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Only Half the Man I Used to Be

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Lamma-Gung's Art Gallery

Dec 2018

3D-Printed Fridge Magnets

Dec 29 - Are high-tech design & manufacturing processes coming to Lamma?


Dec 25 - Christmas Set Lunch/Dinner @ Jing Jing Bar & Restaurant on YSW Main Street.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Dec 24 - 8:18
December 24, 2018
Battery 85%

Moving Soon?

Dec 20 - Are you moving to/from/on Lamma soon? We can highly recommend....

Christmas Menus

Dec 21 - The menu we'll be enjoying ourselves is being offered by Jing Jing Bar & Restaurant.

Choco Kindness vs. Satan Claus?

Dec 20 - 2 Xmassy events happening this Saturday, Dec 22.

Stumbling Randomly

Dec 17 - Stumbling Randomly through Pak Kok on a recent warm December day.

LI-BAR-RY @ Ground Zero

Dec 16 - A few close-up pre-sunset shots from BEFORE Ground Zero - Lamma Rave.

Thumping, Thundering Techno!

Dec 15 - "Get ready for some thumping thundering Techno on an amazing location."

Last Days of Joint Art Exhibition

Dec 14 - Last 3 days to visit the Joint Art Exhibition at the Lamma Art Collective.

Think Greener, Dream Bigger

Dec 4 - "Renovate containers with solar panels to be used as columbaria in the memorial park."

Views from Ocean Park

Dec 3 - Just a few pictures from our trip to Ocean Park today...

Nov 2018

Open Space 10th Anniversary

Nov 30 - "Q: So what went wrong?"

Joint Art Exhibition

Nov 29 - Grand Opening on Dec 1, Sat, at 4pm. The exhibition will be open from Dec 1-16.

Sri Lankan Buffet

Nov 22 - Sri Lankan Night, Friday, Nov 23, from 6pm.

Appreciating Lamma Nature

Nov 18 - Introduction to Nature Appreciation Photo Workshop (by Ewa Wilkinson).

Drone Workshop & Demo

Nov 17 - Lamma Art Collective writes: "A very interesting and innovative Drone Workshop by Mark Malby!"


Nov 10 - How old is this and what's the meaning/story behind "Lamma Life"?

Celebrating Diwali @ Bombay

Nov 9 - Photo album of Bombay's Diwali Dinner Buffet.

Happy Diwali!

Nov 8 - Just a little poster I made for my friends in Bombay Bar & Restaurant on YSW Back Street.

Tasting & Painting w/Georgian Wines

Nov 4 - Wine tasting and painting with wine don't mix! What a mess I made...

Oct 2018

Halloweenies 2018

Oct 31 - Fantastic photos & videos again this year from master artist, photographer and... hobby baker Dina B. Knight!

Smart Power for Smart People

Oct 30 - HK Electric has launched a number of new services and discounts....

Planet Lamma, Fun Day Edition

Oct 29 - After sunset behind the powerstation chimneys, the Lamma Fun Day....

Fun Day Pics

Oct 27 - A few of my random shots from Lamma Fun Day!

Fun Day & Beach Music Festival!

Oct 26 - While you're there, pick up some Lamma charity calendar, T-shirts or...

Full Moon Rise

Oct 25 - Tired of all the sunrises & sunsets I publish here and on Facebook?

Happy Birthday, Peter Berry!

Oct 19 - The Waterfront Restaurant & Bar is still a wonderful party venue.

Chu Hoi Dick's Public Forum

Oct 16 - "There were definitely tensions and differences, especially at the start."

Live Life While You Can!

Oct 15 - Neighbours have been moving an old couch atop their village house's small rooftop cabin.

Green Mission for Smart Power Ambassadors

Oct 10 - " ambassadors to help promote energy efficiency...."

What a Dump!

Oct 9 - Time Out HK: "11 more of the harshest TripAdvisor reviews of Hong Kong."

New Aberdeen Ferry Schedule/Fares

Oct 2 - "...effective table from 7th October 2018 (Sunday)"

Balcony Jungle Reblooming

Oct 1 - My severely Mangkhuted Balcony Jungle is gradually recovering.

Sep 2018

Lamma Calendar-Worthy Pics?

Sep 26 - Missed the deadline!?

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Sep 25 - Remembering Lamma-Por's mother, my mother-in-law.

Post-Typhoon Strolls

Sep 23 - Both paths from YSW to Pak Kok Village are finally open again. A few pics:

Sell Power to HK Electric!

Sep 20 - HOW TO GET PAID BY HK ELECTRIC, by generating your very own renewable energy.

Loved 1,000 Times

Sep 19 - Many of my 1,548 Facebook Friends have been generous in reacting to my almost daily posts.

Mangkhut, the Most Powerful Typhoon Hitting HK

Sep 18 - 15,000+ major trees destroyed...

Waiting for a T10

Sep 15 - While taking pictures of the sunset today - just ahead of T10 typhoon Mangkhut hitting HK.

New Lamma-Aberdeen Ferry?

Sep 8 - This just shows ... why most passengers love the personal service.


Sep 7- 'Lamma We-Re-Cycle, Action on 9/15.'


Sep 6 - Just a few recent sunsets, starting with today's.
For a few more close-ups...

Aug 2018

Public Forum w/Eddie Chu

Aug 29- 1st Sep (Sat), 3-5pm, YSW Tin Hau Temple Sitting-out Area.

Creating Something From Nothing

Aug 25 - A few new experiments, starting with the same grey-noise-only image.

Dora the Explorer, Pilgrim w/a Tent

Aug 18 - This marks the end of her pilgrimage along the Via Francigena trek.

'Fool Me Twice'

Aug 17 - Exciting excerpt from Lammaite Jules Hannaford's upcoming book,...

Before the Sunrise

Aug 11 - I usually sleep very well, till these amazing sunrises keep waking me up through our bedroom window.

Milestone at Lamma Power Station

Aug 7 - "Officiating guests ... celebrate the smooth completion of L10 construction."

Jul 2018

Ring the Bell for 16th Anniversary

July 31 - Free drink for everybody, celebrating the's anniversary.

Press to Pay

July 30 - Is it still operational, this DIY self checkout contraption in Yan Yan Store, home-made in 2015?

Total Lunar Eclipse Photos?

July 28 - Total lunar eclipse this early morning! Getting up at 4am, setting up my tripod and zoom.

Good-Bye to Marckq

July 25 - "Lamma Lamma Lamma. What an island. My home away from my new home."

Cook of Western Food Wanted

July 24 - Some of the sample dishes the new cook should be able to prepare:

16th Anniversary of Lamma Forum

July 23 - I6 years today since the Lamma forum on this site started! I'd ring the celebratory Bell...

Beach Partayyy!

July 22 - Marckq: "Great party! Thanks for coming and hope everyone enjoyed it!"

Pak Kok Ferry Pier Rebuilding

July 21 - "The Pier was first built and financed by villagers... 1970s and 1990s."

Accepted to University!

July 12 - The eldest of my 3 grand-stepsons ... are celebrating their success in the DSE exam!

Village Charter

July 11 - Register as a Village Rep voter! Details here and here...

Interviewing LegCo's Eddie Chu Hoi-dick

July 10 - "Went to interview with Chu Hoi-dick in LegCo canteen."

Register as a Village Rep Voter!

July 9 - Permanent residents who lived in their village for 3 or more years...

Philippe Colin, Artist

July 8 - See who I met again by pure chance at the Pak Kok ferry pier last Sunday:

Reopening Diesel's

July 7 - Our longtime readers and most Lammaites will remember the former Diesel's, an iconic bar!

Visiting LegCo

July 6 - Pre-registration, airport-style security check-in, phone call, bags X-ray, id card check.

Baroque on Lamma news?

July 5 - Summary: No news is good news!

Transition Coal to Gas

July 4 - "HK Electric announced ... transition from coal to gas generation."

1,000 Members

July 3 - I've just approved Member #1,000 into the Lamma Island Uncensored group.

What's Up in July?

July 2 - A full events calendar at Lamma Art Collective for the month of July.

R.I.P. Booza

July 1 - I've just approved Member #1,000 into the Lamma Island Uncensored group.

Jun 2018

Support Village Elections!

June 30 - Detailed, bilingual information, Village Charter and registration forms.

Evolution of a Sunset

June 29 - (shot over half an hour from the very top of our village house rooftop cabin.)

UFO Over Lamma!

June 23 - Just before the thunderstorm started today...

Happy Birthday to Lamma Island Uncensored!

June 21 - A year ago, a Lamma Drama about...

Drop-Dead Gorgeous Mombie

June 14 - Vote for ex-Lammaite Abigail's amazing MOMBIE video!

Antony Bourdain @ Andy's Seafood Rest.

June 13 - Remembering Antony Bourdain's visit to Lamma in Jan 2012.

World Cup Football: Where to Watch

June 12 - Here's a great summary from Marcus H. Langston.

Farewell to Our 'Pro-Lammaite' Police Chief

June 11 - I've requested a little farewell message from Rachel Leung.

Island That Lures Creatives & Entrepreneurs

June 7 - So many Lamma-related stories in the SCMP these last few weeks!

Bombay Food!

June 1 - One more delicious "dining experience" by Lamma-Por & Lamma-Gung!

May 2018

Sunset Admirers Society

May 26 - Here's yesterday's amazing & spectacular, but totally free & almost daily light show!

Free Food @ Spicy Island

May 21 - Grand Opening of Spicy Island last Saturday, May 19.

Lamma 500 Video

May 20 - Fantastic video by Official Lamma500 Videographer Donna Foreman!

Another Busy MayDay

May 19 - Preview of another framed masterpiece from master cartoonist Harry Harrison.

Spicy Island Grand Opening

May 18 - "Join us and celebrate the return of Spicy Island."

Ferry Ride Home

May 16 - Some photos seem to strike a nerve and become very popular witin hours of being published.

30Mbps Broadband Is (Very Slowly) Arriving

May 9 - Some broadband distribution boxes are getting power installed these days.

AirBnB on Lamma

May 8 - AirBnB has been growing from just 18 properties listed on all of Lamma 4 years ago to 65 properties listed today.

Lamma Day: Mixed Miscellaneous

May 7 - Miscellaneous non-dragonboating photos of North Lamma, Sunday, May 6, 2018.

Lamma Day: Dragonboats!

May 6 - Yung Shue Wan harbour dragonboat & sampan races.

Apr 2018

Adventure Summit

Apr 30 - Just found this chart in the summer brochure of an NGO who's very active on Lamma all year round. Guess which one?

Leave These Harmless Birds Alone!!

Apr 29 - Another Typically Lamma! photo as seen on Yung Shue Wan Main Street.

Snakey Survey

Apr 28 - Which venomous snakes have YOU personally seen on Lamma?

Just Kitchen's Moving

Apr 26 - Free Drink! ~ Low-cost buffet ~ MAGIC MOON BAND Live ~ BELLY DANCER ~ FUN!

What's Going on @ YSW Ferry Pier!

Apr 21 - This ship-cum-raised-investigation platform has recently appeared.

Bloomin' Hippies

Apr 20 - Lamma Hippies (botanical term: Hippeastrum) keep on regrowing and blooming again every year!

Praise for Tsui Wah Ferry!

Apr 19 - It's really refreshing to be a frequent passenger of such a responsive, friendly and helpful ferry company! Let me elaborate:

Lamma Day @ Tin Hau Festival

Apr 18 - If you'd like to join the dragonboat paddling, hurry up and sign up at The Island Bar!

Just Kitchen's moving!

Apr 17 - "Georgian restaurant in Lamma invites you all for its closing up party from the present location."

Farewell to Rajen

Apr 16 - The Island Bar's farewell to Rajen I Gohel, leaving Lamma & HK, after DECADES of living here.

How to Become a Smart Power Ambassador?

Apr 13 - Site visits covering global climate changes, green electricity generation, energy...

Goodbye, Green Mean Machine

Apr 11 - After almost 12 years of mostly faithful and reliable service, my home office PC has...

Lamma Ferries App

Apr 10 - Brand-new Lamma ferries app for Android users, programmed by Robin, Tony the Coffee Guy's son.

Rambling Randomly from Pak Kok - Tai Peng

Apr 9 - Another installment in my long-running photo series.

More Pak Kokian Pictures...

Apr 8 - Plus one more from local master photographer David Ogg. Where's our house?

Easter Crowds on Lamma?

Apr 1 - Some of my recent snapshots about a happy, peaceful life on the North side of Lamma.

Mar 2018

Hong Kong Camera Show?

Mar 16 - HK Flower Show in Victoria Park on Friday opening day. Seeing the huge, annoying hordes of photographers...

Lamma Events!

Mar 11- So many Lamma-based events from today till Easter! Click above for all events that have a Facebook page.

Christmas Tree Bonfire Party

Mar 10 - What did you do with your old, dried-out Christmas tree?

CAREnJOY for 7,500 Elders

Mar 8 - HK Electric's community care programmes, has reached out to more than 7,500 single elders on HK and Lamma Islands.

Can't Stop Deep-Styling

Mar 7 - I still can't stop Deep-Styling some more recent photos! The "Lamma Boards" exhibition started it all!

Feb 2018

Leaflet for  VV Drivers

Feb 28- Police handed out this leaflet to VV drivers a few weeks ago, just a reminder of the Govt. regulations.

Just Another Lamma Weekend

Feb 24 - All these events are happening today and tomorrow in North Lamma alone.

Feb 22 - "Today's shelter building with 13 kids ranging in age from 1 1/2 to 8 years old."

Artsy Beardies

Feb 21 - Meeting of the proud beardies in Yung Shue Wan.

Lai See Dau Loi!

Feb 18 - Lunar New Year with my HK-Chinese family.

Feb 17 - So many events are happening in Lamma Art Collective, up to 3 events/day! Wonderful!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Feb 16 - Here's my little home-made greeting card, re-purposing my digital Valentine's Day card,

Feb 15 - Midnight at the Tin Hau Temple in Yung Shue Wan!

Ready in Blue for CNY!

Feb 14 - Chinese New Year, time to clean your home/house thoroughly, inside AND outside!

Feb 13 - Who else is offering special menus tomorrow night? Contact me!

'Lamma-Gung Updated His Profile Picture'

Feb 12 - Another little digital artwork I created from a photo of an orange hibiscus blooming...

Feb 11 - For even more Lamma events (including the ones without Facebook Events pages like above):

Jan 2018

Jan 31 - "Special appearance by The Magic Moon Band."

Jan 26 - "Middle Eastern Vegan Brunch tomorrow at 11:30."

Jan 23 - One colour-perfect leaf from my Balcony Jungle today. Yes, it's been a slow news day, nothing exciting to report...

Stop hibernating and get fit!"

Jan 9 - On this coldest day of the year so far (9C on Lamma, 7C in New Territories), here's a picture.

Jan 1 - My sunrise/sunset photographic obsession is continuing unabatedly...

Dec 2017

Dec 31 - Another marvelous drone photo by Tony Ng.

Dec 30 - These are most of the event posters for public events & happenings just on Lamma in the next two days.

Dec 29 - Today, 5:37pm.
Plus 1 minute earlier and 1 minute later.

Dec 26 - This is a wonderful new Wildlife Map of HK from the World Wildlife Fund.

Dec 25 - Happy Holidays to all our readers around the world! (147 countries according to our last Usage Statistics)

Dec 24 - NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) tracks Santa every year on his frantic trip!

Dec 17 - Artist Sham, Just Kitchen's Sam, a major Sham-fan, plus 2 minor Sham fans.

Dec 16 - ...HK Electric's tariff increase of around 2 percent for 2018 over current tariffs?

Dec 15 - "This is a 100 page glossy package celebrating my year of drawing. I'm very proud of it and I'm selling copies."

Dec 14 - Leaving Lamma for the holidays and New Year? Here are a few tips...

Dec 13 - Christmas special menus so far: Jing Jing and The Waterfront.

Dec 12 - Free Kinesiology intro/ Open House this Saturday in Central

Dec 9 - One more fun poster for the Island Bar by Lamma's inimitable Harry Harrison!

Dec 8 - Our outdoor Christmas tree is ready...

Dec 7 - Lamma on Board exhibition. 25 International Artists, 75 Unique Artworks.

Dec 6 - Same venue, Sunday, Dec 10: Much more Christmas Bazaar info...

Nov 2017

Nov 30 - YMCA Mountain Bike Challenge Day in the ex-Lamma Quarry, Sunday, Nov 26, '17

Nov 29 - ART x TEA with artist Dora Tsang & BASAO tea tasting by neighbour Jack Cummins.

Nov 18 - "The Second Biggest Number", by Nick the Bookman

Nov 17 - The Lamma-zine will be very happily covering the festival again this year, staying in town.

Nov 16 - A most unusual sight over North Lamma the other day:

Nov 15 - A first-time-ever sight in the East Lamma Channel a few days ago: a huge container ship crashing into Magazine Island.

Nov 14 - "We would like to thank you for all your efforts and wonderful support towards Lamma Fun Day."

Nov 7 - "Six Hundred Parents and Children Join Lamma Treasure Hunt by Hans Andersen Club."

Nov 6 - "Join Us to Help make a Harmonious Community at Lamma"

Nov 5 - I took a few more pics of our "Harmonious" environment just outside the venue.

Nov 4 - Just a few of my snapshots from Lamma Fun Day 2017

Nov 3 - "Live music all day, two extraordinarily talented auctioneers with voices of angels and bodies chiseled from granite."

Nov 2 - "Ever seen a square pumpkin? How many shapes can a pumpkin have?"

Nov 1 - "Makeup and bodypaint by @facepaintbyabigail #art #bodypaint #facepaint #makeup #halloween2017"

Oct 2017


Oct 31 - All photos courtesy of Michelle D Chung, edited by Lamma-Gung.

Oct 30 - "Want to pre-order your Lamma Calendar? We have discounts between now and Friday 3rd November."

Oct 29 - Plus many other Fun Day events, bands and latest news...

Oct 28 - Fun event in Lamma's (HK's?) only Georgian restaurant, Just Kitchen, yesterday!

Oct 27 - "Come for the food, stay for the view"

Oct 26 - After the big success with last Friday's Diwali Buffet (sold out inside & outside)...

Oct 25 - David Ogg took a hike up to Snake Trail this afternoon to check out the damage...

Oct 22 - Our Official Court Poet waxes lyrically about seasonal dragonboating (and the closely related, all-year outrigging).

Oct 21 - See you this Friday night for their Diwali (Hindu Festival of Lights) Buffet?

Oct 20 - Bombay is becoming our regular Indian place for meeting friends, so I don't mind promoting them a bit here.

Oct 19 - "Thanks Ben Appleby for the amazing artwork on the Lamma Island IPA label."

Oct 18 - I can't get away from taking all these orange photos these days! Something wrong with my camera, perhaps?

Oct 17 - Just trying to capture a good sunrise over Lamma from the Cheung Chau ferry. Yes, I can be that chee seen sometimes...

Oct 14 - Spot the poster artist, a perennial Midlife Crisis Cowboy.

Oct 8 - Huge swarms of tourists swarming over much of Lamma, creating long queues at the ferry piers and filling our...

Oct 6 - ... Lamma couple we had a fantastic Olive Leaf veggie brunch with yesterday!

Oct 5 - Nobody missed meat, not even us omnivores.

Oct 4 - ... @ Lamma Space Station

Oct 1 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Oct 1, '17

Sep 2017

Sep 28 - The Lovely Lamma Ladies look great again in the Lamma-zine and Josephine Skelton is a true cheerleader!

Sep 27 - "I guess my celebrating the arrival of autumn was a bit premature."

Sep 22 - Today, I've finally reached the top level of Google's hobby artists, becoming an official Deep Dreamer!

Sep 20 - "It is 7am on Powerstation Beach. ...remains of a party from the night before...."

Sep 16 - Submit up to 3 photos to Lamma Calendar by Sep 17!

Sep 15 - Beach Cleanup,  Floating Tubes, Red Star Rising, DJ Jimbrowski.

Sep 14 - Dress code: Spacey
Launch location: TBA (open-air Spacecraft during Full Moon).

Sep 13 - Getting carried away with my creative experiments is a favourite pastime...

Sep 12 - 150sqft micro flats have arrived on Lamma at $5,000/ month!

Sep 4 - My latest creative experiments with my High Tide @ Fishermen's Pier photo.

Aug 2017

Aug 31 - "Sham Wan beach on Lamma Island is the heartland for endangered green sea turtles."

Aug 23- First T10 typhoon in HK in over 5 years today! Last time, see T1 typhoon Vicente:

Aug 21 - "Twenty families strolled around Lamma Island and unfolded the "secret" of..."

Aug 19- "By going deeper into the dream you will discover amazing new dimensions..."

Aug 14 - The frequently moving seabed investigation platform just off the Pak Kok ferry pier today.

Aug 13- Thank you, Eco-Marine, HK Hiking Meetup, The First Penguins, Sea Kayak HK, Plastic Free Seas, Living Lamma...

Aug 12 - A new favourite picture of Laudable Lamma Luminary Joyce of Jing Jing Bar & Rest., of ex-DIESEL's fame,

Aug 11- There are almost daily volunteer beach clean ups happening nowadays on Lamma...

Jul 2017

Jul 24 - Highest tide of the year, this morning @ Fisherman's Pier. Global warming and rising sea levels in action?

Jul 23 - This is what happens to a color laser-printed poster after a few weeks on a rain-lashed, open-air billboard.

Jul 20 - What is this contraption that appeared today just off the Pak Kok ferry pier?

Jul 19 - "So heartfelt thanks to One and All. You're on The Roll Of Honour."

Jul 14 - Khachapury, a kind of Georgian pizza, was enjoyed for late lunch in Just Kitchen.

Jul 13 - unexploded, 1-foot-long naval artillery shell on the beach just behind The Waterfront.

Jul 12 - This morning after 5:48am.

Jul 11 - Liao Ning Aircraft Carrier leaving HK this morning, viewed from end of Cable Road, Pak Kok.

Jul 10 - "Two HK Electric teams have won the first and third prizes in an international competition..."

Jul 7 - Watching the Chin. aircraft carrier Liao Ning pass through the Lamma East Channel.

Jul 4 - Lamma Events Calendar - July '17:

Jul 3 - Lamma Calendar 2017 this month, showing sunset at the Pak Kok ferry pier.

Jul 2 - Two stories from our regular correspondent Nick the Bookman today:

Jul 1 - Flags fluttering high above YSW Main Street...

Jun 2017

Jun 30 - I've received an encouraging, automatic message from Facebook to Lamma Gung today: 29,000 Likes so far!

Jun 29 - It's so unusual to have a film premiere on Lamma, an island without a single cinema.

Jun 22 - "Large coffee, two small teas, two packs of tissues, please."

Jun 21 - Lamma Wildlife of the Week, by Lin Zhang

Jun 17 - Lightning Storm @ 2:33am this morning!

Jun 16 - I've just updated our archives, making every story easily accessible by date and heading.

Jun 15 - "O tempora, o mores!"

Jun 12 - Nests with pink, speckled Bulbul eggs are regularly found on Lamma's balconies and rooftops these days.

Jun 7 - "Duo from mainland China arrested after Lamma Island crime spree"

Jun 5 - ...enjoying a great Mediterranean lunch and glass of house wine in The Bay in Mo Tat.

May 2017

May 28 - "Trade Winds provided a quotation very quickly. It transpired they moved out the previous tenant."

May 15 - A warm welcome to Rose the Flower Seller, the new mascot of the Tai Peng Community Garden!

May 6 - Love the look of the recycle boxes at the YSW ferry pier.

May 5 - How do you know that a new gadget has really hit the big time, reaching mass appeal?

May 4 - HKKF ferry on its route from Yung Shue Wan to Central.

May 1 - Some of Mr. GoGoHippies home delivery of Hippeastrums bulbs.

Apr 2017

Apr 30 - View areas of our home island you haven't visited yet!

Apr 28 - "500ha of West Lamma for low density residential development"

Apr 25 - "New Scheme of Control Agreement with the Government, effective for 15 years."

Apr 21 - "The University of 3rd Age is entering its 12th year now."

Apr 20 - Our cover girl from Easter Sunday has become quite a hit on social media.

Apr 19 - Off-island dragon dancers have been invading our village noisily today...

Apr 17 - These huge, amazing flowers are blossoming in multiple colours all over Lamma.

Apr 16 - My favourite pics of the Easter Sunday dragonboat races...

Apr 11 - This morning, sipping my first pre-sunrise coffee on the rooftop...

Apr 9 - "About 39 marines and sailors from the USS Makin Island spent 9 hours hiking..."

Apr 8 - After all the grey, foggy, smoggy days recently, this happened just a few minutes ago today...

Apr 1 - Refreshments provided in The Island Bar afterwards (for a modest donation).

Mar 2017

Mar 31 - "Starting from 1st April 2017, all passengers travel between Central and Lamma Island or Central..."

Mar 25 - "I Want You to Party!"

Mar 23 - Our Police Chief - LEUNG Yuen-shan, Rachel, OC Lamma Island & Peng Chau Cheung Chau Division,...

Mar 20 - "Movie actor and city legend has lent his support to the Lamma Animal Welfare Centre."

Mar 18 - YMCA Lamma Island Outdoor Centre Open Day: Sat/Sun 18/19 Mar.

Mar 17 - Two of the bands shifted the venue for their Sat night gig, performing in the Island Bar instead.

Mar 8 - "My bathroom has energy efficient lighting."

Mar 5 - A few of my press clippings of the last 5 years.

Mar 4 - See former Spotlights ~ Submit your best Lamma photos/videos!

Mar 3 - Peace Love Lamma ~ Dickstock R.I.P. 2017

Mar 2 - "Amazing how much change has happened in 70 years."

Mar 1 - "Dug, under force from the Japanese, by local village residents."

Feb 2017

Feb 24 - Spring travel season is starting up soon and our Lammaites from 70+  countries...

Feb 23 - Angel Wan: "In your opinion, who would be the most recognisable, notorious or well known Lamma personalities...."

Feb 16 - Robert Lockyer: "How did Lamma Island get its name?"

Feb 15 - Ka-Wing Chan: Trig Point @ Lo So Shing public beach.

Feb 8 - "I'm recording the "Sounds of Lamma" relaxation CD. Please help me for sound selections with this poll."

Feb 5 - "Kitty and I got lost off the trail on the backside of Mt Stenhouse. After a few hours of hands and knees ascent..."

Feb 3 - In Central Ferry Pier 4, Lamma visitors waiting for the ferry to YSW.

Feb 2 - Click for a personalised video showing a large number of current/former Lammaites.

Jan 2017

Jan 24 - What a difference a year makes! Exactly 1 year ago, this was the temperature INSIDE my home office.

Jan 23 - I just can't resist taking photos of these glorious, irresistible Lamma sunsets from my rooftop or from wherever...

Jan 21 - All items are Lamma-Brand-ed and targeted at passing tourists and locals happy & proud of living here.

Jan 18 - From our Lamma standard 3Mbps to 30Mbps, I'd be happy in my home office!

Jan 17 - Book signing this Saturday of Harry Harrison & Sarah Brennan's new book.

Jan 6 - Rushing to the YSW ferry pier from Pak Kok Village the other day, I got distracted by all the sights along the way.

Jan 5 - Photo by Ines Topps (supplied by Andy, a former LOCC team member, to illustrate why he loves Lamma and Lammaites)

Jan 4 - Harry Harrison: "I went viral! Hooray! I think I'll put my fez on..."

Jan 3 - The most foreboding, remote place on North Lamma?

Jan 2 - Lamma's Beachfest, partially inspired by the Burning Man Festival @ New Year Eve midnight.

Jan 1 - News, Events, Stories, Pictures, Forum, Artworks, Classifieds for/from the Lamma Community & Visitors.

Dec 2016

Dec 31 - Lamma NYE Beachfest lineup...

Dec 27 - Ascending Ling Kok Shan (above Sok Kwu Wan) the hard way...

Dec 22 - Read more about these & other restaurants' festive menus...

Dec 19 - A few more photos from last night...

Dec 18 - It's turning more and more Christmassy on Lamma, even some of my quite cynical mates are getting into the act.

Dec 17 - The free mulled wine or hot cocoa, plus minced pies surely were delicious!

Dec 16 - Video/Photos Map: Click on the map below to see Mike Chau's flyover videos and in-depth photo galleries:

Dec 15 - a surprising, new use of the OSC Santa Claus sleigh...

Dec 14 - "That's still to come because I've space/time shifted ... for an unexpected treat."

Dec 13 - Press release with details...

Dec 12 - More photos of this mountainbiking race...

Dec 11 - Cable Road, Trig Point, Snake Trail, Graveyard, Lamma Winds, Hung Shing Yeh,...

Dec 10 - I've received a lot more Facebook comments and feedback than I usually get by sharing this China Daily video.

Dec 9 - Among the several Operation Santa Claus events by The Island Bar,...

Dec 8 - Congratulations to HK Electric for winning this impressive award!

Dec 7 - For a direct link to daily updated Lamma Events:...

Dec 6 - "You liked 1,895 things this year"

Dec 5 - Dec 28, The N. Lamma Library will close, to be replaced by a temp mobile library for 3 years.

Dec 2 - "Island Bar Annual Operation Santa Claus Music Quiz"; etc.

Dec 1 - It took a little while, but here they are, my first-ever mushrooms grown in our....

Nov 2016

Nov 30 - This quite new health & fitness app on my smartphone keeps on praising me. Flattering or annoying?

Nov 29 - Click on more OSC events happening this Sun! Scavenger Hunt; 10km Run; Sea Kayak; ...

Nov 21 - New weekly edition of our Lamma-zine photo/video showcase, featuring some of the best of...

Nov 19 - "Holy shit, we just won two awards! We make beer - Non o' that watery shite!"

Nov 18 - A person fell overboard and drowned, according to Lamma police.

Nov 17 - I got lucky tonight while shooting the sunset from our rooftop.

*Almost* missed this shot.

Nov 16 - Nick the Bookman: "I've probably smashed all interweb records of reviews for use of this word over the years."

Nov 15 - There was a discussion a little while back about the high cost of veggies on Lamma.

Nov 12 - Click for details of this book by two home-grown Lamma artists.

Nov 11 - Seen from my rooftop, Pak Kok ferry pier, onboard Aberdeen ferry...

Nov 10 - "We have the Grand Opening today, free snacks and salads, only drinks will be charged."

Nov 9 - Let me present a new edition of our Lamma-zine photo/video showcase, featuring...

Nov 8 - "Ciaran the Clown has kindly consented to clothe me, your coy cyberscribe,..."

Nov 5 - "Connection is not always about WiFi":
Lamma Island Outdoor Camps, by YMCA"

Nov 4 - "happy Lama, sad Lama, mentaly disturbed lama"

Nov 3 - Nancy & hubby Kam running this shop now, taking over from the Village Head and his family.

Nov 2 - This seminar was so far beyond my own experiences and went so far above my head...

Nov 1 - Trick or Treat on Lamma:
More of my photos...

Oct 2016

Oct 31 - "Zombies and ghosts will invade soon.

Witches, spooks and devils doom."

Oct 30 - "Lamma Fun Day reaches 16th year as island's 'raw' community spirit continues to flourish."

Oct 29 - Halloween starts early on Lamma,.. today in The Island Bar, Hans Andersen Club, YSW Plaza, etc.

Oct 28 - Walking past my living room window last night, I suddenly noticed this sight very close by the Pak Kok coast...

Oct 27 - "How did you prepare for this 'Truly Wicked Panto' at home? Being Truly Wicked to each other?"

Oct 23 - 80th Birthday party of Peter Berry, owner of The Waterfront Bar & Restaurant on Sat, Oct 20!

Oct 22 - "Never in my dreams as an aspiring illustrator, did I think that I would one day walk into a store to see my work."

Oct 21 - For typhoon updates, just click on the left side of this website, HK Weather Info - Typhoon Warnings.

Oct 20 - Reviews from Nick the Bookman - Hunter - More about the Hip & Happy Hippy

Oct 19 - MicroForest DIY Workshop, Outdoor Exploration & Creative Writing.

Oct 18 - "Art Exhibition: Original Paintings, Chinese/Western Style, by Artist Angela Mary Bhana."

Oct 17 - Another edition of our weekly Lamma-zine photo/video showcase, featuring...

Oct 16 - Quite a number of first-time-ever events this year! A dog talent show, a charity run and Acro Yoga lessons.

Oct 15 - A few of my collages of my best Lamma-zine photo collages: 1 year of life on Lamma.

Oct 14 - Just a little walk during and after sunset yesterday through Lamma's close neighbour, Aberdeen.

Oct 13 - ...featuring some of the very best of Lamma's many very creative & talented people: Lamma Spotlights III.

Oct 12 - Best of Lamma-zine photos, submitted to the Lamma Calendar for consideration.

Oct 11 - This new LED light from YSW's Bike Lady, with "5 Light Modes": Spot, Flood, Full, Strobe, Night Vision (red).

Oct 10 - "Anyone know who put these signs up at the entrance to Tai Peng a couple of days ago, and why?"

Oct 9 - "Eddie Chu, the newly elected Legislative Councillor, has been visiting YSW on 9 Oct."

Oct 8 - "The hiking season is upon us. Over the next few months as the weather cools..."

Oct 7 - As island dwellers, some of us are lucky to live in places where sunrise/sunset/ rainbow-watching can be...

Oct 6 - Creating an eye-catching poster for Lamma's walls is tricky as there are many competing...

Oct 5 - " the Police, the NSA, the FBI and CIA, the Swiss Guard, the inhabitants of Middle Earth,..."

Oct 4 - More farewelling fun & silly shenanigans in The Waterfront Bar & Restaurant.

Oct 3 - Just a gust of wind or a little fan is enough to inflate this cleverly designed airbags.

Oct 2 - Mr. Illmatical is looking for a room to stay on Lamma. He writes:

Oct 1 - "Four years on, still no report into ferry deaths" (SCMP).

Sep 2016

Sep 30 - Vegetarian Sunday Brunch @ Olive Leaf, Ayelet's home, Pak Kok, Sep 25, 2016.

Sep 29 - Such a pity!
My favourite HK print publication, reading it weekly since issue #1 25 years ago.

Sep 28 - Underwater Video Footage by Lonely Lamma Diver.

Sep 27 - My photo album from last night @ The Island Bar, Mon, Sep 26, '16.

Sep 26 - Dan Peterson writes: "A Fond Farewell for Kumar (x2)."

Sep 23 - Are You a Lamma Newbie, recently having arrived, despite all the dire warnings?

Sep 22 - Lammadonna's Islands District Council Working Reports have gone monthly, after being yearly before.

Sep 21 - See former Spotlights ~ Submit your best Lamma photos/videos!

Sep 18 - Did you know that they have dragonboat races on nearby Ap Lei Chau Island?

Sep 17 - Beyond Pak Kok Village, all of Cable Road #1, former Police Station,...
Click for subtitled photo album.

Sep 16 - "A thousand good, million good, a full moon, lovers unite. Wishing a happy Mid Autumn Festival."

Sep 15 - A positive shout-out to Maxim, HK's biggest (?) Mooncake seller.

Sep 14 - When admiring another dazzling sunset, turn around. The most colourful parts of the spectacle might be all...

Sep 13 - Are we all admiring our brand-new, typhoon-proof, fake-wood, Flintstonesque village signs all over Lamma?

Sep 12 - "I am surprised you even get time to think about being bored.

Living and loving Lamma."

Sep 11 - 6am today, Lamma-Por wakes me up excitedly, being amazed about these rare colours!

Sep 10 - Click on the posters to find out more or add your own!

Sep 9 - Reports on the demise of our 14-year old Lamma forums have been greatly exaggerated.

Sep 8 - "Eye on Back", by Used Pencil (graffiti painting on an old, heavy, wooden door.

Sep 7 - "I turn on the light and see some blood is oozing out of a small puncture wound. The pain increases..."

Sep 6 - Nick the Bookman writes: "Seems a suitably inscrutable way to sum up this Weird Year 2016."

Sep 5 - See former Spotlights - Submit your best Lamma photos/videos!

Sep 4 - Potential Lamma's Next Supermodel, Deija, on the ferry from Aberdeen.

Sep 3 - Another first-ever Lamma event: Float in a tube off Power Station Beach while watching a movie.

Sep 2 - "The question remains, once they had fully checked your ID card, did they put you in irons or simply escort you somewhere?"

Sep 1 - Another huge barge in Yung Shue Wan Harbour yesterday, full of cement mixers!?

Aug 2016


Aug 31 - "We pledge a song, a smile and plentiful supply of path-fresh..."

Aug 30 - To learn more about the events in the Island Bar under brand-new, social-media-savvy ownership.

Aug 29 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Aug 29, '16

Aug 28 - "Take part in the 'LAMMA SMILES FOR CHILDREN' PAGE', of the 2017 calendar. Submit your photo."

Aug 25 - What's new from Joyce, Marlon, Carlos, Brad, Terry, Jane and Ira in Yung Shue Wan?

Aug 24 - I've been asking Dr. Fion Chan SY about having been declared "Cured of Diabetes".

Aug 18 - "Even after housesitting nearly 20 times in Europe, New Zealand, across Asia..."

Aug 17 - Plus 4 off-island stand-up comedians...

Aug 13 - We're once again looking for photo submissions for the Lamma Calendar pages.

Aug 12 - What has Lamma come to?

Aug 11 - We love watching sunsets while waiting for the ferry.

Aug 10 - New Sri Lankan food to be offered soon in the Waterfront Bar & Restaurant.

Aug 9 - A real first, I think, free beer to anybody (over 18) showing up on Friday night at the Blue Goose Tavern!

Aug 8 - Not counting our surprisingly wide variety of poisonous snakes,...

Aug 7 - "The FINALS!! Yes, they're coming today in the YSW Basketball Court!"

Aug 6 - IT'S OFFICIAL: The Island Bar is one of the top 10 places to watch the Rio Olympics.

Aug 5 -  What are the Lamma Outrigger Club members up to these days?

Aug 4 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Aug 4, '16.

Aug 3 - Sharon A. Birkett, Official Court Poet:

Aug 2 - Shot with my smartphone remote-controlling a lens-only camera.

Aug 1 -  Click on the posters to find out more or add your own!

Jul 2016


Jul 31 - Hung Shing Yeh public beach this morning, by Ronald Sastrawan.

Jul 30 - More "Typically Lamma!" photos...

Jul 29 - We dined with our last Pokemon contest winners on this sunset-facing,...

Jul 28 - Lamma's Pak Kok areas with DJ Clark, testing 4 mobile service providers with 4 mobile phones...

Jul 27 - "I'll take a few steps back and try to give a 'behind-the-scenes' look."

Jul 26 - ...visit our many elderlies - many of them living alone - at their homes to make sure they're OK.

Jul 25 - The very first Pokémons have just been spotted on North Lamma.

Jul 22 - Click for Nick the Bookman's Reggae Festival review & more photos...

Jul 21 - Sitting in Andy's Seafood waiting for our sunset dinner, playing with my smartphone-controlled 30* optical zoom lens.

Jul 20 - Lamma is ever a-changing... No more raving-all-night and wild, crazy dance parties?

Jul 19 - To have a great look at what the Outrigger Canoe Club got up to recently, July 16.

Jul 18 - "Do you want to paddle?
Please come along to our Outrigger Open Day on the 23rd of July."

Jul 17 - "The Pinoy Sports Association Basketball League 2016 will open on Sun, July 17..."

Jul 16 - "A woman was dramatically rescued in an outlying island in Hong Kong Saturday afternoon."

Jul 15 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, July 15, '16.

Jul 14 - Click to upload your Lamma Calendar photos!

Jul 13 - Nick loves all these touristy girls (& guys) to pose with him happily at his bookstall.

Jul 10 - Well, that was an epic thunder & lightning storm last night!

Jul 9 - Time to update our old Lamma Bilingual Yellow Pages and our Lamma Links, combining them...

Jul 8 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, July 4, '16.

Jul 7 - "9 July '16 - Power Station Beach - Lamma Island"

Jul 6 - HK Observatory reports localised lightning strikes, mostly over N. Lamma.

Jul 5 - "Preparing for battle with a reported large centipede that has been locked in overnight."

Jul 4 - Double rainbow over Pak Kok after 7:05 this morning! It was raining heavily on our uncovered rooftop...

Jul 3 - "Whilst I was thinking 'WTF' a stink bug jumped out of my hair!!! LOL! Little git must have sprayed me."

Jul 2 - Before the Sunrise, 6:01am, viewed from the Pavilion just above the Lamma wind turbine, June 30.

Jul 1 - "...on 1st July to the end of 2016, the fare between Central and Yung Shue Wan will be as follows:"

Jun 2016

Jun 30 - News, Events, Stories, Pictures, Forum, Artworks & Classifieds from & for the Lamma Community & Visitors.

Jun 29 - Crawling on our balcony railing this early morning, this is one of the baby caterpillars welcome to nibble our plant leaves.

Jun 28 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, June 28, '16

Jun 27 - Tired of all these amazing sunsets we've enjoyed the last days?

Jun 26 - Dozens and dozens of identical, automatic spam messages from a new member...

Jun 25 - Click to see video & learn more about this high-profile, wonderful event in Aberdeen Harbour.

Jun 24 - "Hi all, I am Rachel LEUNG, Woman Senior Inspector of Police."

Jun 23 - The Island Bar History Quiz.

Jun 22 - After 16 years of diabetes treatment & monitoring, I've been declared CURED today.

Jun 21 - This was exactly one year ago, but nothing has really changed in my idyllic pictures.

Jun 20 - Sunrise, noon, sunset on same day ~ DJ Clark & David Ogg

Jun 19 - Lamma Senior VIP Brad Tarr (Lamma 500, Lamma Dragons, Lamma Cricket Club,...) & his teenage daughters.

Jun 18 - "I got a call about the 25th or so from Rachel Blundy of the SCMP."

Jun 17 - A few panoramic (Google Camera) smartphone pics from my home office and rooftop this morning.

Jun 16 - This massive barge full of cement mixers outside the Fishermen's Village,..

Jun 15 - "Lamma Island. It's a place that retains a lot of my memories: incense tree..."

Jun 14 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, June 13, '16.

Jun 13 - Sincere congratulations to all the workshop completers! But...

Jun 12 - Home-made self-check-out counter in Yan Yan Store. Discussion.

Jun 11 - Incense Tree Vandalism Updates: a long-running problem on Lamma...

Jun 10 - Competition is open to all kids under 12 to draw/design your dream YSW playground.

Jun 9 - Super Pinky aka Captain Lamma, leaving on the 7am chartered ferry from YSW Ferry Pier;

Jun 8 - Lamma's 3 District Councilors, several village heads & Rural Committee members...

Jun 7 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, June 6, '1

Jun 6 - ...watched from0 inside our rooftop cabin, playing with panorama, fisheye and zoom lenses...

Jun 5 - "A sliver of light through the dusky sky Mesmerized everyone passing by."

Jun 2 - Origin of this letter has not been confirmed yet, but it's NOT from PCCW!

Jun 1 - It was only the last day of May yesterday, so we have many more amazing sunsets to look forward to this year!

May 2016

May 31 - "I'm still completely exhausted, but with a big smile on my face."

May 30 - The Internet is so slow on all of Lamma - 3Mbps max. for broadband on the best days.

May 29 - Walking briskly through Aberdeen the other day, I was abruptly stopped in my tracks.

May 28 - What keeps Lamma-Gung going, publishing stories & pictures day after day, 7 days a week?

May 27 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, May 23, '16.

May 26 - Sok Kwu Wan ferry piers yesterday!
More of my photos....

May 25 - R.I.P. YSW Library @ YSW Ferry Pier.
The Library will soon be torn down and rebuilt...

May 24 - Full questionnaire from District Councillor Yu Lai Fan, plus a heated Facebook discussion.

May 23 - Lamma's Uncle Moon, a multi-talented guy, is biking most days from Lamma to Kowloon City.

May 22 - They'd been night-paddling there from their home/office in Lo So Shing via Yung Shue Wan.

May 21 - Lamma Events Calendar posters this month...

May 18 - "I fear that's not enough disinfectant to kill all that dreadful scary 'nature stuff.'"

May 17 - "Smile at tourists, remember that we don't live in their built-up, sky-rise flat."

May 16 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, May 16, '16.
See former Spotlights - Send me YOURS!

May 15 - "Be on the lookout for interactive arts, crafts workshops and games inspired by the seabound surroundings."

May 10 - "'Green Hong Kong Green' Named Outstanding Partnership Priject."

May 9 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, May 9, '16.
See former Spotlights -7 Send me YOURS!

May 6 - A large group of police arriving on the ferry and strolling down the YSW ferry pier...

May 5 - Great news for the Tai Peng community: the only shop up in the hilltop community...

May 4 - Just some more May Day pics today, a few from the 960 photos I shot with 3 cameras...

May 3 - has been asked to publicize this academic survey.

May 2 - HK history story on HK Free Press, by Hong Wrong

May 1 - Photo by Nicky Jones, taken this morning. More photos coming in.

Apr 2016

Apr 30 - (Photos by Rambo Lai. Click above to enlarge and see some of my own photos.)

Apr 29 - Click on this picture by Mary Stickley to find out what they're building!

Apr 28 - A lively discussion of what looks like a new 1st class ferry service on the YSW-Central route of HKKF!

Apr 27 - I seem to be shooting too many photos while bike-hiking all over Lamma.

Apr 26 - "Concreting works by pumping method for the construction of O Tsai Sewage Pumping Station..."

Apr 25 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, April 25, '16. Send me YOUR Spotlights!

Apr 24 - Living so close to nature, we can witness the cycle of birth, life and death...

Apr 23 - 0 burglaries reported in all of Lamma in 2014! And only 1 burglary reported so far this year!

Apr 22 - "2 Dragon Boat events on the same day... biggest event day Lamma has ever seen."

Apr 21 - a new, simplified header on this website's main pages.

Apr 20 - Last Sunday, Apr 17, at the Deep Water Bay races: 2 races both 2nd! Go Lamma!


Apr 18 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, April 18, '16. See former Spotlights - Send me YOURS!

Apr 17 - "The Blue Goose Tavern Presents:
Saturday Acoustic Showcase & Jam."

Apr 16 - "I knew a girl who used to ride around the building at night on an outrigger paddle."

Apr 15 - 2.5 years since we moved to Pak Kok.

Apr 14 - HK nature is waking up from an unusually cold winter, even reaching almost unheard-of negative temperatures.

Apr 13 - Getting tired of all the "pretty pictures" on this website, often taken on sunny days?

Apr 12 - "After 2 years of working on this beautiful white dragon, we got to launch her today on Power Station Beach."

Apr 11 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, April 11, '16.

Apr 10 - How did Nick the Bookman spend his time at the HK Rugby Sevens this weekend?

Apr 9 - This is the actual path of a Four Peaks Race team, from their yachts...

Apr 8 - Latest update about the ongoing struggle of our Pak Kok wild boar family to raid the garbage bins at night.

Apr 7 - All in a single, unlabelled bag: SIX different, non-descript, colourful pills/capsules.

Apr 6 - There were a few unwelcome visitors in our balcony garden: Stinkbugs laying eggs on our laundry.

Apr 5 - Look what I found on

Apr 4 - What happened to the former 'Party House' beyond Tai Peng, just above 'Heart Attack Hill'?

Apr 3 - Lamma Hippies are blooming on our balcony in my severely downsized "Lamma-Gung's Rooftop Jungle".

Apr 2 - Not sure if this sign above is new and what it means?

Apr 1 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, April 1, '16.

Mar 2016

Mar 31 - "If you had HK$50,000 to spend on a community project..."

Mar 30 - These new banners from the Lamma police force are appearing all over the village.

Mar 29 - Did I get lucky at sunset tonight and this is a plane? Not sure...

Mar 28 - Visiting the grave of my HK-Chinese wife's parents, one week before Ching Ming holiday next Monday.

Mar 27 - by Sharon A. Birkett, Official Court Poet, Good Friday.

Mar 26 - "Ayelet will be cooking this Saturday in Yung Shue Wan. Do come down, say hello, and eat her lovely food."

Mar 25 - Some recent pictures (no sunrises/sunsets this time!) taken from my rooftop, overlooking Pak Kok.

Mar 24 - "Easter Egg Party for kids, Wed 3-6pm, Lamma Grill: $100 per child. Includes Lamma colouring book."

Mar 23 - "10 tips.
If you want to blend in while on Lamma, please obey the rules."

Mar 22 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Mar 22, '16.

Mar 21 - "By Lamma Library, near to the pier,
A Bike Park resides, but it's brought little cheer."

Mar 14 - ...installations, models, art pieces, computer games, short movies, exhibitions.

Mar 13 - This "Strong Request" has generated a lot of very strong opinions. Add your comments:

Mar 12 - ...learn more about their free intro session this Tue and Thu.

Mar 11 - One of the more unusual photos I receive here at the Lamma-zine almost every day was the one above.

Mar 10 - A solo art exhibition on the rooftop of the Central Ferry Pier 4 to Lamma!

Mar 9 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Mar 10, '16.

Mar 8 - You might have seen their BIG non-virtual banners on YSW Main Street?

Mar 7 - by Krzysztof Kazala.

Mar 6 - A few pictures from last night...

Mar 5 - Meeting Lammaites today who have NOT heard of DickStock R.I.P. tonight, here's one more last-minute promotion.

Mar 4 - "Teeth chattered. Supplies and water ran out...but runners were met with a smile."

Mar 3 - "Some people seemed cliquey but a few I befriended, BBQ's, beach parties, fun Lamma life never ended."

Mar 2 - Skye the Teacher, Daydreamer and Lover of Hedgehogs has just published a wonderful children's book!

Mar 1 - Peace Love Lamma. This Saturday, Mar 5, above Pak Kok once again!

Feb 2016

Feb 24 - Maps of our mobile network towers and coverage quality.

Feb 23 - Taking photos almost daily, there's a lot of leftovers not being used yet on

Feb 22 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Feb 22, '16

Feb 21 - "I've owned two Boxers (completely mad), one Pointer, two building site mutts but none like Rex."

Feb 16 - "I am The Bookman. It's been a pleasure terrifying you. Sleep well..."

Feb 15 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Feb 15, '16.

Feb 14 - Amazing foggy morning in the Lamma Channel, shot from the rooftop.

Feb 11 - Photos by Krzysztof Kazala (click to see photo album)

Feb 8-10 - Kung Hei Fat Choi from Lamma-Gung the MONKEY to all the 12 (party) animals!

Feb 7 - Join the premier social club, err, highly successful racing team of Lamma!

Feb 6 - FEHD reacting to the boars' big messes all over the path at night: a bamboo pole and lots of strong rope.

Feb 5 - Lamma-Por & I attended this year's Anticipated Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper.

Feb 4 - Review of this new takeaway in Yung Shue Wan, even delivering directly to the ferry pier...

Feb 3 - "Lamma's Got Talent coming to Lamma Grill 16th March 2016. You think you got it? Can you survive the judges?"

Feb 2 - Animated Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Feb 2, '16

Feb 1 - More than 3 years after the Lamma Ferry Disaster, the very first (ex-)official has been found guilty.

Jan 2016

Jan 30 - "With bells on their legs, sticks and baldricks, they celebrated age-old traditions."

Jan 29 - VV cross channel attempt #1 ~ By Jean Gorguet, Pak Kok Ferry Pier.

Jan 28 - Solid Kwan's selfie enjoying herself at the official CNY party in Sok Kwu Wan.

Jan 27 - Lamma, Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau seen from the Hong Kong trail above the Aberdeen tunnel.

Jan 26 - Even this cold, windy, rainy weather could not deter these beach cleaners.

Jan 25 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Jan 24, '16

Jan 24 - That's HK outside today, lunchtime, the coldest day in 59 years, 3.3 degrees at the HK Observatory!

Jan 23 - "At 1100 hours on 2016-01-21, officers of Marine South Division Task Force Sub-unit ambushed in the hillside..."

Jan 22 - "re. (POP!) .sdrawkcaB gnileeF confused. Yoda wise not I am."

Jan 21 - "There's mischief afoot as Ming Kee Monkey launches into CNY in HK!"

Jan 20 - "The construction of L10 was officially approved by the Govt."

Jan 19 - "I am so delighted to be part of the Lamma community for 1.5 years which was one of the happiest periods in my life."

Jan 18 - 2nd, new Lamma Police Corner, by Solid Kwan.

Jan 14 - "I nominate Lamma-Gung who has maintained an online news blog..."

Jan 11 - Sunset Over Pak Kok Village - by DJ Clark; Lamma Forest by Ming Pao Weekly...

Jan 4 - 5 incense tree poachers have been arrested in Tai Wan Old Village!

Jan 2 - The full restoration of the Duk Ling, the formerly last original Chinese junk in HK, has been completed.

Jan 1 - "We all Santa-Sprinted for Operation Santa Claus on NY Day, raising HK$6,075!"

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