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Only Half the Man I Used to Be  --  L-G's Art Gallery

Jul 2016


Jul 31 - Hung Shing Yeh public beach this morning, by Ronald Sastrawan.

Jul 30 - More "Typically Lamma!" photos...

Jul 29 - We dined with our last Pokemon contest winners on this sunset-facing,...

Jul 28 - Lamma's Pak Kok areas with DJ Clark, testing 4 mobile service providers with 4 mobile phones...

Jul 27 - "I'll take a few steps back and try to give a 'behind-the-scenes' look."

Jul 26 - ...visit our many elderlies - many of them living alone - at their homes to make sure they're OK.

Jul 25 - The very first Pokémons have just been spotted on North Lamma.

Jul 22 - Click for Nick the Bookman's Reggae Festival review & more photos...

Jul 21 - Sitting in Andy's Seafood waiting for our sunset dinner, playing with my smartphone-controlled 30* optical zoom lens.

Jul 20 - Lamma is ever a-changing... No more raving-all-night and wild, crazy dance parties?

Jul 19 - To have a great look at what the Outrigger Canoe Club got up to recently, July 16.

Jul 18 - "Do you want to paddle?
Please come along to our Outrigger Open Day on the 23rd of July."

Jul 17 - "The Pinoy Sports Association Basketball League 2016 will open on Sun, July 17..."

Jul 16 - "A woman was dramatically rescued in an outlying island in Hong Kong Saturday afternoon."

Jul 15 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, July 15, '16.

Jul 14 - Click to upload your Lamma Calendar photos!

Jul 13 - Nick loves all these touristy girls (& guys) to pose with him happily at his bookstall.

Jul 10 - Well, that was an epic thunder & lightning storm last night!

Jul 9 - Time to update our old Lamma Bilingual Yellow Pages and our Lamma Links, combining them...

Jul 8 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, July 4, '16.

Jul 7 - "9 July '16 - Power Station Beach - Lamma Island"

Jul 6 - HK Observatory reports localised lightning strikes, mostly over N. Lamma.

Jul 5 - "Preparing for battle with a reported large centipede that has been locked in overnight."

Jul 4 - Double rainbow over Pak Kok after 7:05 this morning! It was raining heavily on our uncovered rooftop...

Jul 3 - "Whilst I was thinking 'WTF' a stink bug jumped out of my hair!!! LOL! Little git must have sprayed me."

Jul 2 - Before the Sunrise, 6:01am, viewed from the Pavilion just above the Lamma wind turbine, June 30.

Jul 1 - "...on 1st July to the end of 2016, the fare between Central and Yung Shue Wan will be as follows:"

Jun 2016

Jun 30 - News, Events, Stories, Pictures, Forum, Artworks & Classifieds from & for the Lamma Community & Visitors.

Jun 29 - Crawling on our balcony railing this early morning, this is one of the baby caterpillars welcome to nibble our plant leaves.

Jun 28 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, June 28, '16

Jun 27 - Tired of all these amazing sunsets we've enjoyed the last days?

Jun 26 - Dozens and dozens of identical, automatic spam messages from a new member...

Jun 25 - Click to see video & learn more about this high-profile, wonderful event in Aberdeen Harbour.

Jun 24 - "Hi all, I am Rachel LEUNG, Woman Senior Inspector of Police."

Jun 23 - The Island Bar History Quiz.

Jun 22 - After 16 years of diabetes treatment & monitoring, I've been declared CURED today.

Jun 21 - This was exactly one year ago, but nothing has really changed in my idyllic pictures.

Jun 20 - Sunrise, noon, sunset on same day ~ DJ Clark & David Ogg

Jun 19 - Lamma Senior VIP Brad Tarr (Lamma 500, Lamma Dragons, Lamma Cricket Club,...) & his teenage daughters.

Jun 18 - "I got a call about the 25th or so from Rachel Blundy of the SCMP."

Jun 17 - A few panoramic (Google Camera) smartphone pics from my home office and rooftop this morning.

Jun 16 - This massive barge full of cement mixers outside the Fishermen's Village,..

Jun 15 - "Lamma Island. It's a place that retains a lot of my memories: incense tree..."

Jun 14 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, June 13, '16.

Jun 13 - Sincere congratulations to all the workshop completers! But...

Jun 12 - Home-made self-check-out counter in Yan Yan Store. Discussion.

Jun 11 - Incense Tree Vandalism Updates: a long-running problem on Lamma...

Jun 10 - Competition is open to all kids under 12 to draw/design your dream YSW playground.

Jun 9 - Super Pinky aka Captain Lamma, leaving on the 7am chartered ferry from YSW Ferry Pier;

Jun 8 - Lamma's 3 District Councilors, several village heads & Rural Committee members...

Jun 7 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, June 6, '1

Jun 6 - ...watched from0 inside our rooftop cabin, playing with panorama, fisheye and zoom lenses...

Jun 5 - "A sliver of light through the dusky sky Mesmerized everyone passing by."

Jun 2 - Origin of this letter has not been confirmed yet, but it's NOT from PCCW!

Jun 1 - It was only the last day of May yesterday, so we have many more amazing sunsets to look forward to this year!

May 2016

May 31 - "I'm still completely exhausted, but with a big smile on my face."

May 30 - The Internet is so slow on all of Lamma - 3Mbps max. for broadband on the best days.

May 29 - Walking briskly through Aberdeen the other day, I was abruptly stopped in my tracks.

May 28 - What keeps Lamma-Gung going, publishing stories & pictures day after day, 7 days a week?

May 27 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, May 23, '16.

May 26 - Sok Kwu Wan ferry piers yesterday!
More of my photos....

May 25 - R.I.P. YSW Library @ YSW Ferry Pier.
The Library will soon be torn down and rebuilt...

May 24 - Full questionnaire from District Councillor Yu Lai Fan, plus a heated Facebook discussion.

May 23 - Lamma's Uncle Moon, a multi-talented guy, is biking most days from Lamma to Kowloon City.

May 22 - They'd been night-paddling there from their home/office in Lo So Shing via Yung Shue Wan.

May 21 - Lamma Events Calendar posters this month...

May 18 - "I fear that's not enough disinfectant to kill all that dreadful scary 'nature stuff.'"

May 17 - "Smile at tourists, remember that we don't live in their built-up, sky-rise flat."

May 16 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, May 16, '16.
See former Spotlights - Send me YOURS!

May 15 - "Be on the lookout for interactive arts, crafts workshops and games inspired by the seabound surroundings."

May 10 - "'Green Hong Kong Green' Named Outstanding Partnership Priject."

May 9 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, May 9, '16.
See former Spotlights -7 Send me YOURS!

May 6 - A large group of police arriving on the ferry and strolling down the YSW ferry pier...

May 5 - Great news for the Tai Peng community: the only shop up in the hilltop community...

May 4 - Just some more May Day pics today, a few from the 960 photos I shot with 3 cameras...

May 3 - Lamma.com.hk has been asked to publicize this academic survey.

May 2 - HK history story on HK Free Press, by Hong Wrong

May 1 - Photo by Nicky Jones, taken this morning. More photos coming in.

Apr 2016

Apr 30 - (Photos by Rambo Lai. Click above to enlarge and see some of my own photos.)

Apr 29 - Click on this picture by Mary Stickley to find out what they're building!

Apr 28 - A lively discussion of what looks like a new 1st class ferry service on the YSW-Central route of HKKF!

Apr 27 - I seem to be shooting too many photos while bike-hiking all over Lamma.

Apr 26 - "Concreting works by pumping method for the construction of O Tsai Sewage Pumping Station..."

Apr 25 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, April 25, '16. Send me YOUR Spotlights!

Apr 24 - Living so close to nature, we can witness the cycle of birth, life and death...

Apr 23 - 0 burglaries reported in all of Lamma in 2014! And only 1 burglary reported so far this year!

Apr 22 - "2 Dragon Boat events on the same day... biggest event day Lamma has ever seen."

Apr 21 - ...plus a new, simplified header on this website's main pages.

Apr 20 - Last Sunday, Apr 17, at the Deep Water Bay races: 2 races both 2nd! Go Lamma!


Apr 18 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, April 18, '16. See former Spotlights - Send me YOURS!

Apr 17 - "The Blue Goose Tavern Presents:
Saturday Acoustic Showcase & Jam."

Apr 16 - "I knew a girl who used to ride around the building at night on an outrigger paddle."

Apr 15 - 2.5 years since we moved to Pak Kok.

Apr 14 - HK nature is waking up from an unusually cold winter, even reaching almost unheard-of negative temperatures.

Apr 13 - Getting tired of all the "pretty pictures" on this website, often taken on sunny days?

Apr 12 - "After 2 years of working on this beautiful white dragon, we got to launch her today on Power Station Beach."

Apr 11 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, April 11, '16.

Apr 10 - How did Nick the Bookman spend his time at the HK Rugby Sevens this weekend?

Apr 9 - This is the actual path of a Four Peaks Race team, from their yachts...

Apr 8 - Latest update about the ongoing struggle of our Pak Kok wild boar family to raid the garbage bins at night.

Apr 7 - All in a single, unlabelled bag: SIX different, non-descript, colourful pills/capsules.

Apr 6 - There were a few unwelcome visitors in our balcony garden: Stinkbugs laying eggs on our laundry.

Apr 5 - Look what I found on AllThatJunkHK.com.

Apr 4 - What happened to the former 'Party House' beyond Tai Peng, just above 'Heart Attack Hill'?

Apr 3 - Lamma Hippies are blooming on our balcony in my severely downsized "Lamma-Gung's Rooftop Jungle".

Apr 2 - Not sure if this sign above is new and what it means?

Apr 1 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, April 1, '16.

Mar 2016

Mar 31 - "If you had HK$50,000 to spend on a community project..."

Mar 30 - These new banners from the Lamma police force are appearing all over the village.

Mar 29 - Did I get lucky at sunset tonight and this is a plane? Not sure...

Mar 28 - Visiting the grave of my HK-Chinese wife's parents, one week before Ching Ming holiday next Monday.

Mar 27 - by Sharon A. Birkett, Official Court Poet, Good Friday.

Mar 26 - "Ayelet will be cooking this Saturday in Yung Shue Wan. Do come down, say hello, and eat her lovely food."

Mar 25 - Some recent pictures (no sunrises/sunsets this time!) taken from my rooftop, overlooking Pak Kok.

Mar 24 - "Easter Egg Party for kids, Wed 3-6pm, Lamma Grill: $100 per child. Includes Lamma colouring book."

Mar 23 - "10 tips.
If you want to blend in while on Lamma, please obey the rules."

Mar 22 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Mar 22, '16.

Mar 21 - "By Lamma Library, near to the pier,
A Bike Park resides, but it's brought little cheer."

Mar 14 - ...installations, models, art pieces, computer games, short movies, exhibitions.

Mar 13 - This "Strong Request" has generated a lot of very strong opinions. Add your comments:

Mar 12 - ...learn more about their free intro session this Tue and Thu.

Mar 11 - One of the more unusual photos I receive here at the Lamma-zine almost every day was the one above.

Mar 10 - A solo art exhibition on the rooftop of the Central Ferry Pier 4 to Lamma!

Mar 9 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Mar 10, '16.

Mar 8 - You might have seen their BIG non-virtual banners on YSW Main Street?

Mar 7 - by Krzysztof Kazala.

Mar 6 - A few pictures from last night...

Mar 5 - Meeting Lammaites today who have NOT heard of DickStock R.I.P. tonight, here's one more last-minute promotion.

Mar 4 - "Teeth chattered. Supplies and water ran out...but runners were met with a smile."

Mar 3 - "Some people seemed cliquey but a few I befriended, BBQ's, beach parties, fun Lamma life never ended."

Mar 2 - Skye the Teacher, Daydreamer and Lover of Hedgehogs has just published a wonderful children's book!

Mar 1 - Peace Love Lamma. This Saturday, Mar 5, above Pak Kok once again!

Feb 2016

Feb 24 - Maps of our mobile network towers and coverage quality.

Feb 23 - Taking photos almost daily, there's a lot of leftovers not being used yet on http://Lamma.com.hk.

Feb 22 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Feb 22, '16

Feb 21 - "I've owned two Boxers (completely mad), one Pointer, two building site mutts but none like Rex."

Feb 16 - "I am The Bookman. It's been a pleasure terrifying you. Sleep well..."

Feb 15 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Feb 15, '16.

Feb 14 - Amazing foggy morning in the Lamma Channel, shot from the rooftop.

Feb 11 - Photos by Krzysztof Kazala (click to see photo album)

Feb 8-10 - Kung Hei Fat Choi from Lamma-Gung the MONKEY to all the 12 (party) animals!

Feb 7 - Join the premier social club, err, highly successful racing team of Lamma!

Feb 6 - FEHD reacting to the boars' big messes all over the path at night: a bamboo pole and lots of strong rope.

Feb 5 - Lamma-Por & I attended this year's Anticipated Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper.

Feb 4 - Review of this new takeaway in Yung Shue Wan, even delivering directly to the ferry pier...

Feb 3 - "Lamma's Got Talent coming to Lamma Grill 16th March 2016. You think you got it? Can you survive the judges?"

Feb 2 - Animated Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Feb 2, '16

Feb 1 - More than 3 years after the Lamma Ferry Disaster, the very first (ex-)official has been found guilty.

Jan 2016

Jan 30 - "With bells on their legs, sticks and baldricks, they celebrated age-old traditions."

Jan 29 - VV cross channel attempt #1 ~ By Jean Gorguet, Pak Kok Ferry Pier.

Jan 28 - Solid Kwan's selfie enjoying herself at the official CNY party in Sok Kwu Wan.

Jan 27 - Lamma, Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau seen from the Hong Kong trail above the Aberdeen tunnel.

Jan 26 - Even this cold, windy, rainy weather could not deter these beach cleaners.

Jan 25 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Jan 24, '16

Jan 24 - That's HK outside today, lunchtime, the coldest day in 59 years, 3.3 degrees at the HK Observatory!

Jan 23 - "At 1100 hours on 2016-01-21, officers of Marine South Division Task Force Sub-unit ambushed in the hillside..."

Jan 22 - "re. (POP!) .sdrawkcaB gnileeF confused. Yoda wise not I am."

Jan 21 - "There's mischief afoot as Ming Kee Monkey launches into CNY in HK!"

Jan 20 - "The construction of L10 was officially approved by the Govt."

Jan 19 - "I am so delighted to be part of the Lamma community for 1.5 years which was one of the happiest periods in my life."

Jan 18 - 2nd, new Lamma Police Corner, by Solid Kwan.

Jan 14 - "I nominate Lamma-Gung who has maintained an online news blog..."

Jan 11 - Sunset Over Pak Kok Village - by DJ Clark; Lamma Forest by Ming Pao Weekly...

Jan 4 - 5 incense tree poachers have been arrested in Tai Wan Old Village!

Jan 2 - The full restoration of the Duk Ling, the formerly last original Chinese junk in HK, has been completed.

Jan 1 - "We all Santa-Sprinted for Operation Santa Claus on NY Day, raising HK$6,075!"

Dec 2015

Dec 31 - Treasure Hunters & Gatherers; RIP, Granny Chan; Deep Dreams of Lamma Fun Day; ...

Dec 29 - See who I encountered by chance on my usual, pastoral, beautiful, people-free way home?

Dec 28 - "Hi all!
I'm Solid KWAN, Woman Senior Inspector of Police."

Dec 27 - "Global Warming and the ever decreasing Polar Ice Pack are not going to stop Santa Claus."

Dec 24 - View today from highway flyover over Aberdeen Harbourfront Park, Lamma peak at the horizon.

Dec 23 - "I don't want much for Christmas. I just want the person who is reading this to be healthy, happy and loved."

Dec 22 - Dave Sanders just managed to get his latest book onto Amazon.

Dec 21 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week: Waterfall, wild boars, students, kites, secret party.

Dec 16 - A first in my time on Lamma, electric bills are getting lower!

Dec 15 - Farewell blog from our Lamma Police Chief, Ms. Camas TUNG Hei-man.

Dec 14 - A Long-tailed Shrike, bathing and posing in Guy Miller's new bird pond.

Dec 13 - See what I got home-delivered the other day as a pre-Christmas treat for myself.

Dec 12 - Please take the survey about our monthly Police Corner blog by Lamma's Police Chief!

Dec 11 - "Green Energy Dreams Come True, backed by HK Electric" (8 Dec 2015)

Dec 6 - Many congratulations to all prize winners, participants and sponsors!

Dec 5 - Thank-you letter, photos & video...

Nov 2015

Nov 30 - What went on outside the stage and bands? Plus our music reviewer's photo collection.

Nov 29 - "...not authorised any mobile phone apps to collect electricity tariff payments from customers."

Nov 28 - See who we came across at the HK International Jewelry Manufacturers' Show in the HK CEC today?

Nov 27 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Nov 26, '15.

Nov 26 - "Oh yeah, did we mention we bought a smoke machine?"

Nov 25 - Multiple levels of inceptions into this image with Google's Deep Dream Generator.

Nov 20 - Aged 95, 5 children, 15 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren!

Nov 19 - Photos.

Nov 18 - See some of the donated artworks, up for silent charity auction tonight.

Nov 17 - Even Wifi networks are a little bit different on Lamma...

Nov 12 - Beach night photos, plus a few computer graphics I couldn't resist creating.

Nov 11 - John Stuart presented 'Coming Home', his exploration of Gallipoli.

Nov 8 - 133 Likes and 5 Shares so far. Lammaites adore free sunsets!

Nov 7 - I got distracted by all the natural beauty and friends I met on the way, mostly going to/coming from the Fun Day.

Nov 6 - Lamma Fun Day, Sat Nov 7, Free Music Festival and so much more on Power Station beach!

Nov 5 - New printed poster, to go up in time for Lamma Fun Day.

Nov 4 - "I like to introduce you a big milestone of the HK Police Force this time, which is..."

Nov 3 - P.S. Note the Lamma.com.hk sponsor logo, lower right...

Nov 2 - "As there is only one validly nominated candidate for the above constituency,..."

Nov 1 - New Bombay Rest. opened on Back Street, in the former Thai rest., besides the Best Kebab.

Oct 2015

Oct 30 - A very rare and exciting event: around 200 villagers enjoyed a Big Bowl Feast!

Oct 29 - New takeaway in one of the two new village houses rebuilt by Jackson Property at the start of Main Street.

Oct 28 - Tonight in Lamma Grill, apple-bobbing for hand-painted Jack-O-Mandarins, plus loads more of very early Halloween fun.

Oct 27 - Click for details, especially why the 2 opponents have been disqualified after the registration deadline.

Oct 26 - Yesterday's sunset, shot by smartphone-controlled remote zoom.

Oct 25 - 78 Signatures in less than 24 hours! Let's make it a lot more,...

Oct 22 - Want to buy a Lamma Calendar? We're doing a discount this year on any pre-orders - for collection on Lamma Fun Day.

Oct 21 - "Want to buy a Lamma Calendar? We're doing a discount this year on any pre-orders."

Oct 20 - 2nd amazing sunset in 2 days, yesterday on my rooftop, a welcome break from my home office.

Oct 19 - Despite some friends' disparaging remarks, I can't stop playing with "computer art".

Oct 18 - "And how was your weekend my devoted fans and readers? Mine was pretty much a mega-bender, starting..."

Oct 17 - What's New?
What's On?
Lamma-zine stories.

Oct 16 - Click for more Lamma/Lammaite-related news.

Oct 15 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Oct 15, '15

Oct 13 - Lamma Fun Day Music Festival. 10+ bands on Sat 7th Nov.

Oct 12 - "In Pictures:
Over 100 passengers evacuated after..."

Oct 8 - Anybody else standing? What about YOU? Deadline next Thu, Oct 15!

Oct 7 - 3 slim "chimneys" appeared on my favourite rooftop view, 6am today.

Oct 5 - "I was born and raised in Israel. My kitchen is influenced by my grandparent..."

Oct 3 - Lamma Island Bird World
October '15 - Potential Visitors

Oct 2 - ...

Oct 1 - Lamma Ferry Disaster
Online Condolence Book

Sep 2015

Sep 27 - "Between Aberdeen and Lamma Island, Pak Kok Tsuen and Yung Shue Wan."

Sep 25 - Greedy landlords forced the long-running Blue Goose Tavern to close.

Sep 22 - "What to do? Like any kind of Lamma crisis, turn to the man in the know... Lamma-Gung!!"

Sep 16 - "I am officially a co-author of Shing-Tung Yau, one of the greatest geometers..."

Sep 15 - "Congratulations to our Kinesiology Asia Institute students on achieving their Diplomas!"

Sep 14 - I love my home office, no boss stopping me from doing silly and/or dangerous stuff!

Sep 7 - Submitted by Kerys, listing various things she encountered on her daily ferry rides.

Sep 6 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Sep 6, '15.
Send me YOUR Spotlights!

Sep 5 - I wonder if they can find the announced 12 local celebrities and who they'll find?

Aug 2015

Aug 31 - How to get these speeds on your home (office) PC/Mac/laptop...

Aug 30 - YSW Ferry Pier and Bike Park these days. So clean & orderly for now, a quite uncommon sight on Lamma.

Aug 27 - Above Lamma, Life & Scenes, Tree Sap, Bulbul, Turtlesss.

Aug 26 - How to get these speeds on your home PC/Mac/laptop without spending a single extra dollar?

Aug 25 - The discussion about the YSW Bike Park is still hot and bubbling away.

Aug 24 - What could it be? No, it's not a kitchen implement! No manual or instructions were included in the box.

Aug 19 - "Steve, the Moving Guy + a team of 4 strong & smiling assistants immediately took charge."

Aug 18 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Aug 18, '15:

Aug 13 - A few photos of the pier clearance on 15/08/13.

Aug 11 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Aug 11, '15:

Aug 10 - The long-expected clearance of the YSW ferry pier: this Thu 10:30am! Safe your bikes and belongings!

Aug 9 - ...brought to you by the experienced people behind the YSW-Pak Kok-Aberdeen ferry.

Aug 6 - Some South Lamma thoughts on the pending re-launch of The Baroque on Lamma project.

Aug 1 - That's the verbatim reply I got in a Causeway Bay shop for AV nerds.

Jul 2015

Jul 30 - We're really spoilt and blessed with a sunset-facing harbour in Yung Shue Wan.

Jul 29 - "Fortunately, our residents are smart enough not to fall into the trap and hung up the phone."

Jul 28 - As the Lamma Calendar goes into its 5th year of publication...

Jul 27 - "Property development project 'Baroque on Lamma' returns!"

Jul 24 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, July 22, 2015, including Primary School Children.

Jul 23 - Plus a look back in ancient history, when the Lamma-zine was still a monthly publication, 10+ years ago.

Jul 22 - Rarely have we seen a storm centered right over Lamma for hours, like this morning.

Jul 18 - Getting your neighbours together for a chat and a few drinks is as easy as creating a Facebook Event.

Jul 17 - NEWS all over this website, forums, Facebook, any print media, anything, anywhere...

Jul 16 - It's a still small, but friendly, helpful, non-commercial and spam-free Facebook group...

Jul 14 - Click for more pictures and beery discussions...

Jul 9 - The ferry co. has applied for higher fares for this ferry route, around 8.33%.

Jul 8 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, July 8, '15.

Jul 7 - Our monthly Police Corner, written by our Police Chief, Ms. Camas TUNG.

Jul 6 - Webcam shots from YSW Ferry Pier.

Jul 5 - Free curry buffet and drinks attracted on/off-islanders, including yours truly.

Jul 4 - Walking through Sok Kwu Wan Main Street, on our way to look at a flat,...

Jul 1 - Our long-running Lamma Spotlights have 2 new categories: Person and Bird of the Week!

Jun 2015

Jun 30 - "20 years ago today... I left my home-town of Bolton, UK, and arrived in Hong Kong."

Jun 29 - "HK Electric submitted today its views on the future develop..."

Jun 28 - Ideas on what to do with the still unopened YSW Bike Park...

Jun 27 - June 25, '15
Jean the Photographer ~
by Olivier Yoan for SCMP.

Jun 26 - 1 Year Ago on Facebook's Lamma Gung.

Jun 25 - The biggest wildlife threat and major bother on Lamma are not...

Jun 24 - My favourite Govt. sign. Fishing never looked so exciting,...

Jun 23 - A little guide from Sok Kwu Wan resident Megaen, our new South Lamma correspondent.

Jun 20 - Lamma Dragons invading Discovery Bay races today.

Jun 16 - Why I still love living on Lamma, all in one photo gallery...

Jun 15 - More sunrise/sunset/ night views from my rooftop...

Jun 14 - No, 1 in dragonboat races 5, 13, 25 and 33!

Jun 13 - Sat, Jun 13, '15;
Houseboat in Aberdeen Harbour

Jun 10 - Let me give this beautifully designed posters some additional free publicity.

Jun 8 - Our long-running Lamma Spotlights of the Week has just added a new, 6th category:
Bird of the Week!

Jun 5 - Living on an almost all natural, almost traffic-free, 7km long island with just 6,500+ people on 13.55 kmē,...

Jun 4 - Concrete recipe:
1 shovel-full of sand, 2 gravel, 1 bag Green Island cement,...

Jun 2 - "Maybach promotional event. Like Mercedes-Benz, but more monies ;-)

May 2015

May 26 - P.S. ... wondering about the title of this blog story: The Lamma.com.hk main office PC crashed a few days ago,...

May 22 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, May 22, '15: ...
Mexican Poet ~ by Miso Zo

May 20 - Tourist Nikk Y. Conundrum spotted "some creepy heads at the bottom of a tree" along the Family Trail.

May 19 - "Lamma Dream - 2014 Working Report - Actualize your dream and my ideal together"

May 16 - Raining buckets, bright sunshine, dark and raining some more today,...

May 15 - I've been visiting my favourite restaurant in South Lamma today, The Bay.

May 14 - Another mixed bag of Lamma/Lammaite-related photos/videos/websites this week:

May 12 - Sunrise today, all shot before 6am with a smartphone or a smartphone controlled zoom lens.

May 8 - The Day of Reckoning is here! My neighbour Cheesey Tom, hubby of Jenni "Can't Get Jack", has started a cheese delivery.

May 7 - Photo galleries of earlier Tin Hau Festivals:
May 2, '13: Lamma Day 2013
Apr 20, '14: Lamma Day!

May 6 - Master chef of JJ on a rare break away from the pans of the Jing Jing kitchen.

May 5 - I've been playing with my latest gadget, a Sony QX30 camera, just bought 2nd-hand in our free classifieds.

May 4 - Lamma Invasion, Volume 1, Issue 2!  Starring: Darren & Aileen Alonzo, Shatalene, Transnoodle, Defiant Scum

May 3 - Another long weekend, more massive queues at the ferry piers in Yung Shue Wan and Central.

May 2 - Another great review by our Official Court Music Reviewer: Nepal Benefit at the Island Bar by Nick the Bookman - May 2, 2015

May 1 - "Thank you everyone who donated, came, bought, helped out."

Apr 2015

Apr 30 - Lots of "Typically Lamma!" photos/videos/websites this week: Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Apr 30, '15:

Apr 26 - "It's a beautiful day for a grand race! ;-) Ferry terminal is PACKED for Lamma 500 :)))))) Today is RACEDAY!"

Apr 10-21 - Lamma-Por and I'll be off on vacation from today - April 21. Thanks to cheap post-Easter Fanfare tickets,...

Apr 9 - AECOM: "I was advised that your website is a good channel to help spread news..."

Apr 7 - Many of the cheerful and happy aspects of Lamma Life are due to the presence of so many Filipinas/Filipinos living on Lamma.

Apr 6 - Lots of various vibrant, verdant, vivacious Lamma wildlife this week: Spotlights of the Week, Apr 6, '15

Apr 5 - In my 13+ years living on Lamma, not many hiking trails have remained unexplored. But I've explored a brand-new one...

Apr 4 - A very rare phenomenon to and from Lamma: Queues!

Apr 3 - 1:30am today, Good Friday, Linda, aged 68, died in her home in Tai Shan West.

Apr 2 - Lamma Photo, Video, Website, Wildlife, Artwork of the Week

Mar 2015

Mar 31 - The bins all over North Lamma have been overflowing yesterday.

Mar 30 - Camas TUNG Hei-man - Officer Commanding Lamma Island & Peng Chau and monthly guest blogger of Police Corner:

Mar 29 - Click for another picture of Chow Yun-Fat today.

Mar 28 - "Our Chance on Lamma Island" - by LegCo Member Miss CHAN Yuen-han.
Published in am730.

Mar 27 - Some of you might have noticed that the daily updates of this entire website have been interrupted this week?

Mar 21 - News, Events, Stories, Pictures, Forum, Artworks, Classifieds, from the Lamma Community & Visitors.

Mar 20 - "SNAKES AND CENTIPEDES: We moved to Lamma about 2 months ago ... been totally freaked out."

Mar 19 - "... described the Company itself as a "senior citizen" having served Hong Kong for more than 125 years."

Mar 18 - Ex-Quarry Lake Bridge, Mountainbiking video, Debra Morris art, Dragon of Pak Kok, Fishermen's Village.

Mar 17 - Rambler writes:
"The expedition finds more nocturnal creatures on Pandora."

Mar 15 - Click for great photos and a slide show by Ewa Wilkinson.

Mar 13 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week: Lo So Shing, Lamma Fun Day 2014, Lamma Workshop, Forest Bottles, Untitled; by...

Mar 12 - "Living Lamma get 100% of the proceeds of this lovely LUSH body lotion. $100..."

Mar 11 - Several of the bands from the last Dickstock and Lamma Fun Day will be playing on Sat in The Wanch.

Mar 10 - "Can't Get Jack is aiming to be a community based delivery service,..."

Mar 9 - "He is actually one of the most successful patients in terms of amount of excessive weight loss and control of diseases."

Mar 6 - Lamma isn't all about nature & seafood, relaxing & enjoying life. Sometimes, we...

Mar 5 - More info on Lamma Village Sewerage Phase II...

Mar 4 - Chow Yun-fat was visiting Lamma over the holidays, encountering a number of Lammaites while hiking...

Mar 3 - Our Island in the Sun, YSW Beach Wedding, Great Things About You, What's This?, Orchid and Screen.

Mar 2 - From a fascinating web page about the industrial history of Lamma, with input/links from quite a few senior Lammaites,...

Mar 1 - "My breakfast, home- grown plum tomatoes on my toast and home-grown strawberry..."

Feb 2015

Feb 28 - Free Big Bowl feast (Poon Choy) for Lamma's 65+ residents in the YSW Plaza on YSW Plaza Road.

Feb 27 - The Bike Park at the YSW ferry pier is finally getting close to completion, after almost 1 year of construction works.

Feb 26 - Click above for a brand-new brochure with Baroque on Lamma's revised ideas for South Lamma.

Feb 25 - How to avoid the big  crowds and big expense of a regular Valentine's Day dinner?

Feb 24 - "...share some good news with you that 3 residents of Lamma Island have obtained the Good Citizen Award."

Feb 23 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Feb 23, '15: YSW Ferry Pier, Computer Animation...

Feb 22 - "BIG THANK YOUs to everyone who attended our "wedding" yesterday."

Feb 19-21 - Taking time off the Lamma-zine while attending daily rooftop and beach parties.

Feb 18 - Feb 17, Pak Kok Village sunset (Google "Camera" app).
Fisheye smartphone clip-on lens.

Feb 17 - If you can understand the headline above and can converse in this language, you're welcome to join the occasional...

Feb 16 - Climbing onto the roof of our Pak Kok rooftop cabin was totally worth it.

Feb 15 - HKKF skipper convicted of manslaughter, HK Electric ferry captain cleared of same charges.

Feb 14 - So how did Lamma-Gung and Lamma-Por celebrate Valentine's Day? We were tempted by the many special...

Feb 13 - More Valentine's Day menus:
The Waterfront, Jing Jing, Concerto Inn, The Bay...

Feb 12 - These creative, hand-drawn notes are stuck up streetside in Po Wah Yuen, on the main path down to YSW.

Feb 11 - YMCA Lamma Camp website; Programme Brochure 2015; "Lamma's Got Talent", "Lamma Amazing Race",...

Feb 10 - "A Cordial Welcome
Anticipated Shrove Tuesday
Pancake Supper"

Feb 9 - "Donate your mobile for a good cause."

Feb 8 - Photos submitted by Ayelet the Veggie Chef, the market's host & organiser & a Middle Eastern cooking teacher.

Feb 7 - Will restaurants, boats and shops be open over Chinese New Year?

Feb 4 - Long-time Lammaite Brett has a lot of good advice for Chin. New Year. Click below for more advice and news:

Feb 3 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Feb 3, 2015:

Feb 2 - "Happy Green Ambassadors" from ... schools pledge to promote green living on campus and in the community."

Feb 1 - "Your data access speed will be reduced and restricted to not less than 128 kbps."

Jan 2015

Jan 31 - Nick the Bookman, our Official Court Music Reviewer writes: "Sasha in HK - 19/1/2015"

Jan 30 - "Those few holdouts [Lamma Bohemians] are being pushed out and soon it will be nothing but Armani and poodles."

Jan 29 - "It's a Never Never Land orbiting around the Death Star."

Jan 23 - More pictures, reviews and comments...

Jan 22 - Lamma Photos of the Week, Jan - Dec 2014.

Submit Your Photo(s)!

Jan 21 - Dickstock reviews by Nick the Bookman & Andy Maluche.

Jan 20 - Fallstreak Hole, Lamma Mainstreet UFO Sighting, SE Asia 2015, Black-eared Kites, Alien?

Jan 19 - Is this Blue Fallstreak Hole going to swallow up Lamma's famous Blue House?

Jan 16 - There's quite a considerable number of artists living on Lamma.

Jan 15 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Jan 15, '15: Turtle Beach, Lamma Music Video, Bamboo, ...

Jan 10 - "Lovely clean up and AGM today. Thank to those who came along. The Living Lamma committee for 2015:"

Jan 9 - "Santa Sprint Amount Raised: HK$6,010! Previous record $2,800, ..."

Jan 2 - "Resolution Walk on New Year's Day, 1/1/15: The departure points will be:"

Jan 1 - Happy New Year from Lamma.com.hk!

Dec 2014

Dec 31 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Dec 31:

Dec 28 - What were your favourite Lamma-zine stories this year? Any? Here are my own, personal selections:

Dec 27 - Advertising and marketing your products and services, for free!

Dec 26 - See the full story in the SCMP print edition.

Dec 25 - Click below to see the whole cards.

Dec 24 - A seasonal, wall-sized Christmas Card from the same group of graffiti artists - The Wild Ones - who painted (legally)...

Dec 23 - "Holly Jolly Christmas and New Year Room Package and Candle Light Dinner For Two."

Dec 22 - Story and pictures about a pilot project of rice planting and harvesting on long abandoned S. Lamma farmland.

Dec 21 - Last day of Lamma Chimneys ~ 'My Garden - My Friend' ~ Afternoon breakfast

Dec 20 - Masterpieces, Every clicks donates, AmiBongo's fundraising family bike tour, 'My Garden - My Friend' book,...

Dec 19 - Jing Jing means "Perfect Essence" in Chinese, often used as a girl's name.

Dec 18 - Debra Morris is a former Artist of the Month and a long-time, frequent Lamma Artwork of the Week contributor.

Dec 16 - Good news for us HK Electric customers! ...tariff would be frozen for another year.

Dec 13 - It's basically tearing down and rebuilding of the YSW Library as a 3*1,000 sqft building.

Dec 12 - Helena Harrison:
"Transporting Christmas trees Lamma style"

Dec 11 - Both posters were done by professional artists, Harry Harrison and 3D animator/ professor Mike Robinson.

Dec 10 - Pick up this free wall calendar from a table outside Lammadonna's, err, District Councilor Yu Lai Fan's office.

Dec 9 - Click for Around HK Island Race, Nov 16, 2014 photo album.

Dec 8 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Dec 8: Lunchtime, Night at the Beach, Wendy's Musings, Snail Fight, R.I.P. Mr. DickStock.

Dec 7 - 16 years of Lamma Treasure Hunt, Sun, Dec 7, The Island Bar; for Operation Santa Claus HK.

Dec 6 - Awarded by the Lamma Outrigger Canoe Club!
Click above for details.

Dec 5 - "We love Lamma's creative community, and getting folks together for coffee and..."

Dec 4 - Posters above and below submitted by Harry Harrison. Plus a picture by Frazer of the Treasure Hunt in 2000!

Dec 3 - Project X can be ridden in a few variations, the most...

Dec 2 - Lamma Spotlights of the Week, Dec 1.

Dec 1 - One of us 3 Lamma-zine freeloaders, errr, Media representatives at Clockenflap, became a center of attraction.

Nov 2014

Nov 29 - "Many folks on Lamma are expatriates and you may use email as a primary channel for overseas communications."

Nov 28 - "My best friend, my brother Richard "Dick" Jones died peacefully in his sleep last night, way before his time."

Nov 26 - "With Grateful Appreciation, the Hong Kong Cleanup Recognizes..."

Nov 25 - This is the "impressive" sight greeting visitors and residents at the YSW Ferry Pier.

Nov 24 - SCMP story today, featuring our frequent Lamma Artist of the Week, Tanya!

Nov 20 - Many Lammaites love their dogs and love their gadgets, so why not combine these two passions?

Nov 19 - Opening today with a glitzy, high-society, invitation-only Pradasphere party on the rooftop of Central Ferry Pier 4.

Nov 15 - Click above for details of these 4 major events in YSW tomorrow, Sat.

Nov 14 - More pictures...

Nov 13 - New Lamma Spotlights of the Week: "Showing off..., The Lamma Islanders, Dayan Resort,

Nov 12 - Get a free drink from me if you figure out the meaning of these 3 symbols!

Nov 11 - Sat: Lamma Adventure Carnival @ YSW Plaza;
Sunset Children @ Open Space.

Nov 5 - Spotlights of the Week: The Ferryman Video, Lamma Families, Red Bug, Fractal 1.

Nov 4 - Review by Nick the Bookman, photos by Howard Sheard.

Oct 2014

Oct 31 - "Awesome!!! The village was so friendly. Everyone smiling. Exactly how Halloween should be. Thx, Lamma!"

Oct 30 - Have you ever missed the just leaving ferry... and it returned to pick you up?

Oct 29 - "DP - Making sounds so big, the angels weep and demons need to change their shorts."

Oct 28 - "Halloween B2B face-off @ Lamma Grill. CDJs Vs. Controller action all night long..."

Oct 27 - "HK Electric Institute to Nurture Future Engineering Leaders"

Oct 24 - Night View from Po Wah Yuen, Bike Ride timelapse video, Lamma Fun Day, 3 Spiders, king of autumn-birch.

Oct 23 - I've just measured the fastest 4G smartphone speeds I've ever heard of on Lamma...

Oct 22 - What new movements did I learn yesterday morning 8am, up on the 1st Cable Road?

Oct 21 - From our regular monthly guest blogger, Lamma Police Chief Camas Tung...

Oct 20 - Adele has recently enacted her sweet revenge on her BFF Heather, by hand-crafting the poster above...

Oct 12 - I've been "strong-armed" into joining a new Bear Camp!

Oct 11 - Lamma.com.hk is proud to be a Media Sponsor again. We seem to be in great company, looking at the other logos.

Oct 10 - Granny Chan, how is she these days? My American neighbour is visiting her quite frequently in an "old age home".

Oct 9 - What's happening with the Baroque on Lamma project in South Lamma?

Oct 8 - You might have noticed several downtimes of our web site recently. Also, the automatic email notifications from the ...

Oct 7 - With many sincere thanks to our "content contributors" Karlo Vera Cruz, RTHK TV, Alain Jaquier

Oct 6 - "Low tide tomorrow is around 3 pm if anyone wants to get some exercise shifting..."

Oct 5 - "HK Electric recently launched Caring for the Elderly scheme at YSW on 18 Sep."

Oct 4 - Police Report TV programme by RTHK, broadcast on TVB Pearl and ATV Jade, subtitled in English,...

Oct 1 - Lamma Ferry Disaster, Oct 1, 2012.
Online Condolence Book.

Sep 2014

Sep 30 - Occupy Central has spread to Admiralty, Wanchai, Causeway Bay, even Mongkok & TST, and now to Lamma?

Sep 29 - Details and application forms to submit your photos. They might be exhibited in the Lamma Adventure Carnival...

Sep 28 - Lamma Fun Day - Free Music Festival - Sat, Nov 1

Sep 27 - Have the YSW Harbour Beach Cleanup Marathon and Bear Camp (featured in last Tuesday's SCMP) joined forced?

Sep 26 - "I sincerely thank you for your visits and greetings to the 10th anniversary party of s+clicks design studio."

Sep 25 - This week: People of Lamma, YSW beach cleaning, Ferry Disaster 2nd anniversary,...

Sep 24 - Lammaite Pascale has been bitten by a bright green Bamboo Pit Viper in the Yung Shue Long valley 4 days ago.

Sep 23 - Starting Sunday, Oct 5! If you'd like them to add Tai Peng to their route, contact them right away.

Sep 22 - "We wonder what the beach would look like without the construction rubble and teeny..."

Sep 21 - "Living on Lamma has been an experience. You get the best of both worlds,..."

Sep 20 - "Lamma Grill has been in YSW for quite a while, on Back Street. A few months ago,..."

Sep 19 - "Starting from Sep 2014, our bill has taken on a new look to give you clearer..."

Sep 18 - "DJ gig at Lamma Grill - Sep 3, 2014 - Review by DJ Nick the Bookman"

Sep 17 - "Let's Get Cooking Using the Colour Wheel. Demonstration and Lunch."

Sep 12 - YSW Harbour's old jetty last night (my own photo), plus an HDR shot from our newest Lamma-zine contributor, Karlo.

Sep 11 - Add YOUR very own photo/video/... to this home page!

Sep 2 - "One of our officers has got talent in magic and will demonstrate it at the [Mid-Autumn Festival] carnival."

Sep 1 - "All three of my kids are going to school on Lamma (P1, P2 and K1)..."

Aug 2014

Aug 28 - "This spider just bit me, and then the orange-assed waspy thing bit the spider."

Aug 27 - Email me to add your very own Lamma Photo, Video, Website, Wildlife, Artwork of the Week!

Aug 26 - A few sunrise shots from these splendidly clear August days, viewed from Lamma's "North Point" (Pak Kok).

Aug 25 - Many of us like taking smartphone pictures of their food, to the frequent major annoyance of our fellow diners.

Aug 22 - Approaching Lamma ~ by Steven Robert Hirst

Aug 21 - '12 Years of Lamma.com.hk' commemorative poster.

Aug 20 - Fire Quad Bike accident this morning in Pak Kok. Path too narrow going up a steep hill. No reports of injuries. Enquiring...

Aug 17 - This is a poster from the Democracy Fence (just before the YSW ferry pier, opposite the former Democracy Wall).

Aug 16 - You might have seen these stickers all over North Lamma, Pak Kok ferry pier and on Tony the Coffee Guy's....

Aug 15 - Us Ed Pencil "had some inky fun times in Copenhagen and the UK over July."

Aug 14 - Another new guest blogger has just signed up for the Lamma-zine.

Aug 13 - "I've heard some of you are concerned about the python captured in early August."

Aug 12 - Lamma Photo, Video, Website, Wildlife, Artwork of the Week.

Aug 11 - Landing Pontoon -> Temporary Landing Point,
Aug 11-31

Aug 10 - Siuyu Yeung (GreenLammaGroup) has been teaching me how to take proper sunrise photos this morning.

Aug 9 - "Mission reports diversity of life and abundance of water on Pandora: new species found."

Aug 8 - Not performing on Lamma yet, hopefully soon, but in the Peel Fresco Music Lounge in Central, performing tonight.

Aug 7 - "Prime has a new menu with light tapas for the summer months, but we are also still serving favourites from..."

Aug 6 - New promotional poster, celebrating 12 years of this website. I used digital artworks by Yuri Malkov from Moscow.

Aug 5 - Ed Stokes: "Forget tower blocks at Lamma quarry."

Aug 4 - Introducing our newest, bilingual guest blogger, Lamma's brand-new Police Chief:
Camas TUNG Hei-man.

Aug 3 - "I was looking for a quiet place close to Hong Kong with small hotel on a beach, not crowded, where I could enjoy...."

Aug 2 - Lamma seen from a helicopter. Photo provided by Heliservices Hong Kong.

Aug 1 - Having left Switzerland half a lifetime ago, I rarely get homesick, except once a year, when we visit Swiss Chalet.

Jul 2014

Jul 31 - Dr John Wedderburn: Open Letter to Ms Yu Lai Fan, Islands District Councillor -
in English and Chinese.

Jul 30 - Ferocious strongman, proud PhD scholar and cheerful beer keg delivery man,...

Jul 26 - 1st person perspective of the Young Dragons team racing in DbAY, GoPro-ed by the drummer!

Jul 25 - Did you realise that 3 new restaurants have (re)opened in YSW in the last few weeks and 3+ have had major changes?

Jul 24 - Same, same, another happy, healthy, semi-retired Lammaite; still doing small moves (2982 0525),...

Jul 23 - 12 Years of Lamma.com.hk!

News, Events, Stories, Forum, Pictures, Classifieds...

Jul 22 - "Try Outrigger Canoeing on Lamma. Recruitment Day Saturday 9th August, 103pm."

Jul 21 - Yama Girls Go Hiking

(TVB travel programme) - TVB J2 HD channel, Fri, July 18, in Chin.

Jul 18 - "Lamma Sprints July 1st:
Power Station beach saw the first ever Lamma Outrigger Canoe Club Sprints Race."

Jul 17 - To find out more details, click above (topic #15,054 in our 12-year old forum)

Jul 16 - This is a photo of Lamma-Por's ferry on her way to the office, 8am ferry YSW-Central on July 11, passing Pak Kok.

Jul 15 - The hardest part is getting up at 5:30am; sunrises are occasionally more amazing and colourful than sunsets.

Jul 14 - "James, my son (the naughty one), won our sweepstake!"

Jul 13 - Check out Lamma Gung on Facebook for more (almost) daily news & pictures!

Jul 12 - Send me YOUR best Lamma-related photos, videos, websites, wildlife, artworks to be featured on home page/Facebook.

Jul 11 - This is one of the best reasons I've got so far, from ex-Lammaite Hunter who lived on an ancient, traditional Chinese junk...

Jul 10 - The ongoing Bike Park construction works at the YSW Ferry Pier have become an involuntary "tourist attraction".

Jul 9 - "Most humans live for today and dream for tomorrow, but... cherished yesterday?"

Jul 6 - Sorry, I just can't stop taking pictures of sunrises these days!

Jul 5 - LegCo Panel on Development - Special meeting on Mon, 7 July 2014, at 2:30 pm...

Jul 2 - "Lamma Gung added 5 photos to the album Lamma Highlights of the Week.
5 minutes ago"

Jul 1 - Finally, I got around to design and print a new promotional poster; a simple one this time, all sunrise photos:.

Jun 2014

Jun 30 - "One of the few things that have been missing till now were Hungarian Chimney Cakes.
Fortunately, this sad state..."

Jun 29 - More photos (by Robert Hope-Jones and myself)...

Jun 28 - This morning, 5:30am, shot from our Pak Kok rooftop.

Jun 24 - Lamma Dragons Final Newsletter 2014. For a little recap of their highly successful 2014 season in our forum, click below:

Jun 23 - "Ira Otivar heads to Hong Kong's most colourful island to taste some organic treats and indulge in a spot of boho...."

Jun 22 - (Photos courtesy of Peng Pan and Justin the Bear)

Jun 21 - "Anyone else experienced CENTIPEDES in your bed at night? I'm not happy..."

Jun 20 - Streetometry: from Tue, Jun 17: Banyan Bay Cafe: details. Photo exhibition by Alain Jaquier.

Jun 19 - "Lamma Island tends to attract birds of a feather - laid-
back types who enjoy nature..."

Jun 18 - "Found two chicks abandoned on the ground. I can only assume they toppled out of their nest, so what was I to do?"

Jun 12 - No words necessary, the pics tell the story...

Jun 11 - A few days ago, dozens of these football-sized creatures were floating serenely past and under the YSW Ferry Pier.

Jun 10 - Children educated by Island Arts are exhibiting @ Banyan Bay Cafe, Jun 6-14.

Jun 9 - Public consultation on the Future Fuel Mix for Electricity Generation.

Jun 8 - Pak Kok ferry en route to Aberdeen, South HK Island (The Peak, Cyberport,...).

Jun 7 - "30% off discount on YoDog, Smoothies Bars and Mr. Froyo Mini Cup."

Jun 6 - "Wednesday, 4th June, Prime Bar & Grill".

Jun 5 - Open Space concert,
Sat, May 31, 2014 -
by Nick the Bookman.

Jun 4 - Alan writes: "There was an amazing red tide at HSY yesterday. I went in anyway."

Jun 3 - Photo gallery of Dragon Boat Races along Aberdeen Promenade, Mon, Jun 2.

Jun 2 - "Sun Jun 1, '14: Results: Women - 1st | Men - 3rd
Lamma U18 - 2nd
Mixed - In plate and cup finals."

Jun 1 - So many sunset watchers on Lamma rooftops last night, all our neighbouring rooftops were filled with tenants hosting their...

May 2014

May 31 - Bug season is in full swing on Lamma! So many Colourful Creepy Crawlies are swarming all over the island,...

May 30 - "With your great support, I'm happy to report that I completed the London Marathon!"

May 29 - "Petitioning Lamma Island District Council:
Development of Skateboarding Ground in YSW, Lamma Island"

May 28 - New music reviews by Nick the Bookman: DOA, Defiant Scum, MAD Paint Party,...

May 27 - The Lady in the Pink Hat, Living Lamma, writes about the launch of Coastal Watch, a gov't funded project led by WWF.

May 26 - ...this "semi-official" website of the Lamma community, which has also been recognised by Facebook and Wikipedia!

May 25 - Last night in the Dragon Saloon, err, The Island Bar...

May 24 - Interesting story in the GuestRoom blog...

May 23 - "Don't let the name fool you. Prime Bar & Grill is the perfect place to go if you are  craving a hearty vegetarian..."

May 22 - "We, the free Russian-speaking majority of Lamma..."

May 21 - Lamma-1 is the luxury housing development and gated community on Tannery Beach in Nga Kau Wan.

May 20 - In Lamma's multi-ethnic community, who's holding the REAL power here?

May 14 - More post-flood pictures from Hung Shing Yeh beach...

May 13 - Full Apple Daily story and pictures and translation...

May 12 - "SCMP cartoonist Harry Harrison celebrates 20 years in Hong Kong with a look back at his favourite work."

May 6 - Just Green is actually a great and inspiring Lamma success story.

May 5 - So much has changed in the village, and so much is still the same, 18 years later.
Spot the differences!

May 4 - Lamma 500 dragonboat results & photos of the winning teams; plus L-G's photo gallery.

May 2 - "What a sunny day! No rain drops with 1,080 people signed; total signatures more than 5,000 now."

May 1 - Power Station Beach, an (almost) yearly Lamma Tradition.
More photos...

Apr 2014

Apr 30 - "Today is the very last day of my solo exhibition Streetometry."

Apr 29 - "Google Street View has come to Lamma. See who you can recognize!"

Apr 28 - Cleanup of the Cantonese opera's huge bamboo arena, post-Tin Hau Festival.

Apr 25 - "New species identified on Planet Pandora"

Apr 24 - The only public benches on YSW Main Street before the Tin Hau Temple opened recently, behind the former Spicy Island.

Apr 23 - "Rezone ex-Lamma Quarry as an Eco Theme Park."

Apr 22 - Photo gallery by Howard Sheard

Apr 21 - "Updates: There were two known dogs poisonings over the Easter holiday behind Beer Garden."

Apr 20 - Lamma Dragons on the Rocks", close to the YSW Gaido Pier, by Nicky Jones,...

Apr 19 - There were long queues outside the Bookworm Cafe over Easter. Why?

Apr 18 - "Gardens, Photography and Food:
Enjoy Easter Saturday exploring gorgeous gardens,..."

Apr 17 - "I first met Alain on a beach on Lamma Island."

Apr 16 - Alysha Tarr - paddler of the new Lamma Dragons Under-18s writes:

Apr 15 - Like my new poster? Should I get it printed to display it in a few selected places?
P.S. Happy & Delicious Easter...

Apr 14 - Latest article from WebMD: Evidence Weight-Loss Surgery Helps Against Diabetes.

Apr 13 - Even after more than 12 years living on Lamma, I still discover new, major, yearly, local events with zero "Gweilos".

Apr 10 - We're still not sure if this will be a full reclamation or just the promised platform, similar to the ferry pier?

Apr 9 - Shot from our rooftop last night:

Apr 8 - "Beauty lost its mother on a fresh spring day...
Here's a little Many-Banded Krait who had left the nest."

Apr 7 - "Yesterday's walk inspired me to do a collage of some of ... unique post boxes."

Apr 6 - "Caroline & James are pleased to inform you all that in July we will be opening in our..."

Apr 1 - "How do two ex-Lamma residents meet? Neither Jules Meaney nor Bike Mike had ever encountered ... on Lamma."

Mar 2014


Mar 31 - "After years of not writing, I have been badgered and cajoled into writing mode."

Mar 30 - "What do you get when you have a beach, music, meat, 4 dragon boats and lots of friends? One hell of a party!"

Mar 29 - "OMG!!! It's TONIGHT!! I'm going to be NAKED on stage at the Underground Festival!"

Mar 28 - "Everyone was a winner today at LamMarathon. A heroic effort raised HK$3,658 for Children with Cancer UK."

Mar 27 - Lamma Village Sewerage Phase 2.

Mar 26 - This looks like one of Lamma's famous Black Holes.
But those infamous Gravity Pockets are usually located

Mar 19 - Deadline for comments on the EPD's EIA study:
This Friday, Mar 21!

Mar 14 - New takeaway place in the former location of the waffle shop, just after the former Diesel's.

Mar 13 - "Plan unveiled for high-rises at Sok Kwu Wan to double island's population."

Mar 8 - The Conservancy Association, GreenLammaGroup, volunteers & Lammaites...

Mar 1 - "Party Purpose: to drive out recently-awoken egg-layers, incl. snakes, centipedes etc...."

Feb 2014

Feb 28 - "...raise the awareness on prevention of this nature of crime in the Lamma Community."

Feb 27 - It mentioned several Lamma Celebrities by name, calling them "Offbeat Britons".

Feb 26 - "...action and adventures that will strengthen the bonds between fathers and their children."

Feb 25 - Only Half the Man I Used to Be.

Feb 22 - "New to Lamma?
Try Dragon Boating, Meet New People, Be Part of Lamma's Culture."

Feb 21 - "Lamma's Jack Wilson will be running the London Marathon this year in support of Children with Cancer UK."

Feb 12 - Bar & Restaurant News: Valentine's Day menus.

Feb 11 - "Have you ever wondered why we fall in love?
What exactly is this thing called love,..."

Feb 10 - Lamma's favourite son Fat Gor (Chow Yun-Fat) has got two major movies showing in HK's cinemas.

Feb 9 - Alain Jaquier writes:
"Lamma Unicorn dance is going around today....".

Feb 6 - "Blood - Damage after Typhoon Vicente, first T10 in a long time." - by Eva.

Feb 5 - Looking back over Lamma-Gung's last 7 years on Facebook, it's like a quick and simple history lesson of Lamma.

Feb 4 - Read and see more of Sean Creamer's photo blog post in The Guest Room...
P.S. Like to see one more?

Feb 3 - A little, nightly, 15-layer copy-and-paste job from my ever-changing, seasonal smartphone home screen.

Feb 2 - "3 fire engines, 1 ambulance, 1 fireboat, 1 rescue boat, 1 police boat & large crowd of onlookers for..."

Feb 1 - A few random photos of nighttime in quiet Pak Kok Village.

Jan 2014

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Jan 31 - "Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends and family in Hong Kong and around the world!"

Switching on Tai Peng Man

Jan 30 - Can you resist the temptation to push that big button and find out what will happen?

Bike Park Start

Jan 28 - It's a container office for the Bike Park construction, placed outside the YSW Library today.

Getting Rid of Ratty

Jan 27 - "Any tips? An intelligent and cunning rat in my flat has so far foiled all attempts at entrapment and eviction."

Trap Neuter Release Controversy

Jan 23 - "Desexing scheme for strays has been an abject failure in village."

New Year & Valentine's @ Concerto Inn

Jan 22 - "Valentine's Day Room With Dining Package for Two.
Share your sweetest moment."

Tai Peng Man

Jan 21 - "Have you passed by the Tai Peng garden recently? We have a new addition to the garden called Tai Peng Man."

Geocaching on Mt. Stenhouse

Jan 20 - "sthlm greystones couldn't find Lamma Island - Mt Stenhouse (Traditional Cache)"

30 Years of Four Peaks Races

Jan 19 - ...times to get from the boat anchored off South Lamma to the top of Mt. Stenhouse,...

Fa Fa Fai Chun

Jan 18 - Chinese NY Calligraphy - Fai Chun Writing
@ Fa Fa House, Sun, Jan 12.

Colour, Great Food & Good Company

Jan 17 - Yearly tour by our Gardening Forum moderator:
All the Fun of the Fair @ Shenzhen

Bilingual Yellow Pages

Jan 16 - Let's update our Lamma Bilingual Yellow Pages!
There are so many local business contacts in our forum already.

Police Meeting: Dog Poisonings

Jan 15 - Primary School, Wed, Jan 15, 7-9pm: John F. Cameron, Police Superintendent

Free Digital Marketing!

Jan 14 - Banner ads, advertorials & mini-websites, to email campaigns, Facebook marketing & our bilingual Yellow Pages.

Dog Poisoning Meeting

Jan 10 - "A meeting will be held at 6pm on Wednesday 15th January 2014 at the Lamma Primary School..."

Beach Party, by P. K. Pebbles

Jan 9 - Winner for the most creative entry in the RTHK/SCMP short story competition, written by The Lady in the Pink Hat:

Secret Police Air Operations?

Jan 8 - "Incoming... I hope no one is badly injured and needing a ride. Nope, loadsa peeps. Strange cameo get-up and..."

R.I.P. Diesel's

Jan 7 - Robert Hope-Jones has been sneaking behind the tarpaulin hiding the total demolition-in-progress.

Become an Island Artist!

Jan 6 - To learn more about Roz's children art classes, check out these stories: Art Class; Birds & Butterflies.

Beach Shoes

Jan 5 - "The shoes were collected on a secluded beach just past Mo Tat Wan Village, also some shoes were collected on Tung O beach."

Colourful Village Houses

Jan 4 - So many Village Houses all over the New Territories and the Islands look so much alike, often in the "Spanish Villa" style.

Island Gym Promotion

Jan 3 - How about a low-cost gym, open 24-7, not crowded, and located close to your home in Yung Shue Wan?

Treasure Hunters in SCMP

Jan 2 - Straight from our forum into the SCMP, 4 of my photos made it on the City-2 page today.

Welcoming 2014 on Mt. Stenhouse

Jan 1 - Stone sign and photo by the Ed Williams family... climbing Mt. Stenhouse today.

Dec 2013

2013 Year in Review

Dec 31 - "Year in Review - A look at your 20 biggest moments on Facebook".

Santa in the Village

Dec 30 - Santa in the Village, for Operation Santa Claus, also organised by our 15-year OSC veterans, The Island Bar.

Hiking Lamma, the Hard Way

Dec 29 - Pak Kok - Tai Peng - Lamma Winds - Snake Trail - Lo So Shing - Sok Kwu Wan - Ling Kok Shan - Mo Tat Wan

Junior Christmas Camp

Dec 28 - Cooking, baking, archery, Frisbee golf, campfire,... are just some of the many campy activities the "Juniors" enjoyed...

Santa on the Beach

Dec 27 - Santa Claus visiting Power Station Beach: children's Christmas presents, carols, campfires, mulled wine,...

After-Christmas Sale

Dec 26 - Advertising Special Offer: all new ads free till end of Jan 2014!

Jing-le Bells

Dec 25 - Christmas Special Set @ Jing Jing Bar

Happy Holidays to All Our Readers!

Dec 24 - Happy Holidays from Lamma.com.hk!

Christmas/NY Specials Menus

Dec 23 - Have you decided yet where on Lamma to celebrate with a festive meal?

'You have been arrested'

Dec 17 - Opening ceremony of the new Yung Shue Wan police station, Tue, Dec 17, 2013.

'You Guys Are the Best'

Dec 16 - "Thanks for the Butts.
I would like to thank the recent BBQ party on Power Station Beach."

Train With the Champ

Dec 14 - Records:
386 professional Muay Thai fights:
win 349, K.O. 227, lost 35,
drawn 2.

Jungle Jim Interview

Dec 13 - "Jim Brockman's
music collection became a sentient entity in the Autumn of 2007."

The Encyclo-delic Bearded Selectah

Dec 12 - "Hitching a ride on my SoundCloud page, Nick the Bookman and DJ Nipper..."

Foreigners and Honkanese

Dec 11 - Even sights that many of us are not enamored by at all seem to amuse many visitors,...

The Gunk with the Spunk

Dec 10 - What is it with Lamma and zombie videos? After the first smash hit, Isle Be Damned,...

Grass Skiing & Ballooning

Dec 9 - Where on Lamma to go for grass skiing, hot air balloon flying, weekend markets, recycled craft projects,...?

Diesel's Farewell Party

Dec 8 - For more photos and memories, see our Bar & Restaurant News forum...

Christmassy Sunday

Dec 7 - Treasure Hunt,
Christmas for Visayas,
Christmas Fair.

Join Joyce & Friends @ Diesel's Farewell

Dec 6 - Please leave your best memories and photos in our Bar & Restaurants News forum.

Nov 2013

Lamma, a Geocaching Mecca?

Nov 28 - Geocaching is an inexpensive, environmentally friendly family game that all can play for the cost of a few dollars.

Lamma Family Portrait Project

Nov 27 - They're Rambo & Lorraine, the Lamma Families Photographers.

FUN DAY on Saturday!

Nov 21 - Where to go this Saturday to meet Bollands, Bearded Ukuladies, Turing Apples and Fat Jokers?

Sybil Snake Slithering Into Banyan House

Nov 20 - "Sarah Brennan, author of the Chinese Calendar Tales, illustrated by Harry Harrison,..."

Lamma Calendar 2014

Nov 19 - "Here's a sneak preview of the Lamma Calendar 2014. Please snap them up from the Fun Day on Saturday."

Charity Auction @
Lamma Fun Day

Nov 18 - "The Charity Auction is always one of the biggest fundraisers at Lamma Fun Day."

Fun, Fundraising & Frivolity

Nov 17 - An amazing autumn Sunday in Yung Shue Wan, full of fun, fundraising & frivolity.

Saturday Evening on Lamma

Nov 16 - 7-a-side youngster football in YSW Football Pitch,
set dinner @ Green Cottage, new Dance Studio before opening day.

Love & Help from Lamma

Nov 15 - These are very busy days for Lamma's numerous fundraisers for the victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan.

Mobile Phone Themes

Nov 14 - Discovering and playing around with mobile apps is a major pastime for Lammaites, same as for so many HKers.

YSW Plaza Opening Ceremony

Nov 13 - Photos of the opening ceremony in the new YSW Plaza, just behind the Football Pitch..

Round HK Island Race

Nov 10 - Lamma Outriggers today, circumnavigating all of HK Island while the "Strong Monsoon Signal" was active.

A New Beginning?

Nov 9 - Some of my readers might remember my rather melancholic story about the end of my former rooftop garden.

HK Ferry HD

Nov 8 - Android/iPhone mobile App HKFerry HD, showing the schedules for the 4 Lamma ferry routes by 3 different companies.

Drilling Mystery?

Nov 7 - See what I discovered during a hike in North Lamma recently! Deep drilling equipment and works in progress!

L-G Goes Camping

Nov 6 - Being an official Google Publisher, they invited me to their DigiCamp in Quarry Bay today.

Lamma Winds Wedding?

Nov 3 - See what I found during my early Sunday morning biking constitutional from Pak Kok to the pavilion above the windturbine:

Sunset Photo Mania!

Nov 2 - Today's sunset generated a real flood of pictures from my mostly Lamma-based Facebook Friends within minutes.

Oct 2013

Free Dinner for Your Best Halloween Photo!

Oct 30 - Send me your best Halloween photos, all taken on Lamma between today - Sunday.

Lamma Transformer?

Oct 24 - More recent photos from Lamma's master nature photographer:

Ski Slope, Water Slide, UFO Landing Site?

Oct 23 - Some of the very best feedback I ever get on my Lamma-zine photos or stories...

New Observation Platform?

Oct 20 - Look what I discovered at sunset today, walking to Power Station beach, looking up the hill above the Power Station:

HK Clean Up Meets Brand on the Beach

Oct 17 - "Join us next Sat 26 Oct when Brand on the Beach contributes to the HK Clean Up!"

Rog-Raiser: Fund-Raiser for Roger Searl

Oct 16 - "See you all tonight at Rog Raiser! Great prizes to be won, awesome holidays..."

Best of Lamma-zine Photos

Oct 10 - 1 year of my best Lamma-zine picture collages in a Facebook public album, including links to the stories:

Lest We Forget...

Oct 9 - Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier, 1 year after the Lamma Ferry Disaster...

Fridge Fixer?

Oct 8 - "The general store opposite Chow Yun Fat's trees, if that makes sense. Or next to the couch murder house."

Snail Mail

Oct 7 - My letters seem to be delivered by tiny snails crawling all over the envelopes inside my letterbox!

Fun Day Volunteers!

Oct 4 - "WANTED:
Volunteers, Home Cooks, Volleyball teams, Stallholders, Bric a Brac."

No Public or Private Transport

Oct 3 - Most people seem surprised by our total lack of any motorised transportation.

'Lamma Incident Memorial Service'

Oct 2 - "...in memory of the 39 people who lost their lives in the Lamma boat collision last year..."

National Day, 1 Year Ago

Oct 1 - Remembering the Lamma Ferry Disaster...

Online Condolence Book.

Sep 2013

Lamma Calendar 2014 Deadline: Oct 4!

Sep 30 - Calling all photographers! How to get YOUR photos into the Lamma Calendar?

Vandalism @ Lamma Winds Pavilion!?

Sep 29 - This is the scene of utter devastation that greeted us this morning!

A True Belieber

Sep 28 - To the utter bewilderment of this old fogey here, who's almost illiterate in today's hottest music,...

Portraits of Lamma Families

Sep 27 - Well-known Lamma photographers couple Rambo & Lorraine are participating in the Families 300 exhibition.

Welcoming Our Feline Overlords

Sep 26 - "I wish to make a formal public apology. A couple of days ago in my foolishness..."

Village House Building Boom

Sep 25 - Sometime next year, we'll likely have 6 brand-new houses completed in a single tiny area.

Jing Jing Set Menu

Sep 24 - We're becoming major fans of Jing-Jing's new, daily changing lunch and dinner set menus.

Usagi Aftermath:
We're Alive!

Sep 23 - Typhoon Usagi - announced as the largest typhoon to hit HK in 34 years,...

Ready to Make a Change?

Sep 21 - "Find out more about upcoming Kinesiology courses."


Terrible Reviews

Sep 20 - We've published so many mostly positive Lamma visitor reviews, maybe it's time to counterbalance?

Mid-Autumn @ Hung Shing Yeh Beach

Sep 19 - Families and friends enjoying the clear full-moon night of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

We Demand Faster Broadband!

Sep 18 - Just click here for Faster Broadband For Lamma and join us in fighting for what we are...!

Brown Tree Frog Foam Nest

Sep 17 - "A single female makes the foam nest and she is about 50% larger than the males."

Shopping Trip to Tai Peng

Sep 16 - To do ANY shopping or eating, you have to either walk or bike a long way, or even take a ferry.

Inside Lamma.com.hk's Home Office

Sep 4 - I apologise in advance if my writings these days sound even more feverish & confused...

Severe Concussion!

Sep 3 - A major accident happened this morning in the Lamma-Gung&Por residence!

Aug 2013

Jailiaimist, Peehoutlerego, Mofscasiasics, AiuryShaharr  & AromoDogetoob?

Aug 31 - New forum members or evil fiends & forum spammers?

Breakfast Is Being Served on the Balcony, Milady

Aug 30 - Settling slowly but very happily into our new home, we're simplifying/downsizing our lives.

A Sense of Mystery?

Aug 29 - Central Ferry Pier 4, what's happening?
Feedbacks to Lamma Gung's post w/picture on Facebook:

Forum Upgraded & Online Again!

Aug 28 - After a massive spam attack on our forum last week we've had to upgrade....

Forum Down Due to Spam Attack!

Aug 22 - Our forum is down at the moment, shut down by our US webhosting co. due to...

Perpetuating the Myth...

Aug 14 - "There'll be no newspapers on Lamma today [T8] so thought I'd post today's cartoon."

Lamma Dragons: The Next Generation

Aug 4 - "The Youth Paddling was a great success. About 24 kids turned up..."

Moving Break...

Aug 3 - Stories and photos from our move (using the excellent Trade Winds Transport moving services once again).

Island Gym Promotion

Aug 2 - The Island Gym is offering $50 monthly discount if you join before Sep 12th!

National Day @ Swiss Chalet

Aug 1 - Today is Swiss National Day and as members of the huge "Swiss Abroad" community it's our tradition to celebrate....

Jul 2013

Summer Splash @ Hung Shing Yeh Beach

Jul 31 - Big waves yesterday at Hung Shing Yeh beach! This was shot in Panorama mode....

Food Tasting @ Jing Jing

Jul 30 - Jing Jing (opposite Diesel's Bar) is now open for dinner as well.

Indian Specials @ The Waterfront

Jul 24 - We got an very pleasant surprise at lunchtime in The Waterfront Bar & Rest. yesterday.

11th Anniversary of the 'Lamma Website'

Jul 23 - 11 years today since this website started up, very hard to believe! 1,000s of daily stories,...

Yung Shue Long Farmer Retires

Jul 22 - The Old Farmer in the Yung Shue Long Valley has retired a few weeks ago.

Sunday Sunset Roasts @ Prime

Jul 21 - We'll be hearing a lot more good news from this classy venue soon as they'll introduce....

Varial Kickflip, Feebie Grind & Bigspin Boardslide

Jul 20 - "For all skateboarders, cruisers and long boarders on Lamma Island."

R.I.P. My Rooftop Jungle

Jul 19 - We have to move very soon, driven out of YSW by the recent massive rent increases.

Breakfast @ Shelly's

Jul 18 - Shelly's on YSW Back Street is only selling (cheese)cakes, right? Wrong!

Blind Leading the Blind?

Jul 17 - What's going on here? Tonight in the middle of YSW Main Street, opposite Banyan Bay Cafe. Facebook Comments:

'I Love My Licence Plate!'

Jul 16 - "So to make my jeep a little more obviously local, I got a personal plate. What else would I have chosen?!"

Learn How to Do the Spider Dance

Jul 15 - "I am thinking about moving to Lamma, but I have an extreme case of arachnophobia."

Pink & Orange & Black

Jul 14 - Cable Road along Power Station Beach on an early Sunday morning.

R.I.P. Sugar

Jul 13 - Farewell to Sugar.
by Emily the ex-Ice Cream Lady: Sugar's Human Companion: (Photos by Emily)

Juxtapose Thai Magic & Paper Airplanes

Jul 12 - Thai Food Cooking Demonstration & Food Tasting.

Volcano or Sunset?

Jul 11 - Sun setting behind huge sand piles @ Gaido Pier, YSW.

Constructive Development or Destructive Disaster?

Jul 8 - Social Impact Assessment Group Report: Ex-Lamma Quarry Area, by PolyU students.

Family Trail People Watching

Jul 7 - Most weekends, the Family Trail between Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan is severely crowded with Lamma visitors.

Livin' the Dream in Sleepy South Lamma

Jul 6 - Building a Cantonese Opera arena outside the Tin Hau Temple, Sok Kwu Wan.

Flickr Time Capsule

Jul 5 - Remember Flickr? You know, where people posted their best photos well before Facebook Albums became so pervasive?

New Recycling Collection Points

Jul 4 - New collection points for glass, electrical appliances, paper, plastics and metals.

Mural Painters @ Hans Andersen Club

Jul 3 - "Love Painting, Painting Love" @ HAC Lamma Island, YSW, Sat, Jun 29, 10am - 5pm.

Jun 2013


Watersports & Mongolian Yurts

Jun 30 - YMCA Lamma Island Outdoor Centre Grand Opening and Open House Day.

Sewerage Mini-Exhibition

Jun 29 - Connections to Sewers:

Why Connect?
How to Connect?
Who Will Pay?

Gravitic Lividity in the SpaceTimeContinuum

Jun 28 - Jethro Tull in HK - June 24, 2013, Asia Arena, HK Airport: Review by Nick the Bookman.

Dress Code on Lamma?

Jun 27 - I think this is the first time I've seen an explicit dress code, describing proper and improper attire in detail.

Lowest Tide of 2013

Jun 26 - Yung Shue Wan harbour yesterday, 6pm, lowest tide level of 2013, close to the minimum sea level of 0m.

Motor Pike & Push Carp

Jun 25 - This photo on my Timeline received some great captions from my Friends within a few hours,...

Interconnected & Intertwined

Jun 24 - Fri, Jun 21, 6:30-11:30pm: Part-of gallery, G/F 16 Sik On St, Wanchai: Feat. Lamma artists & musicians.

Art Class @ Banyan House

Jun 23 - Check out Roz Keep's art classes and the exhibition of the children's recent artworks, still running in Cath's Bar.

Serenely Serendipitous Summer Sunsets

Jun 22 - I'll miss these epic, long-lasting sunsets over Yung Shue Wan harbour...

KKK Listens to 'Voice of Lamma

Jun 21 - Legislator Council member Kwok Ka Ki, Civic Party, has visited Yung Shue Wan...

Turtles & Temples @
Cath's Bar

Jun 20 - The exhibition by Roz Keep, featuring her children classes' artworks,...

Investment Bankers & Refugees

Jun 19 - One more regular beach cleaning today on Pebbles Beach, Pak Kok....

There's an App for That!

Jun 18 - Communication with Lamma shopkeepers can be challenging, especially if your Cantonese is not up to...

Plastic Jesus, the Sequel

Jun 17 - "We're awaiting the day when it makes a cameo appearance in the background of a Harry cartoon somewhere..."

Lamma Dragons, 1996

Jun 16 - "Letdown for Marine Heroes": SCMP, June 16, 1996, from Backbites.

Prime Food & Prime Service

Jun 15 - Click for more photos and my full review...

Exciting News About

Jun 14 - Latest news of the sewerage works and the Sewage Treatment Plants.

The Forum & Classifieds Need Your Help!

Jun 13 - So many Lammaites have been selling & buying stuff, and finding & letting flats,...

Lamma Ladies Are #1!

Jun 12 - Congratulations to the Lamma Dragons, Ladies team; champions once again!
#1 in Discovery Bay today!

Plastic Jesus

Jun 11 - Frazer & The McGilvrays @ The Island Bar, Apr 13, '13

The Bearded Ukuladies Expeditionary Triumphs and Travesties...

Jun 10 - ...fine specimens of the endangered Homo Lammapiens.

New Official Court Birdographer

Jun 9 - Red-Whiskered Bulbuls - by Rambler

Beach Beancurd on Car-Free, Carefree Island

Jun 8 - Smile, the in-flight magazine of Cebu Pacific Airline, The Philippines.

'Is Lamma Island open whole year?'

Jun 7 - I've just received this email below. What do YOU suggest I should reply?


Jun 3 - June weather over Yung Shue Wan, taken from the ferry pier, this is the view greeting ferry passengers arriving!

Dog Poo Castles

Jun 2 - Has ANYBODY EVER seen a dog use one of these Dog Latrines?

Soccer Tots & Champs

Jun 1 - "Premier Junior Soccer.
Saturday and Sunday.
Boys and Girls welcome!"

May 2013

The Great Lamma Clean Up Continues...

May 28 - "It was threatening thunderstorms, but we had a fab start to the..."

Lamma Dragons Fundraiser

May 23 - Up for auction this Sat night in The Island Bar, an original by Harry Harrison!

Cargo Blocking Ferry Exits

May 18 - "Passengers stop overloaded ferry from sailing" - SCMP, May 11, 2013

Rooftop Jungle Home Office

May 17 - Once upon a time, 5 years ago, there was just a standard, empty, tiled rooftop when we moved in.

20 Years of YSW Canto Opera

May 16 - Congratulations to the Hing Fung Ming Cantonese Opera Troupe: 20th Tin Hau Festival!

Solar Power Boost

May 15 - Where's HK's largest solar power installation located? Just over the hill from Yung Shue Wan, in the Power Station.

Night Safari @ Sok Kwu Wan

May 14 - I joined one of 3 "Night Safari" tours on Sat, May 4, in Sok Kwu Wan.

Animated Lamma Map,
1987 - 2012

May 13 - Google has released timelapse image of how the Earth's surface has changed.

Over Ling Kok Shan

May 12 - On the way to the top of Ling Kok Shan, the 250-metre tall hill behind Sok Kwu Wan.

R.I.P. Allan Ferguson

May 11 - Do you recognise this beaming couple? A picture published in 1985,...

Canto Opera -
Behind the Stage

May 10 - "Fascinated to be at backstage of a Cantonese Opera for the first time."

Above the Lamma 500

May 6 - Video by Joe the Quadrocopter Aviator -
Results and winner photos of the Lamma 500 dragonboat races.

Zooming in on Lamma 500

May 5 - View from the Trig Point above Lamma windturbine, the highest point of N. Lamma.

Lamma Day 2013

May 2 - Yung Shue Wan Tin Hau festival & dragonboat/sampan races & Cantonese opera.

Apr 2013

Bilingual Yellow Pages

Apr 28 - Every Lammaite has name cards and a list of handy local contacts, like repairmen, etc. Please share them!

Your Opinion About Ex-Lamma Quarry Future?

Apr 19 - There have been many ideas about what do with this huge, natural, almost empty area.

Snake Season!

Apr 18 - The main snake season has started up again, the close encounters are getting more and more numerous.

Get $30 to Use E-Bills

Apr 17 - "To promote a low carbon lifestyle, the HK Electric rewards eligible customers who opt for receiving e-bills."