gardener Featured

Sep 23 - "Jane Ram is a long-time Lamma resident, a well-known broadcaster and writer..."

Mid-Autumn Full Moon

Sep 22 - Mid-Autumn Night: Harvest Full Moon over YSW, by Peter Kline.

AI Mooncakes & Lanterns

Sep 21 - More Digital Dabblings of Lamma, Mid-Autumn Festival edition.

Mid-Autumn Festival Preview

Sep 20 - Mid-Autumn Festival night tomorrow, when we'll admire the full moon.

Crepuscular vs. Anti-Crepuscular

Sep 19 - We've been blessed with some amazing sunsets this summer.

Lamma Mia!

Sep 18 - "...tell the story of Lamma Island, its people, scenery and its past."

Fractal Donuts

Sep 10 - Which flavour do you like best?

Anti-Crepuscular Rays

Sep 9 - "A rare sighting of 'anti-crepuscular rays' accompanying sunrise/sunset)"

Tai Peng Community Garden History

Sep 8 - "This is a short video history of the Garden, 2007 - 2021."

Frictionary News

Sep 7 - "I'm delighted to announce an acerbic alliance with political satirist Harry Harrison."

Humid Love?

Sep 2 - "Lamma's writing collective, Write or Die, will be selling their quarterly publication Ferry Brief."

Pak Kokian Women in Science

Sep 1 - Featuring Pak Kok's very own scientists, biology PhD Candidate Anna and Lou!

Aug 2021

History of Andy's Seafood

Aug 31 - So many Lamma-zine stories, photos, galleries and forums...


Aug 30 - Many excellent photographers are calling Lamma home. Case in point: Rob Aldridge!

DJ's Lamma Tour Restarts

Aug 25 - Brendan Sheridan - Third Annual Lamma Tour, Aug 2021

Full-Moon Sunrise

Aug 24 - 5:54am today, another impressive sunrise over Pak Kok Shan.

Bridge to a Pier

Aug 22 - The temporary pier in Pak Kok Village has just been dismantled section by section.

Ferry's Sunset Cruise

Aug 21 - Our regular ferry on the daily "sunset cruise" from YSW to Central.

Forest School Starts Again

Aug 16 - New term starting mid Sep at Open Space.

Huge Bugs

Aug 13 - The bugs are growing really huge on Lamma! Beware!

5 Lamma Ferries

Aug 8 - A most comprehensive and helpful guide on taking a ferry to Lamma.

Consumption Vouchers on Lamma

Aug 1 - Where to use the Vouchers you received today?

Jul 2021

Free Handouts!

Jul 31 - Handing out blue bags to elderly yesterday. What was inside these bags, I wonder?

Inspired by Lamma Nature

Jul 30 - #96-100 of my recent fractal explorations. Mutating and tweaking...

Jul 27 - "During the 50's, founder Mr. Wu Chuen purchased a sailing-ship."

My Favourite Lamma Tee

Jul 26 - Available in the Lamma Brand shop on YSW Main Street.

19. Anniversary of This Website

Jul 23 - Wow, 19 years! Big celebration next year's anniversary?

"A Place for Pure Creativity"

Jul 15 - "Tucked away in the back alley of Wang Long Village,"

Jun 2021

Rainstorm Aftermath

Jun 24 - The newish Tai Peng rain shelter has been missed very closely.

Unlimited Free-Flow Draft Beer!

Jun 23 - "... their wedding party was held at a brewpub!"

Snakes Getting Into Houses?

Jun 22 - "A big eagle dropped a snake on our roof once. It rains snakes on Lamma."

Exploring Sok Kwu Wan

Jun 21 - My recent trip exploring Sok Kwu Wan. I hadn't been "down there" for quite a few months.

Public Events Today

Jun 18 - 3 Lamma events today, the 2 above, plus this one: Quiz Night @ Lamma Grill.

Aberdeen Promenade

Jun 9 - Aberdeen Promenade in South HK Island, just off the Lamma ferry pier.

Morning Songbird Chorus

Jun 8 - Songbirds making such a noisy racket, err, melodious chorus on our balcony at 5:30am.

Tai Peng Tee-Pee Trail

Jun 4 - "The Tai Peng Tee-Pee Trail is ready for you!"

A Manly Man & His Hammer

Jun 3 - Darryl Montgomery, Venue Support Technician.

May 2021

South Lamma - Butterfly Paradise

May 31 - All pictures taken by me while hiking in South Lamma.

Lowest Tide

May 30 - This entire area is usually below sea level!

Hospital Signs

May 29 - Continuing my new series of amusing HK hospital signs.

Lamma's "Lizard Uncle"

May 28 - "Lizard Uncle", often seen walking along YSW Main Street with his pet iguana.

Lamma Artists Rule!

May 27 - Click for more Lamma Artworks, 2013-17.

A Typical Lammaite?

May 26 - "Joseph Gauthier, Manager, The Beer Shack, YSW Back Street."

Good Morning!

May 25 - Sunrise rainbow over Pak Kok Village, messaged to me by a friend.

Fond Vinyl Memories

May 20 - "There are few places in Hong Kong quite like Lamma Vinyl."

YSW Bay From Above

May 19 - Happy Buddha's Birthday!
Expect huge CROWDS of visitors descending on Lamma today.

Island in the Sun

May 18 - "We shall try to find solutions without blaming or finger pointing."

BMH Beauty Centre

May 10 - Lamma-Por and L-G have been enjoying a salt stone sauna.

YSW Yellow Pages

May 9 - A new addition to our extensive list of QUICK INFO links.

Pastries, Pizzas and Cakes

May 8 - Corner 84 Bakery entices passersby with the delightful smell...

Death on Construction Site

May 7 - "A man has died from head injuries sustained in a fatal injury."

Pround to Be PaKokian

May 6 - Lowest tide around the new pier-in-progress, plus a jet ski on a pontoon.

Our Balcony Is Blooming

May 1 - Spring blossoms are spreading on our Village House balcony.

Apr 2021

Snake Sightings

Apr 29 - Which of these snakes has been sighted on Lamma?

Marine Debris Warriors

Apr 25 - "Thank you to all the volunteers! They went again to the Shek Pai Wan Rock Beach."

Weight Test for Pak Kok Pier

Apr 24 - It'll be safe for the weight of the big, expected crowds of weekend visitors.

Luisa @ Lamma Gourmet

Apr 20 - "Luisa, and her effortless charm, have become synonymous with the store."

Best Mountain/Family Biking Routes

Apr 19 - "The islanders have a biking culture that might be unique in Asia."

Tofu Pudding & Oyster Omelette

Apr 14 - Celebrity chef Christian Yang visits and promotes Lamma....

'Three Paths' Exhibition

Apr 13 - "Welcome to Three Paths | Joint Art Exhibition.
Three women artists"

Another Bike Clearance

Apr 10 - Save your bikes well before these clearances on April 15.

TANA Workshop

Apr 9 - "With colourful paintings and Chinese calligraphy lining the walls,..."


Apr 8 - 2nd shot of Comirnaty (BioNTech) vaccine done a few days ago. No side effects....

Nick's Antique Name Card

Apr 7 - ...very well-worn namecard I designed for Nick years ago!

Easter Sunday Sampler

Apr 4 - A little sampler of my recent artworks. More at:

El Gran Miguelitor!

Apr 3 - "People don't see me, and it makes me a good observer."

Happy Easter!

Apr 2 - ...from the Lamma-zine's Balcony Garden.

New 'Triangle-Route' For Lamma

Apr 1 - "Yung Shue Wan - Discovery Bay- Central - Yung Shue Wan triangle service."

Mar 2021

All of Turtle Bay Closed

Mar 31 - Starting tomorrow, Turtle Beach and the ENTIRE bay will become a restricted area.

Admiring the Full Moon

Mar 29 - Full Moon over YSW tonight, views from Fishermen's Pier.

Eastern Sparkle

Mar 26 - "The current City Garden is where HK Electric's second power station used to stand."

Bushfire & the Aftermath

Mar 25 - Hill fire today, on the hill overlooking the powerstation!

13x on Emergency Helicopter!

Mar 24 - "How many times have you been on a medical emergency..."

Lamma Covid-19 Case

Mar 23 - The sole COVID-19 local case in many weeks, a neighbour close to our home.


Mar 22 - Lamma-Poh just got her 1st BioNTech shot, the Comirnaty vaccine.

Hippies Abloom

Mar 21 - The very first Hippeastrum flower just opened in my balcony garden.

'Regarding Lamma'

Mar 19 - "Lamma is my love at first sight."

Lamma Life Jungle

Mar 18 - A South Lamma-based NGO I've never heard of before.

To Be Vaccinated

Mar 10 - Just booked online for BioNTech's Covid-19 vaccine, no wait at all.

Temple of Feminization

Mar 9 - Originally located on Lamma Island, it has moved...

No Entry!

Mar 8 - If you don't use it, you lose it, Lamma-style.

More Free Dining Coupons

Mar 5 - Very pleasant surprise yesterday in our maibox!

Feb 2021

Internet Fibre For Lamma

Feb 28 - Lamma Island has never been connected to the Internet via high-speed fiber.

Lamma Restaurants Online

Feb 27 - Did you know there are at least 74 restaurants on Lamma?

Best of February

Feb 26 - Still dabbling in creating Mandelbulb 3D fractals. Any comments?

Medical Services Survey

Feb 25 - "...submit the result to the authorities reflecting our medical needs and concerns."

What Was On 2 Years Ago?

Feb 24 - What a difference 2 years make!

'International Life Style Centre'

Feb 23 - Lamma Life in the 1990s.

Yung Shue Wan @ Night

Feb 18 - ...shot from mid-harbour, tip of old fishermen's jetty.

Sauntering Stroll

Feb 17 - Sauntering the coastal path from Pak Kok to YSW.

Dear HK Exhibition

Feb 16 - "Join our creative sharing workshop to find out how the 80 portraits...."

Dredging Power Station Approach

Feb 15 - "For a period of approx. 6 months, dredging operations will be carried out...."

Firing Cupid

Feb 14 - Still my favourite Valentine's Day cartoon, by Harry Harrison, of course!

We Love Our Cleaners

Feb 13 - "A huge Thank You to everyone who donated towards our cleaners on Lamma Island."

Lamma-Gung Hei Fat Choi!

Feb 12 - Happy New Year of the Ox 2021!h

Fiery & Noisy!

Feb 11 - YSW Tin Hau temple, Lunar New Year's Eve, Feb 11, 2021.

More Dining Coupons!

Feb 9 - Remember the vastly popular HK Electric coupons for HK and Lamma restaurants last year?

Best Fish & Chips?

Feb 8 - Where to get the very best fish & chips in YSW?

Pak Kokians Jumping For Joy

Feb 7 - "Not a bad place to grow up." ...and to semi-retire!


Feb 6 - "Yesterday we were paddling off Lamma and saw the dolphins."

Record-Runner Stingray

Feb 4 - Congratulations to my PK Village neighbour 'Stingray' for setting a new HK Trail record!

Emma the Child Prodigy

Feb 3 - "Emma began learning the violin at age four after being inspired by her mum."

Pak Kok Shan Then/Now

Feb 2 - Aerial view of Pak Kok Shan in 1985.

2,357 Plastic Bottles

Feb 1 - "Thanks to the Lamma SUP team and all volunteers."

Jan 2021

History of Old Police Station

Jan 30 - "...was built in 1966 at the top of Hung Shing Yeh Bay."

Warning: Jungle Ahead!

Jan 28 - What is this sign by Islands District Office trying to tell us?


Jan 27 - "Sitting in the stock room of Brothers frozen goods shop,..."

Nick & Bernie

Jan 25 - This Bernie-Sanders-at-Joe-Biden's-inauguration photo meme...

L-G the Cartoon Character

Jan 24 - So honored to be featured once again today in a Harry Harrison cartoon.

Sauntering in Pak Kok

Jan 20 - Taking a long stroll on Jan 15, exploring my neighbourhood.

5 Years! Congrats!

Jan 18 - "This month, we are celebrating 5 years of your favourite show Drone and Phone."

Fortune Rice for Elderly

Jan 17 - North Lamma Rural Committee will distribute a CNY gift for all elderly (65+).

Chloe Founded 'Write or Die'

Jan 14 - "...writers who wanted company, I was inundated with messages..."

Still 'Staying Home, Staying Safe, Staying Creative'

Jan 13 - See #53-55 above in my current series.

Fascinating Podcasts

Jan 8 - Fascinating and very informative podcast by my close neighbours DJ Clark and Stephen Davies.

Little Thai

Jan 7 - "Little Thai is positioned between the tennis courts and the beginning of Snake Path."

Harry Went Viral

Jan 5 - Congratulations to Harry, very impressive!

Lamma's got 3 Penis Rocks?

Jan 4 - How to get there, plus loads of great South Lamma photos by Mike Chau.

Mute Planet

Jan 3 - Another amazing photo from Mute Planet's Mark Malby!

Flor & Carlos

Jan 2 - "Lamma provides Flor and Carlos with the ideal space to practice their art."

Happy & Fun & Creative NY 2021!

Jan 1 - From Lamma-Gung's & Lamma-PoPo's Home Sweet Home!

Dec 2020

Happy Holidays!

Dec 25 - Good Riddance to Gnarly 2020, Wishing You a Sunnier 2021!


Dec 24 - Christmas shopping in Wellcome, we were surprised by the total cost at the cash register!

Melanie's (& Ensie's) Kitchen

Dec 17 - "Melanie opened 'Melanie's Kitchen' two years ago and quickly got to work."

Drug Rehab Centre Interview

Dec 16 - Just out: Building resilience, a print story in the Youth Hong Kong magazine.

Turtle Beach Restricted Area Expansion

Dec 11 - "...designated as a restricted area between April 1 and October 31 each year."

5G on Lamma?

Dec 10 - First example from my new smartphone with 6 (!) built-in lenses and up to 48Mixel resolution, see above.

Frater Omniscis Totalis

Dec 9 - Great Lamma people cover story in HK Magazine (RIP) 6 years ago.

Squinty John and the Pandemics

Dec 8 - Click for a fantastic, brand-new music video by this brand-new band.

Mini Birthday Cakes

Dec 4 - My birthday mini cakes from Aberdeen & Wanchai cake shops.

1st Day of Advent

Dec 1 - The very first Swiss chocolate from behind a numbered cardboard door!

Nov 2020

Aquabike For Sale?

Nov 20 - YSW ferry pier, an ancient bike magnet-fished out of the harbour.

Greetings From an Ex-Lammaite

Nov 19 - "I still enjoy reading your Lamma news every week."

November Sunset

Nov 18 - Mute Planet: "November never fails to bring us extraordinary sunsets in this part of the world."

Exploring South Lamma

Nov 17 - "Fantastic day exploring abandoned villages of Mo Tat Wan and Hoi Ha on a photo tour."

Lamma Viewed From The Peak

Nov 16 - Close-up, "zooming in": Yung Shue Wan panorama
Photos by Hana Ripley.

Home Sweet Ferry Pier

Nov 15 - Pak Kok ferry pier construction is making good progress.

Coffee Philharmonic

Nov 14 - Roby and the impressive coffee roaster in Coffee Philharmonic.

Happy Friday, Lammaites!

Nov 13 - "Wind down for the weekend with Friday night food and drinks in the village"

HK Electric to Freeze 2021 Tariff

Nov 10 - Great news from HK Electric, sole power supplier for HK and Lamma Islands.

Election Day Panic Watch

Nov 3 - "Tomorrow morning Diesel's will open at 10am to show the US election carnage."

Lamma-zine Archive Updated

Nov 2 - News, Events, Lamma-zine, Stories, Pictures, Forums, Classifieds....

Discover the Family Trail

Nov 1 - "Taste the traditional flavours of Hong Kong on this easy hike."

Oct 2020

Memories of Halloweenies

Oct 31 - Brand-new photos of tonight coming up tomorrow!

People of Lamma:
Blue Geese

Oct 30 - "Colin and Jessie, relocated The Blue Goose Tavern from Wan Chai."

How Many Languages?

Oct 29 - Click above to find out or add your own language(s).

Secluded Island Idyl

Oct 28 - Our Tsui Wah ferry with its very friendly & helpful crew arriving at Pak Kok ferry pier.

Biodiversity Survey of Lamma

Oct 24 - "Plants, butterflies, dragonflies, moths, insects, amphibians, reptiles..."

'Free One-stop Service on EV Charging Solutions'

Oct 23 - HK Electric's Lamma Powerstation uses a few electric vehicles,...

Sleepover Lamma Style

Oct 16 - "This is what I woke up to three years ago on my way to work."

Undistinguished and Dreadful

Oct 14 - "...according to a beautifully opinionated 1969 Lamma guidebook."

Mandelbulb Maniac!

Oct 11 - A few of my recent artworks, all 3D fractals intensively mutated, tweaked and Photoshopped...

Huge Tree Collapse

Oct 10 - "Thank you, police, Lamma Fire Station and FEHD staff for assistance."

Sooty-Headed Bulbuls Love Papayas

Oct 9 - Sooty-headed Bulbul, 1 Oct. '20, by Karim Babakishi

Did Thor Get Hammered?

Oct 6 - "Thor", a Danish world traveler, has visited 194 countries so far without flying.

Sep 2020

Internet Fibre by 2026!?

Sep 30 - [Rant-alert on]Since moving to Lamma almost 20 years ago, we've been hoping....

'Old Nick' the Bookman

Sep 29 - Photo by Samantha Leigh of Phoenix Artisan Collective.

Unbridled Joy!

Sep 26 - From the seemingly ancient days when Lamma Events & Happenings were still bountiful.

5 Lamma Stories @ Apple Daily

Sep 22 - Apple Daily's series of stories on Lamma's unique culture and characters.

Drones Flying High

Sep 18 - Flying high above Yung Shue Wan, another great drone bubble photo from Mark Malby's Mute Planet!

Happy Green Trio Supporting Online Learning

Sep 15 - animation series, an interactive drama and a virtual guided tour.

Pak Kok Pier Progress

Sep 12 - Good progress so far, will it really take almost 3 years to complete and open?

Cryptic Harry?

Sep 11 - Beautifully narrated through a series of witty illustrations (by Harry Harrison).


Sep 10 - Plus my best result from playing around with my sunset photo.

JC, Lammaite of the Week

Sep 8 - Great in-depth story, interview and video in Apple Daily about JC...

Aug 2020

Shovel in the Stone?

Aug 31 - This might be the Lamma version of the Excalibur/King Arthur origin story.

Pak Kok Pier Reconstruction Starts

Aug 30 - It'll take 3 years and HK$72.4 millions!

5G on Lamma?

Aug 27 - "The above fluorescent green area represents CMHK outdoor 5G coverage."

HK Electric Online

Aug 20 - The newsletter features photos of Lamma's 2 winners of their recent Lamma Nature Photo contest.

Garden After Rain

Aug 19 - "My garden after the rain - Lamma Island. Playing with a macro lens and flash diffuser."

Covid-19 Test Centre

Aug 11 - 2 healthcare workers handing out free Covid-19 test kits.

Raisin Walnut Sourdough Boule

Aug 3 - This is probably the best, most mouth-watering bread photo I've seen recently.

Ocular Hybridisations

Aug 2 - Karen Taylor's amazing eye drawing inspired me to create a series of computer graphics "hybrids".

Lamma Fashionista

Aug 1 - A safer way to wear a face mask, protecting the eyes as well, modelled on our very own catwalk, Main Street!

Jul 2020

We're Being Surveyed!

Jul 23 - "YSW Pier Improvement Opinion Survey. Sense of Place and Well-being Survey."

Home Sweet Home, YSW

Jul 22 - "An original collage created for Ewan, captain of the young Lamma Dragons."

Wasp vs. Spider

Jul 21 - "The spider will be dragged off to its lair, still alive, and used to incubate the wasp's eggs."

Drone Photography Master

Jul 16 - A first for Lamma drone photography I've ever seen, a thermal view of N. Lamma!

COVID-19 Case @ Powerstation

Jul 15 - " guard has tested positive for COVID-19 and classified as probable case."

Pirate Treasure Map

Jul 14 - "Some say the three treasures of Hamish McYardley are still buried on Lamma Island to this day."

Organising My Creative Experiments

Jul 5 - My latest Creative Experiment from today, started as a CG sunset.

Jun 2020

Growing Up On Lamma

Jun 27 - "A Poetry Art Film exploring personal cultural identity"

Home Office Views

Jun 26 - Hard to get any work done with views like these.

Typically Lamma!

Jun 25 - Just below the North Lamma Kindergarten. Notice the face mask!

Lamma Events Multiplying!

Jun 24 - Check out my always up-to-date shortlist of links on this home page.

Partial Solar Eclipse @ Summer Solstice

Jun 21 - My favorite screenshot I took of the partial solar eclipse today in HK.

5 Eyes Alliance Discounts

Jun 20 - Specials in several "yellow" YSW restaurants and 10% off shopping in the Tai Peng store!

Ferry Arriving on Planet Lamma

Jun 12 - Tsui Wah ferry arriving from Aberdeen via Pak Kok at YSW ferry pier.

Lamma's Soundtrack!

Jun 11 - Lamma has finally got a semi-official soundtrack, the "Powerstation Beach" album!

Ways to Die on Lamma

Jun 10 - TOP ten most likely ways to die on LAMMA! (List from Gareth Dunster):

Winners of Lamma Wildlife Photo Contest

Jun 9 - Congratulations to Ewa Wilkinson & Mark Malby for being 2 of the 4 winners!

Candles Blooming Everywhere

Jun 4 - YSW Main Street's candlelight vigil tonight, socially distanced in groups of up to 8!

Home Sweet Lamma-zine Home

Jun 3 - Home of the Lamma-zine, photo by neighbour DJ Clark. Thank you!

"Care and Share" Dining Coupons

Jun 2 - Lamma-Por picked up her $500 free dining coupons today from the OIWA office in YSW.

Memories of Andy's Seafood

Jun 1 - Selecting some of my own photos for the Lamma Wildlife Photo Contest confirmed once again that...

May 2020

Wildlife Contest: My Entries

May 31 - Selecting some of my own photos for the Lamma Wildlife Photo Contest confirmed once again that...

Andy's Seafood Rest. Closing

May 30 - Our last dinner in our favourite Chin. restaurant, closing tomorrow forever.

Govt Clears Bikes, Dumps Them in Countryside

May 29 - The "bike graveyard" on Lamma Island,...

Dining Coupons for Underprivileged Families

May 28 - "HK Electric will begin distributing dining coupon sets worth $500 each..."

Lamma Life

May 27 - Click for 13 MPixel high-res version.

Lamma Wildlife Photo Contest

May 26 - Submit your favourite photos of living organisms on Lamma!

Back to Old Ferry Schedule: 20 May

May 13 - Please refer to the left column of this website.

Wild Boars + Snakes, Don't Risk It!

May 12 - Best advertising sign for a YSW rest. I've seen recently!

End of "Stay Home..."

May 8 - Off to the cinema today!

Apr 2020

No Words Necessary...

Apr 30 - Wow, this has become my Facebook photo with the most reactions, shares and comments ever!

Professors Visiting

Apr 29 - A history professor from a US college wrote a book about Nick the Bookman's famous great-grandfather.

Stand-up Paddleboard Graffiti

Apr 26 - See what Brendan Sheridan did with a stand-up paddleboard and a GPS!

Register as a Voter!

Apr 25 - "September Legco Elections
Voter Registration Stations"

Brown Booby Visiting

Apr 4 - Big commotion among bird lovers the other day! An extremely rare HK visitor, a Brown Booby.

WE Love Lamma!

Apr 3 - "When 'Professional and Dedicated Guardian Angel (Outsourced Cleaners)' meet 'Loving HKers'."

5,000 Free Face Masks

Apr 2 - So these 5,000 free masks went in less than half an hour.

Lamma to Host Post-COVID-19 Triathlon

Apr 1 - "...three popular sporting pursuits: Swimming, Running, and Roller Sports."

Mar 2020

Greenest Island

Mar 20 - "Here, on the greenest island of the archipelago. Stay sane, stay safe, everyone."

"Remember Rambler?"

Mar 18 - Who's taken up Rambler's coveted mantle as Lamma's best (IMHO) close-up nature photographer?

Power Station Views

Mar 6 - by Mute Planet and Agent Yippee

"...object to being called a bastard."

Mar 5 - "For all that's changed in Lamma over the last 70 years,..."

Feb 2020

Gardeners vs. Wild Boars

Feb 23 - "Geoff Smith faces off against his nemesis."

David's Covid-19 Quarantine

Feb 19 - "What We Talk About When We Talk About the Coronavirus"

Robotics, Mobile Apps, Big Data & AI

Feb 18 - "HK Electric has been presented with the 'HK Sustainability Award'"

Drone Guide

Feb 17 - "A Complete Guide to Lamma Island" by DRONE & DSLR (6 Feb 2020!)

Lamma Winds Temp Closure

Feb 13 - HK Electric has closed Lamma Winds with immediate effect.

How to get furniture to Lamma painlessly

Feb 12 - "Sit back & let Steve & his team take the strain!"

Mo Tat Wan Beach Villas

Feb 11 - "I strongly object to the application to build two houses in Conservation Area."

Jan 2020

1st Sunset Pics of the Year

Jan 28 - My first sunset photos of this year. More to follow, hopefully.

Nick the YouTube Star

Jan 27 - This is the story of Nick's peaceful life, and why he's never shaved his beard.

Lunar New Year @ Tin Hau Temple

Jan 26 - ...traditional midnight lion dance & fireworks greeting the Year of the Rat.

Happy New Year of the Rat!

Jan 25 - May all your cheesiest dreams come true.

Opening Hours over LNY

Jan 24 - Which Lamma places are closed over Lunar New Year?


Jan 23 - With the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan starting to spread across the world...

Cover Photo of 'Digital Computer Art' FB Group

Jan 16 - My 'AI Drone Attack!' above has just been selected as cover image...

Black Kite in Virtual World

Jan 13 - Transplanting a Black Kite into a virtual-only world of highrises.

Rooster Dragon or Mutant Turkey?

Jan 9 - My latest Creative Experiment, just completed. Suggest a title!

Past Art & Photo Exhibitions of L-G

Jan 8 - Solo Exhibitions & Joint Exhibitions

Balcony Garden of a 'Deep Dreamer'

Jan 7 - Hippeastrum "Hippie" flowers - Centipede - Stinkbug

EMDs Are Banned!

Jan 6 - ...publicity campaign against all these electric transportation devices.

Plan a Day Trip to Lamma

Jan 5 - Quite comprehensive, up-to-date guide for visitors from Cathay Pacific/Dragon.

Favourite Dishes in YSW?

Jan 4 - What are yours and should be added to my list, titled "Overwhelmed and Delighted"?

Return to Lamma Nature Photos...

Jan 2 - Village house building is really speeding up around Pak Kok New Village.

Happy New Year!

Jan 1 - Happy New Year 2020!

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